Eardrum Miraculously Recreated and Tumor Gone

Video Transcript

00:00 I only brought up notes because it was
00:03 it was long ago but I just want to say
00:04 whether a testimony is long ago or very
00:07 current we still live in that healing my
00:11 son is still pain-free today I'm sorry I
00:15 told him I thanked him with my life he
00:16 healed him because he was in this
00:18 excruciating pain but this healing is
00:23 true today it's still relevant today
00:26 because I can hear out of this ear and
00:29 the significance of that is that as a
00:32 little child I had many many ear
00:35 infections all my life I had multiple
00:37 ear infections as those on antibiotics
00:39 and a time in my life when my husband
00:41 was diagnosed with congestive heart
00:43 failure I was taking care of him and my
00:45 little granddaughter I woke up one
00:47 morning when we were preparing to go out
00:49 of town for a wedding and notice I could
00:51 not hear from that hear and I'm thinking
00:53 oh no here we go again another ear
00:56 infection but I thought it kind of felt
00:59 different I thought I wonder what a mess
01:00 is in there so I had made an appointment
01:03 to see the doctor and when I had before
01:09 I had gone to the appointment the Lord
01:11 the presence of the Lord was just in my
01:13 room and he did this wave to me with his
01:16 hand to come to him so I got on my knees
01:19 with the Word of God and he turned to
01:22 turn this scripture to me I read the
01:25 scripture it's from Psalms 121 and the
01:33 reason I wanted to read that is because
01:34 it was the whole heart of this journey
01:37 of a miracle that the Lord had done but
01:39 it's I will lift up my eyes to the hills
01:42 from where comes my help my help comes
01:45 from the Lord who made heaven and earth
01:47 he will not allow your foot to be moved
01:50 he who keeps you will not slumber behold
01:53 you key who keeps Israel shall neither
01:55 slumber nor sleep the Lord is your
01:58 keeper the Lord is the shade at your
02:00 right hand the Sun shall not strike you
02:02 by day nor the moon by night the Lord
02:05 shall preserve you from all evil he
02:08 shall preserve your soul the Lord shall
02:10 preserve your going out and your coming
02:11 in from this time for
02:13 and for even forevermore and I thought
02:16 oh wow this sounds like a journey so I
02:18 thought I'm showing that for a regular
02:20 doctor's appointment I was actually sent
02:21 to a specialist and when she had seen my
02:25 ear her name is dr. Tricia ko ears nose
02:28 and throat specialist when she looked
02:31 into my ear she gasped and she said oh
02:34 my
02:35 she's honey I don't know how to tell you
02:37 this she says but you no longer have an
02:39 eardrum and she said and I can see
02:42 although because you have no eardrum I
02:43 can see all the way through into your
02:45 ear and what I see is a tumor and that
02:47 tumor is infected and then she said
02:50 we're gonna have to make another
02:51 appointment to see about surgery and see
02:54 and we're gonna have to do a CT scan to
02:56 see if it ate the bones as well in that
02:59 meantime the Lord took me on a journey
03:01 and what I love about the Lord is that I
03:05 was completely at a time where I felt
03:07 like I was sitting in this chair that
03:09 you were talking about sue it felt like
03:10 all hell was coming against me but I had
03:13 a word from this dimension from the Lord
03:15 that and and and and that meant the
03:19 whole world to me because he made me
03:21 lean on him he caused me to lean on him
03:25 and I had to yield to everything he was
03:27 showing me to do but one of the very
03:29 first things he showed me to do is I he
03:33 was with me and I felt his presence but
03:34 he led me where he wanted me to go and
03:37 there was a sister that I knew who had a
03:39 teachings and her home and a prophetess
03:42 had come into the first thing God's
03:44 taking care of his my soul he ministered
03:46 to my soul so my body could receive
03:48 because she said sister you don't know
03:51 how to rest she said you need to cease
03:54 from striving and learned how to rest
03:56 God wanted me to sit on that chair so I
03:59 remember coming home reclining on that
04:01 chair and thought I'm just gonna put the
04:04 full weight of my whole being into you
04:06 cuz I can't even carry myself I felt
04:08 very very ill Michael one time pulled me
04:10 out of traffic because I was delirious
04:12 from the infection the tumor
04:14 I felt whole body sickness I was scared
04:17 of what we would do because I didn't was
04:19 not in a position of surgery because I
04:21 had a lot of people depended on me too
04:22 so I learned to rest in the Lord and he
04:26 would just
04:27 kept on sending me word and prayers and
04:28 my husband prayed for me and I heard the
04:31 Lord tell me this because my husband had
04:33 said when he laid hands on me he said
04:35 father he said I pray and I would gladly
04:39 take this pain on myself he said I would
04:42 put this on myself if I could trade
04:44 places but right when he said that I
04:46 realized that Jesus had already trade
04:49 places with his bride and he did that
04:51 for us and so I felt the Lord tell me I
04:54 will answer this prayer and so as I was
04:59 still feeling sick he dropped me off at
05:01 this training session that I was
05:03 involved in because I felt he was still
05:05 telling me to go forward and my friend
05:08 who was an evangelist had opened up her
05:10 home and she was putting on Benny and
05:12 CDs and the teaching happened to be that
05:14 night how Israel was led forth out of
05:18 the desert and how there was not one
05:20 sick or feeble among them and the
05:24 anointing was so strong in that room and
05:26 you could feel the heart of God of how
05:28 much he desires healing in desires for
05:33 us to sit here in heavenly places and I
05:36 could hear his full heart and his full
05:38 compassion and the presence of God kept
05:40 growing stronger in that room and as it
05:43 grew stronger I cried out in my heart in
05:45 silence but with all my soul I cried out
05:47 Jesus of Nazareth you're passing by have
05:51 mercy on me and as I prayed that my
05:54 friend she was going to serve lemonade
05:57 and send everyone home but the Lord told
05:58 her
05:58 move aside I have work to do and so my
06:01 friend that had heart failure was called
06:04 it first and later the Evangelist had
06:06 told us that she saw an invisible hand
06:08 working on her heart and doing surgery
06:11 on her heart and she got completely
06:12 healed that night and the glory of God
06:14 is getting stronger and stronger and the
06:16 song one night with the king was playing
06:18 when she was being healed and when I was
06:20 called up with the psalm that I just
06:22 read to you I did not know that was a
06:24 song by winey to bind him and she's
06:27 saying that song so beautifully and I
06:29 knew that I had a divine appointment and
06:32 it wasn't man it was totally that God
06:35 had an appointment to manifest his glory
06:40 so she calls me up and as she's calling
06:43 me up the Lord is telling me Yvette you
06:46 have somebody to forgive and there was a
06:49 a very deep-seated source of pain and
06:51 the Lord told me how to forgive but I
06:54 thought there would be the grace to do
06:55 so and all of a sudden I heard a prison
06:56 door open when I said yes because he
06:59 gave me the grace to face the pain and
07:01 to yield and to relinquish it and not to
07:03 try to feel safe in it so no prison door
07:06 opened up I heard the clanging of an
07:07 ancient door in my soul and then the
07:11 most glorious presence that anyone could
07:13 ever feel entered and my friend had said
07:19 that when she laid hands on me my head
07:22 was burning so hot and her husband was
07:24 ushering her assuring behind her the
07:27 glory of God's presence was so strong
07:29 that he said he couldn't even touch her
07:30 because she was burning hot as well but
07:32 what I felt was when it says I will lift
07:36 up my eyes to the heels from where comes
07:38 my help
07:38 I felt that very moment that my eyes
07:43 were being lifted my focus was being
07:45 lifted to a dimension where my help
07:48 really came from and it what healing was
07:50 not an act like you fix a car what I
07:55 felt was the actual manifested
07:58 manifestation of the love of God
08:00 absolutely manifested I felt the
08:03 heavenly round come from as high as the
08:05 heavens are with an outstretched arm
08:07 that reached so so deep so personally
08:09 that even the fingertips came and
08:11 touched my head and the glory was so
08:14 strong that I could not stand so I had a
08:16 meal and and I kneeled and gave God
08:19 glory and worshipped at him worshiped
08:21 him and as I tried to make way for
08:24 someone else to be prayed for I had to
08:26 crawl backwards because the presence of
08:27 God was so strong and for three days I
08:30 could not function I didn't feel like I
08:32 was here anymore because I had been
08:34 touched by the maker of heaven and the
08:37 maker of earth who promised me he
08:38 wouldn't sleep on the job who promised
08:41 me he wasn't slumbering asleep mean who
08:42 promised me that he didn't it wasn't
08:44 like he didn't see me he saw me he knew
08:47 me and he was manifesting himself to me
08:50 and so when I go back to the doctor I'm
08:53 Sid
08:53 in the room and the Lord gives me Psalms
08:57 126 and it talked about me brings the
09:00 captivity of Zion we were as those who
09:02 dreamed so my husband took me to the
09:04 appointment I go in and they send me to
09:06 the audiologist and they're testing the
09:08 left ear and I'm raising my hand for
09:10 every beep and tiny sound I can hear and
09:12 she knows I can hear I can hear out of
09:15 an ear that has no eardrum that was
09:16 supposed to have a tumor covering up the
09:18 bones and everything that was supposed
09:19 to be infected so now I can hear and so
09:22 she's the audiologist so she goes in the
09:24 room with dr. Koh and dr. Koh is
09:26 training the audiologist but she has
09:27 forgotten Who I am and when she sees me
09:30 she's training the audiologist and she
09:32 says you see that that's her temp anak
09:34 membrane and I said dr. Koh did you say
09:37 tympanic membrane she said yes well in
09:39 the 11th grade my I got straight A's and
09:41 physiology because I loved physiology I
09:43 said that's eardrum and I said you're
09:46 saying to her that that's my eardrum she
09:48 said yes and I said dr. code do you not
09:50 remember me I'm the same one you were
09:52 comforting because I was crying so hard
09:55 that you told me I needed surgery and I
09:56 had no eardrum she could take out the
09:58 tumor but she cannot recreate the
10:00 eardrum yeah it would there would be
10:04 requirements of surgery and I don't know
10:06 how you create recreated an eardrum but
10:08 God does so what happened was that she
10:11 says oh my god she says I remember who
10:15 you are and she goes back to her notes
10:17 and she goes back to my ear with
10:19 otoscope but she can't see through
10:20 anymore because there's an eardrum block
10:22 and she can't see that there's no tumor
10:24 there and she goes I'm a doctor
10:26 I'm a doctor I don't understand I'm a
10:28 doctor and she's just fumbling through
10:31 her notes and looking up at the
10:33 audiologist and she's dumbfounded she
10:35 looks embarrassed she looks it looks
10:36 like chaos and then she and then I said
10:39 dr. Koh I can I can explain what
10:41 happened and she said what happened I
10:43 said I'm a Christian and the Lord Jesus
10:46 Christ has healed my ear and she said oh
10:49 honey I understand because I'm a
10:50 Christian I leave 300 people in church
10:52 on hikes every weekend and she said but
10:55 I have never seen a miracle and she said
10:58 and then they came and we started
10:59 telling her all about all the miracles
11:01 we experience including Michael's
11:03 testimony and all the precious
11:05 testimonies of all the good things
11:07 had ever done keeping my husband alive
11:09 when he should have died twice and all
11:11 the wonderful things he had done so she
11:12 stayed with us 45 minutes and they came
11:15 knocking on the door and they said dr.
11:17 Koh you're running behind an Aldi and
11:18 all your your other appointments it's
11:22 just but you don't understand I just saw
11:25 a miracle
11:26 and so they she comes out and she starts
11:29 telling all the stuff I want to tell you
11:31 all about the power of prayer she begins
11:33 to preach to to her staff right there
11:36 all the receptionist's all the other
11:37 people in there there she's heard saying
11:38 I want to tell you about the power of
11:40 prayer and then my husband died we've
11:42 been crying and everything she goes
11:44 honey she goes we don't have the CT
11:45 scans yet she says but I'll call you
11:47 tomorrow you know she says and so the
11:49 next morning when I woke up there is a
11:52 message and she says mrs. Collazo we got
11:57 the CT scans back and I just want to
11:59 tell you you have no tumor and I've been
12:02 telling the patients I've been telling
12:04 all my patients about what God has done
12:06 for you she said please pray for all my
12:10 patients so all the honor and all the
12:12 glory to God who knows us because he
12:15 ministers to us spirit soul and body and
12:20 what sue has shared is so true he's
12:23 translated us from the kingdom of
12:24 darkness into the marvelous light but I
12:27 just want to say in your waiting time
12:28 because I had a waiting time it was only
12:30 two weeks but it felt like an eternity
12:32 but I just want to say that in that
12:36 sitting down here he brought that
12:39 dimension to my hell on earth
12:41 and delivered me out of that chair to
12:43 testify today about this so if you find
12:53 yourself right now if there's a hellish
12:55 the situation that you're in I want you
12:57 to think about it and then I'm gonna
12:59 have you just say a prayer over the
13:02 people and then if you're willing to
13:04 anybody that would like one on one
13:07 prayer with Michael or Yvette will be
13:09 able to come forward I guess right over
13:12 into this area and they will pray for
13:15 you and lay hands on you but if you
13:17 could just that's how we'll end this
13:18 session okay just releasing a word
13:23 father I just want to praise you and
13:26 thank you I want to praise you and thank
13:30 you that your word is true and your word
13:32 is from everlasting to everlasting and I
13:35 thank you that Jesus you are the same
13:37 yesterday and today and forever and upon
13:41 your people right now I just thank you
13:43 Father God that your word is manifested
13:46 in their lives and that you know them by
13:48 name Lord God and you minister to them
13:50 by their soul and their spirit and their
13:52 body and you have brought us out of
13:54 darkness into your marvelous light so
13:57 today in the name of Jesus we declare
13:59 and decree
14:00 let there be light let there be Kingdom
14:03 light let there be revelation let there
14:05 be manifestation for the glory and the
14:08 honor of your name and Jesus you went
14:10 about doing good and healing all that
14:12 were sick and oppressed of the devil so
14:15 I thank you that today the kingdom of
14:17 darkness please unbelief flees in the
14:19 name of Jesus doubts and rejection flees
14:22 in the name of Jesus and the love of God
14:25 that was manifested through the face of
14:28 Jesus Christ we speak that even now into
14:31 this atmosphere we say faith arise and
14:33 every enemy of their health their
14:36 situations their loved ones be scattered
14:39 and may the Lord Jesus be glorified out
14:41 of Zion in Jesus name Amen


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