Wearing the Beautiful Lens of God’s Grace

In Session 3 of “Choices Determine Destiny,” Sue Burdullis shows the absolute necessity of “Wearing the Beautiful Lens of God’s Grace” for studying Psalm 1, as well as the entirety of God’s Word.  After she lays the biblical foundation for this New Covenant Lens, she asserts that wearing this lens will dramatically impact every choice you make in life and ultimately your destiny.  As she presents the two choices in Psalms 1: the way of the righteous versus the way of the unrighteous, she clearly shows why you must view these terms through the lens of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and not through the lens of the Old Covenant.  She boldly asserts that it is only from this superior reality of your righteousness in Christ that you will be able to fulfill God’s call and reach His destiny for your life as presented in Psalm 1, the Psalm that sets the tone for all the other Psalms.


Video Transcript

00:00 pray father we ask that you the father
00:04 of glory give us the spirit of wisdom
00:07 and revelation and the knowledge of your
00:12 son Jesus Christ open up the eyes of our
00:17 understanding tonight father I pray that
00:22 you would show us father the love that
00:27 you have in your heart for us and that
00:30 each one of us could become rooted and
00:32 grounded in your love and begin to
00:34 experience the length and the width and
00:37 the height and the depth of your love so
00:41 that we could enter in and experience
00:43 the fullness of who you are and what you
00:49 meant
00:49 for us to have in you this eternal
00:55 happiness that exists between you the
00:59 Father the Son and the Holy Spirit in
01:03 Jesus's name Amen so tonight's talk is
01:08 entitled wearying the beautiful lens of
01:11 God's grace as a believer in Christ God
01:16 gives each one of you a choice of what
01:19 lens you aware when do you meditate not
01:23 only on the Psalms but all the Word of
01:27 God and your choice of what lens you
01:32 wear will dramatically impact every
01:36 other choice that you make in life as
01:38 well as your destiny this red lens that
01:44 we talked about last week represents the
01:48 new covenant the covenant of God's
01:51 abundant grace and truth
01:53 like John 1:17 says and this black lands
01:59 represents the Old Covenant the Covenant
02:04 of the law according to Hebrews 813 this
02:10 Old Covenant has become a
02:13 so late last week in session two var
02:16 study of Psalm one entitled choices
02:19 determined destiny I introduced you to
02:23 this lands the lands of the new covenant
02:27 represented by these red colored glasses
02:29 and I affectionately call these glasses
02:33 the rose-colored glasses because the
02:37 good news of Jesus Christ will always
02:41 seem too good to be true
02:44 remember the two men on the road to
02:46 Emmaus they had just heard the good news
02:52 that Jesus Christ had risen from the
02:55 dead that he was alive just like he said
03:01 that this good news was way too good for
03:05 them to believe it they couldn't wrap
03:07 their minds around it so they're on the
03:10 road to Emmaus and Jesus is walking by
03:13 their side their vision is totally
03:15 obscured they can't see the good news of
03:21 Jesus Christ but from God's perspective
03:25 the good news of His Son Jesus Christ is
03:29 exceedingly abundantly above all that
03:34 you'll ever think and you'll ever
03:35 imagine in your life it is so good that
03:39 you're going to spend the rest of your
03:41 life discovering who Jesus Christ is God
03:47 himself has placed such great confidence
03:50 in the good news of His Son Jesus Christ
03:54 the power of Jesus's blood to cleanse
03:58 you from all unrighteousness and to
04:01 transform you into the very likeness of
04:03 His Son Jesus Christ
04:05 along with bringing redemption story to
04:09 all of creation that God Himself is
04:12 eternally happy and guess what
04:16 God's happiness prevails between the
04:20 father and the son the Holy Spirit and
04:24 his happiness flows out and
04:27 his kingdom for all to experience and as
04:31 you wear the red glasses and begin to
04:34 read the Psalms and all the scripture
04:36 you'll be able to experience the
04:39 happiness that is in the heart of our
04:42 Father in the heart of us the son Jesus
04:45 Christ and as you begin to experience
04:51 the state of happiness it'll become like
04:53 a river inside of you and flow out of
04:56 you into the world around you so how can
05:00 you enter into the state of happiness
05:04 the first word described in Psalm 1 is
05:08 blessed it sets the tone for all of
05:15 Psalm 1 and the entire songs blessed it
05:20 means happy happiness many times over
05:24 it's only by putting on this red lens
05:28 that you're going to be able to
05:29 experience the happiness of God
05:34 these glasses are to be put on in a
05:39 similar fashion that you would put on 3d
05:43 glasses in a movie theater so that you
05:47 can hear so that you can feel so that
05:50 you can see that you can experience what
05:53 is passing before your eyes in the Word
05:56 of God so that you can become United
06:00 with the word who is Jesus Christ the
06:05 word that became flesh it is through the
06:09 lands of God's grace that you'll see
06:12 your beautiful Savior and Lord you will
06:17 see all the pain and suffering King
06:20 Jesus went through on the cross as he
06:24 took your place and became sin became a
06:29 curse on your behalf
06:33 so that you could receive his garments
06:36 of salvation and his robe of
06:39 righteousness at the cross his clothing
06:44 was taken away so that you could clothe
06:48 yourself with him
06:50 when the first Adam sinned the glory of
06:54 God his divine nature departed from
06:57 Adams spirit Adam became spiritually
07:01 naked Jesus came into the world to
07:06 clothe mankind once again with his own
07:09 glory to restore mankind back to his
07:12 original design through his perfect
07:16 obedience and through your choice of
07:19 being baptized into Christ Galatians
07:23 3:27 says for all of you who were
07:27 baptized into Christ have clothed
07:31 yourself with Christ see yourself
07:36 clothed today and Jesus's royal garments
07:39 of salvation and his royal robe of
07:42 righteousness that he has given to you
07:45 as a free gift of His grace see yourself
07:49 totally clothed once again in his glory
07:54 Romans 5:19 says for it's by one man's
07:58 disobedience many were made sinners so
08:02 also by one man's righteousness many
08:05 will be made righteous come and
08:10 experience the power of Jesus's blood
08:15 pulsating through your veins causing
08:18 resurrection life to flow from your head
08:20 to your toes Leviticus 17:11 for the
08:26 life of the flesh is in the blood and I
08:29 have given it to you upon the altar to
08:31 make atonement for your souls for it is
08:35 the blood that makes atonement for your
08:38 souls
08:39 watch your sin and all of its ill
08:44 effects being washed away
08:46 and the river of blood the river of His
08:49 grace where he has planted you just like
08:52 he said in Psalm 1 verse 2 Hebrews 10
08:58 through 12 chapter 10 verses 10 through
09:01 12 says our sins are washed away and we
09:05 are made clean because Christ gave his
09:08 own body as a gift to God he did this
09:12 once for all time old Jewish religion
09:17 leaders they stand every day killing
09:20 animals and giving gifts on the altar
09:23 they give the same gifts over and over
09:27 and over again these gifts cannot take
09:31 away sin but Christ gave himself once
09:35 for sin and that is good for ever after
09:40 that he sat down at the right hand of
09:43 God as you boldly stand in the life
09:47 given to you through the blood of Jesus
09:50 Christ holy as he is holy there is
09:55 absolutely nothing that can separate you
09:59 from his expanse of love his love that
10:04 he desires you to experience in your
10:07 heart in your mind and in your life so
10:10 God beckons you in Hebrews 4:16 come
10:14 boldly to the throne of His grace that
10:17 you would obtain the mercy and find
10:21 grace to help in your time of need
10:24 at the throne of His grace you'll be
10:29 able to see the superior reality of who
10:32 God is the one whom you have given your
10:37 yes to to love and serve both here on
10:41 this earth and for all eternity also
10:44 you'll be able to see who you truly are
10:47 and as one who has been redeemed by the
10:51 blood of Jesus Christ and from this
10:55 reality and only from this reality
11:00 you will be able to fulfill God's call
11:03 in Psalm 1 you can never fulfill
11:08 someone's instruction through your own
11:11 self-righteousness through your own
11:13 merits of obeying the law perfectly this
11:17 would not allow you to stand in the
11:20 final judgment as Psalm 1:5 says
11:24 therefore the ungodly shall not stand in
11:28 the judgment nor sinners in the
11:30 congregation of the righteous it is only
11:33 Jesus Christ through the way of Jesus
11:37 righteousness like Psalm 1 verse 6 says
11:41 that you will not perish like the
11:44 ungodly but rather experience eternal
11:47 life prosperity in your spirit your soul
11:52 and your body Psalm 1 verse 6 for the
11:57 Lord knows the way of the righteous but
11:59 the way of the ungodly Shall Perish so
12:05 when the ways of the world cry out for
12:08 your affection to talk like they talk to
12:13 walk like they walk and to mock like
12:16 they mock like the ungodly do in verse 1
12:19 of Psalm 1 you will have already tasted
12:24 and seen the blessed man whom God
12:27 introduced you to in the very first
12:29 phrase of this first song in this book
12:34 of praises the Psalms you'll hear God's
12:37 words of wisdom beckoning you not to go
12:41 the way of the world but to go the way
12:44 of the word you will hear Jesus's word
12:47 from the Sermon on the Mount speaking
12:49 directly into your heart Matthew 7:13
12:53 through 14 enter by the narrow gate for
12:57 wide is the gate and broad is the way
13:01 that leads to destruction and there are
13:04 many who go in by it because narrow is
13:08 the gate and difficult is the way which
13:12 leads
13:13 to live and there are few who find it
13:17 you have received an invitation in Psalm
13:21 1 from the King of Kings and invitation
13:24 far better than anything that the world
13:28 offers to you you have been given an
13:31 invitation to journey through life and
13:35 all eternity with the Blessed man with
13:39 Jesus Christ with the word of God made
13:42 flesh the one who calls you his beloved
13:45 Psalm 1 it presents two choices two
13:50 roads you can travel on the roads the
13:57 way of the righteous is the way of the
14:00 righteous one the way of the unrighteous
14:05 is the way of the unrighteous one Satan
14:10 himself with which it's often reflected
14:14 in the way of the world if you want to
14:18 enter into fellowship with father God
14:21 into his kingdom of love there is only
14:26 one way you can't travel on two roads
14:31 that are going in opposite directions
14:34 and expect to get to your destination
14:37 can you your destiny in life is Jesus
14:42 Christ
14:43 remember choices determine destiny you
14:47 have two choices in life
14:51 the choice of Jesus the way of the word
14:56 or the choice of Satan the way of the
15:00 world choose Jesus for his words are
15:05 words of eternal life John 668 Jesus
15:12 declares that he is preparing a place
15:15 for you in heaven will you choose the
15:20 way of life that leads to this
15:24 destination Jesus said
15:27 John 14:6 I am the way the truth and the
15:33 life no one comes to the Father except
15:38 through me no matter what the cost are
15:42 are you are you willing to follow Jesus
15:48 who is the way and the truth in the life
15:52 his way leads to the greatest love you
15:56 could ever experience his love will
15:59 always give you a distaste for the
16:02 things of the world the lesser things of
16:05 life the counsel of the ungodly the path
16:09 of the sinners and the seat of the
16:11 scornful will you come and follow him
16:15 jesus knows his way is not easy it's not
16:20 the easy road in life for he is the one
16:23 that said the gate is narrow and
16:26 difficult is the way which leads to life
16:30 but oh oh the happiness the delight in
16:35 following God's Way his instructions
16:40 his words it's time for you to see it
16:45 experience God's in miserable
16:50 unfathomable love for you so come and
16:54 spread out your roots by the rivers of
16:57 His grace become firmly rooted
17:00 strengthened and empowered by his love
17:04 jesus loves you so profoundly He loves
17:09 you so deeply
17:12 that willingly in agreement with a
17:15 Redemption plan of his father that was
17:19 made from the beginning of time Jesus
17:22 changed the Passover meal script knowing
17:26 full well what that meant for his life
17:31 Jesus he didn't have to say yes to this
17:36 but he chose to go the way of his father
17:39 for it's always willing to say what his
17:42 father said and to do what his father
17:46 told him to do Philippians 2:8 he
17:51 humbled himself and became obedient to
17:55 the point of death even death on the
17:59 cross
18:00 therefore he said first Corinthians
18:04 11:25 this cup is a new covenant in my
18:10 blood this do as often as you drink it
18:14 in remembrance of me the Passover script
18:19 was forever changed Jesus suffered died
18:23 and rose again so that you could be
18:26 given the new and better script for your
18:29 life the best grip anyone could ever
18:31 write for your life it is a script Jesus
18:35 obtained for you through his own sinless
18:41 life are you willing to come for this
18:45 great exchange provided through the
18:48 cross your sin for his righteousness are
18:54 you willing to live from this new script
18:58 Jesus Christ has written for you
19:01 where he has made you a new creation and
19:05 told you all things become new for you
19:11 in him is only through the great
19:15 exchange of the Cross you're thin for
19:18 Jesus's righteousness that you will
19:21 become like him like the tree mentioned
19:24 in Psalm 1 verse 3 you have been invited
19:29 back into the Garden of Eden into God's
19:32 kingdom his kingdom of love to live for
19:35 ever and ever and ever with him hear
19:39 God's voice as he calls you to walk and
19:43 talk with him once again in the Garden
19:46 of Eden his kingdom hear him call
19:50 today to meditate on his word
19:56 day and night remember Jesus is the word
20:01 of God that is his name so go past the
20:06 words in the Bible and start talking and
20:10 walking with the man Jesus Christ as a
20:15 believer in Jesus Christ you have Jesus
20:19 the Word of God the treasure dwelling in
20:22 you the earthen vessel so that you and
20:26 everyone else may be able to see and
20:28 behold the excellency of the power of
20:32 Jesus's blood the power of God
20:36 second Corinthians 4:7 but we have this
20:40 treasure in earthen vessels that the
20:44 excellence of the power of God may be in
20:50 us and not of us if you choose however
20:58 to continually not value the Word of God
21:06 by meditating and abiding in it you may
21:11 not experience this great treasure that
21:15 dwells within you you may not experience
21:19 the Blessed man that song one phrase one
21:24 is talking about and you might not
21:27 experience all the spiritual blessings
21:30 that are for you that are existing in
21:32 the heavenly places in Christ Jesus
21:36 when good news comes you shall not
21:40 experience it for you have chosen to go
21:42 after the lesser things the ungodly
21:45 things not knowing your true identity
21:47 and Jesus Christ and living according to
21:51 your true identity
21:53 in him what happens to you you become
21:58 like a shrub in the desert Jeremiah 17 6
22:04 or you become like the shaft which the
22:06 wind drives away psalm 1 verse 4 i'm not
22:12 speaking now about you losing your
22:15 eternal salvation i am speaking about
22:20 not you not experiencing the fullness of
22:24 your salvation is that possible
22:27 yeah it's possible i am speaking about
22:32 you not becoming like that tree in psalm
22:35 one that flourishes by the river of life
22:39 bearing good fruit like it is written in
22:44 psalm 1 verse 3 what would have happened
22:49 to these two men on the road to emmaus
22:52 if they had not invited Jesus to come
22:57 and abide with them for a while would
23:01 Jesus have opened their eyes so that
23:04 they could see and understand and
23:06 experience him I don't think so I
23:09 believe they would have missed out on
23:11 everything that Jesus had in his heart
23:14 for them if they did not say these words
23:17 come and abide with me this is what I'm
23:21 talking about when I say you may not
23:24 experience the good when it comes you
23:28 may not experience the fullness of your
23:32 salvation if you are going to go after
23:35 the lesser things so put on the
23:41 rose-colored glasses as you look into
23:43 the mirror each morning so that you can
23:47 walk in your true identity and Jesus
23:51 Christ in His righteousness join the
23:57 Apostle Paul as he said in Galatians
24:00 2:20 verse 21 I have been crucified with
24:06 Christ it's no longer I who live but
24:10 it's Christ who lives within me and the
24:14 life that I now live in the flesh I live
24:18 by faith in the Son of God who loves me
24:23 and gave himself up for me therefore I
24:29 am NOT going to take the righteousness
24:32 that Jesus Christ has given to me in
24:36 vain Paul said that what do you say for
24:42 yourself will you identify that you have
24:46 been crucified died and buried and rose
24:48 again with Jesus Christ and as he is so
24:52 are you in this world put on the
24:56 beautiful lens of God's grace as she
24:59 come before God's throne of grace as you
25:04 pray and as you sing Psalm 1 Hebrews
25:09 4:16 says let us therefore come boldly
25:15 to the throne of grace that you may
25:20 obtain mercy and find grace to help in
25:25 your time of need so you guys have just
25:29 heard a little bit of what has happened
25:33 to my understanding concerning someone
25:37 as I put on the rose-colored glasses and
25:42 told the Lord would you abide with me
25:45 would you walk and talk with me as you
25:50 begin your journey in Psalm 1 allow this
25:55 beautiful lens of God's grace to
25:59 dramatically impact how you think and
26:04 how you feel about God yourself your
26:11 life your circumstances and the world
26:14 around you I believe that by wearing the
26:18 rose-colored glasses you will gain a
26:21 fresh perspective that you will begin to
26:24 experience the love of God and the love
26:28 of His Son Jesus Christ
26:30 like never
26:31 ever before Ephesians 3 17 through 19
26:36 says that Christ may dwell in your
26:40 hearts through faith that you being
26:43 rooted and grounded in love may be able
26:48 to comprehend to understand with all the
26:52 saints what is the width the length the
26:57 depth and the height of his love to know
27:02 the love of Christ which passes all your
27:07 knowledge and it's for a purpose so that
27:12 you would be filled up with all the
27:15 fullness of God so why don't you join me
27:20 right now stand up and we're gonna be
27:23 cite Psalm 1 aloud I want you to keep in
27:27 mind as we recite Psalm one of out loud
27:30 all that you have just heard put on
27:34 these rose-colored glasses this
27:38 beautiful lens of God's grace and
27:41 consider hear his voice go beyond the
27:45 words that you are speaking and see
27:48 Jesus here Jesus feel G's experience
27:53 Jesus and unite your heart and life with
27:57 Jesus so let us all declare this out
27:59 loud together and we're gonna go take it
28:01 slow okay so that the words can kind of
28:04 go deeply in you blessed is the man who
28:09 walks not in the counsel of the ungodly
28:12 nor stands in the path of sinners nor
28:18 sits in the seat paths scornful but his
28:22 delight is in the law of the Lord and in
28:27 his law he meditates day and night he
28:32 shall be like a tree planted by the
28:35 rivers of water that brings forth its
28:39 fruit in its season whose leaf also
28:42 shall not wither
28:45 and whatever he does he shall prosper
28:48 the ungodly are not so but are like the
28:53 shaft which the wind drives away
28:57 therefore the ungodly shall not stand in
29:01 the judgment nor sinners in the
29:04 congregation of the righteous for the
29:08 Lord knows the way of the righteous but
29:11 the way of the ungodly Shall Perish
29:15 pretty powerful be seated the next
29:21 section of this talk is the influence of
29:24 the Old Covenant law on Psalm 1 because
29:29 you may never have worn these
29:33 rose-colored glasses as you have read
29:36 Psalm 1 it may be hard to understand or
29:41 internalize all that Jesus is offering
29:44 to you in this Psalm that's ok that's
29:49 why you're here in this class choices
29:52 determine death day you're here because
29:56 you are hungry and thirsting after his
29:59 righteousness and Jesus says in Matthew
30:03 5:6 blessed are those who hunger and
30:08 thirst for righteousness for they shall
30:12 be filled this is God's Word this is his
30:18 promise you shall be filled because
30:23 someone was written during the time of
30:26 the Old Covenant you may have heard and
30:28 understood Psalm 1 partially through the
30:32 lens of the Old Covenant and even as you
30:37 read it just now despite all that you've
30:40 just heard what I've just said to you
30:42 tonight the influence of the law is so
30:46 strong this black lens that it'll try to
30:50 overshadow the fullness of God's grace
30:54 being offered to you in soul why
31:00 therefore without realizing it you may
31:04 have questioned deep deep down in your
31:06 heart you might not say it but your
31:09 question if you are very very honest
31:12 with yourself that maybe just maybe
31:14 you're not qualified to be blessed
31:18 especially tonight especially after
31:21 something you've done perhaps just
31:26 perhaps you can see the possibility or
31:29 the actuality of you walking in the
31:32 counsel of the ungodly in some area of
31:36 your life perhaps you can see the
31:40 possibility or the actuality of standing
31:44 in the path of the sinners in some area
31:48 of your life where you have tried to
31:50 gain victory despite your war against
31:54 the sin perhaps you can see the
31:58 possibility or the actuality of you
32:01 mocking to some degree those you
32:05 perceive to be more holy than yourself
32:07 maybe they pray more read their Bible
32:10 more fellowship a little bit more with
32:12 one another practice different
32:14 disciplines that you aren't practicing
32:16 and you so you mock them or you might
32:21 mock those who you perceive are not as
32:24 holy as you are the redactor the one who
32:28 compiled all the Psalms seems to have
32:32 made a conscious effort for the filter
32:35 that's the Book of Psalms this
32:38 collection of Psalms to be understood in
32:41 a similar fashion to the law books the
32:44 five books of Moses Genesis Exodus
32:47 Leviticus numbers and Deuteronomy the
32:52 collection of Psalms is divided into
32:54 five books just like the Pentateuch the
32:57 five law books of Moses each book ends
33:03 with a special doxology telling you that
33:07 this is the end of the book so I have
33:10 listed the five books there you have
33:12 Psalm
33:12 through 41 psalm 42 through 73 that's
33:16 booktube but three Psalm 74 through 89
33:20 book four Psalm 90 through 106 book five
33:24 Psalm 107 to 155 books in the Psalter
33:29 therefore when Psalm 1 2 speaks about
33:32 delighting in the law of the Lord and
33:36 meditating on his law day and night the
33:41 redactor more than likely was referring
33:43 not only to the five books of Moses
33:46 known as the law books but also to the
33:49 five books comprising the collection of
33:52 Psalms the Hebrew word for law is Torah
33:58 the reference to the law of the Lord or
34:01 the Torah of Yahweh refers to the Mosaic
34:04 law as recorded in the Pentateuch but at
34:08 a later time the tour of Yahweh came to
34:12 refer to the entire Old Testament
34:15 although the general meaning of the law
34:18 the tour is now seen as God's
34:20 instruction not just legal ordinances
34:23 the overall tone of psalm 1 is very
34:26 similar to that of the books of the law
34:28 the Pentateuch Psalm 1 under the Old
34:33 Covenant focuses on the blessedness of
34:35 the one who is obedient to God's law
34:40 contrasting it to the state of the
34:41 person who is not obedient and suffers
34:45 subsequent destructive consequences this
34:50 focus reminds the reader of Deuteronomy
34:53 27 through 28 where there is an
34:56 extensive list of blessings and curses
34:59 which are completely contingent upon
35:02 man's ability to obey the Old Covenant
35:06 laws one of the words that kept popping
35:10 out to me as I was reading through this
35:13 list of blessings and curses in
35:15 Deuteronomy 27 and 28 was this word all
35:18 a l:l in reference to how many commands
35:24 God required a
35:26 person to fulfill dorami 27:1 keep all
35:32 the commandments which I command you
35:36 today what do you think all means some
35:40 or all dear on me 28 1 through 2 if you
35:46 diligently obey the voice of the Lord
35:49 your God to observe carefully all his
35:53 commandments which I command you today
35:55 dot dot dot and all these blessings
36:00 shall come upon you and overtake you if
36:03 you do all Dharana me 28 15 but it shall
36:10 come to pass if you do not obey the
36:13 voice of the Lord your God to observe
36:15 carefully all his Commandments and his
36:19 statutes which I command you today that
36:23 all these curses will come upon you and
36:26 overtake you ah what does a new covenant
36:32 now state about the law Paul points out
36:36 in Galatians 3:10 that those who depend
36:40 on the law to make them self righteous
36:43 before God must keep all every word of
36:48 the law perfectly so they D do not come
36:52 under the curse of the law Galatians
36:56 3:10 in the New Living Translation but
37:00 those who depend on the law to make them
37:02 right with God are under his curse for
37:06 the scripture says cursed is everyone
37:10 who does not observe and obey all the
37:14 commands that are written in God's book
37:17 of the law so why such a harsh harsh
37:23 judgment for not keeping all if you just
37:26 do one tiny sin why so harsh
37:34 because the law reflected God's standard
37:39 of holiness which means you had to obey
37:43 it perfectly
37:44 that's his standard if you fail to obey
37:50 only one aspect of the law you are found
37:55 guilty of all because God's standard of
38:00 holiness was not met James 2:10 for
38:05 whoever shall keep the whole law and yet
38:08 stumbles in one point he is guilty of
38:12 all you don't wanna wear these glasses
38:17 you've gotta put on these glasses the
38:21 beautiful glasses of God's grace that
38:24 covers all your sin even when you make
38:29 mistakes and don't match up to the law
38:33 perfectly for those who are in Christ
38:36 that is therefore the New Covenant
38:39 points out that no one can ever achieve
38:44 the blessing of the law through his own
38:47 self righteous acts or by their own
38:50 effort no matter how hard they tried
38:54 because they cannot keep all of the law
38:57 it was totally impossible to do it so
39:01 why are you trying Romans 3:23 all have
39:07 sinned and fall short of the glory of
39:09 God what was the purpose of the law the
39:13 law is purpose was to act like a harsh
39:16 disciplinarian through the usage of
39:19 strict rules and regulations to make
39:22 people behave properly so they could
39:25 measure up to God's standard of holiness
39:27 the law was help was to help man realize
39:31 they could never meet God's standard of
39:33 holiness because they could never obey
39:36 it perfectly but in the fullness of time
39:41 the law pointed mankind to Jesus Christ
39:46 the only one
39:48 who could live a sinless life and only
39:52 by our faith in Jesus Christ can you can
39:57 we ever be justified just as if you had
40:03 never sinned just as if you met all the
40:09 requirements of the law perfectly
40:12 Glacius 324 therefore the law was our
40:17 tutor to bring us to Christ that we
40:20 might be justified by faith but after
40:24 faith has come we are no longer under a
40:29 tutor hallelujah you're no longer under
40:34 the Old Covenant law as a new covenant
40:37 believer it is sin for you to relate to
40:40 God on the basis of how well you have
40:44 obeyed or disobeyed the Old Covenant law
40:47 remember he said it was obsolete the law
40:51 itself is not sin however if you come to
40:55 God and the basis of the law rather than
40:57 on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus
40:59 Christ for your justification and your
41:02 sanctification you have sinned against
41:06 God Galatians 3:12
41:09 the law is not of faith Romans 14:23
41:14 whatever is not of faith is sin under
41:20 the law people get what they deserve
41:22 according to their obedience or
41:24 disobedience according to their
41:25 performance they're doing under the New
41:28 Covenant believers in Jesus Christ get
41:30 what Jesus deserve through his sinless
41:34 life is on the basis of you believing in
41:37 Jesus Christ and Jesus is righteousness
41:41 Jesus getting everything right not you
41:44 that you are made righteous any
41:47 departure of yours from the
41:50 righteousness of Jesus Christ back to
41:52 the law is virtually saying that Christ
41:56 died in vain Galatians 2:20 1 Oh
42:02 do not set aside the grace of God for if
42:04 righteousness comes through the law then
42:08 Christ died vain you're basically saying
42:11 it was useless for Christ to die Psalm 1
42:15 as viewed through the lens of the law
42:17 the main point expressed by Psalm 1
42:21 which represented the entire soldier in
42:24 the belief of the Jews at the time of
42:26 its writing is that the blessedness or
42:29 happiness of the righteous man is
42:32 contingent upon a man's first person's
42:36 obedience to the law the Torah God's
42:39 instructions the two main qualification
42:42 for the bless of state for the righteous
42:44 man are seen in Psalm 1 verses 1 & 2 the
42:48 first qualification is lifts list of
42:51 three things you are told not to do
42:54 you're told not to walk in the counsel
42:56 of the ungodly you're told not to stand
43:00 in the path of sinners and you're told
43:02 not to sit in the seat of scoffers the
43:04 second qualification is a list of two
43:07 things you're told to do you're too old
43:09 to delight in the law of the Lord and to
43:11 meditate on is law day and night if you
43:14 meet all of these qualification 100%
43:18 perfectly without a flaw then you could
43:23 be like the tree and prosper in whatever
43:25 you do if you don't meet according to
43:28 the Old Covenant law these three
43:31 qualifications and these other two
43:33 qualifications perfectly then you come
43:36 under its curse you'll be like the shaft
43:39 driven by the wind and you will perish
43:43 the righteous man is directly contrasted
43:48 to the unrighteous man the unrighteous
43:51 man's character is seen by the fact that
43:54 he does walk in the counsel of the
43:56 ungodly and stands in the path of
43:58 sinners and sits in the seat of the
43:59 scoffer the unrighteous man's destiny is
44:03 described in verses 4 through 6 the
44:08 ungodly are not so they're not like that
44:11 tree they're not producing good fruit
44:15 they're not prospering in all their ways
44:19 then righteous man's destiny is like the
44:23 shaft which to the wind drives away then
44:26 godly man's destiny is that he shall not
44:29 stand in the judgment or in the
44:31 congregation of the righteous then the
44:35 ungodly the unrighteous man's destiny is
44:38 that he shall perish if you meditate on
44:42 someone through the lens of the law of
44:45 the Old Testament a veil will be over
44:49 your eyes you will not be able to see
44:53 the saving grace available in Jesus
44:58 Christ 2nd Corinthians 3:14 states this
45:03 but their minds were blinded for until
45:07 this day the same veil remains unlifted
45:10 in the reading of the Old Testament
45:12 because the veil is taken away in Christ
45:17 but even to this day when Moses is read
45:21 a veil lies on their heart nevertheless
45:26 when one turns to the Lord the veil is
45:31 taken away the veil is taken away only
45:34 in Christ only in Christ through this
45:39 beautiful lands of God's grace are you
45:42 able to see that you're no longer under
45:46 the curses of the law listed in
45:49 Deuteronomy 27 through 28 that you're no
45:54 longer having to have that perfect right
45:58 behavior getting everything 100% correct
46:01 missing not one jot or tittle Christ has
46:08 redeemed you from the curse of the law
46:10 according to Galatians 3:13 Christ has
46:13 redeemed us from the curse of the law
46:15 having become a curse for us for it is
46:18 written cursed is everyone who hangs
46:21 upon a tree that the blessing of Abraham
46:24 would come upon the Gentiles through
46:27 Christ Jesus
46:29 that we might receive the promise of the
46:32 Spirit through faith
46:34 so believers in Christ under the new
46:37 covenant of God's grace it's time to
46:41 stop viewing God yourself and the world
46:45 around you
46:46 through the lens of the Old Covenant
46:49 represented by these black glasses it's
46:55 time to throw away the old movie script
46:58 in your life that's condemning you
47:00 telling you that you're not good enough
47:02 that you're not qualified enough to
47:06 receive God's blessings it's time you
47:10 say no to the lie that says that you
47:13 cannot come to God's throne of grace in
47:15 your time of need to receive His mercy
47:18 and his help father I thank you and I
47:26 praise you and I bless you I pray that
47:28 the word father the seed that has gone
47:31 forth tonight would penetrate the very
47:35 depths of our heart father and then you
47:38 would start washing away father the
47:42 darkness that comes through the
47:44 understanding of the Old Covenant father
47:47 and that this week and the oncoming
47:50 weeks as we study someone that you Lord
47:56 through your grace and your mercy in
47:58 your help would open up the eyes of her
48:00 understanding so we can see the glory
48:04 the beauty of your son
48:07 Jesus Christ what he has truly done for
48:10 us through his saving grace taken away
48:17 every sin washing it away so that we
48:23 Lord God come and fellowship with you
48:28 and enter into the happiness that's
48:32 existing there between you and your son
48:35 Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit so we
48:39 can experience the happiness
48:42 kingdom the blessings of your kingdom
48:44 and though this river of grace would
48:47 flow through our hearts and flow to
48:50 those in need all around us in Jesus
48:54 name Amen and amen


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