Completely Healed from Herniated Cervical Disc and Symptoms – Doctors Called It a Permanent Injury

Video Transcript

00:00 hi this is Maria Wells and a couple
00:02 years ago she came to the Camerillo
00:05 Healing Rooms and could you just tell me
00:07 we had a meeting could you tell me what
00:10 was wrong when you came in uh yeah I
00:12 came over here I came over here with a
00:20 totally one hundred percent because i
00:23 know god is the one only who can touch
00:25 us and what was wrong with your body
00:29 because half of my body's numb hamburger
00:33 was numb yeah and weak what was wrong
00:38 with your hand a big mouth Sokka injured
00:40 from from word 2007 but it aggravated
00:45 because I do the same fully fooling the
00:52 stuff like I'm a sucker when time that I
00:56 work that [ __ ] company so after you
01:00 injured yourself there's something 2007
01:03 that was something wrong with your
01:04 cervical vertebrae and I need this Ernie
01:08 disc in your cervical vertebrae and were
01:11 you able to open and close your left
01:13 hand a couple of years ago they the
01:16 doctor told me that I had he wanted to
01:19 her native did that's why it cause my
01:22 injury that's why I lose my was that
01:27 loose of grief loss function numbness
01:31 and weakness that's why the doctor
01:34 orthopedic doctor said that my injured
01:37 is already permanent they cannot do
01:39 anything and I try a lot of doctor and
01:45 one of the neuro surgeon is also told me
01:49 that it's ready for now they cannot do
01:55 already anything because that it costs
02:00 from the old there are it's ready for
02:04 Manette the cord was damaged yeah and
02:06 throw this damage ready yeah and so you
02:09 have the condition for about two years
02:11 before you came to your meeting we had
02:15 yeah two years two years more than two
02:18 years I came over here and then what
02:20 happened then at the meeting yeah they
02:22 free for me because I know I see the
02:26 real miracle because it happened to my
02:29 son it happened to me son that's what I
02:33 believe only God can heal because I
02:36 suppose what happened to you that night
02:38 then I receive the healing take anyone
02:43 pray for you of course they fail up free
02:46 for me Siouxsie you are there yeah I
02:49 remember Suzy and they fray from me for
02:53 healing because I know and that night I
02:56 received the healing from God because i
02:59 have already experienced doctor is just
03:03 only an instrument i see the real
03:06 healing and miracle with my son with my
03:11 son when the doctor when i first called
03:15 911 when they see my son they don't have
03:19 posts they declared like dead but I said
03:26 when I first give up her stitches
03:29 respond that's why they flow from the
03:32 hospital here in ventura but one of the
03:35 director and I when I one of the
03:39 director doctor said even my son still
03:43 alive he's vegetable when my pastor to
03:47 can afraid this patient yes do you
03:51 believe miracle he said no when I faster
03:56 pray and we see the reaction of my son
04:01 is responding that's why they flow in
04:04 the children hospital and in general
04:10 surgeon and also specialist dr. with the
04:15 neurosurgeon and all
04:16 head nurse they said we have been
04:19 experienced for 35 years we know what we
04:22 are doing they don't believe also
04:24 miracle but I tell to my husband don't
04:27 argue with them because they're only
04:29 believe with dirt through knowledge but
04:32 they don't believe God is the one if you
04:37 happy come over here and pray don't
04:39 argue with them they're just only a
04:42 human being sinner but God will give
04:46 like an instrument and God sure really
04:49 miracle they said three one year to two
04:52 years before Mason will recover but God
04:56 show four days my son is 10 up 5 days
05:00 here on seven days we go home so your
05:04 son basically they thought was gonna be
05:06 a vegetable for life and then they said
05:08 well maybe if he does it'll take two
05:11 years but for five days you is home and
05:13 he's a hundred percent normal to this no
05:16 yes that's a big destiny I like so when
05:19 this happened to you it at your work you
05:22 knew that God is a God of Mario's listen
05:25 I believe okay so now you're how well
05:29 are you right now well I'm really when I
05:33 did person are you able to go back to
05:35 work of course I'm looking now for a job
05:38 praise God yeah yeah and yeah you have
05:42 no numbness no tingling full strength on
05:45 your left side of your body praise God
05:48 yes pray that God those people don't
05:53 believe with God she's a true healer we
05:58 can see through miracle because it
06:02 happened with my puppy with my son amen
06:07 thank you Jesus and these are tears of
06:10 George amen Thank You Maria Jesus ah
06:14 thank for a wonderful that you are real
06:17 good maybe I missed Mason a man who is
06:23 if some be some people are hopeless
06:26 if only they was render and believe
06:30 we've got nothing impossible


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