Back Pain Relieved, Strength Returning

Video Transcript

00:00 hi this is Christina Bishop and it's May
00:04 4 2010 and she has just received prayer
00:08 for her back and Christina how was your
00:11 back doing before you came in tonight
00:12 for prayer it was pinching and it felt
00:15 kind of weak and when I made a twisting
00:18 motion it definitely had a lot of pain
00:20 involved and after receiving prayer what
00:25 percentage would you say that you're
00:26 better tonight I would say I'm probably
00:29 between sixty to eighty percent better
00:32 like it kind of gradually increased as
00:34 per went on uh-huh did you feel anything
00:36 happened to your back or you know like
00:39 any sensation on your back while we were
00:42 praying or did you just notice that it
00:44 got better how did you know that you
00:46 were better they prayed actually before
00:48 I came into the healing room and I felt
00:52 kind of the only way to describe it as I
00:54 felt like it loosened up a little bit in
00:56 my hips where they meet the back and
00:58 then when I came into the healing room
01:01 to get more prayer I felt like a
01:03 strength kind of going up the middle of
01:05 my spine that's very neat and we
01:09 actually to take a walk around down the
01:11 hall and down the sanctuary and how did
01:15 that feel compared to what was happening
01:17 before it felt really good as I
01:19 continued walking I felt like I can put
01:22 on my walking shoes and go for it even
01:23 longer walk I was definitely getting
01:25 excited because normally that would have
01:28 already been putting me in a place of
01:30 pain but I'm to be able to do that was
01:32 really exciting it has been a while
01:33 that's great thank you for sharing that
01:36 with us anything else you want to share
01:37 okay thanks Christina


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