The Choice Between Two Ways

Are you viewing your daily choices through the lens of Psalm 1? Psalm 1 declares that every decision is either “godly” or “ungodly.” Ungodly, basically means God, His Word, is left out of the picture. While godly, means that a careful meditative reflection of God’s Word is believed and practiced. Your daily choices often reflect the main choice you have made for or against Jesus Christ. On the cross, where Jesus died for our sins, stood two other crosses on either side of Him, both men being punished for a crime. One thief chose to mock Jesus, while the other chose to believe Jesus. Their choices determined their eternal destiny – one perished while the other is living with Jesus in paradise. This last session of this series will strengthen your resolve to receive Jesus Christ into your heart and to follow God’s way.


Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and i'm the
00:03 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:05 I want to welcome everyone to our eighth
00:07 and final session on our series of Psalm
00:10 1 in titled choices determine destiny
00:14 tonight's lesson is entitled your choice
00:18 between between two ways in life each
00:24 one of us is confronted with two
00:26 fundamental choices these choices are
00:31 clearly seen in someone in the garden
00:35 when we see the two trees and in a
00:39 garden on Calvary when we see Jesus
00:44 hanging between two men and these two
00:48 men had these two fundamental choices
00:51 represented to them after that we're
00:55 going to take a look at the two
00:57 fundamental choices in the very first
01:01 verse of Psalm 1 and at the very end
01:07 we'll have a personalized declaration
01:11 that will be making of Psalm 1 followed
01:14 by westeros bees song that he has went
01:19 ahead and written on someone so welcome
01:22 let us pray
01:25 father we thank you for what you have
01:27 taught us in the psalm 1 series help us
01:31 in applying what we have learned to the
01:33 choices we make every day in our life
01:36 strengthen us to choose your way and not
01:40 our own way tonight we ask you that you
01:44 fill us with the knowledge of your will
01:46 in all wisdom and spiritual
01:49 understanding
01:50 help us to labor in our prayers
01:53 fervently for ourselves and others so
01:56 that we may stand perfect and complete
01:59 and all of your will God amen
02:04 choices choices choices every day we are
02:08 confronted with choices and every choice
02:12 we make
02:13 affects our destiny in life in someone
02:17 god clearly presents us with two
02:20 fundamental choices the choice of going
02:23 God's way or the choice of going the way
02:27 of the ungodly which is our way or the
02:30 way of Satan these two choices have two
02:34 entirely different destinations one way
02:38 leads to eternal life and the other way
02:40 leads to eternal death soul one is
02:44 discussed in previous sessions draws our
02:46 attentions to the very beginning of time
02:49 where Adam and Eve were presented with
02:52 these with these basic two fundamental
02:55 choices that we see in Psalm 1 a choice
03:00 between two trees that represented two
03:03 very different spiritual realities the
03:07 name of one tree was called The Tree of
03:08 Life just as its name stated it
03:12 represented life and it had the ability
03:15 to impart life not just any old life but
03:19 the life of God himself and His Son
03:23 Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is always the
03:26 physical man manifestation of God and
03:29 that is why we see actually the Tree of
03:32 Life representing Jesus Christ in the
03:36 garden the Tree of Life
03:38 Jesus Christ was and still is God's
03:42 number one choice for you and I for
03:44 mankind the name of the other tree was
03:47 called the tree of the knowledge of good
03:49 and evil just as its name is stated it
03:53 opened the door for not only good but
03:56 for evil to come into the world
03:59 something God never intended or planned
04:02 for mankind or for the world the tree
04:06 was man's choice for himself Adam and
04:09 Eve ignored God's command and chose what
04:13 they decided they chose what was good
04:15 but they thought was good for themselves
04:19 but they were in for quite a surprise
04:21 because they encountered lots of evil
04:26 when they chose to go their own way they
04:29 came into the knowledge of the law of
04:33 God which judged them and mankind for
04:37 God's standard from God's standard of
04:39 holiness apart from God's grace apart
04:45 from Jesus Christ unfortunately Adam and
04:48 Eve came under the influence of Satan
04:52 under the influence of ungodly counsel
04:57 when they made their choice to eat from
04:59 the forbidden tree they disobeyed God's
05:04 love commandment that was there for
05:07 their protection so that they would not
05:09 encounter evil would not encounter death
05:11 and we all know that the judgment for
05:14 their sin in any sin is death Romans
05:18 6:23 says for the wages of sin is death
05:22 but the gift of God is eternal life in
05:26 Jesus Christ doesn't Romans 6:23 really
05:29 describe these two trees the wages of
05:33 sin is death the tree of the knowledge
05:35 of good and evil what had happened if
05:37 you ate it death and it says here in
05:41 Romans 6:23
05:43 the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus
05:46 Christ our Lord
05:47 so the tree of life was the gift of God
05:50 there it was standing in the Garden of
05:53 Eden but man Adam and Eve chose the tree
05:58 of the knowledge of good and evil this
06:02 vase here represents what Adam and Eve
06:06 spirit man looked like before they
06:10 sinned their life was filled with the
06:14 very life of God himself but the moment
06:18 that they chose to disobey God's
06:20 commandment the light within them went
06:24 out and what happened was they
06:27 encountered darkness in their spirit man
06:31 they encountered death so when we are
06:35 born into this world our spirit man
06:39 doesn't look like it could have if Adam
06:42 and Eve had not sinned but rather our
06:45 spirit man looks like this this
06:49 represents our spirits devoid of the
06:54 life of God when Adam and Eve made that
06:59 choice their union with God was
07:01 completely severed so we have death Amy
07:06 and flooded their lives and it flooded
07:10 all of their descendants lives which
07:14 goes way down to you and I and it came
07:18 in to the world all the evil that you
07:24 see in the world stem from this one
07:29 choice that Adam and Eve made from
07:33 eating the tree of knowledge of good and
07:35 evil the carnage of evil is everywhere
07:42 today there are broken lives and broken
07:46 marriages shootings killings happening
07:49 worldwide we see him in schools now
07:54 churches marketplaces everywhere it's
07:59 happening Wars rumors of wars natural
08:03 disasters floods fires earthquakes and
08:08 just recently we had the cyclone in
08:10 Mozambique killing many people all forms
08:14 of sicknesses and diseases are
08:16 increasing causing people to be crippled
08:20 and not enter in to the very life that
08:23 God has designed for them all of God's
08:27 creation has been affected by this evil
08:30 that entered in through the first Adam
08:33 who chose to go his own way as people
08:37 continue to choose for themselves what
08:40 they believe is good or evil rather than
08:45 following God's standard his word evil
08:48 will continue to escalate until Christ's
08:52 return
08:53 but you and I we have a choice of
08:57 whether or not we will perpetuate evil
09:00 and death through our own lives by
09:02 accepting or rejecting Jesus Christ and
09:06 his instructions His commandments of
09:10 love to us Roman numeral 2 God's choice
09:15 Jesus Christ the way the truth and the
09:19 life in someone god exhort you not to
09:22 follow in the steps of the first Adam
09:25 but to follow in the steps foots
09:27 footsteps of the Blessed man Jesus
09:30 Christ that's all declare Psalm 1 verse
09:34 1 out loud together blessed is the man
09:38 who walks not in the counsel of the
09:41 ungodly nor stands in the path of
09:44 sinners nor sits in the seat of the
09:47 scornful going God's Way begins by
09:51 receiving Jesus Christ into our heart
09:54 who is the way the truth and the life
09:57 but it's imperative that in every
10:01 decision we make every day that we
10:05 continue to choose Jesus Christ as the
10:08 way the truth and the life rather than
10:12 choosing for yourself what you think is
10:15 good or evil and the only way you know
10:19 God's Way as we've learned in this
10:22 lesson and have the courage and strength
10:24 to follow it is by meditating on God's
10:27 Word day and night and praying it in the
10:32 beginning God presented mankind with the
10:34 gift of Jesus Christ the Tree of Life
10:37 which stood in the midst of the Garden
10:39 of Eden in the beginning of the book of
10:43 Psalms God's miniature Bible God
10:47 prophetically presents you and I with a
10:49 gift of His Son Jesus Christ the Tree of
10:53 Life just like you know I've discussed
10:56 with you these last seven weeks in our
10:59 study of Psalm 1 Jesus Christ is the
11:02 only way to God for mankind to enter
11:06 back
11:06 into the Garden of Eden where the
11:09 cherubim remember that from last week
11:11 where he stood with his flaming sword
11:13 guarding the way of the Tree of Life
11:17 Jesus
11:18 he took the flaming sword on the tree of
11:23 Calvary do you guys remember him getting
11:25 pierced he took it in his side on our
11:32 behalf on the behalf of our sin mankind
11:36 sin and he did this to make a way for
11:42 you and I to enter back in to the garden
11:45 the place the heavenly Garden the place
11:49 where he resides into his presence the
11:53 presence of our Heavenly Father the only
11:56 solution to mankind's greatest problem
11:59 sin and its punishment of death is Jesus
12:03 Christ
12:04 in the garden as Adam and Eve ate from
12:07 the forbidden tree sin and death entered
12:09 into the world Jesus Christ the last
12:13 Adam paid mankind sin debt in a garden
12:18 on a tree the tree of Calvary John 19:41
12:25 says this now in the place where he was
12:28 crucified there was a garden I had never
12:32 seen that before
12:33 so we are here we have the first Adam
12:36 falling into sin in a garden concerning
12:40 a tree and Jesus Christ the last Adam in
12:45 a garden providing redemption for me and
12:50 kind sin on a tree at Christmas time we
12:56 celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with
12:59 what a tree an evergreen tree
13:02 representing the everlasting life that's
13:05 in Jesus Christ one of my girlfriends
13:08 what she does with her Christmas tree is
13:10 they decorated in all for Christmas
13:14 representing the everlasting life of
13:17 Jesus Christ and after Christmas is done
13:19 she starts to
13:20 for Easter when Jesus we celebrate Jesus
13:24 going to the cross and dying on the tree
13:27 of Calvary so she takes her Christmas
13:30 tree and cuts off all the branches and
13:32 she does this every year and she has
13:35 this trunk and she lets it dry out and
13:40 then she forms it into a cross at Easter
13:45 for me this is a beautiful picture of
13:48 the Tree of Life Jesus Christ giving his
13:53 life dying on the tree of Calvary so
13:57 that you and I could have eternal life
14:01 Roman numeral three three trees on
14:04 Calvary's Hill in a garden once again on
14:09 Calvary's Hill stood three tree crosses
14:13 in the midst of these three tree crosses
14:17 stood the tree of life stood Jesus
14:21 Christ on either side of Jesus hung two
14:24 thieves being punished for their crime
14:28 one on the right hand and the other on
14:32 the left hand these two men represent
14:35 the fundamental choice of mankind just
14:39 like we see in Psalm one the choice of
14:42 going your own way which leads to death
14:46 or the choice of going God's Way Jesus
14:50 Christ which leads to eternal life
14:53 both of these criminals hanging on
14:56 either side of Jesus heard the crowd
15:00 they heard the same crowd the people the
15:03 rulers the soldiers mocking Jesus saying
15:08 if you are the King of the Jews save
15:12 yourself who one of the criminals
15:15 hanging on the tree thought that sounds
15:19 right he believed what everyone was
15:23 saying about Jesus Christ and he adds in
15:27 if you are the Christ save yourself and
15:29 us
15:32 his choice regarding who Jesus Christ
15:37 was led him to everlasting death just
15:42 like Adam and Eve's choice led them to
15:45 death Psalm 1 6 says this the way of the
15:52 ungodly if you choose the way without
15:55 God without Jesus Christ you shall
15:59 perish the other criminal hanging on the
16:03 tree on the other side of Jesus Christ
16:06 realized his sin he came in and greement
16:10 with the truth about who Jesus Christ
16:13 was his choice led him to everlasting
16:16 life Luke 23:43 41 record what this
16:23 criminal says he rebuked the other guy
16:28 that was hanging on the tree that had
16:30 just joined the mockery of the crowd and
16:33 he says do you not even fear God then he
16:40 said to Jesus Lord remember me when you
16:44 come into your kingdom
16:46 what was Jesus response to this man Luke
16:52 23:43 records Jesus's response assuredly
16:57 I say to you today you will be with me
17:01 in paradise what's paradise it's the
17:05 heavenly garden his choice allowed him
17:14 to enter in to eternal life he was
17:19 hanging on a tree of death the first
17:21 death physical death but because of his
17:24 choice he entered in to eternal life
17:30 what is your choice regarding Jesus
17:33 Christ will you choose life eternal life
17:37 or will you choose death eternal death
17:43 God's will for your life
17:45 is that you
17:46 leave in Jesus Christ his name and be
17:50 adopted back into his family Ephesians 1
17:53 5 through 6 says this having
17:56 predestinated to adoption as sons by
17:59 Jesus Christ to himself according to the
18:02 good pleasure of his will don't you love
18:06 that it's God's good pleasure it's his
18:09 will and he takes pleasure in inviting
18:13 you back into his family through His Son
18:16 Jesus Christ to the praise the glory of
18:20 His grace by which he made us accepted
18:23 in the beloved Roman numeral for in
18:28 Christ right before we began this series
18:32 in January I was walking out of the
18:35 Nashville Airport to go visit my son and
18:38 I'm meditating on Psalm 1 as I'm
18:42 dragging my luggage and just thinking
18:46 about it inside and all of a sudden this
18:50 little word starts popping out and
18:52 getting highlighted in my mind the word
18:55 in I'm going god I've never saw that
18:59 before and it just changed it couldn't
19:04 gave direction for this whole study and
19:06 I save that to last but this is why I
19:09 called it choices determine destiny I'm
19:14 gonna go ahead and read verse 1 and
19:16 verse 2 of Psalm 1 emphasizing this word
19:20 in that stood out that day
19:23 blessed is a man who walks not in the
19:26 counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the
19:31 path of sinners nor sits in the seat of
19:37 the scornful verse 2 but his delight is
19:42 in the law of the Lord and in in his law
19:49 he meditates day and night so God gives
19:53 us a choice in Psalm 1 in the very first
19:55 two verses whether we want to take our
19:58 place
19:59 in Jesus Christ by meditating in his
20:03 word day and night or we can take a
20:08 place that's totally separated from
20:11 being in Christ and in his word which is
20:15 basically and no one really wants to
20:17 think about this in our choices it's
20:20 taken our place in Satan ok walks not in
20:24 the counsel of the ungodly is speaking
20:27 about somebody that is ungodly counsel
20:32 is counsel that does not include or
20:36 consider Jesus Christ in his word and
20:39 that's why we get all the evil in this
20:41 world once you take your place in Jesus
20:48 Christ meditating on his word day and
20:50 night you'll be able to live in your two
20:53 identity in Jesus Christ in your
20:57 character description of verse one and
21:01 soul one so if you look at someone verse
21:05 one a little bit differently as you read
21:07 this think about it is this is who I am
21:12 in Jesus Christ blessed this is the man
21:16 who walks not in the counsel of the
21:19 ungodly I don't walk in the counsel of
21:22 the ungodly that's not who I am nor do I
21:25 sit in the path to sinners no do I stand
21:30 in the path of sinners nor do I sit in
21:32 the seat of the scornful
21:34 that's not my identity so I'm not going
21:36 to be there did you know that Jesus
21:40 Christ began his Sermon on the Mount
21:42 with a character description of the
21:45 blessed man the same way Psalm 1 begins
21:51 just different wording the character
21:56 description that Jesus gave in Matthew -
22:00 five verses 3 through 10 is known as the
22:03 Beatitudes each beatitude begins just
22:06 like Psalm 1 begins blessed yes and we
22:12 have 8b out
22:13 to that Jesus describes I would have
22:17 loved to have actually spent more weeks
22:19 on this someone just to go into the
22:21 Beatitudes because they parallel psalm
22:24 one very well and compliment it that we
22:27 just didn't have the time for it this
22:29 time
22:30 maybe if I write a book right Roman
22:36 numeral five walking in the counsel of
22:38 Christ not in the counsel of the ungodly
22:43 let us take a look at verse one psalm 1
22:47 blessed is the man who walks not in the
22:50 counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the
22:53 path of sinners nor sits in the seat of
22:56 the scornful not walking in the counsel
23:01 of the ungodly is echoed by the Apostle
23:04 Paul in Romans 8:5 when he says that
23:07 those who are in Jesus Christ live
23:10 according to the spirit and do not set
23:14 their minds on the things of the flesh
23:17 the things of death why because there's
23:21 a holy union that we have with the mind
23:24 of Christ
23:25 enabling us to think God thoughts to be
23:29 spiritually minded the evidence of godly
23:34 thoughts is life it's peace you need to
23:40 have your mind constantly renewed to
23:43 God's Word through your meditation on it
23:45 day and night allowing it to impart the
23:49 life of Christ
23:50 we're death once reigned as you do this
23:53 you'll be able to to prove what is the
23:56 good and acceptable and perfect will of
23:59 God
24:00 Romans 12:1 through 2 says this and
24:03 don't be conformed to this world but
24:06 what be transformed by the renewing of
24:10 your mind why so that we can prove what
24:14 is the good and acceptable and perfect
24:16 will of God
24:18 what is a good and acceptable and
24:21 perfect will of God
24:23 it's that you be healed one on
24:27 percent is that you would prosper in
24:30 your finances is that your relationships
24:33 would be made whole that there would be
24:36 light and love and every aspect of your
24:39 life that's a good and acceptable and
24:42 perfect will of God
24:43 how do we get there by being transformed
24:46 day by day through our meditation on the
24:50 Word of God not conforming ourselves to
24:53 the way the world thinks just like that
24:56 criminal that was hint hang next to
24:59 Jesus he heard all the mocking that was
25:02 happening Jesus Christ if you were
25:05 really God why didn't you just go ahead
25:07 and you know save yourself and save us
25:11 sometimes when things don't go right
25:13 what do we do
25:15 we say similar things God if you're
25:18 really God why didn't you do this X Y Z
25:23 in my life and just then we've departed
25:26 from the Living God and His Word for us
25:28 what we need to do instead of doing that
25:31 is going back and declaring and decree
25:34 in the Word of God and asking his help
25:37 and his strength so that we hold fast
25:40 the confession of our faith question do
25:45 you know that you have the mind of
25:48 Christ
25:48 1st Corinthians 2:16 but we have the
25:53 mind of Christ did you know that God
25:58 exhort you to think just like he thinks
26:00 Philippians 2:5 let this mind be in you
26:05 which is also in Christ Jesus what does
26:09 it look like to not walk in the counsel
26:13 of the ungodly Colossians 3 and
26:17 Ephesians 4 gives us a good picture of
26:19 that I'll just read a portion of
26:22 Colossians 3 beginning worth with verse
26:24 5 therefore put to death your members
26:28 which are on the earth fornication
26:31 uncleanness passion evil desire in which
26:35 you're you yourselves once walked when
26:38 you lived in them
26:40 put on the new man who is renewed in the
26:44 knowledge according to the image of him
26:47 who created him Ephesians 4:22 through
26:51 24 put off concerning concerning your
26:55 former conduct the old man which grows
26:59 corrupt be renewed in the spirit of your
27:02 mind and put on the new man who's the
27:05 new man Jesus Christ which was created
27:08 according to God and true righteousness
27:09 and holiness walking worthy of the
27:17 calling of who you are
27:20 in Jesus Christ is the way that you walk
27:26 not according to the counsel of the God
27:29 and godly Roman numeral six stands in
27:33 Christ not in the path of sinners as you
27:38 walk according to God's Word you'll find
27:40 yourself standing more and more in the
27:43 path of righteousness and not in the
27:46 path of sinners where you once stood
27:48 they're only two paths in life the paths
27:52 of life and the paths of death the path
27:55 of the righteous which leads to life and
27:58 the paths of the unrighteous the ungodly
28:01 which leads to death and you get to
28:05 choose which pathway you're on Jesus
28:09 Christ is on the pathway of
28:10 righteousness Satan is the one that
28:13 would love to escort you down the path
28:15 the sinner's path too often we don't
28:20 understand the gravity of our decisions
28:22 no one wants to stand with Satan so we
28:28 don't think when we make a choice that's
28:31 against God that we're really standing
28:33 with Satan himself I saw this really
28:38 clearly in the passage years ago and
28:41 it's just always has stood out in my
28:43 mind and it happens the week before
28:46 Jesus is crucified they come to get
28:49 Jesus and they say you know he's it
28:53 they've just
28:53 gotten out of this time Jesus praying in
28:56 the garden of gethsemane and they go are
28:59 you Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus knowing
29:03 that if he stood in his identity he
29:06 would be crucified and he says I am he
29:13 Peter though in that same chapter they
29:19 come to him and says are you one of his
29:23 disciples and he says I am NOT and it
29:31 actually says these words right after
29:34 that it says that Peter was standing
29:38 with them who was he Peter standing with
29:45 he was standing with it under the
29:49 influence of Satan and ungodly counsel
29:52 he was standing in the path of sinners
29:57 where was Jesus standing when he stood
30:01 in his identity he stood in the path of
30:05 righteousness in Psalm 1 verse 6 it says
30:10 the Lord knows the way of the righteous
30:16 he walked it himself in a very difficult
30:20 situation so in first Timothy 6:12 when
30:24 it says fight the good fight of faith
30:26 lay hold of eternal life to which you're
30:29 called and confess the good confession
30:31 in the presence of many witnesses it
30:35 says I urge you in the sight of God who
30:38 gives life to all things and before
30:40 Jesus Christ and what did Jesus Christ
30:43 do he even did this he witnessed the
30:46 good confession before Pontius Pilate
30:51 what is the good confession it's the
30:54 Word of God choosing to agree with the
30:59 word no matter what anything else that
31:03 transpires in front of you no matter
31:05 what anyone else
31:07 adament Eve can you imagine the demonic
31:10 influence that came over them the
31:12 darkness that shadowed them to cause
31:15 them to their mind to be skewed so that
31:19 they couldn't really think clearly it
31:23 says that the god of this age has put a
31:26 veil has blinded the minds and I
31:31 wondered if that's what happened to Adam
31:33 and Eve that some way that their mind
31:35 was blinded so that they're just going
31:37 like yes so you didn't whatever you want
31:40 you want all my goods you want my gold
31:42 my silver you know and sometimes when we
31:44 make decisions we just do it blindsided
31:47 like that and that's why Jesus when we
31:50 see how he felt temptation in the
31:54 wilderness it was through prayer and
31:56 fasting in the Garden of Gethsemane how
31:59 was he able to carry through with this
32:01 main job assignment in life to be
32:03 crucified on the cross he prayed and
32:07 pray and the disciples like Peter ended
32:11 up falling asleep and I'm not saying you
32:14 know that any of us you know would ever
32:16 have to go through what Jesus did but do
32:19 we do all in different degrees and one
32:21 of the keys to being able to triumph and
32:24 walk down and the path of righteousness
32:28 to stand in the path of righteousness is
32:31 prayer and much prayer and continued
32:35 prayer and standing on the Word of God
32:37 and continuing to stand on the Word of
32:40 God Ephesians 6:10 tells us finally my
32:45 brethren be strong in the Lord and the
32:47 strength of his might put on the full
32:49 armor of God that you may be able to
32:52 stand against the wiles of the devil
32:55 it's only by standing in Christ standing
33:01 in our true identity standing in the
33:05 character description of who we are
33:07 believing it and obeying it thinking it
33:12 saying it hearing it walking in it
33:16 standing in it sitting in it
33:21 Roman numeral seven sits in the heavenly
33:24 places not in the seat of scoffers
33:27 that's the last phrase of verse one
33:31 Psalm one nor sits in the seat of the
33:34 scornful why would you want to sit in
33:39 the seat of the scornful when you have
33:42 been given a first-class seat in heaven
33:46 far above every principality power might
33:51 and Dominion that seat was purchased by
33:55 Jesus's precious blood that seat comes
34:01 with many rights and many privileges of
34:04 yours this seat
34:07 far outweighs anything you would ever
34:09 get on one of the best airlines on the
34:12 earth everyone's like I would love to
34:14 fly first-class as a Christian you get a
34:17 fine first-class in heavenly places
34:25 that's not wine we have a heavenly seat
34:30 were seated in Christ Ephesians 1:20
34:36 Jesus is seated at the right hand of the
34:38 Father in the heavenly places
34:40 Ephesians 2 4 through 6 but God because
34:47 of his great love in which he loved us
34:49 he raised us up together and made us sit
34:55 together in the heavenly places in
34:58 Christ Jesus that's something you can go
35:01 home and you can meditate on have it
35:04 your vision of where you are truly
35:07 seated in life do you know why Jesus is
35:11 seated triumphantly as king and priest
35:14 in the heavenly places John 19:30 tells
35:18 us his work is finished and you are
35:22 seated in the finished work of the Cross
35:25 this means that you get a declare the
35:29 end before you actually see it here
35:33 on earth you got to declare the end from
35:35 the beginning Romans 4:17 God gives life
35:40 to the dead and calls those things that
35:43 do not exist as though they did so you
35:46 sit up with Jesus in the heavenly places
35:49 for him it's already reality that you're
35:52 whole and healed your families whole and
35:55 healed so you just get a call out what
35:57 he is declaring and what he's saying and
36:02 you get it pray from that position as
36:05 you're praying in camarillo Healing
36:07 Rooms as you're praying in your homes
36:13 you to declare what has already been
36:18 finished through Jesus is victorious
36:21 work of the Cross I'll throw this in
36:28 when is this by His stripes you were
36:30 healed were healed that's past tense but
36:37 I have I have I have what do you have I
36:47 have the life of Jesus Christ in me I
36:52 have the Word of God that's eternal that
36:56 will never fade away I have what Jesus
37:01 says I have and I will do what he calls
37:05 me to do for I am United with him
37:16 sitting in the seat of scoffers goes way
37:19 beyond sitting the Akane class I'm in
37:22 the airplane this seat is one of the
37:24 lowest places on earth a person could
37:27 ever be seated it is not only using your
37:30 mouth to completely contradict and mock
37:32 Jesus Christ in his way but it's sitting
37:35 down on Satan's throne ruling and
37:38 reigning was Satan himself accusing and
37:41 condemning others that's a way to
37:43 picture it next time you want to
37:46 complain or accuse or condemn sitting
37:51 this seat leads to eternal death Matthew
37:54 27 36 through 37 sitting down they kept
37:58 watch over him there and they put over
38:01 his head the accusation ridden against
38:04 him this is Jesus the King of the Jews I
38:09 just wanted to cover one more time this
38:12 word delight because when it tells us to
38:15 delight ourselves in the Word of God
38:19 that is so key when you like enter in
38:23 and you're reading the word and praying
38:25 the word allow yourself to feel great
38:29 pleasure and delight job 20 to 25 and 26
38:33 says this yes the almighty will be your
38:36 gold and precious silver for then you
38:39 will have your delight in the Almighty
38:42 and lift up your face to God and
38:45 something I hadn't covered so far and I
38:48 wanted to throw it in but we know about
38:50 fruit bearing it comes from a life of
38:52 abiding in Jesus Christ Jesus said I am
38:56 the vine you are the branches he who
38:58 abides in me and I in him bears much
39:00 fruit for without me you can do nothing
39:03 in Psalm 1 verse 3 he shall be like a
39:08 tree planted by the rivers of living
39:10 water which bears fruit and it's season
39:14 abiding in Jesus Christ one of the main
39:17 activities of abiding in Jesus Christ is
39:21 there's there's two components you abide
39:25 in Christ that means one of the main
39:27 things you do is talking
39:28 with Jesus Christ and allowing Christ to
39:31 abide in you
39:32 that means you receiving and listening
39:35 and allowing his word to go deep into
39:38 your heart and out of that Union comes
39:42 fruit okay
39:44 so in John 15 - it says you're gonna
39:49 bear more fruit verse 8 john 15:8 you're
39:53 gonna bear much fruit John 15:16 I chose
39:57 you that your fruit should remain and
40:00 then I have a couple scripture there
40:03 that as you abide in Jesus Christ your
40:05 prayer life is going to be dramatically
40:07 affected in John 15:7 says if you're
40:10 gonna abide with Christ whatever you
40:12 desire and when you ask in prayer it
40:14 shall be done wow that's a deep way of
40:18 going deep in prayer is by abiding in
40:21 Christ in John 15:16 whatever you ask
40:24 the Father in my name he will give you
40:26 that comes from the abiding relationship
40:28 with our Father and His Son Jesus Christ
40:32 what kind of fruit do we bear we bear
40:35 our inward fruit where are the fruits of
40:37 the Holy Spirit love joy peace patience
40:40 kindness goodness faithfulness and
40:41 self-control Galatians 5:22 through 23
40:44 but we also bear outward fruit and
40:47 there's many verses that talk about that
40:49 John 436 and he who reaps receives wages
40:53 and gathers fruit for eternal life that
40:56 both he who sews and he who reaps may
40:59 rejoice together let's all stand what
41:05 we're gonna do is we're going to declare
41:07 what I have written out as a
41:09 personalization of Psalm 1 a declaration
41:12 so you can declare someone just like it
41:15 is or you can insert your name in it and
41:18 then I just paraphrase to add what we
41:21 have learned in this course about
41:22 someone to just make it come maybe a
41:26 little bit more alive of what we have
41:28 studied and then after that we will sing
41:30 someone together so let's start
41:33 declaration of someone my life is in
41:36 Jesus Christ in the Blessed man
41:39 therefore I choose to
41:42 walk in God's wisdom and counsel for
41:44 every decision rather than in the
41:48 counsel of the ungodly those who ignore
41:51 God's Word and ways I choose to stand in
41:56 the full armor of God in the path of his
41:59 righteousness rather than the path of
42:02 sinners those who do not know the way
42:06 the truth and the life I choose to take
42:10 my seat in Christ in the heavenly places
42:13 rather than in the seat of those who
42:16 doubt and mock my Lord and Savior
42:19 because I have discovered that my
42:21 greatest delight is in Jesus Christ the
42:25 word of God
42:26 I meditate on his word day and night
42:29 talking with him about all he has said
42:32 and done I am like the tree of life
42:36 created in His image and likeness
42:39 planted by his rivers of living water
42:42 drinking in his never-ending supply of
42:46 love bearing the everlasting fruit of
42:49 his character and his works my leaves
42:53 turned to face the Sun soaking in His
42:56 goodness and grace hence I am blessed
43:00 and prosperous in whatever I do
43:02 unfortunately those who have not chosen
43:06 this life that Jesus offers are like a
43:09 dried up tumbleweed driven and tossed by
43:13 the winds in the day of judgment they
43:16 will be burned in the like of fire and
43:19 here on this earth they won't find
43:22 pleasure among those who believe the
43:25 truth the way of the righteous leads to
43:28 everlasting life with God the way of the
43:32 unrighteous leads to everlasting death
43:35 so you can take that home and declare it
43:38 out and it's very important that you do
43:40 it out loud any


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