Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits: … Who heals all your diseases.  Psalm 103: 2-3

During “face-time” with our 15 month old granddaughter this past weekend, we observed how God loves each one of us.  She was looking through a children’s book as we commented along with my son about what she was seeing.  After she had successfully pointed to the milk on the page that the cat was drinking, she began to cry.  My son, her father, perceiving her desire asked, “Do you want some milk?”  Not having the capability yet to fully express her needs with words, she immediately got up and started walking to the kitchen with my son following.  Once the bottle of milk was placed into her hands, she ceased crying as her need was met.

God desires to meet all your needs, especially the ones that make you feel like crying because you see the needs of others met and not your own. Throughout Psalm 103 God assures you that His love is so great that He will give you His mercy and grace in the time of your need, as you come boldly to Him. (Heb. 4:16, Ps. 103:8)  In Luke 9:11 Jesus “healed those who had need of healing.”

He does not want you to forget His gifts, that emanate from His great love for you. (Ps. 103:2)  Ironically, these benefits appear too idealistic – above and beyond what you will usually allow yourself to think and imagine, let alone believe. Yet, in Psalm 103:3 the Holy Spirit is beckoning you to believe in the One “Who heals all your diseases.”

Does God really want you to believe that today the “healing of all your diseases” is possible?  Yes! The same God “Who forgives all your sins” (Ps. 103:3) so you can walk free from all guilt, shame, and condemnation is asking you to come to Him.

God not only has the power to remove your sicknesses and diseases from you when you ask Him, but His compassionate love compels Him to meet all of your needs.  

God not only has the power to remove your sicknesses and diseases from you when you ask Him (just like He did your sin), but His compassionate love compels Him to meet all of your needs.  Jesus said, “If you then, being evil (mere human), know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him.” Matthew 7:11  We are called to receive the kingdom of God as a little child.  Could receiving your healing be as easy as my granddaughter making her need of milk be known?

Healing is God’s gift, His benefit, purchased by Jesus’ precious blood.  God’s intense desire for you to be healed has already been expressed by the sacrificial offering of His Son Jesus Christ.   Call out to Him and receive the blessing of divine health that rightfully belongs to you as His beloved child.


God Who Heals All Your Diseases – Really? Yes, Really! is Session 4 of our 6 session teaching series Living in the Power of the Gospel.

This title reflects the idea that too many times people are putting a question mark behind God’s Word of Who He is – the One “Who heals all your diseases” rather than an exclamation mark. They are saying really?  Rather than really!  A question mark represents doubt, while and exclamation mark represents faith.  Change your question marks regarding God’s willingness to heal you of all your diseases, by understanding the richness of His mercy and grace because of His great love for you as presented in this teaching session.



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