Wearing the Beautiful Lens of God’s Grace

In Session 3 of “Choices Determine Destiny,” Sue Burdullis shows the absolute necessity of “Wearing the Beautiful Lens of God’s Grace” for studying Psalm 1, as well as the entirety of God’s Word.  After she lays the biblical foundation for this New Covenant Lens, she asserts that wearing this lens will dramatically impact every choice you make in life and ultimately your destiny.  As she presents the two choices in Psalms 1: the way of the righteous versus the way of the unrighteous, she clearly shows why you must view these terms through the lens of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and not through the lens of the Old Covenant.  She boldly asserts that it is only from this superior reality of your righteousness in Christ that you will be able to fulfill God’s call and reach His destiny for your life as presented in Psalm 1, the Psalm that sets the tone for all the other Psalms.



Teaching Notes

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