Brain Tumor Successfully Removed; Tumor Found to be Non-Cancerous and Non-Reproductive

Fanny shares:  At the beginning of September, I came in for prayer at the Camarillo Healing Rooms, as I was due for surgery on September 7th to remove a tumor from the back of my brain. Thankfully, the doctor was able to go through my sinuses to remove all of the brain tumor without cutting into my skull. Although I was in the hospital a few more days than expected, my surgery went very well. A couple of days ago, I got a phone call informing me that the tumor was found not to be cancerous and not to be reproductive.

Yesterday, I went to the optometrist to have my eyes checked. I had lost peripheral vision in both eyes because of the brain tumor. After surgery, I had gotten some vision back but not what they expected. However, the optometrist at this visit told me that I now have 95% of my peripheral vision back in both of my eyes.

Today, I went back for a third EEG scan of my brain, which is kind of like a brain scan to see if there any waves for seizures or anything like that. Before the surgery, I was having seizures; but not since surgery, although I am on medication. The tech told me, I should not be telling you this, but everything looks normal. This just shows me how much God loves me and is working in my family.

I came back to the healing rooms to give God the glory. Before I came in for prayer before my surgery I felt fearful. I work in the medical field, so usually when someone tells you it’s a tumor and they don’t know what kind of tumor it is, the first word that comes into your mind is cancer. The second part is I have three small children and of course you don’t want to think about cancer. The third thing that worried me is my husband; you just never know how your spouse would feel having another half of them being less than what they were. After receiving prayer, I had felt the fear greatly diminish.

The people praying for me were very sincere. A man gave me some Bible verses that helped me tremendously through this difficult time. I was raised in a Christian home, but as I got older, I hit those teenage years and just did my own thing, putting church on the back-burner. So, having those Bible verses meant a lot to me.

I am not going to say that this was an easy road, but I know that we were not alone. We could have not done this without God. And God reminded me that He was with me in a very special way. The day that I went to the healing rooms for prayer before my surgery, there was a basket with live sunflowers in it. And when I was in the hospital, one of the CNA’s told me, “Don’t be scared because God is with you. This is something that will pass!” Then, she put this cute little thing of sunflowers next to my bed. My husband and I had this moment of knowing God was there.

October 17, 2017

Note from Sue Burdullis, Director of CHR: I will never forget the lady who shared with me how she received a strong impression from God to give me potted sunflowers. Little did this lady know that the gift of her sunflower was to become part of a larger story, which was to reassure Fanny of His presence in her time of need. The same day this lady who gave the sunflowers drove over an hour to get to our healing rooms, Fanny and her family drove about an hour also to get to our healing rooms. The nursing assistant not knowing the backdrop of events reassured Fanny of God being with her on a more profound level that went way beyond her words, as she set on Fanny’s bedside table a “cute little thing of sunflowers”. Throughout our lives, God reassures us that He is with us by visible signs, like the sunflowers in this testimony and as you can see from this story He works many details together just to let us know that He is there with us.


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