Lupus Completely Healed and Medically Confirmed

Xavier writes: September 2010 I was diagnosed with severe lupus. I couldn’t walk. That is how I noticed something was wrong. This is when the doctor diagnosed me by a blood test with lupus. My blood went to the levels almost like leukemia.  My immune system was attacking my body big time.  It was attacking my blood and my muscles.   I lost 50 lbs. in 2 months. I did not even have enough energy to lift my Bible. I got tired when I tried to do anything. My white and red blood cell counts were low. My lung capacity was very, very small. I had to sleep in an upright position and I couldn’t lie down. I would get very cold. On Feb. 26, 2011 Jesus healed me when I received prayer.  Immediately, I was able to run and bend over backwards and touch the floor, things which I was not able to do since all this began in Sept. 2010.  In 3 minutes my greenish yellow color in my skin went away.  My lungs felt bigger. My feet were no longer number.

Follow-up: On July 6, 2011 (4 months later) Xavier states, “My last visit to the doctor, I’ve never seen a doctor so happy.   He was monitoring me on a monthly basis.  The last lab results showed my blood was perfect.  The doctor was so happy.  He said I don’t want to see you in 3 months, because I cannot see the lupus antibody anymore in your blood.”

Follow-up: In 2020 Sue Burdullis, Director of CHR, encountered Xavier’s sister, who stated that Xavier is still 100% healed from Lupus and any of its effects.


Written Testimonies

The word “testimony” actually comes from a Hebrew root word, which means to “repeat” or “do again.”  Revelation 19:10 says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” These shared testimonies of what Jesus has done prophesy your breakthrough, the healing or miracle you need. What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you!



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