Lupus Miraculously Healed through Prayer – Medically Confirmed

Video Transcript

00:00 I want to introduce you he's going to
00:05 give his testimony a longer version next
00:07 service but I want to introduce you to
00:09 save yer he was diagnosed with severe
00:11 lupus it's an incurable disease by
00:14 world's terms if you can just go ahead
00:16 and briefly tell us this service what
00:19 God did for you yes like you said I have
00:23 a very severe Lucas my blood went to a
00:27 levels almost like leukemia my body was
00:32 a attacking my new system was attacking
00:35 my body big time it was attacking my
00:38 muscles I lost 50 pounds in two months
00:41 and it was attacking my blood cells it
00:45 was attacking my muscles I had to sleep
00:49 standing up because because my lungs
00:52 cannot take it anymore but then on
00:55 februari 26 Jesus heal me truly live
01:01 here and within three minutes my grayish
01:09 green yellow skin start flushing I start
01:15 moving I start running and everything my
01:21 last visit to the doctor I never seen
01:24 that doctor so happy I never see a
01:28 doctor so happy he was monitoring me on
01:31 a monthly basis and the last results
01:34 showed that my blood was perfect and he
01:39 he took me some medications out and he
01:45 was so happy and he says I don't want to
01:47 see you in three months because I don't
01:49 see the lupus antibody anymore in your
01:53 plan
02:01 he came at the wakening service in
02:04 February whose report will you believe
02:08 misery immediately a lot of his symptoms
02:11 immediately went away but it was just
02:14 recently that his blood show no more
02:18 lupus and it is terrible to be cured by
02:22 Jehovah Rapha Thank You failure


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What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you! When a testimony is shared, a biblical dynamic occurs. The lady with an issue of blood in Mark 5 gets healed when she touched Jesus’ garment. In the very next chapter, it says “As many as touched Him were made well.” Mark 6:56 In our healing rooms, we have seen this biblical dynamic occur through the power of the testimony.



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