Severe Stroke – Completely Healed

Video Transcript

00:00 good evening so I'm just gonna read this
00:04 I wrote it out my name is Alex Haiek
00:08 this miracle healing healing story has
00:11 to do with something that happened in
00:13 late 2013 so that this is about five and
00:17 a half years ago I was at work and I
00:20 felt very lightheaded and soon I felt
00:23 lost I lost my equilibrium and went down
00:28 on the ground and taken to the hospital
00:30 in a gurney I was disoriented and could
00:35 not stand when I went in I later found
00:37 out I had a hemorrhagic stroke which is
00:41 basically a brain bleed it's pretty
00:45 severe a lot of people pass away from it
00:47 I was in surgical ICU and and I had
00:51 multiple tests done but the awesome
00:55 thing as I was released from the
00:58 hospital
00:59 miraculously four days later with no
01:02 need of surgery I had an ischemic stroke
01:06 within a few weeks where my entire left
01:09 side of my body my leg and arm were
01:11 completely numb I was on disability for
01:15 almost a year which made me feel very
01:18 vulnerable because I had never been in
01:20 that path especially being self-employed
01:23 for decades and being a husband and a
01:26 father of three awesome children I
01:29 experienced fear in new way I had never
01:31 experienced including panic attacks but
01:35 God had me back in my profession before
01:37 the end of the year I was able to
01:39 meditate on his word day and night
01:41 during that year and looked for circles
01:44 of faith such as church meetings
01:47 deliverance sessions and basically
01:49 anywhere where there was an ambience of
01:52 faith I went through trauma for months I
01:55 was faced with a choice to count on man
01:58 or God I'm happy to say I chose the Lord
02:02 and His Word God has healed me from
02:05 slurring speech two strokes walking
02:08 challenges trauma fear and near death
02:11 I've experienced God's resurrection
02:13 power in
02:13 my tea way that confounds worldly wisdom
02:17 fast forward I'm involved in the Healing
02:20 Rooms
02:21 the last three and a half years or so
02:24 maybe even longer my wife also has
02:28 joined me since that time I probably
02:30 wouldn't have done it unless I'd
02:32 experienced this this this journey of
02:37 what I've been experiencing or talking
02:40 about here
02:43 and so I'm constantly looking to heal
02:47 the sick today I believe very strongly
02:49 about that the gospel you can culminate
02:53 it in two verses matthew 10:7 8 which
02:57 says pitch the gospel heal the sick
02:59 raise the dead cleanse leper and cast
03:01 out demons so that is what Jesus did
03:03 that's what we're supposed to do and so
03:07 I'm looking for opportunities I and
03:09 after that year the Lord gave us a
03:12 business of our own again so we've been
03:16 self-employed for the last three years
03:18 so God's resurrection power this message
03:21 you're about to hear is about my story
03:22 and testimony and the healing that came
03:25 through the body of Christ especially in
03:26 camarillo Healing Rooms
03:28 as well as reading declaring and
03:30 listening to his word I am ever grateful
03:34 for those that ministered to me
03:36 especially my wife


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