Daughter Healed Miraculously from Lupus

Mary writes: In the Summer of 2010, my daughter who was 16 years old went on an educational trip to Spain.  Within 2 days of arriving in Madrid, she became ill.  I flew to New York to meet her and spend 5 days getting her well enough to return to California.  At that time, she had been ill for 6 years.  Earlier in the year, one of her specialists and I realized that she was developing new symptoms that looked like lupus.  I have lupus.  My doctors now believe I have had it for over 40 years.  Lupus is a very serious complicated disease.  It can affect every organ in the body including the skin, the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys.  Being diagnosed at the age of 16 makes the disease even more serious.

On July 27, 2010 my daughter tested positive for lupus and several other autoimmune diseases.  Each one of these illnesses alone has the potential to be life threatening.  In August of 2010, my daughter stopped breathing once and on another occasion, she experienced a reaction to something that almost killed her. My daughter’s health became progressively worse, and we consulted at least 12 doctors who gave us little or no hope beyond very toxic medicines like chemotherapy and immunosuppressants.

A friend had told me about The Camarillo Healing Rooms where she had received a miraculous healing of pain in her back.  My first visit to the Healing Room was in May of 2011.  I was given “God’s Word on Healing”, “Gos-Pills”, which were more potent than anything a doctor could have prescribed.  Two people prayed Isaiah 53:5 “By His stripes you are healed”, over me.  When I told them about my daughter’s diagnosis, one of the team members asked me to open my hands as if receiving a gift.  He took anointing oil and traced the shape of the cross in the palm of my hands.  He anointed my hands to lay them on my daughter.  When I arrived home, I started laying hands on my daughter, knowing that “He who promised is faithful”.

My second visit to the Camarillo Healing Rooms was in June 2011.  The saints that prayed with and for me helped me understand how the power of God comes alive in the fervent prayers of His saints. In the summer of 2011, my daughter was able to take classes in New York for 6 weeks.  This was exactly one year after I thought she was being taken from me by death.  When my daughter came back to California from New York this time, her blood tests showed that she was now negative for lupus.  The doctor tried to explain it away, but I knew that Our Lord, through the Camarillo Healing Rooms, had brought my daughter back to health.  February 2012


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