100% Mobility Restored from Frozen Shoulder

Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Terry Davenport and before
00:03 I came here tonight several years ago
00:05 I'd be diagnosed with a pinched nerve in
00:07 my neck and when I did small motor
00:10 skills with my hands they would just
00:11 start tingling that can use them anymore
00:13 and that happened in happened i didn't
00:15 have a position and finally it's kind of
00:19 froze my shoulder and so I came here
00:22 today even though even though the enemy
00:25 tried to keep me away I came anyway
00:26 because I thought oh my gods my primary
00:29 physician so i came and i know i can
00:33 raise my hand just like this and what
00:35 was I ready to change my clothes you
00:38 know easily I could do this to lift my
00:41 shirt up Bernie and when you when you
00:43 came tonight what was your mobility this
00:46 was it that was it I couldn't live there
00:48 I couldn't get all the way I couldn't
00:51 make my shoulder street and was it
00:53 painful it was extremely pain and now no
00:57 it doesn't hurt no pain whatsoever so
01:00 complete mobility absolutely no pain
01:03 just I feel like soreness from it's a
01:06 little bit yes yeah but it's right
01:10 that's great woohoo yay God


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