20 Years of Back Pain Healed – Ukraine

Video Transcript

00:00 work was ok resume to come stay here
00:03 Maria so we was la mia Lumia still
00:07 condos and forcing my goals and my best
00:11 usual Pacific daughter when I see for a
00:14 long time I cannot get out yes somebody
00:20 can trade with her their typical unit
00:23 even if it gets enough stomach if you
00:24 guys and I didn't know I got up from my
00:27 seat and dull pain and I came up here
00:29 with no pain how long has she had the
00:32 problem no no what was the keyboard we
00:34 do 20 years or so and this is the first
00:38 time that you're able to get up without
00:39 rain this morning my house started thank
00:42 you yes was ok everywhere you stay down
00:46 you prayed for me too she says but the
00:50 Machine experiment instance somebody
00:52 else printer master with you no matter
00:55 where you listening come on then Tamar
00:57 afraid for me so Slava


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What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you! When a testimony is shared, a biblical dynamic occurs. The lady with an issue of blood in Mark 5 gets healed when she touched Jesus’ garment. In the very next chapter, it says “As many as touched Him were made well.” Mark 6:56 In our healing rooms, we have seen this biblical dynamic occur through the power of the testimony.



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