Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Significantly Improved

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 16 yrs. ago.  I hadn’t been in church in 20 yrs. until  Audrey, a lady that saw me in a restaurant, invited me to Jubilee.  That was only 5 months ago and much has happened!  Every time I go to The Healing Rooms I get better.  He is healing me from the inside out,  starting with my heart, soul and mind.

First The Lord has given back the aspect of my health that I place the most importance on, other than my spiritual health, my ability to think.  My thoughts used to feel they bogged down as if going thru thick syrup.  Now, they travel quick and clear, like they used to!  I’ve talked to my cousin long distance 3-4 nights a week for 3 yrs.  She has noticed a big difference in the way I talk, the speed I’m thinking and how much more clear my thoughts are.  I even remember what we’ve talked about from one time to the next.  Thank You Lord!

The fatigue used to be so bad that I had many days I couldn’t get out of bed.  When it takes so much effort to think and walk, it’s very tiring.  Also with Autoimmune type disorders the body is destroying itself or rather the enemy is.  So with the bodies’ idea that it’s very ill, it can cause great fatigue.  Jesus now wakes me each morning feeling ready to start another day with Him!  He created my brain to be perfect and has started the process to bring it back to that state!

I had a “seizure like disorder” for years that used to dominate many aspects of my life.  At times, including even going out in public!  I had considered brain surgery that would cut the part of the brain that was giving the wrong signal.   This symptom had been off and on before I had prayer but on the regular flair up schedule it would have reoccurred months ago but it hasn’t!

My legs are lifting much better.  I used to feel my feet were nailed to the floor, with each step pulling against the pressure of the nail.  My shoes showed the wear on the toes from scuffing them when I couldn’t lift my foot enough to clear the floor.  The soles of my shoes were worn from me dragging them.  Now my physical therapist is thrilled with my progress.  Just last year she had to have assistance while helping me on and off the exercise table.  I now bounce on and off the same table on my own!  She has also started me on exercise machines that I haven’t been able to use in the 3 yrs. that I’ve known her.

I contribute this healing to God working thru many channels.  I’ve had prayer from The Healing Rooms in Camarillo, Ventura, and Sunland, a Messianic church, teams from Bethel church, many children, prophets, and people with the gift of healing,  and many, many individuals!  Thank you all for allowing God’s gift to flow thru you.


Jesus was there on every account.  I know because He brings an involuntary smile to my face when I become aware of His Presence and I was smiling each time!  December 2009Muli


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