35+ Years of Severe Tinnitus 80% Better, Anxiety Gone, and Eyesight Improved

Charles shares: Since receiving online prayer in the Camarillo Healing Rooms, the severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears) I have had for more than 35 years is now reduced by 80%; my eyesight has improved; the floaters in my eyes are gradually disappearing, and now my anxiety is gone! I KNOW Yeshua is healing me!


I served in the US Army as an Artillery observer, during which I was frequently in close proximity to heavy artillery firing and rounds passing overhead. Then, I spent many years working in an industrial setting around machinery. I usually tried to use ear protection but wasn’t always diligent to do so, especially not as a young soldier. 

I started noticing ear ringing in my late twenties (I’m 64 now). A hearing test I took a couple of years ago indicated significant hearing loss in a specific range consistent with my experiences. After throwing off Covid-19, I noticed the ear ringing more and it became distracting enough to cause anxiety. Immediately, when one of the online healing prayer ministers on the Zoom session commanded the ringing to cease, it went away 100%. Two weeks later I am joyfully able to report that I am still experiencing the healing that occurred in my ears. I am currently experiencing an 80% reduction of the tinnitus, which is a huge improvement! The anxiety is now gone! Praise Elohim!

My eyesight has been gradually declining for years, two years ago I noticed flashing and a floater in my left eye. Last year the same thing happened to my right eye. Now, I was told I have cataracts, although not large enough to require surgery. My left eye is worse than my right eye. I am nearsighted in the left eye and farsighted in the right. During an eye exam a few months ago the doctor identified a “spot” on my right retina. I was supposed to return for more testing but have decided not to. I am 100% believing for total healing! After the online prayer session my eyesight has improved and the floaters are gradually disappearing.

Every morning I ask the Ruach Ha Kadosh (the holy Spirit) to bring His presence for Healing and Revelation. I then speak God’s Name stating, “It Is Written,” believing and standing on His promise in Psalm 103 and Isaiah 53. Then, I command the cataracts and floaters to dissolve, the eyes to become new and any spot on the retina to leave.

I now KNOW He wants to heal me. I am confident if I stay the course believing in what Christ has provided for me through the work of the cross, I will see the completion of my healing.


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