Baby Grace’s Victory Over Death and Every Malformation

Video Transcript

00:00 gaynor if you could come up I have a
00:12 testimony that happened to our family
00:16 three years ago on December 24th
00:20 Christmas Eve our youngest daughter
00:22 Christina called and said mom I'm
00:25 pregnant and you say to me what is that
00:28 so great about well christina was told
00:30 that she would never have children and
00:32 now she's pregnant so we're really
00:35 excited a month later January 18th I
00:42 received a phone call mom I'm in the
00:45 hospital I'm losing the baby christina
00:50 was four and a half months pregnant and
00:55 she was scared and I gotta tell you I
00:58 have my face was like this big I
01:02 couldn't get in touch with anybody that
01:05 I needed to you know share with Kim was
01:07 working a job that I could not contact
01:09 him and tell him you know this is going
01:11 on so I did the next best thing I call
01:14 pastor Steve and I said our daughters in
01:19 trouble we need help and he prayed with
01:22 me on the phone and he said something to
01:24 me that snapped my spirit back into
01:26 place don't let your faith waiver and I
01:32 didn't I called all the intercessors I
01:37 called the prayer chain I call people
01:39 that I trusted to pray for our daughter
01:42 that this baby would live and not die so
01:49 Christina tried for eight days to hold
01:52 this baby inside of her she was born on
01:56 january twenty fourth one pound ten
02:00 ounces 12 inches long Christina said mom
02:04 the doctor said grace isn't going to
02:07 live I said wait a minute no my god says
02:11 he breathes life
02:13 until to those that need it that need
02:17 the life flowing blood of the Lord Jesus
02:19 Christ Kim this is Grace when she was
02:24 born at one pound 10 ounces and that's
02:29 Christina holding her see how little she
02:32 is tiny tiny not even the size of the
02:35 palm of your hand the doctors kept
02:39 giving report they kept saying Grace's
02:43 heart will never grow it'll never beat
02:45 strongly like every child Grace's lungs
02:48 will never develop Grace's eyes will
02:50 never see she will be blind because of
02:52 the oxygen that we're giving her Grace's
02:56 kidneys will continue to fail and
02:58 through this whole time saying no God
03:02 says he breathes life God says he makes
03:08 the bones strong God says it's his job
03:11 and I step back and I said God you said
03:16 and so I'm expecting finally we had to
03:21 turn around after months of praying and
03:23 continuing to bright bright lights are
03:27 two contending to bring a bright light
03:29 shining into the darkness baby grace is
03:32 starting to thrive her lungs are
03:34 starting to develop her heart starts
03:36 getting stronger than another report her
03:39 kidneys are failing no back to our
03:43 kidneys healed another report at a month
03:46 she took before she's to be released
03:49 they say she's blind man about this time
03:53 I'm getting I'm getting excited to see
03:55 what galore is going to do next I knew
03:57 he was just about another mountain to
03:59 take I knew that God was going to do
04:01 something marvelous grace was taken to
04:04 the hospital in ann arbor michigan which
04:07 was 939 miles from where Christina lived
04:10 and they wouldn't allow Christina to go
04:12 with them so we prayed together three or
04:16 four times a day then report oops we
04:21 made a mistake grace is not blind she's
04:24 perfect back to marquette
04:26 we're Christina lived lives still grace
04:31 stayed until May 6 which was her birth
04:34 date as she was and then she was
04:37 released to Christina a perfect happy
04:40 beautiful baby girl the doctors can
04:44 understand why she's thriving and not
04:46 having so many eight major issues as as
04:49 other premature babies do Christina
04:52 tells them the Lord healed my baby just
04:56 before Thanksgiving this year christina
04:58 was given another bad report grace was
05:01 having some mental difficulties so back
05:04 to war I crafted a sozo prayer from some
05:09 other prayers that were available I told
05:12 Christina we're going to pray this
05:14 together and when you're done you're
05:16 going to go in and you're going to lay
05:18 hands on Grace's head the next day grace
05:21 had an amazing deliverance and was
05:24 completely healed the doctors were are
05:27 baffled when Christina told them my mom
05:30 and I prayed and God healed grace what's
05:33 so hard about that to understand it may
05:37 seem to you working at those it may seem
05:42 hard to you to work at those mountains
05:44 at times with a chisel and a hammer but
05:48 don't give up stand firm and remove
05:50 those mountains this is grace today
06:01 come on you guys can do better than now
06:06 praise You Lord his God His mercy
06:12 endures forever
06:14 her


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