Normal Mammogram and God’s Healing Presence on My Throat

On Tuesday, I asked for prayer for my voice, my throat and respiratory as I have been struggling with this whenever I sing, as well as for a normal mammogram.  My throat would immediately become dry, scratchy and sore and I would have difficulty leading worship for any amount of time.

When I received prayer, I felt the heat of the Holy Spirit all over my throat, I felt a palpable covering of faith coming from those who were praying for me and I experienced the feeling of warm oil as if I had swallowed some going down my throat.  I went out from that prayer experience and continued worshiping until 10pm without difficulty and I have felt much stronger since.  Today, I was covering three worship watches after singing for 3 hours last night!  God is good!

I just wanted you to know that I went back today, 1 week later, for more mammogram tests.  It was so nerve wracking because the technician took me in three times saying “we need more pictures”.  Each time I had to then go wait in a little dressing room while they discussed what they saw.

The most amazing thing happened.  I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit singing a little song, “God is my refuge, my refuge and my strength.  I will not be shaken all of my days…”  I was aware that scriptures were coming to my mind faster than I could have said them out loud.  It was like reading the credits at the end of a movie when they scroll them by at breakneck speed.  I was then reminded of Jesus’ words to His disciples when He told them that He would send the Comforter.

I thought of how many times I’ve been comforted by the feeling of the presence of the Holy Spirit but that’s just the warm fuzzies that are the overflow of His real purpose.  His real comfort comes when He brings the word of God into the midst of our mess.  As a worshiper the word comes to me in song most often.

I personally saw the pictures from my original mammogram and even I could see several solid white patches that looked pretty ominous.  (I know what a normal mammogram looks like.)  The first time she took the picture today I leaned over and looked at the screen and I could still see them there.  While I was waiting I began praying and declaring that God’s own DNA resides in me because I too have the blood and body of Christ in me.

Back she came for “another look”…  Once again, I tried to look, but she blocked my view so I went back to my little room and waited.  While I waited, I kept singing that song with the emphasis on, “I will not be shaken all of my days”.  A third time she came back and said the doctor wanted one more “special view”.  She used what looked like a telescope and pinpointed a smaller area.  Again the wait…

Finally the doctor came and told me he really couldn’t find anything and what he thought were ‘questionable’ areas were nothing at all.  I only wish I could have seen all of the sets of pictures because I bet I would have seen those areas diminish and disappear from picture to picture just like the doctor did!

I believe in my heart and because of the pictures I did see that there was something there and that the Lord decided to irradiate it Himself.  God is good… all the time.


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