Premature Baby Miraculously Defeats Every Diagnosed Disorder

It started on Christmas Eve 2012; I received a call from our daughter Christina, so excited, she was pregnant. You see she had already lost 3 other babies, two from a severe beating she had received and another because her body could not hold the baby. This baby was so unexpected; Christina was told she could not have children. Every day we would receive calls from her, so many changes happening to her and she wanted to share this miracle with Kimm and I.

Then the worst thing possible happened. We received a call from a hospital in Marquette Michigan. Christina was in trouble. She was in pre-mature labor at 5 and half months. For 8 days she fought to keep this baby inside of her. But on January 24th she delivered a baby girl, Grace Ivy, 1 pound 10 ounces, 24 weeks into gestation. The doctors said the baby would not survive. But I started calling believers who I knew would pray with us, in faith, not wavering or doubting the power of God. I could not go to Christina as we had no money for such a trip. That’s when the panic set in. Oh no, my child was in trouble and I could not get to her. So many negative words were being spoken over Baby Grace. I was able to get a hold of Pastor Steve and he prayed for me and I felt peace come over me. Then Kimm came home from work and we prayed together and more peace. From that point on I knew that Baby Grace would survive. The Lord gave me the strategy on how to pray for the baby and for my daughter:

First: I was to pray that the Lord would continue to breathe life into her.

Second: that no lasting problems wrong come upon Baby Grace from neglect or mistakes made by hospital personnel.

Third: nothing would happen to her eyes.

Fourth: I was to speak destiny into Grace and that she would fulfill the calling that was on her life.

The doctors did not believe that Grace would make it through the first day. But we knew God does not make mistakes and Grace would live. Words of such curses were being spoken over her. She would be brain damaged, she would be blind, she would have breathing problems; on and one it went. But knowing God’s power and that He had Grace into the palm of His hands and that He breathed life into her, kept me founded and strong, unwavering!

Two months into her life we were told Grace’s eyes were not maturing and that she wouldneed laser surgery. In my spirit I felt a quaking within. Wait a minute, the Lord said to pray for her eyes. I had faithfully prayed for her eyes.

The doctors moved Grace Ivy to Ann Arbor Michigan, which is 9 hours away from Christina. The doctors said for more testing’s and then possible laser surgery. When Grace got to the Ann Arbor, the specialist did the tests and said “why is this baby here, there is nothing wrong with her eyes, but let’s keep her here just to make sure”. So here we are 1 month into here stay at this hospital and multiple tests on her eyes and still nothing wrong.

Grace Ivy now weighs 6 pounds 6 ounces and is growing. No physical problems and she is a very healthy baby girl.

When this storm hit the clouds were very dark and the ship was rocking to and fro. But through it all we praised the Lord and gave Him thanks for His mercy and Grace. He is faithful and He is in control of all that happens in our lives. To us trust is not an issue. We have seen His mighty hand too many times to doubt His power.

Praise be to the Mighty and Sovereign God who always is to be honored.  May 22, 2013

Grace Ivy was given her 6 months “all clear”.  She is 100% healed.  No eye problems!  No kidney problems!  She is 6 months old now.  June 2013


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