Your Salvation “Ticket” Includes Healing

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your all-inclusive paid-in-full salvation purchased by Jesus’ blood includes healing. As you look to Jesus, boldly declaring God’s Word over your heart and life, you will be able to receive your healing – your salvation in Christ. 

In this teaching 

  • Gain fresh understanding of your victory over sickness and disease through Jesus’ triumphant work of the cross.
  • Learn how you can appropriate the healing Jesus has provided for you 

SPEAKER  Sue Burdullis, Director of Camarillo Healing Rooms  

Before Sue began the Camarillo Healing Rooms in 2006, her health was being adversely affected because she did not know that her salvation in Christ included healing. Like most believers, this Truth was concealed from her. As she studied the Scriptures, she discovered that Jesus Christ through the work of the cross provided salvation for not only her spirit, but for every aspect of her life including her physical body. By appropriating what she learned through the Word of God, she received healing in her physical body, as well as her mind and emotions. As Sue discovers more of God’s extravagant love and grace towards her, her journey of healing continues. She passionately desires for you to experience all that God has provided, especially healing for your whole being.

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Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3 of this four part series entitled, “Activating the Power of God’s Word” (for healing).




Teaching Notes

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