The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

Nowadays, many measures are being taken to keep people safe: hand-sanitizers, face-masks, social distancing, limiting the number of people in stores and restaurants, non-contact temperature assessment devices, numerous passwords and codes, special screening devices for computers, banks, stores, and travel, and the list goes on. Despite all these safety precautions, most people are not feeling safe.

If you are not feeling safe, it is time you follow God’s directives above every other directive. What does He direct you to do? To run into His strong tower, into His name – the name of the LORD, the only place where you can find true and everlasting safety. Over 6,000 times the name of the LORD, Yahweh, appears in the Old Testament. Every time you hear or see God’s name, LORD, He wants you to remember the One in Whom you can find safety from all your enemies – visible and invisible.

Every time you hear or see God’s name, He wants you to remember that in Him you can find safety from all your enemies – visible and invisible.

Romans 10:13 states “For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.” Who is the LORD referring to in this New Testament verse? It is Jesus Christ. No matter what is threatening your safety, you can call on the name of the LORD, the name of God’s only Son Jesus Christ, and be saved. For God has given Him, “the name which is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow.” Phil. 2:9-10

Hell knows it has to bow its name to Jesus. Therefore, hell has and still is weaving its deceptive plans over the minds and wills of people to do everything it can to silence the name of the LORD, the name of Jesus, the One Who can save you to the uttermost. (Heb. 7:25) Through Jesus’ horrendous crucifixion and death, the religious leaders, hell’s instruments, thought they silenced Jesus’ Name forever.

They had no idea that Jesus’ name would never pass away. After Jesus death when a crippled man rose up and walked in Jesus’ name, they were shocked. Partnering with hell’s suggestion, they severely threatened Peter and John “not to speak at all or to teach in the name of Jesus.” (Acts 3-4)

Peter and John, along with the other disciples, responded to the death threats, by taking their place in Jesus Christ, God’s strong tower, where they proclaimed His name and Word between the cherubim in the secret place. (Acts 4:26-30; 1 Chronicles 3:16; Psalm 91:1-2) As they did this, they asked for greater boldness to continue to speak and to perform God’s Word in Jesus’ name, asking Him to stretch out His hand to heal and do signs and wonders in their midst.

The nations rage and the people of the earth continue to plot vain things against the LORD, just as they did when Jesus was crucified. (Psalm 2:1-2. Acts 4:25-26) Why? Hell is trying to silence the name of Jesus Christ. It’s time we respond like Peter and John and the other disciples, taking our place in prayer and asking for boldness to speak as we ought to speak and to not draw back, asking God to perform healings, signs, and wonders.


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