Touching the Power of Jesus’ Love

If you are experiencing great suffering from a sickness or any other problem in your life, you will want to listen to this session entitled “Touching the Power of Jesus’ Love.”  It is based on the passage about a woman who miraculously was healed by Jesus the moment she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. (Mark 5:25-34)  In this teaching you will be given 4 keys to receive your healing – your victory. Also, you will understand the importance of identifying yourself by your position in Christ and not by your condition.


Video Transcript

00:00 I want to welcome everyone to the
00:01 Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:03 we are in session number six of this
00:06 series called the love of God heals
00:08 tonight session is entitled touching the
00:12 power of his love is based on a
00:15 testimony from Mark 5 about a lady with
00:19 the issue of blood who touches the hem
00:23 of Jesus garment and immediately as she
00:28 touches the hem of His garment she
00:31 receives that transforming power of
00:35 Jesus's love flowing into her and
00:38 immediately she was healed let us pray
00:42 father I pray that you would strengthen
00:44 each one of us to press past all the
00:48 negative voices all the opposition that
00:51 stands against us in order to receive
00:55 right here right now the power of your
00:59 healing love in our lives and in our
01:03 circumstances help us to believe your
01:06 word to believe what you did for this
01:07 lady as she touched the hem of His
01:10 garment your garment that you will do
01:12 for us thank you that you're not waiting
01:17 for us to be perfect to have perfect
01:19 repentance perfect performance to a
01:21 perfect faith thank you for our inviting
01:25 us to come to your throne of grace
01:27 through your son Jesus Christ the only
01:30 one who is perfect that we can come to
01:34 you with our need believing and
01:37 expecting that you'll meet our need far
01:40 beyond what we can think and imagine
01:44 because of your great love for us thank
01:47 you for tonight demonstrating the power
01:50 of your love in our lives as we reach
01:53 out to touch you to touch Jesus and
01:57 Jesus is mighty name Amen so I'm gonna
02:00 read to you from mark 5 25 through 34
02:04 where this
02:07 testimony takes place about this lady
02:09 with the issue of blood who gets healed
02:13 now a certain woman how to flow a blood
02:16 for 12 years and suffered many things
02:20 from many physicians she had spent all
02:23 she had and was no better but rather
02:26 grew worse when she heard about Jesus
02:29 she came behind him in the crowd and
02:33 touched his garment for she said if only
02:37 I touch his clothes I shall be made well
02:42 immediately the fountain of her blood
02:45 was dried up and she felt in her body
02:48 that she was healed of the affliction
02:52 and Jesus immediately knowing in himself
02:55 that power had gone out from him turned
02:57 around in the crowd and said who touched
03:00 my clothes but his disciples said to him
03:04 you see the multitude thronging you and
03:07 you say who touched me and he looked
03:09 around to see who had done this thing
03:12 the woman fearing and trembling and
03:17 knowing what had happened to her came
03:19 and fell before him and told him the
03:23 whole truth and jesus said to her
03:26 daughter your faith has made you well go
03:31 in peace and be healed
03:34 of your fliction the lady of mark-5 was
03:38 identified as a certain woman a certain
03:42 woman who had a flow of blood for 12
03:45 years and suffered many things from many
03:50 physicians she had spent all she had and
03:54 was no better but grew worse in this
03:57 brief introduction we are told several
04:00 things we are told what her condition
04:02 was she had an issue of blood how long
04:06 she had been struggling with it 12 years
04:09 and the progression of her sickness she
04:11 was getting worse but we are not told
04:15 her name a name usually identifies a
04:18 person
04:19 but this lady was not known by her name
04:22 but rather she was known by her
04:25 condition a condition that caused her
04:29 great great suffering mark 5:25 and the
04:35 good news translation shares the
04:37 suffering she endured and says this
04:39 there was a woman who had suffered
04:43 terribly from severe bleeding for 12
04:49 years
04:50 in other words this woman was suffering
04:53 so horrendously from her condition that
04:57 really it had taken over her life she
05:00 was not just hemorrhaging physically but
05:03 we are told in the story that she was
05:05 hemorrhaging financially and we know
05:08 that she was probably hemorrhaging
05:10 emotionally relationally and mentally as
05:15 well as in many other areas of her life
05:17 because any of us who have gone through
05:21 something severe whether it's a severe
05:24 illness that severe trauma you know how
05:26 it affects every aspect of your life and
05:29 not only affects your life but it
05:31 affects everybody around you who cares
05:34 for you so I'm sure we all can relate to
05:39 this whether we have a condition or a
05:42 problem that is causing us just like
05:46 this lady to bleed to death from the
05:49 inside out
05:51 we're knowingly or unknowingly your
05:54 condition or problem has consumed you so
05:57 completely that it just defines you
05:59 giving you an identity you never wanted
06:04 to have where this one thing this one
06:07 problem this one condition has so
06:10 completely consumed your time energy and
06:14 resources that's all you can think about
06:18 and that's all that you're living for
06:21 God has given us three precious
06:23 commodities in life time energy and
06:27 resources and they've been given to us
06:30 for a perp
06:31 for him and his kingdom and for us to
06:36 complete the good plans that he has for
06:38 our life of course the enemy knows us
06:41 therefore he operates continually behind
06:44 the scenes seeking to devour your time
06:46 your energy your resources in such a way
06:49 that you can no live longer live as God
06:52 has intended you to live when you start
06:55 looking at some of the clues in your
06:57 life if you're falling for the traps the
07:00 enemy has for you as far as identifying
07:05 yourself by your condition or problem
07:09 you look at how you're spending your
07:11 time energy and resources you might
07:14 realize some things and you can kind of
07:16 put a check and go whoops I want to
07:18 change a few things in my life I don't
07:20 want to go that way
07:22 so in regards to time when you take a
07:25 look about how you are spending it if
07:28 you see that all you can discuss with
07:31 your family friends even with God that
07:35 is the difficulty that you are facing
07:38 then you really have a clue that the
07:42 enemy is starting to dominate your life
07:44 and I know as I say this this might be
07:47 very difficult but when something's
07:49 happening day after day week after week
07:51 month after month and year after year
07:53 and that's all that is coming out of our
07:55 mouths then we kind of have to question
07:57 it now we see David King David he
07:59 expresses what's going on is this life
08:02 but he doesn't in his Solms his story
08:05 there he always starts talking about God
08:08 who God is and what God will do for him
08:11 and that's how we want to end our
08:13 discussions and not only that we want to
08:15 listen to what others say have to say
08:18 about their lives energy in regards to
08:23 energy take a look at how you are
08:25 spending your energy your god-given
08:26 energy if all your energy is being
08:30 consumed by this one thing this one
08:33 problem that you're going through then
08:36 you have another clue of how the enemy
08:38 is trying to dominate your life now if
08:40 you ever have a huge problem that you or
08:43 your family members going through you
08:45 energy has to be put into it but at the
08:48 same time we need to spend some of our
08:50 energy in fact we need to spend energy
08:54 connecting with God to the answer so we
08:57 can bring him into the solution into the
09:00 situation to disperse and extinguish the
09:03 problem that we are dealing with so we
09:06 don't want the enemy devouring our
09:08 energy so that all we're doing is
09:10 looking at the problem and seeing how we
09:12 can solve the problem we want to allow
09:14 God an inroad into our lives to solve
09:18 you know what's going on in our lives
09:20 for us and you know in US and through us
09:23 I'll never forget we have a book back
09:26 there on Dodi Osteen she's Joel Osteen's
09:28 mother about it's called healed of
09:31 cancer and in there there was no
09:33 possible solution than out around for
09:36 her to be healed of end stage cancer and
09:38 here she yes literally she talks about
09:41 this in her book and you can hear this
09:42 also in her verbal testimony but she
09:45 didn't have energy if you've ever had a
09:48 real severe illness you know how it
09:49 wipes out your energy and she was
09:53 determined to get dressed in the morning
09:55 and go out and pray for other people and
09:59 she did over time she did receive her
10:02 healing and that's what I'm talking
10:04 about it's like the enemy wants to
10:06 dominate us in our to energy and really
10:10 when we do the opposite of what he wants
10:14 you know it says given it shall be given
10:15 to you she was out giving and now she's
10:18 giving she's being given - there was
10:21 another man that I met in another church
10:23 actually it was a speaker and the
10:27 speaker was talking about this man in
10:28 his church the pastor was and he said
10:31 one of his people in his church had
10:34 end-stage cancer and even a colostomy
10:36 bag and he only had I don't know if it
10:39 was weeks or months to live I forget
10:41 this story exactly but there was a
10:44 mission trip in their church and this
10:46 man signed up for the mission trip and
10:47 the doctor says if you go you're not
10:49 gonna come back I mean your body cannot
10:52 make it but he was determined that he
10:53 was going and as he went to give to
10:58 the Lord gave to him the miracle he
11:01 needed now I know it always doesn't end
11:03 up like that but there's a truth to
11:05 following the pathway that Jesus has for
11:08 us in our time energy as well as our
11:10 resources so in regards to resources
11:13 when you took a look at how we are
11:15 spending our resources our financial
11:18 resources and we see that we're all
11:20 we're spending all of our resources on
11:22 this one thing which sometimes we'd have
11:24 to do because we're trying to find a
11:26 solution I've been there my family has
11:29 been there we've known we know that but
11:31 one thing that I'm very grateful for for
11:35 my husband and his insistence ever since
11:37 I've been married and we've been married
11:39 you know a long time is that he insisted
11:41 that we tithe as well as gift no matter
11:44 what we're going through and so once
11:47 again we as we give out our finances
11:51 even looks like wow I need this for this
11:54 one thing as we give as Jesus tells us
11:58 to give he starts giving to us and
12:00 targets to start taking care of our need
12:03 and not only our financial need but he
12:06 takes care of the core thing that's
12:08 going on in our lives another clue of
12:13 whether the enemy has started to
12:15 dominate your life through your thing
12:19 that you're going through the one thing
12:20 your condition or your problem is the
12:22 statements that you're telling people
12:25 about yourself or you're talking about
12:27 your how you talk to yourself about
12:30 yourself and these are the I am
12:32 statements so in the physical realm and
12:36 I am statement that comes from the
12:39 enemy's camp and not from God's camp
12:40 would be something like this I am a
12:42 diabetic I am a paraplegic I am too old
12:46 I'm too young
12:47 bad habits can define who you are and
12:51 instead of talking about the condition
12:54 apart from your identity you start
12:57 talking about this bad habit as your
13:01 identity so I am an alcoholic I am a
13:05 drug addict I am a slob or whatever
13:08 right emotionally I am depressed I am
13:13 hopeless I am worthless so instead of
13:17 agreeing with what God says and who God
13:21 says you are we are starting to agree
13:23 with the enemy and what the enemy says
13:26 mentally I am stupid I'm not good enough
13:30 I'm a failure relationships I'm a d4c I
13:34 am barren we can go on and name it so
13:38 when we are making these negative
13:40 identity statements about ourselves who
13:42 do you think is sitting there going what
13:48 do you think saying that yeah Satan yes
13:52 he's really glad because as soon as he
13:55 can get you to make these negative
13:57 identity statements about yourself he
14:00 has known that he has put up the wall
14:02 between you and God and he knows that
14:04 you have just authorized him to go out
14:07 and perform these statements you have
14:10 made about yourself and to make sure
14:12 that you'll reach this goal of who you
14:15 said you were does that make sense so
14:19 you can take the piece of paper now or
14:23 later and write out the one thing in one
14:25 problem or the condition that seems to
14:28 be consuming your time energy and
14:30 resources and that one thing where
14:32 you're identifying yourself not with who
14:35 God says you are but what the enemy says
14:37 you are and you can take them will be
14:40 using it later now many of you have
14:43 heard the sane and came to my mind as I
14:45 speak hearing for this sticks and stones
14:47 will break sticks and stones won't hurt
14:51 your bones or break your bones but names
14:53 or words will never hurt you if you
14:59 listen to negative words and name spoken
15:02 over your life rehearsing them over and
15:05 over in your own heart and in your own
15:06 mind and begin to speak them out of your
15:10 mouth they will hurt you more than
15:13 sticks and stones can ever hurt you
15:17 proverbs 18:21 says this we know it well
15:21 death in life are in the
15:22 the tongue and those who love it will
15:25 eat its fruit so if we are speaking
15:28 negative words they are really a
15:31 sentence of death that we are speaking
15:33 over our life and we will go ahead and
15:37 experience these death producing results
15:41 that are coming out of our mouth Jesus's
15:45 name is called the Word of God
15:48 revelations 1913 when I realized what
15:51 the implications of that were for my
15:53 life is like yes because you and I are
15:57 made in Jesus's image we have the
16:00 privilege of calling ourselves by the
16:04 Word of God by what the Word of God says
16:06 about us in our life as we do this we
16:09 are connecting with the power of Jesus's
16:13 love and causing the very spirit and
16:16 life of Jesus to flow into our lives and
16:19 to transform us making us into the image
16:23 of his name his identity his word the
16:30 confession of our mouths accompanied by
16:32 the belief in our heart connects us with
16:35 our Savior connects us with the
16:38 salvation that we need Romans 10 8
16:41 through 10 says but what does it say the
16:44 Word of God is near you in your heart
16:46 and in your mouth okay and if you
16:52 confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus
16:54 Christ and believe in your heart you
16:56 shall be what saved for with the mouth
17:01 confession is made unto salvation so
17:05 three times in three verses the Lord is
17:08 telling us what we are to be putting in
17:12 our mouth what we are to be confessing
17:14 he says confess Jesus and confess the
17:18 word and if you do that you are going to
17:21 experience salvation Jesus invites you
17:25 and I to abide just like John 15:7
17:28 says in his words and to let his words
17:31 abide in us so there's two primary
17:36 places that we want the Word of God to
17:39 abide and that's in or heart and in our
17:43 mouths so what do you think the two
17:46 primary places that the enemy attacks us
17:48 again in our heart our belief system and
17:52 in our mouth he wants to control what
17:56 you say so he speaks constantly 24/7
17:59 just like Goliath did telling you what
18:04 the end of games gonna look like that
18:06 you are a defeated foe and no one's
18:09 gonna slay him but you can't agree with
18:13 him
18:14 you know John 15:7 listen to the promise
18:19 that's connected to it if we allow God's
18:22 Word abide in our mouth and in our heart
18:23 if you buy to me my words abide in you
18:26 ask what you will and it shall be done
18:32 for you since the beginning of time
18:35 Satan has persistently he fights against
18:40 the Word of God that will dwell in your
18:43 heart and be put in your mouth he did
18:46 that with it first
18:47 Adam causing the first Adam to sin
18:50 causing the fall of entire mankind but
18:53 the second Adam Jesus Christ when he
18:56 came to Jesus in the wilderness and just
18:58 you know try to take him out what did
19:01 Jesus do he took the Word of God and he
19:04 said it is written he confessed the Word
19:10 of God to confess means to say the same
19:13 as Jesus himself the Son of God had to
19:18 say what the Heavenly Father said if he
19:21 was going to be victorious in his life
19:24 over every temptation in every sin so if
19:27 Jesus needed to do it how about us you
19:32 are to define yourself by your position
19:35 in Jesus Christ the one who is your
19:38 savor for everything you'll ever face in
19:40 this life God's Word exhort you to say
19:44 who you are in Jesus Christ you need to
19:47 do this especially
19:49 when you feel quite the opposite in your
19:53 flash or when the circumstances are
19:56 quite the opposite of what the Word of
19:59 God says
19:59 Joel 3:10 let the weak say I am strong
20:05 he didn't say that God doesn't say let
20:07 the strong say I am strong no he says
20:11 when you're feeling weak and your
20:13 circumstances look very weak and looks
20:16 like you're under the pile and down for
20:17 the count I want you to say I am strong
20:22 Ephesians 6 I am strong in the Lord and
20:27 the strength of his mind in Joel 3:10
20:32 Hillsong sings a song it says let the
20:35 weak see I'm so strong let the poor say
20:37 I am rich let the blind say I can see
20:41 it's what the Lord has done in me so
20:46 we're saying what the Lord has already
20:48 done past tense in us the moment that we
20:52 invited Jesus Christ into our heart
20:54 Jesus redeemed us from every curse that
20:58 could ever happen to us and so we need
21:00 to come into agreement declaring the end
21:05 before we see it declaring the end
21:09 product declaring our salvation and in
21:13 that way we go through that process of
21:15 sanctification and I had heard this and
21:21 it was just like people say well sue
21:22 you're just faking it until you can try
21:25 to make it know when you see what God
21:28 says you aren't faking it until you make
21:32 it you're made in Jesus Christ and you
21:35 are just declaring the superior reality
21:38 of who God says you are and you're
21:42 putting the inferior reality under your
21:46 feet it is crucial for your victory in
21:48 your breakthrough to declare who God
21:52 says you are despite what you see with
21:54 your natural eyes and hear and what you
21:57 hear with your natural ears we have to
21:59 put the Word of God
22:01 know this to be true but we have to do
22:03 it in or irrigates it in or I gates
22:07 proverbs for my son my daughter pay
22:10 attention to my words keep them in your
22:14 ears keep them in front of your eyes and
22:16 let them pour forth from your lips
22:19 that's a little slight she now just
22:22 transliteration of that so in this
22:25 static declaring or conditioner a
22:27 problem find God's answer in the Word of
22:32 God then begin clearing God's salvation
22:35 over your life so my husband and I this
22:37 year at the beginning of the year we
22:40 wrote out a page declaration of
22:42 something that we want to see victory in
22:45 for somebody and so we wrote it out and
22:48 according to the Word of God the answer
22:51 for the situation and every night we get
22:56 out the piece of paper before we go to
22:59 bed and we declare it out loud together
23:02 and we are seeing his word come to pass
23:06 before our eyes so declare I am strong
23:11 justice I'm rich Genesis 26 thirteen and
23:15 declared I am healed and forgiven Isaiah
23:19 33 24 when I saw Isaiah 33 24 it says
23:25 this and the inhabitant we're talking
23:29 about the habit of Zion you are the
23:32 inhabitant of Jesus Christ will not say
23:35 I am sick what when I'm sick I'm not
23:39 supposed to say I'm sick remember you
23:43 can tell the Lord what's going on in
23:45 your life but you don't want that to be
23:47 the final word you want to declare by
23:50 His stripes I am healed I was healed so
23:56 it says in Isaiah 33 24 and the habit
23:58 and will not say I'm sick the people who
24:00 dwell and it will be forgiven their
24:03 iniquity we always see those two things
24:05 together in Scripture forgiveness of all
24:08 of our sin healing of all of our
24:10 diseases so we want to go around walk
24:13 penis people that are forgiving walking
24:15 as people that are healed and set free
24:18 don't stop saying what God says until
24:21 you see your position in Jesus Christ
24:24 take dominion over your condition
24:27 Hebrews 10:23 holding fast the
24:30 confession of your faith without
24:32 wavering because we know he he who
24:36 promised us he who spoke these words is
24:39 faithful to fulfill the words that he
24:41 has given to us the amplified bible
24:44 actually conveys the tense of the verb
24:48 said in this story of the woman with the
24:53 issue of blood mark 528 it actually says
24:57 this it reads like this in the amplified
24:59 classic Edition poor she kept saying if
25:04 I only touch His garment I shall be
25:06 restored to health so here there's a
25:08 crowd of people around Jesus and they're
25:11 going to gyrus his house because Jireh
25:13 versus daughter is at the point of death
25:16 and we hear this lady who now she wants
25:22 her healing and she's sees this crowd
25:26 following Jesus she's thinking man
25:28 that's that guy that that man Jesus
25:31 everyone that is talking about that only
25:33 they had to just touch him wait a minute
25:37 no one really touched him he was
25:39 touching people but healed everybody I
25:41 heard that I heard that I got him get
25:44 him and I'm going to touch him now there
25:48 were a lot of other things going on in
25:49 her head because she was considered and
25:52 untouchable she was considered unclean
25:54 she was told she shouldn't be in the
25:56 midst of people because everybody she
25:58 touch would be come unclean and
26:01 therefore of course she's going to
26:03 receive chastisement a rejection by all
26:05 those people but she sees the crowd in
26:07 the midst of the crowds there's Jesus
26:09 and so she began this process of saying
26:13 and saying and saying it says she kept
26:15 saying if I only touch him I shall be
26:24 made well there was no hesitation I
26:28 might maybe I shall be made well we
26:32 heard Michaels testimony of how him and
26:34 his mother kept repeating a scripture
26:37 every day over Michael's life until the
26:41 impossible
26:42 came possible wasn't that true I just
26:44 love that testimony under the new
26:48 covenant of God's grace now this woman
26:51 said I shall be made well you and I are
26:55 under the new covenant of God's grace so
26:57 we don't need to put or healing into the
26:59 future when God has already put it in
27:02 the past tense by His stripes first
27:07 Peter 2:24 it says you were healed so we
27:12 gonna say huh we it's great when we see
27:17 our situation and we instead of looking
27:19 at it hopelessly and thinking I shall
27:21 never be healed this is going wrong and
27:23 that's going wrong and these are the
27:25 symptoms it's great to say I shall be
27:28 healed but it's even greater to stand on
27:31 the finished work of the Cross and
27:32 declare you know what I may be having
27:35 these symptoms but I am agreeing with
27:39 the Word of God by Jesus stripes I was
27:44 healed past tense
27:47 Psalm 107 - it's prophetically declaring
27:51 what the redeemed people would say let
27:53 the redeemed of the Lord say so who he
27:55 has redeemed from the hand of the enemy
27:58 past tense Isaiah 43 1 fear not I have
28:03 redeemed you I've called you by name you
28:06 are mine in this passage I wanted to
28:15 point out what Jesus said to this woman
28:17 Luke 8 46 actually says this this
28:21 passage occurs in mark 5 as well as Luke
28:24 8 Jesus said after the woman touched her
28:27 somebody touched me
28:30 for I perceived power going out from me
28:34 did you know that Jesus calls you and I
28:39 as somebody just like he did this woman
28:42 with the issue of blood Jesus never
28:44 calls you and I on nobody nobody refers
28:48 to a person that doesn't have any
28:50 significance importance or value even
28:54 though you might think of yourself at
28:56 times as a nobody having nothing and
28:58 going nowhere don't give in to those
29:01 negative thoughts you know who is a
29:03 nobody Satan Satan is a nobody and wants
29:06 you to agree with who he is he wants you
29:08 to believe that you are just like him
29:10 that you are nobody - but don't do it
29:13 you do not belong to him as I read
29:17 before Jesus says I have called you by
29:19 name
29:20 you are mine God has made you somebody
29:24 as somebody whom he loves somebody whom
29:28 He gave His life for as somebody whom he
29:31 will continue to pour forth his healing
29:34 love and power into you as you connect
29:38 with him don't worry if you aren't on
29:41 the list of the somebodies of this world
29:43 for you are on God's list if Jesus did
29:47 not stop for this woman with the issue
29:49 of blood a person whom the world
29:51 probably considered a nobody we could
29:54 have concluded that Jesus was only
29:56 interested in the somebodies as defined
29:59 by this world but Jesus did stop for her
30:02 gyruss on the other hand was probably
30:05 thought of as if somebody by the
30:08 standards of this world he was one of
30:10 the rulers of the synagogue by the
30:12 standards of the Jewish culture G's
30:14 gyrus was a person who had been being
30:16 probably worthy of Jesus's time and
30:19 attention and worthy of his daughter
30:22 receiving a healing would he not but as
30:26 Jesus is on the way to gyrus house Jesus
30:29 is interrupted by what the world would
30:31 consider who's this she must be a nobody
30:35 I like the story because we have this
30:39 contrast between what the world would
30:42 classify as somebody in a nova
30:44 and this classification of the world
30:48 doesn't match Jesus's classification
30:51 because in John 3:16 Jesus says for God
30:55 my father so loved you that he gave His
30:59 only begotten Son that whosoever
31:03 believes in Him shall not perish but
31:05 have everlasting life
31:06 this lady was a whosoever that was
31:10 believing in Jesus Jesus that would heal
31:14 her as soon as she touched His garment
31:18 Jairus was a whosoever who believed even
31:21 though he is a ruler of the synagogue he
31:24 was not rejecting that Jesus could heal
31:27 his daughter so we have therefore the
31:31 somebody in the nobody from the world
31:33 standards coming in front of Jesus and
31:37 Jesus says are you a whosoever the
31:42 whosoever's that I see are the ones that
31:45 place faith in my son Jesus Christ how
31:48 many are whosoever in this room turn
31:54 stand up turn to somebody and declare
31:57 this after me
31:58 you ready get a partner you're online
32:02 you can do this declare it after me I am
32:05 a son buddy because God sees me as
32:09 valuable
32:12 he sees me as so valuable that he
32:17 purchased me with the price of the blood
32:21 of His only Son Jesus Christ when I look
32:27 at what Jesus did for me how can I doubt
32:31 my worth I'm a somebody whom God loves
32:37 therefore you reject and break agreement
32:41 with every thought and feeling then I'm
32:46 a nobody and because of this I deserve
32:49 nothing from God no miracle no salvation
32:56 no mercy no grace I am very special to
33:01 God I am the one he loves
33:05 I am somebody in his sight amen
33:10 okay you can be seated you are a child
33:14 of the Most High God Jesus in the story
33:16 in marks 34 he said to her at the very
33:22 end of the story daughter
33:24 he called her daughter daughter your
33:28 faith has made you well go in peace
33:33 you and I are children of the Most High
33:37 God he calls you daughter he calls you
33:40 son a daughter and a son if you any of
33:46 you have a daughter or son you know you
33:48 would give them anything this woman with
33:52 the issue of blood she was Jewish and
33:55 descent she was a daughter of gods but
34:00 she didn't know and tell she encountered
34:04 Jesus and touched His garment and tell
34:07 she connected with God by faith and drew
34:11 what was rightfully belonging to her her
34:14 healing into her body and then for when
34:18 she heard Jesus say daughter your faith
34:21 has made you well
34:23 she woke up just like that prodigal son
34:25 she came to her senses and she knew that
34:30 she knew that she knew that she was
34:33 loved by God whatever condition you are
34:37 facing take your rightful position as
34:41 God's child be holding the love he has
34:45 for you be holding the greatness of his
34:50 mercy and compassion and grace is your
34:57 condition is your problem that you are
35:01 facing right now causing you great
35:05 suffering is it isolating you in some
35:09 way as we take a look at the story this
35:14 woman's physical condition we were told
35:17 that was causing her terrible suffering
35:21 this issue of blood was more than likely
35:24 a menstrual period that just didn't
35:26 happen one time a month but that went on
35:28 every day week after week month after
35:32 month year after year for 12 years and
35:35 it says that she was actually bleeding
35:38 severely so when Jesus touched her it
35:42 says that the moment she was touched
35:45 immediately the flow of blood stopped
35:48 she knew because it was severe she knew
35:52 what had happened to her sicknesses
35:58 illnesses whether it's you or a loved
36:00 one can cause severe suffering not only
36:03 for that person but everybody around you
36:08 besides that physical suffering we don't
36:10 know what other kind of physical
36:12 suffering she was enduring on a daily
36:14 basis because usually when you're
36:17 suffering in one area of your body it
36:20 affects so many different areas in your
36:23 body
36:24 she was probably losing physical
36:26 strength and energy because of that
36:29 constant bleeding you know her blood was
36:32 just all you know the mountain stuff was
36:35 probably just all messed up
36:36 iron levels all that kind of stuff she
36:40 could have had just like a cascade of
36:42 other problems stemming from this
36:44 continued loss of blood just in the
36:47 physical realm
36:48 it could have restricted her and
36:49 probably did from going places not just
36:52 because of the law back then but
36:54 restricted her physically from going
36:56 places where she wanted to go and doing
36:58 what she wanted to get done her
37:02 condition like this story tells us it
37:06 went unsolved by the physicians so it
37:09 said that she had suffered many things
37:10 from many physicians she spent all she
37:13 had it was no better but rather grew
37:14 worse I'm not gonna ask you guys for a
37:17 show of hands but how many of you have
37:22 suffered or know somebody or a loved one
37:27 that has suffered many things from many
37:29 physicians as they tried to help you
37:32 solve your problem I know personally
37:36 many people my own family I personally
37:40 know for myself the things that you
37:42 suffer a lot of times when the
37:44 physicians can't figure out what's going
37:46 on or how to help you
37:49 they might even tell you or insinuate
37:53 that it's all just in your head I don't
37:56 know if you guys ever been told that or
37:59 that's come across to you because of
38:01 your severe suffering and they can't
38:03 figure out what's going on and as
38:05 they're trying to figure it out it's not
38:07 there we're not accusing or condemn you
38:10 know it was part of the medical
38:11 profession for years but as you're
38:15 trying to figure out things a lot of
38:18 finances especially here in the United
38:20 States whether you have insurance or not
38:22 goes in to all these tests and
38:25 procedures and still they can come up
38:27 empty empty handed but you know I have a
38:30 great physician his door is always open
38:38 and he wants us to come to him to
38:42 receive the flow of his healing law into
38:47 that body part and into our bodies just
38:49 where we need it
38:51 expecting believing like that song said
38:55 great expectations by Steve Curtis
38:57 Chapman believing the unbelievable
38:59 receiving the inconceivable and seeing
39:02 beyond our wildest imaginations
39:08 expecting the Lord to meet us suffering
39:16 an isolation comes with a lot of
39:18 thicknesses and trials that we go
39:20 through this lady suffered from
39:22 isolation the Jewish law declared her to
39:25 be ceremonially unclean leviticus 1519
39:28 2:30 this meant she could not enter into
39:31 the jewish religious ceremonies which
39:34 was really the life of the society so
39:37 she really she couldn't engage with what
39:40 her neighbors and her families and
39:41 friends were engaging with anything or
39:44 anyone she touch would become unclean or
39:48 if they touched anything like her bed or
39:51 chair that she was on if they touched
39:54 that they would be considered unclean 12
39:57 years of her life she was considered and
39:59 in touchable you know how important
40:01 touch is to kids if they don't get the
40:03 touch they need when they're younger
40:04 they don't develop mentally physically
40:06 emotionally in so many different aspects
40:09 of their life how about an adult who
40:11 doesn't get touched
40:17 when you consider all of this you
40:19 realize that God didn't create us like
40:22 that God did not design us as human
40:25 beings to be isolated during creation
40:27 God said everything he created was good
40:31 everything he made was good
40:34 the only thing God said that was not
40:37 good was for man to be alone for men to
40:41 be isolated and the Lord then made Adam
40:44 a helper
40:45 we all need helpers in our lives you are
40:49 not meant to be alone God did not design
40:51 human beings to suffer from sickness and
40:54 pain but this came through the fall
40:57 Jesus redeemed us it says though from
41:00 both the curse of sin and sickness and
41:05 then besides the suffering the severe
41:09 suffering the isolation that comes with
41:11 sickness and disease the enemy he just
41:14 like takes and yet insult injury and he
41:17 just takes his knife and just digs it
41:19 into you with all his lies trying to
41:21 have you believe multiple multiple lies
41:26 one of the biggest lies he wants you to
41:29 believe is that you will never ever get
41:33 better that you will get worse just like
41:36 what happens to this woman in the
41:38 natural world she grew worse and not
41:41 better so when she says when I touch him
41:44 I shall be made well she is destroying
41:47 that lie isn't she
41:51 you could destroy the lie that nothing
41:55 will change nothing will get better by
41:57 saying I shall be made well the second
42:03 big lie that I believe the enemy wants
42:05 to believe I'm this is like personal
42:08 experience I don't have to read anyone
42:12 else's story
42:13 the second big lie I believe that the
42:16 enemy tries to tell us is that no one
42:19 has struggled or gone through what we're
42:23 going through and no one really
42:25 understands it
42:27 no one has how did as bad
42:30 no one has faced this extreme difficulty
42:34 no one no one because he wants to
42:37 further isolate us then I'm gonna end
42:40 with four keys now to receiving Jesus's
42:45 healing love the power of his healing
42:47 love and to receive his peace four keys
42:51 that we can draw from this story that we
42:53 can apply to our lives this week okay
42:56 number one here the truth about Jesus
43:00 mar 5 2014 2 we need to hear about his
43:16 love for us that's probably the biggest
43:20 thing that we need to hear not only with
43:23 our physical ears but in her heart she
43:25 must have heard acts 10:38 how God
43:28 anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy
43:30 Spirit and power who went about doing
43:32 good and healing all who were oppressed
43:34 by the enemy he said yeah Jesus was here
43:41 I could touch His garment Jesus says
43:44 Hebrews 13:8 that he is the same
43:46 yesterday today and forever that means
43:48 he is available right in front of you
43:51 for you to reach out and touch him to
43:55 touch the hem of his garment and it's
43:57 even better than that he lives inside of
43:59 you his garment is in you the prodigal
44:01 son he gave all his garments to you that
44:03 robe of righteousness and all the
44:05 garments of salvation you haven't
44:09 received the truth of what Jesus
44:11 accomplished on the cross done during
44:12 the New Covenant it Galatians 3:13 that
44:15 Christ has redeemed you from the curse
44:18 of sickness and disease that the Christ
44:19 has redeemed you from every curse you
44:21 could read all the curses in Deuteronomy
44:23 28 and rejoice Jesus redeemed me Jesus
44:26 for you Jesus redeemed me from this and
44:28 that and that because I'm a child of God
44:32 I am blessed
44:34 I shall be made well an Old Covenant old
44:40 law the person who was unclean its lady
44:46 if I'm in a place of lady of the issue
44:49 of the blood she was considered unclean
44:51 and anything she touched became unclean
44:55 or anything that touched her became
44:57 unclean but the moment that Jesus comes
45:00 on to the scene the curse is reversed
45:04 Galatians 3:13 crisis redeemed us from
45:08 the curse so when the woman touches
45:11 Jesus Jesus doesn't become unclean
45:15 rather the power the love of God flows
45:19 from him touches her and now the unclean
45:24 one is made clean we are made clean from
45:29 sin and we are made clean from sickness
45:32 same thing that's the great exchange of
45:36 the Cross number two speak words of
45:39 faith faith in Jesus I've already shared
45:42 that with you you'd only speak the word
45:45 once that you can speak it over and over
45:47 it she kept saying if I only touch His
45:51 garment I shall be made well you can't
45:56 listen when you're speaking words like
45:58 that you're not allowing those negative
46:01 voices to take over your voice and going
46:04 well I don't know I don't know well
46:06 maybe so you know oh I don't think so
46:10 I'm not gonna get right no you just
46:11 continue to confess the Word of God the
46:15 word of faith mark 11:23 says have faith
46:19 in God for surely I say to you whoever
46:21 says to this mountain be removed in
46:23 Castle C and does not doubt in his heart
46:25 but believes the things that he says he
46:27 shall have what whatever he says so if
46:32 you want to have a God says say what God
46:35 says act on the Word of God that's
46:40 number three this woman demonstrated her
46:44 faith she
46:46 actually like I said before she went
46:50 through that crowd now do you think that
46:53 she just blatantly like Here I am the
46:56 woman with the issue of blood hey Jesus
46:58 heal me no everyone would have shut her
47:01 down you're unclean you're clean they
47:02 would have blocked her right so I bet
47:04 she likes you you know what I mean had
47:06 to be very inconspicuous and that's why
47:08 it says she came behind him to touch him
47:12 and I'm sure she just thought I'm in a
47:13 touch of it I'm gonna get out of here
47:15 right and then Jesus says who touched me
47:19 and then she had a choice the moment
47:22 that Jesus said who touched me so you
47:24 have to act on your faith the octave I
47:25 actually have to take action like this
47:29 woman did and then the moment that she
47:33 went oh I wanted to tell you this this
47:36 is in mark 11:24 says therefore I say to
47:38 you what everything is you asked when
47:40 you pray believe that you receive them
47:43 and you shall have them the weak word
47:46 for receive Islam Bono and Lombardo
47:49 emphasizes the assertiveness of the
47:53 receiver according to Strong's
47:55 Concordance it says it creates a picture
47:57 of actively or aggressively taking or
48:02 laying hold of something so she wasn't
48:05 passively staying at home hoping that
48:07 Jesus was coming to her house there
48:09 gyruss that's great
48:11 Jesus went to his house but sometimes
48:13 you know when you really want something
48:15 you go after it you start saying you
48:19 start laying hold of Jesus and then
48:23 fourthly when Jesus said who touched me
48:27 she testified in front of everybody her
48:32 healing it was an embarrassing condition
48:35 and she testified what had happened
48:39 that's why we have the story right she
48:42 testified says but when the woman
48:45 fearing and trembling knowing what had
48:46 happened to her came and fell down
48:47 before him and told him the whole truth
48:51 her testimony
48:53 this one testimony of touching Jesus's
48:58 garment
48:59 nighted faith causing a whole multitude
49:04 of people saying if she did it I can do
49:08 it if she did it you can do it this is
49:12 what happens in the very next chapter in
49:15 mark 656 wherever he went into the
49:19 villages and cities or the country they
49:22 laid the sick in the marketplaces and
49:24 begged him that they might touch what
49:27 the hem of His garment who was the first
49:31 one that touched the hem of his garment
49:32 that's recorded this woman with the
49:35 issue of blood and it says this as many
49:38 as touched him were made Wow
49:43 so what are the four keys here the truth
49:46 about Jesus speak the word of faith act
49:50 on the word and then start testifying to
49:54 your healing so take a moment and close
49:57 your eyes right now
49:58 and I want you to see Jesus standing in
50:01 front of you you have your need it might
50:06 be very severe just like this lady with
50:10 the issue of blood it might have
50:14 isolated you in different ways but you
50:18 are in need the power of God's healing
50:23 love is resident in His Son Jesus Christ
50:27 who is standing in front of you reach
50:32 out by faith and touch Jesus allow his
50:39 healing love to flow into that area for
50:45 you or your loved one father we thank
50:49 you that you are the same your son Jesus
50:53 is the same yesterday today and forever
50:57 Jesus we thank you that you are here in
51:00 our midst
51:01 my expectation Jesus is that you are
51:05 here healing and meeting the needs of
51:09 your children the people
51:13 that you love we do believe in you Jesus
51:18 we believe your word that says by the
51:21 stripes of Jesus we were healed and we
51:25 will declare your name out of our mouths
51:29 will identify with you I thank you I
51:33 praise you lord I thank you for the seed
51:35 you have sown into our hearts and let
51:39 them grow as we speak them out of our
51:41 mouth in Jesus's name Amen


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