Your Choices Determine Your Destiny

Every day you will be confronted with two fundamental choices that underlie every decision you will make in life: the choice of going God’s way or the choice of going your own way. God’s way is the way of love! Choosing God’s way of love, believing and obeying Him, is not always easy. By taking a look at what happened to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, you will be able to understand how satan relentlessly tries to influence your decision-making, so you go his way rather than the way of love. This session will help you to understand and choose the way of God.


Video Transcript

00:01 want to welcome you to our seventh
00:04 session of choices determine destiny
00:06 it's an in-depth study of Psalm one
00:09 my name is Sue Burdullis and i'm the
00:12 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:14 in tonight's session we will look at the
00:17 choice you and I have you and I are
00:22 confronted with every day of our life
00:24 the choice between two trees that stood
00:28 in the Garden of Eden and someone
00:30 clearly presents these two choices you
00:34 can either go God's Way or you can go
00:37 your own way God's Way leads to blessing
00:41 and your own way it's gonna lead to
00:44 death the path of the ungodly is spoken
00:49 about in Psalm 1 and it clearly shows us
00:53 that it's the pathway that leads to
00:55 death
00:56 God's fervent desire is for you and I to
01:00 choose life Deuteronomy 30:19 says this
01:04 I have set before you life and death
01:08 blessing and cursing therefore choose
01:11 life that both you and your descendants
01:15 may live Roman numeral 1 God's gift of
01:20 love Jesus Christ someone presents each
01:26 one of us with the most important choice
01:29 that we will ever make in our life the
01:33 choice of accepting God's love or
01:38 rejecting God's love for anyone who has
01:42 been journeying with us through someone
01:44 choices determine destiny you you can
01:47 understand that you cannot live like the
01:51 blessed man like verse 1 tells us or you
01:55 can't become like the Tree of Life and
02:00 laugh you have made the choice to
02:03 receive Jesus Christ into you your heart
02:09 it is only through Jesus Christ that
02:13 you'll not pay
02:14 like the shaft in the final judgment
02:18 like Psalm 1 verses 4 through 6 talk
02:22 about it's only through Jesus Christ
02:26 that you'll be able to follow God's
02:28 instructions in your life in John 4:10
02:33 there was a woman at the well and Jesus
02:36 is speaking to her and she's asking him
02:39 you know well you know he comes and you
02:42 know he wants a drink of water and this
02:44 is what he says to her if you knew the
02:48 gift of God and who it is who says to
02:51 you give me a drink you would have asked
02:55 him and he would have given you living
02:58 water
03:00 Jesus is proclaiming to this woman that
03:03 he is the gift of mankind if you want to
03:09 receive the water of life Jesus is
03:12 offering to you I thought we could pray
03:14 together and just pray a prayer after me
03:17 asking his water to come in and just
03:22 satisfy our thirst is that okay so let's
03:24 pray just repeat this after me Jesus I
03:29 am thirsty for you today I opened my
03:35 heart to drink from your river of life
03:40 that flows from your throne cause your
03:45 river to flow into the desert areas of
03:49 my life and my loved ones now I want you
03:56 to think of an area where you feel like
03:59 it's like a desert area in your life and
04:03 then I want you to ask Jesus this river
04:07 to come into that area so Jesus come
04:11 into this specific area that I am I am
04:15 mentioning right now come into this area
04:19 and now that he we believe him through
04:23 faith we're gonna thank him thank you
04:26 Jesus
04:27 for giving me this river of life and
04:30 satisfying my thirst although it only
04:36 takes a moment to receive Jesus Christ
04:38 into our heart it takes a lifetime to
04:43 abide in God's gift of love because his
04:50 love is so abundant that I believe that
04:53 we're not only going to be discovering
04:55 it here during our lifetimes right now
04:57 but we're going to be discovering it
04:59 throughout eternity learning new ways of
05:04 abiding in the fullness of his love
05:09 someone clearly shows you the main
05:12 pathway of abiding in God's love it is
05:16 through your prayerful meditation on
05:19 God's Word day and night
05:22 their primary focus of your meditation
05:24 on God's Word is to be Jesus Christ
05:28 Jesus Christ is the ultimate
05:30 manifestation of God's love for you all
05:35 of God's Word points to Jesus Christ who
05:39 is the word of God made flesh who is the
05:42 gift of God's love for you and I
05:45 throughout this psalm one study we have
05:48 clearly seen the exultation of Jesus
05:51 Christ from the very first words and the
05:54 very first letter of Psalm 1 to the very
05:57 last words and last letter of Psalm 1
05:59 through the love of Jesus Christ you'll
06:02 be empowered to know and to believe the
06:05 love that God has for you first John
06:08 4:16 says this and we have known and
06:11 believed the love that God has for us
06:14 god is love and he who abides in love
06:18 abides in God and God in him God's
06:24 fervent desire for each one of us is to
06:28 abide in his love finding him supremely
06:32 satisfying above all else
06:38 and the one of the main ways that you
06:40 abide in God's love in your time of
06:42 meditation with him is talking to God
06:45 about how much he loves you
06:49 one of the resources we have on
06:52 Camarillo Healing Rooms website under
06:54 resources it's called the Father's love
06:56 letter and it has a lot of Bible verses
07:00 talking about God's love and so it's
07:04 good for you if you find one that just
07:06 goes ah I need to know God in this way
07:10 his love for me in this way and you
07:11 highlighted and then you can just talk
07:13 to God so it's really key for us
07:17 to have this as a central part of our
07:20 conversation with God on a daily basis
07:25 understanding Wow Lord you love me just
07:30 like I am and just like God loved Jesus
07:36 to understand that he loves you with the
07:38 same intensity and the same fervency so
07:43 we need to get that into our
07:44 conversation so it goes deep down in our
07:47 heart why do I say this because when we
07:52 start reading Psalm 1 we're going oh I
07:55 don't think I could ever do all that
07:57 someone's calling me to do especially as
08:01 it begins in verse 1 where it tells us
08:05 not to walk in the counsel of the godly
08:08 nor stand in the path of sinners nor sit
08:11 in the seat of scoffers the only way
08:14 that we're going to be able to do that
08:16 is if we're firmly grounded in our heart
08:19 in God's love we're only going to be
08:23 able to overcome compromise in our life
08:27 if we firmly believe and know that God
08:32 loves us this is the only way that Jesus
08:35 was able to overcome temptation and
08:38 compromise in his own life because he
08:42 was one with the father's love and this
08:46 is how we are to be with our father's
08:50 love for
08:55 numbered Roman numeral two the choice
08:57 between two trees every day you're
09:01 confronted with two fundamental choices
09:04 that underlie every decision that you
09:08 make in life the choice of going God's
09:12 Way the way of the tree of the life or
09:15 the choice of going your own way the
09:19 choice of the tree of the knowledge of
09:21 good and evil these two choices are
09:24 clearly seen in Psalm 1 with two
09:28 drastically different destination the
09:33 Tree of Life leads to what life and the
09:37 tree of death leads a tree of death the
09:39 tree of knowledge of good and evil leads
09:42 to death by looking at what happened to
09:45 Adam and Eve in the in the Garden of
09:48 Eden where they have they have this
09:49 perfect kind of environment going on
09:51 you'll be able to understand more
09:54 clearly the spiritual battle that goes
09:57 behind every choice that you make along
10:01 with how God has equipped you as a
10:03 believer in Jesus Christ to walk the
10:06 Tauri ously through the times of
10:09 temptation so in the beginning of time
10:12 in the midst of the Garden of Eden stood
10:14 God's love gift The Tree of Life God had
10:20 given Adam and Eve every good and
10:23 perfect gift like James 1:17 tells us
10:26 they were given every tree that was
10:29 pleasant to the eyes and good for food
10:33 to eat including they were given the
10:36 very best gift of all the Tree of Life
10:40 that stood in the midst of the garden
10:42 Genesis 2:9 says this and out of the
10:45 ground the Lord God meet every tree grow
10:48 that is pleasant to the sight and good
10:50 for food The Tree of Life was also in
10:54 the midst of the garden and the tree of
10:57 the knowledge of good and evil Adam and
11:01 Eve they
11:03 had everything that they needed to
11:05 prosper and have good success in their
11:08 god-given mission to be fruitful to
11:11 multiply to subdue and have dominion and
11:15 as a born of begin a believer you have
11:19 been given every spiritual blessing in
11:22 the heavenly places in Jesus Christ
11:24 you've been given everything you need to
11:27 accomplish your god-given mission past
11:31 Matthew 28:18 through 20 tells us before
11:35 Adam and Eve sinned this is really
11:38 interesting today as I was preparing for
11:39 this I never have seen this before in
11:42 Genesis 2 and 3 there are basically only
11:46 two conversations that God has with Adam
11:51 and Eve the first conversation revolves
11:55 around the blessing you're gonna be
11:57 fruitful multiply subdue and have
11:59 dominion the second conversation he has
12:03 with him revolves around a commandment
12:06 you have all these trees you can eat
12:09 from any of the trees including the Tree
12:12 of Life but I don't want you to eat from
12:14 this tree of the knowledge of good and
12:16 evil so they had a conversation with God
12:20 about a blessing and a conversation with
12:24 God revolving around a commandment and
12:30 what God showed me was that all of us
12:34 loved the blessings we want to be
12:38 blessed but how many of us are really to
12:44 follow God's commandment so think of
12:47 this you have a GPS unit on your car and
12:51 you want to go to Disneyland or
12:53 someplace you really are excited about
12:56 going to maybe it's an ice-cream shop so
13:00 you punch that in and you know that when
13:04 you get there you're gonna be blessed
13:07 but you know what you have to follow the
13:10 instructions of how to get there and if
13:14 you don't follow those in
13:16 actions which are God's commandments
13:19 you're not gonna receive the blessing we
13:23 don't like to think of that we all feel
13:26 that wait a minute I just want to be
13:29 blessed I don't really want to follow
13:33 God's instructions you know there's so
13:36 many extractions does he expect me to go
13:40 ahead and follow all of them he gave us
13:45 Jesus Christ he died so that we would be
13:49 blessed and that will be empowered to
13:54 follow God's instructions yes there's
13:58 grace but I truly truly believe that we
14:03 will not experience the depth of God's
14:07 love for us unless we go ahead and not
14:12 only receive His blessings but also do
14:16 His commandments and these are the two
14:20 elements really that you see in Psalm 1
14:23 starts off Psalm 1 blessed is the man oh
14:29 that man is Jesus Christ and I love that
14:34 when I'm in Jesus Christ I'm gonna be
14:36 blessed and most of us think I don't
14:39 have to do anything to be blessed but
14:42 the very next thing that God says is who
14:47 does not walk in the counsel of the
14:50 ungodly we'll be exploring a little bit
14:54 more about that next week when we go in
14:57 more in-depth about God's love for us
14:59 but the blessing and the commandments
15:03 are two sides of one coin and if you
15:08 want to really go deep in God's love for
15:11 you you need to be involved with both in
15:18 the garden Eden Adam and Eve had a
15:20 choice of whether or not they're going
15:22 to follow God's commandment as you
15:25 understand what these two trees
15:27 symbolized and in part you
15:29 be able to clearly understand what is
15:32 behind every decision you make and the
15:34 importance of following God's
15:36 instructions as given in his word
15:40 Genesis 2:16 through 17 says this and
15:43 the Lord God commanded the man saying of
15:46 every tree of the garden you may freely
15:48 eat but of the tree of the knowledge of
15:51 good and evil you shall not eat for in
15:53 that day you eat of it you will surely
15:56 die we went over the Tree of Life quite
16:00 a bit last session The Tree of Life was
16:03 not only a symbolic representation of
16:06 the life of Jesus Christ but it also had
16:09 the ability to impart life and today we
16:13 can eat as believers in Jesus Christ we
16:16 can eat from the tree of life by
16:18 partaking of his word which is John 6:63
16:21 tells us it's spirit in life by
16:24 partaking of communion the communion
16:27 elements drinking he says this is the
16:31 cup my new covenant the blood we can
16:34 drink that we can eat his body the body
16:38 of Jesus Christ you can partake of it
16:40 that way and Jesus said this he says my
16:45 food is to do the will of God what's the
16:51 will of God it's revealed in the
16:53 commandments and instructions of God so
16:56 part of our eating from the tree of life
16:59 is following God's instructions for us
17:03 that's John 4:34 the tree of the
17:06 knowledge of good and evil had the
17:09 ability to impart death to Adam and Eve
17:12 through the partaking of its fruit
17:14 although it's not directly stated I
17:17 believe that the tree was a symbolic
17:19 representation of the law because it had
17:23 to be obeyed perfectly otherwise death
17:25 was a result and as I went through many
17:28 many scriptures comparing the tree of
17:31 the knowledge of good and evil
17:33 to the law this week I saw wow this
17:37 really is a representation of the law so
17:42 Roman numeral 3
17:43 the tree of the knowledge of good and
17:45 evil from Genesis 1:31 we understand
17:47 that everything God made was good so
17:51 that would include the tree of the
17:53 knowledge of good and evil the tree of
17:59 the knowledge of good and evil is good
18:00 but it was not good for Adam and Eve to
18:04 eat from him because God told them they
18:06 would die if they ate from it Genesis
18:09 2:17 God said for in the day that you
18:12 eat of that tree he's talking about the
18:15 tree of the knowledge of good and evil
18:16 you shall surely die doesn't this sound
18:19 like the law the law in an in and of
18:22 itself was good Romans 7:12 therefore
18:26 the law is holy and the commandment holy
18:29 and just and good but like the law if it
18:34 is disobeyed the consequence is death
18:37 that's Romans 7 verse 5 and 10 for when
18:41 we were in the flesh the sinful passions
18:43 which were aroused by the law were at
18:47 work in our members to bear fruit to
18:49 death and the commandment which was to
18:52 bring life I found to bring death ok now
18:58 I want you to take a look at the diagram
18:59 here that I have up it's a picture of a
19:04 tree representing the null tree of the
19:07 knowledge of good and evil in the roots
19:09 you see the word the law there the tree
19:15 the tree trunk and the branches coming
19:17 up from the law is labeled sin now sin
19:23 if you take the middle letter of the
19:26 word sin you get the letter I sin is all
19:31 about me myself
19:34 it's placing pie on the throne of my own
19:37 life it's worshipping I okay now first
19:43 Corinthians 15 56 says this the strength
19:48 of sin is the law so how does sin grow
19:55 and become
19:56 strong in your life it's through trying
20:00 to obey the law of the commandments
20:03 apart from the life of Jesus Christ
20:07 okay the fruit on this tree on this
20:12 diagram you see the word death
20:14 the consequence of Adam and Eve going
20:17 their own way doing what was right in
20:19 their own sight being a God unto
20:22 themselves was death and we know that
20:24 through Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin
20:27 is death Roman numeral four follow God's
20:32 counsel in your choices Adam and Eve
20:35 were given the choice of following God's
20:38 Word his commandment which reflected
20:41 God's will God's Way and God's plan for
20:47 their lives or they had the choice of
20:51 following Satan's word which reflected
20:55 Satan's will Satan's way and Satan's
20:59 plan for their lives Psalm 1:1 the
21:04 psalmist refers to Satan's words as the
21:08 counsel of the ungodly you need to know
21:12 that all ungodly counsel has its origin
21:17 in Satan and his demonic forces ungodly
21:23 counsel leaves out the instructions the
21:27 words of Jesus Christ
21:29 it leaves God out of the picture that's
21:32 why you have ungodly with unmeaning
21:35 without godly without God in every
21:40 decision you make you have a choice of
21:43 following the counsel of God or you have
21:46 the choice of following the counsel of
21:48 Satan a lot of us don't think in that
21:50 terms you know counsel of god counsel is
21:54 Satan and we just kind of make choices
21:56 and let it order didn't we kind of go
21:58 about our own way of life and not think
22:01 God if it's not specifically saying it
22:05 in his word which a lot of our decisions
22:07 there can
22:10 there's direct things that the God says
22:12 how to direct our lives how to order our
22:15 lives but if it's not directly in here
22:18 we can ask the Holy Spirit living in us
22:21 which way should we should go and we
22:24 need to follow God's counsel and not
22:27 Satan's counsel Psalm 1 132 said blessed
22:33 is a man who walks not in the counsel of
22:35 the ungodly nor stand in the path of
22:37 sinners nor sits in the seat of scoffers
22:39 but his delight is in the law of the
22:42 Lord and in his law he meditates day and
22:47 night so like I was saying God's counsel
22:50 is fine found in his word god exhort you
22:54 to meditate on his word day and night if
22:58 you allow God's counsel to get into your
23:01 heart you'll realize that his counsel
23:05 that stems from his heart of love for
23:07 you will grow and you'll become more and
23:11 more like that tree of life but just the
23:15 opposite will happen if you allow the
23:17 counsel of Satan his words to get into
23:20 your heart you'll soon find yourself
23:22 standing in the path of sinners this
23:27 means that you're actually carrying out
23:28 Satan's plan in your life as shown by
23:33 your actions just like Adam and Eve did
23:35 with their actions and if you continue
23:39 down Satan's pathway for your life
23:40 you'll find yourself speaking Satan's
23:43 words out of your mouth allowing Satan
23:46 to use your voice to contradict God's
23:50 Word and to mock God himself this is
23:55 what it means to sit in the seat of the
23:57 scornful you might think you're just
23:59 mocking friends but if you're going
24:02 contradicting God even if it's you know
24:05 just playful sarcasm even that God wants
24:11 us to go ahead and follow his voice his
24:16 words you must realize that unlike God's
24:20 counsel Satan's counsel stems
24:24 his hatred for you and his desire like
24:29 John 10:10 says his desire to steal kill
24:33 and destroy your life Roman numeral five
24:37 Satan's deceptive taxing tactics the
24:42 mean deceptive tactic that Satan takes
24:45 is to cause you to doubt
24:48 so his favorite thing is did God really
24:52 say that does God really expect you to
24:59 do that so in the Garden of Eden Satan
25:06 disguised himself as a serpent today
25:09 Satan disguises himself through the
25:12 voice of the flesh and the voice of the
25:14 world Satan tries to influence you by
25:19 mixing his words with your natural
25:24 reasoning your finite wisdom does God
25:28 want you to do that
25:30 no God calls you to mix his words with
25:34 faith faith in His infinite wisdom as
25:39 revealed by his words his instructions
25:43 our finite wisdom only sees a small
25:48 immediate picture right in front of us
25:51 whereas God's infinite wisdom sees the
25:55 big picture things that we do not see
25:58 Adam and Eve they didn't understand why
26:01 they couldn't eat from the tree of the
26:03 knowledge of good and evil they didn't
26:05 understand that God was trying to
26:06 protect them and to help them they could
26:10 have learned the same things without
26:11 eating from the tree of the knowledge of
26:14 good and evil God would have taught them
26:17 proverbs 3:17 says wisdom is a tree of
26:22 life to those who take hold of her those
26:25 who hold her fast will be blessed the
26:30 other word we've learned for blessed is
26:32 happy
26:34 as you look at how Satan influenced Adam
26:37 and Eve you'll understand how he
26:39 influences you and those around you
26:42 Satan usually has a two-pronged attack
26:46 against your life he mainly tries to
26:51 attack your belief about who God is and
26:54 who you are in Jesus Christ you'll see
26:59 this as he has chosen his words very
27:02 carefully as he speaks with Adam and Eve
27:06 to go ahead and lure them into his trap
27:11 so let's take a look at how Satan caused
27:14 Adam and Eve to question God's identity
27:17 his nature and character in Genesis 2:16
27:21 this is what goes on God says the Lord
27:26 God commanded the man that's Adam saying
27:30 of every tree of the garden you may
27:33 freely eat but the tree of the knowledge
27:35 of good and evil you shall not eat for
27:38 in the day that you eat of it you shall
27:41 surely die so we have tens of thousands
27:46 of millions of trees that they could eat
27:49 from that we're all pleasant to the
27:51 sight and good for food that they could
27:54 partake of and there was only one tree
27:57 that they weren't supposed to eat from
28:00 okay so Satan disguised as a serpent
28:05 goes ahead and has a conversation with
28:08 them and as God really said that has God
28:13 indeed said you shall not eat of every
28:16 tree of the garden now Satan's basically
28:20 saying you can't eat up God's telling
28:23 you that you can't eat up any of these
28:25 trees in the garden when God said you
28:28 can eat every tree except one Satan's
28:31 going God's telling you you can't eat
28:33 anything man your God so he's trying to
28:36 imply that you God is so restrictive now
28:41 that contradicts God's character God is
28:43 a God of abundance of abounding love and
28:47 here's
28:49 Satan is trying to tell Adam and Eve man
28:52 students truing to put you in a
28:54 straitjacket you know so you can't do
28:57 anything in this garden there's just no
28:59 fun here you know how many times though
29:02 in our life we step out of doing God's
29:06 commandments because we feel that way
29:10 that we're being put in a straightjacket
29:13 we're just not having fun like everybody
29:15 else's Steven was proposing to Adam and
29:21 Eve just like he does to you and I that
29:23 God is one who tries to limit you from
29:27 flourishing from becoming all you were
29:29 created to be by putting very
29:31 restrictive boundaries on you that's
29:35 what I was just talking about when God
29:37 is really a God of abundance the next
29:42 thing we see the contradiction of what
29:46 God tells Adam and Eve and then what
29:49 Satan tells Adam and Eve it was the same
29:52 thing he had basically he takes just a
29:56 little bit of tree takes the truth and
29:59 then he inserts one little tiny word or
30:02 just twisted a little tiny bit and then
30:05 the whole thing gets twisted around so
30:08 here he Satan
30:09 inserts this word not God says you eat
30:12 from this tree of the knowledge of good
30:14 and evil
30:14 you're gonna surely die Satan says not
30:21 you not you're not gonna die
30:24 no and this is what Satan usually does
30:29 he wants to first tempt you he when he
30:34 comes to you he says you know what if
30:39 you just do it this one time it really
30:45 isn't gonna make too much of a
30:48 difference you know you really don't
30:53 have to obey God completely you know
30:55 you're doing pretty good in most things
30:57 so this way an Arri not so what happened
31:02 I I fish and one thing with fish I fish
31:09 with bait and so you have this piece of
31:11 bait and you have a hook so you put the
31:16 hook through the bait and you don't want
31:19 the bait to be real visible because you
31:22 want to trick the fish into eating food
31:25 when there's really a hook in there and
31:28 that's what Satan does so he says this
31:30 one time this just this one time it's
31:33 not gonna really hurt you
31:35 and what happens in you up you eat the
31:40 bait
31:41 Satan's bait and he hooks you and now
31:45 you're trying to swim through this great
31:47 ocean that the Lord's provided for you
31:51 and you're hooked and he is just he is
31:57 so patient he just keeps reeling in
31:59 reeling in hour after hour day after day
32:03 until you come and get caught completely
32:07 and you see this happening with
32:09 marriages right just falling apart
32:12 somebody having one affair somebody
32:15 having doing this one conversation I
32:18 mean one of the things that happened in
32:21 our Healing Room and I won't tell you
32:22 the full situation but just a few years
32:25 ago and their person happened to come
32:26 into my room and I it was an identity
32:31 thing just like you know God called you
32:35 know Satan tries to trick all of us into
32:37 question who we are in Jesus Christ and
32:40 so this person for four months Satan was
32:44 trying to reel them in because they
32:47 heard something from somebody else and
32:50 they thought maybe just maybe you know
32:53 and so they were on a hook and
32:56 fortunately they come into the prayer
32:58 room and it was over an hour prayer time
33:02 and I just delivered what the truth of
33:06 the word of God said about them and how
33:08 much God loved them and that's really
33:10 key to share how much God loves them
33:13 and the person just broke out and tears
33:16 cried most of the session and then
33:19 afterwards gave me a big hug and said
33:21 you saved my life this is what God wants
33:27 us to do he wants us to know his words
33:30 so we get people off the hook off the
33:33 Satan's hooks telling them who God truly
33:37 is and who they truly are in Jesus
33:40 Christ so Satan he tried to get Adam and
33:45 Eve to question their own identity this
33:48 is what he says in Genesis 3:5 to them
33:51 for God knows that in the day that you
33:53 eat of it your eyes will be open and
33:55 you'll be like God knowing good and evil
33:58 well they were already like God Genesis
34:01 1:27 says that they were created in the
34:03 very image of God and Satan says you
34:06 will be like God and guess what they
34:13 believed it when they when Satan went
34:18 ahead and told them that God is a God
34:21 that was their flourishing and putting
34:24 them in a straitjacket because they
34:26 couldn't eat anything in the garden you
34:28 know and you know poor me type of thing
34:33 God Satan was basically calling God a
34:35 liar you're not gonna die he's limiting
34:38 you and Adam and Eve are going yeah I
34:41 think you're right Satan we don't
34:45 realize when we come in agreement we you
34:48 know it looks really obvious in the
34:50 story that I'm telling you because we
34:52 got we know the story but we don't know
34:53 the story so well in our own lives and
34:56 when Satan does this to us when he lures
35:01 us like that through counts you know
35:04 telling things about God who God really
35:07 isn't and we start believing that we are
35:11 basically calling God a liar it actually
35:14 says this in the Word of God I was
35:17 trying to maybe they have that earlier
35:19 1st John 5 Hugh does not believe God has
35:23 made him a liar
35:26 so when we fall for Satan's lie and go
35:30 uh-huh uh-huh
35:31 rather than coming back with a word of
35:33 God we're basically saying you know God
35:37 you're not all that you're made out to
35:39 be you're not really a good father you
35:42 really don't have my best interest at
35:45 heart you know what are we telling God
35:49 when we believe Satan's lies we're
35:53 questioning God's character his nature
35:55 and that brings separation in our
35:58 relationship with him so we have the
36:06 slithering serpent and he comes knocking
36:08 at the door of our heart now if he was
36:11 all dressed up like a serpent like we
36:13 have imagined in Genesis we probably
36:16 wouldn't answered the door but he
36:18 doesn't appears like that you know when
36:20 he comes knocking at the door of our
36:22 heart so we we aren't we aren't quite
36:24 sure but the best thing is is when you
36:27 start having that discernment like ah
36:31 that's really the enemy coming and he's
36:35 trying to go ahead and hook me the best
36:38 thing is don't answer the door don't get
36:41 into a conversation with him and the
36:45 second best thing is if you do get into
36:47 a conversation and then you realize ah I
36:51 gotta get him out of my door you know
36:53 and he's already got his foot in your
36:56 door once that conversation begins don't
36:59 come and agreement with him and start
37:01 pushing him out and ask me God's help
37:03 and strength submit to what God is
37:06 saying his word resist the devil and he
37:09 will go from you okay let's see here in
37:20 Romans 4 19 through 20 Abraham he did
37:25 just that God had given him a promise
37:29 and when he looked at his own body which
37:33 was in the 90s and he looks at Sarah's
37:35 body and he knew that it was impossible
37:37 this is what it says
37:39 and not being weak in faith so what was
37:43 he doing he is mixing though the Word of
37:46 God with the infinite wisdom of God and
37:50 he says not being weak in faith he did
37:52 not consider his own body as dad you're
37:55 the deadness of Sarah's womb he did not
37:59 waver at the promise of God through
38:02 unbelief and that's what we want to do
38:04 we want to just stand in God's Word and
38:07 we don't want to get into that question
38:10 is that who God really is is that really
38:14 who I am I'm not like God you know we
38:17 don't want to get into that questioning
38:18 thing I'll never forget this one lady
38:21 she came into the healing rooms and she
38:24 actually got healed in another healing
38:27 room in our area of a knee condition and
38:29 then she was diagnosed with breast
38:33 cancer and it just showed like the worst
38:36 kind of breast cancer there were it was
38:38 and it was on they had done it at one
38:41 Hospital in Ventura County and they
38:43 wanted her to go to the main hospital to
38:45 have it redone because immediately to
38:48 have it done in the meantime so she gets
38:51 this report you know what the first
38:53 thing she cuz your knee got instantly
38:54 healed in a Healing Room here and so she
38:57 believed that God would heal her breast
38:59 and so the first thing she did with his
39:01 doctors report that was very bad she
39:03 took it and crumpled it she said and
39:05 threw it in the trash she actually gave
39:07 our testing her testimony years ago and
39:09 when we were meeting back here for
39:11 teaching I'm going wow that's pretty
39:14 like awesome you know she was standing
39:17 on God's Word we aren't all that brave
39:19 to do that I'm not saying that you have
39:20 to do that then the next thing she did
39:23 she went out to lunch with her
39:25 girlfriend her girlfriend start saying
39:27 hey did you see on the Internet what the
39:30 steps that you're supposed to take to
39:32 prevent this and she said to her friend
39:34 basically she knew she goes I don't want
39:37 to hear it okay and when she went back
39:43 to the next time to get x-ray and it was
39:46 just like with I don't remember a day or
39:48 two days or what it was because it was a
39:49 real serious situation
39:52 she was hours there and she couldn't
39:54 figure out what was going on
39:56 and they kept repeating and repeating
39:57 and repeating well what we were trying
39:59 to do is find the cancer that was there
40:02 on the first ones that they had done and
40:04 they couldn't find it anywhere where it
40:06 was all kind of I don't know how it
40:07 appears like all black or whatever you
40:09 know all her whole breasts and there was
40:12 nothing there
40:12 praise God huh but do you see how she
40:15 went ahead the first word she just she
40:19 didn't fall for Satan's bait the Lord
40:22 says by His stripes you are healed so
40:25 she didn't take on that identity of I am
40:28 a woman with cancer you know we heard a
40:32 lot of grease you know about not kind of
40:34 the clarisse clue it came about not kind
40:36 of in agreement with God this last
40:38 weekend okay so Adam and Eve they ate
40:42 from Satan's tree of knowledge of good
40:45 and evil and they failed to be God's
40:48 instructions of love his wisdom for them
40:51 regarding this one tree so my question
40:54 to you is is there an area one thing
40:57 where God's calling you to believe in
40:59 obey and if he is ask him for strength
41:02 this oncoming week to unhook y'all so
41:08 you can get out of this area of
41:09 compromise in your life Roman numeral
41:16 six what happened after Adam and Eve
41:18 sinned when Adam and Eve ate from the
41:21 tree of knowledge of good and evil they
41:24 came into the experiential knowledge of
41:27 the way of the law the law judged Adam
41:31 guilty for his sin and the judgment was
41:35 death Romans 6:23 some of the agents of
41:41 death are listed in Deuteronomy 28
41:44 includes a long list of sicknesses and
41:47 diseases poverty and lack and many other
41:50 things it's really a good read for you
41:52 to read to understand everything that
41:55 you've been redeemed from and then to
41:57 stand on Galatians 3:13 saying Christ
42:00 has redeemed me from this and this
42:03 and this why did Adam and even and as a
42:08 result why did Adam and as a result the
42:11 entire human race come under such a
42:14 harsh judgement for one sin there's two
42:18 things that I see because the law
42:21 reflected number one because the law
42:23 reflected God's standard of holiness
42:26 which means it had to be obeyed
42:29 perfectly if man failed to obey in one
42:34 aspect of the law he was found guilty of
42:37 the entire law because God's standard of
42:40 holiness was not met that's in James
42:43 2:10 whoever shall keep the whole law
42:45 and yet stumbles in one point he is
42:48 guilty of all the second thing I believe
42:50 is that God knew it was impossible for
42:53 mankind for you and I to keep his
42:55 standard of holiness every point of his
42:58 law that is why God warned man not to
43:02 eat from the tree from the tree of the
43:04 knowledge of good and evil the moment
43:07 that they ate from the tree of the
43:08 knowledge of good and evil their lies
43:10 became quite the opposite of what they
43:14 had hoped they would gain and but you
43:16 know say didn't promised that they would
43:18 gain a chasm greater than the Grand
43:21 Canyon opened within the depths of their
43:24 heart as a life of God left them and
43:27 what rushed in to this Grand Canyon
43:29 shame and guilt rushed in filling the
43:34 emptiness within they were kicked out of
43:37 the garden their home and they were no
43:40 longer allowed access back in where the
43:44 tree of life stood death had consumed
43:47 their very lives and all that belonged
43:49 to them just as 3:24 says this so he
43:53 drove out the man and he placed cherubim
43:56 at the rest of the Garden of Eden and a
44:00 flaming sword which turned every way to
44:03 guard the way of the Tree of Life
44:05 instead of fulfilling their god-given
44:07 assignment to extend the blessing of God
44:10 his love his garden throughout all the
44:14 earth they caused the curse to
44:16 infiltrate
44:17 have dominion over themselves their
44:19 descendants and over God's beautiful
44:21 creation from that moment forward a cry
44:24 came out from earth man started to cry
44:28 out and this is what Paul said o
44:30 wretched man that I am who will deliver
44:34 me from this body of death the answer
44:38 was a tree of life Jesus Christ who
44:41 stood in the midst of the garden where
44:43 mankind was no longer allowed access to
44:46 why was mankind locked out of the garden
44:50 where the tree of life stood the
44:51 antidote to their sin because sinful man
44:55 could not come directly in contact with
44:58 God's holiness otherwise it would kill
45:01 them it would leave them in a state of
45:05 death eternally without any way to be
45:08 redeemed God knew the heart of fallen
45:11 man he knew that man needed exhaust all
45:14 their ways their own ways of trying to
45:17 save themselves from the depraved state
45:21 that they were in from the curse before
45:24 they really turned to the only one way
45:27 that God provided through His Son Jesus
45:29 Christ isaiah 53:6 says this all of us
45:34 like sheep have gone astray each of us
45:37 has turned his own way
45:39 how does mankind try to save themselves
45:42 basically by eating from the tree of the
45:45 knowledge of good and evil the law
45:47 trying to justify ourselves by our own
45:51 good works if we try to follow Psalm 1:1
45:57 trying to save ourselves by following
46:01 the law completely without God's help
46:04 God says no way so some of the ways that
46:11 men try to justify themselves apart from
46:14 God are doing good deeds doing religious
46:16 doing good eases do good get good doing
46:20 religious deeds to pray faster others be
46:23 morally good do deeds a self punishment
46:25 that's something also people do they
46:29 don't forgive themselves they put
46:31 selves in timeout and some people even
46:33 resort to suicidal things
46:37 what is Jesus's response to man's deeds
46:41 for self justification what does he say
46:44 no way Jesus says in John 5:40 but
46:50 you're not willing to come to me that
46:53 you may have life what is the one way
46:56 that God has provided for mankind to be
46:59 redeemed from his sin and go back to his
47:01 original identity there's only one way
47:04 and that's through Jesus Christ jesus
47:07 said I am the way the truth and the life
47:10 no man comes to the Father except
47:13 through me John 14:6 there was a flaming
47:16 sword that turned every self righteous
47:19 act away guarding the only one way to
47:22 the Tree of Life the purpose of the tree
47:25 of the knowledge of good and evil which
47:26 represents the law it had its purpose it
47:30 pointed man backed for their need for a
47:33 savior their need for Jesus Christ their
47:36 need for the Tree of Life there was no
47:40 way we can follow the commandments of
47:42 God perfectly only Jesus Christ could do
47:46 that Galatians 3:24 through 25 says this
47:50 therefore the law was a tutor to bring
47:53 us to Christ that we might be justified
47:55 by faith but after faith has come we are
47:59 no longer under a tutor so in the
48:02 fullness of time Jesus came to redeem
48:04 mankind back to God through the laying
48:07 down of his life on the tree of Calvary
48:10 on this tree he became a curse he was
48:14 made sin so that you could be redeemed
48:17 back from your sinful state and be made
48:20 righteous with his righteousness 2nd
48:23 Corinthians 5:21 by receiving the gift
48:26 of God Jesus Christ into your heart and
48:28 by being born again you're able to eat
48:31 from the tree of life where you're able
48:34 to have his life and have it abundantly
48:38 so I really wanted to express
48:43 tonight the importance of obeying God's
48:46 commandments not just dwelling and his
48:50 blessings but following his Commandments
48:53 so I gave you a lot of really hard
48:56 things to understand the last question I
48:59 have posed at the last part of this
49:02 session session 7 is this are you
49:06 willing to follow God's commandments now
49:09 listen to the Great Commission that
49:12 Jesus said to his disciples right before
49:15 he departs from the earth and goes to
49:17 heaven this is what's burning on his
49:21 heart and you can see what I underlined
49:26 one of the things that was burning on
49:27 his heart
49:28 is that we would teach people to obey
49:31 all of God's commandments isn't that
49:34 something for him to say that this is
49:39 what it says all authority has been
49:41 given to me in heaven and on earth go
49:44 therefore and make disciples to all of
49:47 the nations baptizing them in the name
49:49 of the Father and the Son and the Holy
49:50 Spirit teaching them to observe all
49:53 things I have commanded you and lo I am
49:57 with you always even to the end of this
50:01 age so at the beginning this session I
50:04 said that the second conversation there
50:07 were two conversations that Adam and Eve
50:09 had with God one the conversation about
50:13 the blessing the other the conversation
50:16 about the commandment that's God's first
50:19 conversations with man the second
50:24 conversation we see now Jesus is leaving
50:27 the earth and what does he say he says
50:30 these words teach them to observe all
50:33 things that I have commanded you
50:37 Wow that's on his heart and it still on
50:43 his heart was in his heart the beginning
50:45 of the time and at the end of time so
50:49 there's over 500 commandments and exort
50:54 ations in the New Testament that Jesus
50:56 spoke out
50:57 how can we follow all of those well I
51:01 believe there's some key things that
51:03 Jesus gave us to make every other
51:06 commandment possible and I've covered
51:09 some of these in this session 1 listen
51:13 to what God says pay attention to his
51:16 words of life and follow them to be born
51:19 again receive God's greatest gift his
51:23 son Jesus Christ into your heart 3
51:26 believe in Jesus Christ his word drink
51:29 from his rivers of love we went over
51:31 that a lot last session 4 abide in the
51:35 love of God for you as you see in the
51:37 face of Jesus Christ and we'll cover
51:39 more of that next week or last session
51:42 for Psalm 1 number 5 love God with your
51:46 all because He loves you
51:49 with his all finding your greatest
51:51 delight in him number 6
51:54 turn and repent from going your own way
51:57 and doing your own will and follow his
52:02 commandments follow Jesus Christ amen so
52:05 father I thank you for tonight's session
52:06 I pray Lord that you would strengthen us
52:11 and help us by the power of your spirit
52:13 in the inner man to receive not only
52:17 your blessings but also to walk in your
52:22 commandments so strengthen us to do your
52:26 will your way and to follow your voice
52:29 your plans for our life we thank you
52:33 Lord for what you're teaching us we're
52:34 excited what you have taught us and we
52:37 look forward follow there too next week
52:39 our last session of Psalm 1 in Jesus's
52:43 name Amen
52:45 so Wes


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