Shingles and Broken Foot – Completely Freed from Pain

Video Transcript

00:00 my name's Scott I came in this evening
00:03 because I've been suffering with pain
00:05 from shingles and also an infection of
00:07 my left foot and it's caused a hole over
00:11 the last eight months that goes all the
00:12 way through my foot and also a broken
00:15 foot that hasn't been healing and a lot
00:20 of pain before I came in and after
00:23 Richard prayed and Jesus name I'm
00:28 rubbing my back against the wall
00:29 everything I'm not feeling any pain
00:32 whatsoever on the shingles I feel I'm
00:37 not limping in my feet and I had the
00:41 faith that Jesus gonna clear up my
00:44 infection and heal my feet so that's
00:47 awesome so um what was the air pain
00:50 level when you came in I have extremely
00:53 high pain tolerance and it was very
00:55 uncomfortable for me to even sit and so
00:58 right now I feel I feel absolutely
01:01 normal jingles so 00 right now woohoo
01:06 thank you Jesus Jesus alright so we look
01:11 forward to part 2 of the testimony when
01:13 you come and tell us about your your
01:14 foot being you know for your skin and
01:17 all just add that would be awesome and
01:19 then just you know continuation of
01:21 everything is awesome so great alright


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