Foot Completely Healed After Brick Falling on It

Foot Healed

Randy writes: While working in construction in the morning a concrete and brick fire place mantel fell on my foot.  My toes were smashed and they turned purple very quickly.  The pain was enough to keep me from walking well for the whole day.

After work I came to be prayed for. The person who prayed had me take off my boot.  I was afraid to let anyone touch my foot. Nearly as soon as the prayer began the pain left.  I was able to stand and stomp my foot hard on the ground without pain.


Written Testimonies

The word “testimony” actually comes from a Hebrew root word, which means to “repeat” or “do again.”  Revelation 19:10 says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” These shared testimonies of what Jesus has done prophesy your breakthrough, the healing or miracle you need. What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you!



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