Miraculous Healed from Spina Bifida, Spondylosis and Spondylolisthesis

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00:00 this testimony this miracle did not take
00:04 place in Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:07 but God he's the healer and we want to
00:12 look to him and what his son Jesus has
00:15 done here this testimony and realize
00:19 that what God did for Michael he wants
00:22 to do for you tonight
00:26 the Lord put it on my heart tonight to
00:29 encourage those that have been
00:31 contending for a healing that has not
00:34 happened and so the words that I'm going
00:37 to speak I want to speak to you to
00:39 encourage you I have this object and I
00:45 brought up with me and this object was a
00:48 prison to me for about a year when I was
00:53 just about to start the fifth grade I
00:57 was taking a karate class and I slipped
01:02 a disc what I didn't know at that time
01:05 is that the disc that I slipped already
01:09 had some birth defects
01:10 I had spina bifida that is when your
01:15 nerve is exposed and there's spinal
01:18 fluid out in your muscle I had
01:22 spondylolysis that is a degeneration of
01:27 the bone and I had spondylolisthesis and
01:32 that is the slippage of the disc and all
01:35 of that was creating a herniation in
01:39 short what that meant is that I was in
01:43 terrible pain all day long and so I went
01:48 to the doctor and God x-rayed and was
01:52 told that I am going to have to get
01:55 fitted for a brace I'll have to be
01:58 fitted every single year for the rest of
02:00 my life because there is no recovery
02:02 there is no surgery you can do that will
02:06 ever make you not feel pain
02:10 and so long as I live
02:14 I won't be able to lift more than 20
02:18 pounds and so you can imagine how you
02:22 might feel as a young man someone who's
02:26 grown up idolizing very strong people
02:29 like my father and you know pro
02:32 wrestlers and and tough guys and so I
02:40 spent the next year of my life doing two
02:45 things one of those things was remaining
02:47 on the floor most of the time and the
02:50 other thing was finding that who God was
02:54 because I had grown up in a Christian
02:58 family and I was encouraged to seek the
03:02 Lord for healing some of you have been
03:06 prayed for before and when that prayer
03:09 ended you've felt about the same and I I
03:13 know that feeling because I began to go
03:18 to ministries and conferences and
03:23 whatever was new in town whatever was
03:26 really exciting wherever you heard
03:29 wherever you heard the anointing was
03:31 that's where I was going but after those
03:36 prayers I would go home and it would
03:39 feel terrible and the very next time
03:42 that something else was in town I had a
03:45 decision to make
03:46 am I gonna go am I going to continue to
03:52 have faith to believe that God loves me
03:55 and that he will do the thing he said he
03:59 would do it takes a lot of faith to keep
04:03 knocking and when you come up against
04:08 times where you haven't been healed
04:12 there's a certain pressing in that
04:15 happens and I'm so glad that God didn't
04:20 answer me the very first time I asked
04:22 because what happened
04:24 is I stood on the Word of God that first
04:28 part of the year I was watching
04:30 television and the second part of the
04:33 year I had my Bible open and I was
04:35 learning about him I was learning about
04:37 His Word and then I started going to
04:40 these meetings and I started praying for
04:42 other people because I really believed
04:43 him and then I started to see it happen
04:46 I started to see people get healed and
04:48 so you would you would pray for people
04:51 and they get healed but you're not
04:52 getting healed you know so something
04:57 that happens when you experience things
05:00 like that as you start to develop
05:02 beliefs about yourself you know we we
05:06 try and make things mean something and
05:09 we get ideas about who God is but the
05:14 only truths about who God is or in the
05:18 Word of God we stood on the scripture
05:23 psalm 34:19 every single day we said
05:28 many of the are the afflictions of the
05:30 righteous but the Lord delivers him out
05:33 of them all not one of his bones will be
05:36 broken and I'll wrap up there's a lot
05:42 more to the story but the beautiful part
05:44 is that I wasn't healed at a conference
05:47 when I was at a conference or when I was
05:50 at these special services you know I
05:53 faced those disappointments and then at
05:57 the end of one of these conferences I
05:59 was disappointed again but I pressed in
06:03 and I kept believing and and my heart
06:05 started to speak to the Lord and in that
06:08 moment I heard him at the very end of
06:10 the night and I remember leaving knowing
06:14 that I had to fast for me now this is
06:17 one of the first times God had ever been
06:19 spoken very clearly to me and I just
06:22 knew it wasn't a voice I just knew I
06:24 can't have me for the next thirty days
06:27 or so so that time goes by we celebrate
06:33 Passover and that night I dedicate
06:36 myself to the Lord
06:40 we woke up everything feels normal right
06:46 we took communion the night before every
06:48 everything feels like okay I'm still
06:51 feeling pain
06:52 it it it didn't feel like any healing
06:55 had happened but I had an x-ray
06:56 scheduled so I go in for my x-ray and
06:59 the bone is back in place though the
07:04 hole where we were told the bone is dead
07:06 and it'll never grow again it cannot
07:08 medically grow is filled in so when one
07:18 month later the the pain goes away but
07:21 you know we were talking to the doctor
07:23 and he's saying self-corrected it's it
07:26 seems to have self corrected if you look
07:27 up any one of the three things any of
07:30 the three diseases that I mentioned none
07:33 of them can self correct none of them
07:35 have any medical treatment so god is so
07:40 good I believe with all my heart he's
07:44 gonna do for those that continue to
07:48 press in and seek in some people will
07:51 get he rolled in one prayer others are
07:53 gonna push but he's such a good God if I
07:58 could read a couple verses Psalm 130 out
08:05 of the depths I cry to you O Lord hear
08:08 my voice and let your ears be attentive
08:11 to my cry for mercy if you O Lord kept a
08:16 record of sins who could stand but know
08:19 with you there is forgiveness I wait for
08:23 the Lord my soul waits in his word I put
08:27 my hope my soul waits for the Lord more
08:30 than Watchmen wait for the morning more
08:34 than they wait for the morning put your
08:36 hope in the Lord for with the Lord is
08:40 unfailing love and with him is full
08:44 redemption you will redeem amen
08:49 [Applause]
08:56 so what God did for him Michael he wants
09:01 to do for you whether you're in pain
09:03 whether you are in need of any kind of
09:07 healing just safe under your own breath
09:10 so you can hear yourself I take it thank
09:14 you thank you Jesus for my healing now
09:19 I'm going to invite his mother you've
09:21 add up and Yvette I wanted before you
09:25 share your own custom come on up before
09:29 you share your own testimony about your
09:31 own miracle that you shared with me a
09:34 few Sundays ago I want you to just if
09:38 there's anything you would like to just
09:40 add in about Michael's testimony what I
09:44 understood from the from your story was
09:47 he was you missed all of fifth grade or
09:50 sixth grade all the fifth grade amidst
09:53 all of fifth grade and did he spend most
09:57 of his time on the back of on his back
09:59 lying on the floor at home yes he spent
10:01 all his time laying on the back we
10:03 couldn't even go over speed bumps or
10:04 he'd scream excruciating he had to be
10:07 x-rayed every eight weeks he was put
10:09 through things that look like NASA
10:11 equipment for scanning bone scans we
10:14 were at physical therapy three times a
10:16 week we were always at a County Hospital
10:18 he was on adult pain medications we used
10:21 to go to sleep at 4:00 in the morning
10:23 because I think we'd have to read to him
10:25 until he could fall asleep so his
10:28 healing impacted a lot of people and He
10:32 healed a mother's heart as well and he
10:35 shared his testimony and as he laid
10:37 hands at his 11 year old boy lot of
10:39 people got healed so that happened at 11
10:43 years old and now you're 33 and how much
10:49 do you lift now we move machines that
10:53 weigh about 400 pounds every now and
10:54 then
10:55 so would you say that his backs healed
10:59 is there anything else that you would
11:01 like to add about his testimony just
11:04 that the Lord had said when our hearts
11:08 were just seeking him he had said as he
11:13 had spoken about the blind man and said
11:16 that the sickness actually what he had
11:20 gone through was for the glory of God
11:21 because we had we prayed three and a
11:23 half years to have him and he had been
11:27 dedicated before his conception to the
11:29 Lord and so all I can say is that the
11:34 Lord has been so absolutely faithful
11:36 because on the 30th day of that fast
11:39 that is the morning that he actually
11:42 woke up pain-free as he yielded to what
11:45 the Lord was telling him to do and they
11:49 had such a hard time accepting that what
11:51 when they said he was naturally resolved
11:53 the therapist was saying look I have all
11:56 the paperwork here to tell you that you
11:59 cannot heal from that and she thought I
12:00 was in denial and she was trying to
12:03 convince us and they did not know how to
12:04 explain his healing and so it was
12:07 amazing to watch this it was just truly
12:09 amazing and we give God all the glory
12:11 all the glory he walked us through and
12:14 he's so faithful
12:17 [Applause]


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