Healing Occurring in Knees from Many Conditions

Dee shares: “Activating the Power of God’s Word” teaching series has been pivotal for my victory, as the questions that were arising in between my prayer sessions were now being answered. Before this class, there was an intense war going on between my spirit and my mind and body; I understood Jesus’ work on the cross included not only the forgiveness of sins but also the healing for my body, but I did not know how to walk out what I knew Jesus had done and wanted to do for me. After Sue’s teaching a few weeks ago, I decided to keep declaring 1 Peter 2:24 “By whose stripes you were healed.” I would speak it to God like a prayer.  I would say, “I know what I am feeling, but I know what You said, “By whose stripes you were healed.” I Peter 2:24  The time that I would say it more often was during the times that I would usually have more pain in my knees, which was getting up in the morning or sitting for a period of time.

The testimony Sue shared in the class really helped me. From this written testimony about someone being completely healed from standing on God’s Word, I understood for myself that even though I could “feel” pain and knew what the doctor’s report about my knees said from several years ago, it was my privilege to declare the Word of God as the final authority and unquestionable Truth over my mind and body. So, that week I prayed and declared according to God’s Word, His Truth, over the facts I was facing in my body. Matthew 8:17 says, “He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses.” I thank God that Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses through the work of the cross.

Thursday evening on Sept 3, 2020 I walked 2 miles with my son. Despite wondering how my knees would react because of the osteoarthritis, bursitis, and meniscal tears I was diagnosed with, I made the decision to just keep praising the Lord while I walked. The 2 mile walk was slow and steady and it took 70 minutes. The wonderful thing that happened was that I recognized that my muscles were strong and my heart rate and breathing were good, even though I felt tired. And, I felt no joint pain, which was so foreign to me. I only had a little muscle fatigue. To walk like this was huge for me, because after I was diagnosed in March 2017, the doctor had advised me not to walk. Before this point in time, I was an avid walker, walking 4-5 miles almost every day. So, this diagnosis several years ago was quite devastating to me.

After this walk I took, I was still able to actually do things like shower my son and get him ready for bed, as well as get ready for bed myself, and clean up the house. Throughout the time, I just kept praising the Lord and praying I that I would be able to move in the morning, because morning times were often the worse. Guess what? When I awoke the next morning, I was able to move just fine! My mind told me I was going to have pain, but I did not! I had had not even taken my medication for pain that I would usually take just to help control the pain! I was so happy! So, I started telling others what happened; I told my neighbors, my daughter, my prayer partners, and everyone that came to my mind or that I encountered. However, I was hesitant to tell the Healing Rooms because I was afraid it might not last.

Three days later in the morning on Labor Day, Sept 7, 2020 I walked 2 miles once again with my son and it was even better and I had not taken my usual morning anti-inflammatory meds. This was my second time walking like this. I was able to walk this time at a normal pace with head up and shoulder backs, without being so conscientious about falling, like I was the first time when I walked. This time it only took 60 minutes, and I was able to do all my daily activities after the walk!

On Tuesday September 8th I walked on the beach with my kids in the soft sand and the wet sand! This is another miracle, because all the shifting that usually occurs in your legs and knees is quite a lot, which could be pretty painful for me!  I was so happy and so were my kids! That night when I attended the Camarillo Healing Rooms online, I told the prayer ministers my testimony of how I was walking without pain and how I want to keep declaring my healing and walking in this! Two days later on Sept. 10th I walked on the beach again and in the water. No pain!

On Friday Sept. 11, 2020 I walked again as I wanted to keep moving; it was not a full two miles, but I did it with no pain or discomfort in my knees! The time was even shorter.

This past Saturday I have  been able to go bike riding with my children, to the beach walking up and down several flights of stairs and in the hard and soft sand all in the same day! Then the next day, Sunday two days ago, I went for a long hike in Wildwood Regional Park with hills and steep terrain and steps! It’s a miracle! I had to go slow and steady but I could feel strength in my muscles and lungs so I declared the strength and function in my joints! My kids were so excited for me and proud. Praise God for His Word! It was the most wonderful weekend !

Being able to walk and move like this over the last several weeks is the biggest answers to my prayers that I have had in a long time. Sue asked me about the overall pain of what it was before and what it is now. In answer to her question, the overall pain level that I was used to experiencing on a daily basis has gone down from as 12 out of 10, on a pain scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the worst to a 5 or 6. This is huge for me! I am now not only able to walk, but my faith and hope is restored. I know this is only the beginning of what God wants to do in me!


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