God’s Compassion Far Exceeds Your Expectations

Through the “prodigal son” parable God wants you to know that His arms are opened wide, waiting for you to come home, so He can embrace you and lavish His love – His compassion, mercy, and grace – upon you, just as He did the younger son, who had made a mess of his life.  The enemy, of course, tries to block you from experiencing the reality of God’s love, through voices from within and without. Learn how you can respond to these negative voices with the Truth concerning God’s love for you.


Video Transcript

00:00 and because it's Valentine's week this
00:03 week it could also be called God's
00:07 Valentine's card signed by God with EXO
00:11 EXO kisses and hugs now I didn't come up
00:14 with that that was what God whispered
00:17 into my heart as I was preparing the
00:19 teaching and he goes sooo do you know
00:21 it's Valentine's Day this week and he
00:25 says let the people know that they can
00:29 actually receive a hug kiss from me so
00:34 for some of us that's kind of offensive
00:36 but God actually wants to us to know him
00:40 in this way that's why Jesus tells us
00:42 this parable so this is session number
00:46 five of the love of God series and we're
00:49 looking at the parable in the called the
00:52 prodigal son in Luke 15 but when I
00:55 started to dwell in it and meditate on
01:00 it I thought that truly it was a story
01:02 about my father who loves me so I call
01:05 it the loving father parable is in this
01:08 parable Jesus shares with us the
01:10 exceeding greatness of our father's love
01:14 for us now he showed us that in his
01:17 ministry but now he tells us about in a
01:20 parable this parable beautifully
01:25 portrays a verse that we were going over
01:27 last week on Ephesians 2:4 but God is
01:32 rich in mercy because of his great love
01:37 in which he loved us in this parable
01:42 Jesus is inviting us to come home to
01:46 dwell in him and to receive his love for
01:50 you in ways you might not have thought
01:54 possible which will help bring
01:57 restoration and healing to your life and
02:00 I believe that because that's what it
02:03 did for my own life he does that for all
02:07 of prodigal and like I said I found
02:12 myself in the store
02:13 I didn't think of myself as the
02:15 quote/unquote prodigal so this is how
02:18 I'm divining particles tonight
02:21 it's either those who have traveled
02:24 totally far away from God to a distant
02:27 land through sin unbelief or very
02:30 unfortunate and difficult circumstances
02:34 or it's for some of us those of us who
02:39 have traveled in one area of our life
02:43 far from God's Word his will and his
02:48 desires and plans for our life so let us
02:52 pray father I pray that you would open
02:57 up our hearts tonight in such a way that
03:00 each person here would actually feel
03:03 your love for them and know and believe
03:08 deep down in their hearts that they are
03:12 truly loved by you help each one of us
03:17 to see ourselves through your eyes of
03:19 love and not through our darkened
03:23 understanding our darkened lens of how
03:26 we think you view us right where we're
03:29 at with all our flaws shortcomings lack
03:35 of understanding lack of wisdom lack of
03:39 strength strengthen us by the power of
03:42 your spirit so that we can resist the
03:45 lies of the enemy the lies that we have
03:48 come to believe from our past history
03:50 and our current habits the lies that we
03:54 have been taught through religion and
03:56 through the world around us the lies
03:59 what others have spoken about us and the
04:02 lies we have spoken and believed about
04:04 ourselves that oppose your truth
04:07 help us to live moment by moment every
04:11 day of our life in the reality of your
04:15 everlasting love for us
04:20 so the context of this parable is very
04:25 interesting as you can see I have two
04:27 signs here we have two groups of people
04:32 we have the younger son who comes under
04:39 this category of the sinners and then we
04:43 have the elder son in the parable which
04:47 represents the religious leaders or the
04:50 scribes and the Pharisees and a lot of
04:54 times I've always jumped just right into
04:56 this parable without reading like the
04:58 context and this is the first time
05:00 actually that I saw who Jesus was
05:02 speaking to and Luke 15 1 through 2 it
05:06 says that all the tax collectors and the
05:08 sinners drew near to him to hear him
05:12 that's Jesus and the Pharisees and the
05:15 scribes complained saying this man Jesus
05:19 he receives sinners and he eats with
05:23 them so Jesus is dressing two groups of
05:28 people and really we have like two
05:32 opposite ends of the spectrum right we
05:37 have what society called the sinner
05:40 represented by the prodigal son and then
05:44 we have this other group of people at
05:46 the way far end of the other perspective
05:48 the very very religious people called
05:50 the scribes and the Pharisees what is
05:56 the Jesus addressing in this parable
05:59 about the loving father in Luke 15 he's
06:02 addressing this accusation that's coming
06:05 against him that tells him you're eating
06:11 you're eating with tax collectors and
06:14 sinners
06:18 by doing this Jesus was perfectly
06:21 representing the love of God the love of
06:23 our Father
06:24 therefore he treated those who were
06:28 unlovely considered and lovely by the
06:31 religious people in society of that day
06:36 he was sitting and eating with them with
06:39 the sinners and this diametrically
06:42 opposed what they the religious leaders
06:46 believed and so they murmured yes man
06:49 Jesus don't you see don't you see don't
06:51 you see what he's doing he's eating with
06:54 those people the unclean ones is this
06:59 the first time Jesus dealt with this
07:01 complaint when I looked at that this
07:04 last couple of weeks it was like oh man
07:06 when he first started calling his
07:09 disciples the same complaint arose in
07:14 Luke's Gospel it happens in Luke 5 it
07:17 says this in verses 27 through 29 he
07:21 went out and saw a tax collector named
07:23 Levi sitting at the tax office and he
07:27 said to him follow me so Levi left all
07:32 rose up and followed him
07:36 then Levi gave him a great feast and
07:39 that's what we have down here in his own
07:42 house you guys know who Levi is is
07:46 Matthew one of the twelve disciples so
07:50 you didn't get that here Jesus has
07:52 invited what the scribes and the
07:56 Pharisees see as one of those despicable
08:00 people into his inner circle you eat
08:04 with the tax collectors and the sinners
08:06 so here what is what Levi says
08:09 immediately after Jesus says Levi tax
08:13 collector come and follow me so Levi
08:17 starts following Jesus and as he's
08:20 following Jesus he says Jesus would you
08:22 like to come to my house I want to throw
08:24 you a party
08:25 Jesus loves parties so he goes to the
08:28 house
08:30 and Levi invites all his friends so who
08:35 are his friends the despicable tax
08:39 collectors and sinners that's who he
08:41 invites so this is what Levi says in his
08:46 gospel in Matthew 10:10 about what
08:49 occurred now it happened as Jesus out of
08:52 the table in the house that behold many
08:54 tax collectors and sinners came and sat
08:57 down with him and his disciples what a
08:59 great feast it's being held in town for
09:02 Jesus and everybody knows what the
09:05 Pharisees are going what is that man
09:08 doing we thought he was one of us he's
09:10 not one of us evidently he's eating with
09:13 the tax collectors and the sinners just
09:16 think about some of the people you know
09:18 that are doing and being with people
09:20 that are in need of help and we're going
09:25 but here they are the bar be light in
09:31 the midst of darkness so the news
09:35 spreads and of course it spreads to the
09:38 Pharisees the scribes and they're very
09:42 upset with Jesus they don't keep silent
09:45 they let everyone know their personal
09:47 opinion about Jesus when we look at
09:51 their lives and unfortunately I can see
09:54 in my own life aspects of this religious
09:57 rigid religiosity is how we start
10:03 separating ourselves people in church
10:06 from those and are really in need the
10:09 homeless the drug addicts and alcoholics
10:11 those on Skid Row those that are in
10:14 prostitution houses not just in foreign
10:18 countries but here in the United States
10:20 and so the attitude that's reflected by
10:25 the Pharisees and scribes is that really
10:29 they were no longer carrying God's heart
10:32 of compassion for those that were in
10:34 need
10:37 they weren't even desirous really as you
10:41 can see
10:42 of bringing them into forgiveness and
10:44 restoration so that's kind of like a
10:49 mental check for I don't know anybody
10:51 that's been involved with Church and
10:53 kind of separated themselves what from
10:55 what's happening all around the world so
10:57 who do the religious leader of you as
10:59 sinners we've already talked about that
11:00 I'm not going to go into great detail
11:02 but it's a tactical editors those who
11:05 are considered by religious law and
11:07 society norms is immoral and this is
11:11 what I want to bring in even people with
11:13 certain disabilities and sicknesses and
11:16 diseases were considered among these
11:18 people and I just going to point out one
11:20 scripture only and that's John 9 to his
11:27 own disciples say rabbi who sinned this
11:29 man or his parents that he was born
11:33 blind so they're hearing his own
11:36 disciples are going their sin involved
11:39 their sin involved their sin involved
11:41 who sinned who sinned that was the focus
11:43 of those days if something's wrong with
11:46 you you're sick or diseased or you're
11:48 dying it's somebody soon because Jesus
11:53 ate with the sinners the religious
11:55 leaders viewed Jesus as a compromiser
11:58 one who took sin lightly and in some
12:00 respect was just like them listen to
12:03 what is recorded in Luke 7:30 the Son of
12:06 man has come eating and drinking and you
12:08 say well good glutton and a wine-bibber
12:09 a friend of tax collectors and sinners
12:12 do you see that they're saying hey he
12:16 gets drunk just like all those other
12:17 people he's a little bit too merry you
12:19 know so Jesus's response how did you
12:23 respond the first time in Luke 5 31
12:26 through 22 Jesus answers this accusation
12:29 against him like this those who are well
12:33 have no need of a physician but those
12:36 who are sick I am not come to call the
12:39 righteous but sinners to repentance
12:43 Jesus is saying I'm the great physician
12:46 I've come to bring healing and wholeness
12:48 to those who need a Savior
12:53 to those who need to be saved Jesus is
12:57 not compromising he's not taking sin
13:00 lightly but rather he's bringing light
13:02 and love into a dark dark world among
13:08 the tax collectors and sinners
13:11 he went to Levi's house the tax
13:13 collector
13:14 that was like considered going to a bar
13:16 even probably a prostitution house light
13:23 and love in the midst of darkness Jesus
13:27 hates the kingdom of darkness
13:29 he hates evil when it's done to his
13:31 children he hates sin
13:34 he hates sickness but he loves you he
13:39 loves his children how did Jesus respond
13:43 the second time to the religious leaders
13:45 who murmured against him how do you any
13:47 with the tax collectors and the sinners
13:49 so we see in Luke 15 3 through 32 three
13:53 parables and these three parables can be
13:56 summarized by why Jesus did this by Luke
13:59 19:10 where the Son of man has come to
14:03 seek and to save that which was lost why
14:08 did he come to seek and to save that
14:11 which is lost John 3:16 he's so loved
14:15 the world so we get three parables we
14:18 get the parable the lost sheep the lost
14:20 coin and the lost son so if you are
14:25 completely lost in the kingdom of our
14:27 darkness or just a little lost in an
14:29 area of your life in darkness Jesus
14:33 comes to seek and to save you he will
14:37 leave the ninety-nine behind who are
14:40 doing well to come after you to bring
14:45 you home even if that means carrying you
14:49 on his shoulders like that one lost
14:53 sheep because you don't have strength to
14:56 carry yourself and to bring yourself
14:58 home to him this is
15:02 how the Father loves you in the parable
15:06 of the loving father the third parable
15:09 we find in Luke 15 the father has two
15:12 sons like I was telling you earlier the
15:14 younger son and the elder son the
15:16 younger son asked to receive his portion
15:19 of the inheritance early now can you
15:22 imagine that going up to your dad before
15:25 he dies and says dad you know what I
15:28 really I don't know I really don't care
15:31 so much about you but I do care about
15:33 what you could give me and the loving
15:38 Heavenly Father decides to give the
15:40 inheritance to his younger son as soon
15:47 as his father gives this heritance what
15:50 is the younger son do freedom and he
15:55 ghosted lives in a faraway country where
15:58 he decides that for himself he's gonna
16:01 discover freedom away from his dad's
16:04 rules it's dad's regulations all the
16:07 people that knew him he could be who you
16:10 wanted to be and he does it and he goes
16:15 into a prodigal living lifestyle a
16:18 lifestyle that's far far far from his
16:21 father's word his will his plans his
16:24 desires for his son so this younger son
16:27 when all of his money is spent his
16:30 financial inheritance is completely gone
16:33 then a famine occurs in the land and
16:38 then he falls further and further from
16:42 his father's will and way for his life
16:45 for us this doesn't like mean a lot but
16:49 when we think of pigs and stuff we don't
16:51 think of the best type of lifestyle so
16:54 this Jewish son attaches himself to a
16:56 Gentile pig farmer to make a living
16:58 pigs by Jewish standards are considered
17:01 unclean like Leviticus 11:7 through 80
17:04 they were not to eat their flesh or
17:06 touch their carcasses
17:07 so here the younger son is a Jewish son
17:10 and he's feeding the pigs
17:13 and he realizes that there's no other
17:15 food for him except the pig food I know
17:20 at this moment he comes to himself he
17:23 recognizes where he is at this is not
17:27 who I am this is not who I was created
17:30 to be this is not how my father raised
17:32 me and they remembers his father's house
17:35 and Luke 15:17 there's bread enough and
17:40 despair when he looks at his current
17:42 state that his father has bread and
17:46 bread enough to spare and he's perishing
17:50 with hunger it's at that moment in time
17:52 that he decides to return to his father
17:55 because he has a need he has a need for
17:59 some bread and really we are not told in
18:02 the store if his need goes beyond that
18:04 so I don't know how many of you were
18:06 actually here when I told the testimony
18:09 about my uncle and when he had cancer
18:11 and he calls me on the phone and then he
18:13 didn't know Jesus Christ and I was
18:15 telling him how Jesus could heal him and
18:18 he says but wouldn't I be coming to
18:20 Jesus because I have a need and it was
18:24 like well yeah and he goes well what
18:27 kind of like cloning Jesus into this and
18:30 I'm going like well all of us have needs
18:34 and that's why we come to him all of us
18:36 have a need to be saved and Jesus is our
18:40 Savior so he received Jesus and he
18:42 fortunately was totally healed 100% of
18:46 his cancer and he still serves Jesus to
18:48 this day and I believe he's in his 80s
18:50 now so here we have a father knowing all
19:00 that his son has done and now his
19:04 younger son has decided to come home
19:07 what would you be feeling as a father
19:10 happy
19:14 maybe a little one edge not knowing how
19:18 you should treat your son but this is
19:21 our loving father's response and it's
19:23 recorded in Luke 15 20 it says but when
19:29 the younger son was still o4 far far
19:35 away from home the father saw him and
19:41 the father this rich rich father who had
19:44 tons of servants the father himself
19:48 leaves his place in his home and he runs
19:52 to meet his son and when his son comes
19:58 home to him he embraces him hugs him
20:04 gets really close hangs on a snap kisses
20:09 him and you know he's probably twirling
20:11 around you know and he's so excited
20:15 because his son has come home now what's
20:19 very interesting Jesus is telling this
20:21 this story about father God because
20:25 Jesus wants us to know father God in
20:29 this way he wants us to actually feel
20:34 the embrace of our Father loving us he
20:39 wants us to feel his hug he wants us to
20:42 feel his kiss and you go like that's
20:46 kind of strange - well it's in the story
20:49 and it's in the story for a purpose we
20:52 talked about God's compassion there's
20:53 three aspects we studied last week about
20:56 God's love for us and that's God's
20:58 compassion his mercy and His grace and
21:00 God's compassion is what he feels
21:05 towards us we are created in His image
21:07 and likeness and when we love someone
21:10 there are feelings that are shown the
21:13 father showed the son his feeling of
21:17 coming home and whether you're far away
21:19 off like the prodigal son or just one
21:22 area kind of distant because things have
21:24 happened
21:28 the father wants you to come home and to
21:34 receive his hug his hit kissed tonight
21:36 he wants to love on you in this way so
21:39 you can go there in your imagination
21:41 because the spirit realm is very real
21:45 and we're able to do this in the spirit
21:49 encounter God and His Son Jesus isn't in
21:53 this way is that okay with you guys do
21:56 you understand okay so here's this
21:59 little yes I call it a little yes upon
22:02 the son's heart I have a need I need
22:04 bread and so his repentance isn't
22:07 perfect you know he has the need and he
22:09 knows his father house bread and so he
22:12 comes home and the father goes ahead and
22:16 takes this little act of repentance of
22:18 the son coming home it's not perfect and
22:22 most of our children if they came to us
22:24 it's because they needed have a need to
22:26 be mad at me if they went wayward and he
22:29 says yes yes yes
22:31 the first yes is God's compassion which
22:34 I just shared with you the second yes is
22:38 his mercy and that's where he forgives
22:41 all of our sins now it's interesting the
22:44 prodigal son he says father I have
22:47 sinned against you in your sight and I'm
22:48 no longer worthy to be called your son
22:50 make me like one of your hired servants
22:52 he rehearses us and he rehearses this
22:54 all the way home all the way home what
22:56 is gonna say to his dad how he's so
22:59 unworthy and really if he could just be
23:01 like a servant and when he gets to his
23:04 father he gets the first two parts out
23:06 but the father just cuts in short and we
23:10 think we have to do a full repentance
23:12 and with a bunch of words he cuts them
23:14 short he doesn't want anything to hear
23:16 about you you're gonna be a servant he
23:18 doesn't know you're coming home as my
23:20 son my daughter your child should belong
23:27 to me
23:31 in this second yes God is saying I know
23:34 you've sinned against heaven and against
23:36 me and you no longer feel like you're
23:39 worthy but you don't understand
23:43 the love in my heart for you I've been
23:48 eagerly waiting for your return
23:50 I've been eagerly waiting to show you no
23:54 matter how big you blow it or how little
23:57 you blow it
23:58 my mercy my forgiveness it's always
24:01 there for you I've heard the cry of your
24:04 heart and you are forgiven you are
24:08 forgiven to such an extent as far as the
24:10 East is from the West
24:12 I am NOT gonna remember your sin anymore
24:14 in other words the prodigal son and you
24:18 and I get a clean slate with imperfect
24:21 repentance and I think sometimes at
24:26 least for myself in this area of
24:29 religiosity at least I have been shared
24:33 and told that I needed a perfect
24:35 repentance if I did all these steps and
24:38 said all of these correct sentences that
24:40 God would truly forgive me but if I left
24:42 out one aspect I only be partly forgiven
24:45 but every time I meditate on this story
24:48 God tells me a different story he tells
24:50 me now it's all forgiven even the things
24:54 that you didn't say to me I see your
24:57 heart yes you see it is imperfect and I
25:01 know it's imperfect
25:02 but you're my child you know with
25:04 children when they grow up they don't
25:06 have all the perfect words right we
25:08 think that a child that's growing up has
25:12 to be like the finished product
25:14 no he sees our imperfect acts of
25:17 repentance that's his child
25:18 the third earth yes is God's grace his
25:22 undeserved unmerited favor and blessing
25:27 upon our life and can you imagine when
25:31 the father saw him it was at that moment
25:33 that he decided to return the sons full
25:37 inheritance everything that the son had
25:41 lost on prodigal living
25:45 everything that you feel you've lost
25:48 that could never be restored here's this
25:53 let me restore it let me restore you and
26:00 we know if Joby puts them in a better
26:02 place if we will just receive that love
26:06 that he has for us
26:08 his compassion mercy and grace so what
26:13 does this grace look like in this story
26:15 I see two aspects of his Grace one we
26:20 had the what I call the Royal wardrobe
26:23 that's Jesus's wardrobe when he sees the
26:27 Sun he tells his servants bring out the
26:31 best robe go ahead and put it on him
26:37 this is the robe of righteousness this
26:40 is the isaiah 61:10 robe where he says
26:44 he has clothed me with the garments of
26:45 salvation and the robe of righteousness
26:47 and then he says put a ring on his
26:51 finger and sandals on his feet that ring
26:55 is a signet ring which authorizes that
26:58 son to go ahead and use his father's
27:03 name to have his father's resources at
27:07 his disposal it's like having a joint
27:09 bank account with the richest man in the
27:11 entire world
27:14 that's what the ring did and sandals
27:18 slaves did not wear sandals only sons
27:23 were sandals and Lord says in Galatians
27:27 4 7 you are no longer slave but a son
27:29 and if a son then an heir of the heir of
27:33 God through Christ Jesus you and I are
27:37 no longer slaves to sin sickness
27:40 oppression depression you're no longer a
27:43 slave and you can put in there your name
27:46 as you turn away from that and turn
27:49 towards God
27:51 Romans 8:15 3 says if you're a child in
27:56 your air of God and joint heir with
27:58 Jesus Christ the other thing about the
28:02 father's grace is not only the Royal
28:05 wardrobe but he invites you to his
28:07 banqueting table he tells the servants
28:10 bring out the fatted calf bring it out
28:14 and let us sit down and eat and be merry
28:17 and for me that speaks of the communion
28:21 table the lamb that was slain he says
28:27 here it is I want you to receive the
28:31 fullness of what my son Jesus Christ has
28:35 done for you his body broken for your
28:38 healing your restoration his blood given
28:42 for the forgiveness of your sins so not
28:46 only does he give the Royal wardrobe
28:49 which gives us that robe of
28:50 righteousness gives us the right to sit
28:53 down with Jesus and have it a meal with
28:57 him
28:58 Jesus is it so interesting about all
29:00 this banqueting stuff the elder sons
29:03 going like wait a minute the younger son
29:08 he's able to go ahead and he's having
29:10 this big party be thrown for him and I
29:13 don't bathe the father all these years
29:15 why am I not getting that party look 15
29:19 30 it says to the elder son he says hey
29:23 he says all that I have is yours he says
29:29 you could be going ahead and giving the
29:32 fatted calves and having them slain and
29:35 you can be inviting your friends to this
29:36 base wooden table in fact it's very
29:39 interesting in Luke 14 Jesus actually
29:42 goes to a Pharisees house and Jesus he
29:48 sits down with the Pharisees and the
29:50 Pharisees friends and then twice he
29:54 tells them you know what all you guys
29:56 are doing is sitting around and patting
29:58 yourselves on the back he goes when you
30:03 sit down he's telling the religious
30:05 leaders of that day when you sit down I
30:07 want you to go ahead and invite the lame
30:11 the poor the blind those in need and I
30:15 want you to sit down then he says you
30:17 know what you know there's a heavenly
30:20 banquet going on and those that I have
30:24 invited are not coming he says so I want
30:28 you to go out and invite the poor the
30:33 lame the blind he's telling the
30:35 religious leaders that in this parable
30:39 Luke 15 he's telling us he threw the
30:44 elder son what he's speaking to him he's
30:47 speaking when he talks about the elder
30:49 son he's speaking to the Pharisees and
30:50 scribes just what he told them in Luke
30:52 14 he's telling him the same thing that
30:56 now through a parable he says all I have
31:00 is yours you don't have to be jealous
31:01 that's what's happening to the younger
31:04 son now we as Christians when we see it
31:06 might not even be like somebody that's
31:10 gone wayward it's just somebody in our
31:11 own Christian family or in our own
31:14 church family and we're seeing wow
31:16 they're giving this party and they're
31:18 having this done and that done for them
31:20 and you know people are applauding or
31:23 whatever and we get jealous of that and
31:26 go god you're not doing that for me look
31:29 at me just like the elder sunset look at
31:32 me look at all these things that I've
31:34 done for you and it's interesting in
31:36 this story Jesus takes it to this extent
31:38 of the elder son saying this you know
31:43 I've never sinned against you and we
31:48 know that's a lie because the Bible says
31:50 each one of us has sinned and fallen
31:52 short they just didn't see their sin and
31:55 therefore they weren't drawn to the
31:58 message of Jesus these people the tax
32:01 collectors and sinners the prodigal son
32:03 saw their sin and therefore they were
32:06 attracted to Jesus okay one of the
32:13 things I want to tell you because it's
32:14 coming from my own personal experience
32:17 that this story of Luke says
32:18 team is the enemies that keep you from
32:21 coming to God's banqueting table one of
32:25 the greatest enemies that you have is
32:27 the enemy that tells you for one reason
32:29 or another that you aren't worthy to
32:32 come that you have been disqualified
32:35 there's a voice within just like we see
32:38 in the younger son where he says huh I'm
32:42 gonna rise and go to my father's house
32:43 I'm gonna tell him I sinned against him
32:45 double blah blah blah blah and I'm gonna
32:48 tell him I just want to be a servant so
32:51 he was believing something about himself
32:53 that the father didn't want him to
32:55 believe and he was disqualifying himself
32:59 from being able to eat at that
33:00 banqueting table before I even got home
33:03 and then there's the voice from without
33:06 and that's the elder son who was
33:08 inferring that the younger son was
33:10 missing it he wasn't as qualified as the
33:16 elder son so he says look at me he says
33:20 in Luke 15 20 I've never transgressed
33:22 your commandment I've done everything
33:24 you've told me to do and you weren't
33:26 giving me this fatted calf
33:28 don't you know the younger son who slept
33:29 with other people hee hee you know
33:32 wasted his money on prostitution and you
33:35 killed the fatted calf for him so you
33:37 can see the voices that happen it comes
33:41 from within and it comes from without
33:43 but this you got to see a very source of
33:47 the voices is Satan himself when you
33:51 hear these negative accusations and
33:54 combinations and it seems like it's
33:57 coming from within it's really Satan
34:01 going yes hordes of them thousands of
34:06 them but she come in this church they
34:07 sometimes they'll even come in and they
34:09 sit and they just they're listening and
34:11 they're yakking into your ear and as you
34:14 come into agreement with them then you
34:17 believe something other than the Father
34:18 wants you to believe about his love and
34:21 about yourself and then would I just oh
34:24 I've seen it happened way too many times
34:27 and I can't stand it
34:29 and I don't like it even when I see it
34:32 come through
34:32 myself it's when we go ahead and use our
34:37 own voice to accuse and condemn and tell
34:41 people if one fashion directly or
34:44 indirectly you know what you you don't
34:49 you see your sin you were just involved
34:52 with X Y & Z you're not qualified
34:56 there's no way in fact the religious
35:00 people nowadays will say you need to do
35:02 a 150 step program of all these things
35:07 before you're able to sit down uh-huh
35:12 there's only one thing that qualifies
35:14 you and that's what that red tablecloth
35:16 represents and that's the blood of Jesus
35:18 that qualifies you to sit down when
35:21 these times come with all these yakety
35:24 voices within and without you must
35:26 remember that God is giving you his
35:29 royal robe his signet ring and his
35:35 sandals he has dressed you and clothed
35:38 you in Jesus Christ and you are more
35:41 than qualified to sit at his right hand
35:47 in Christ Jesus far above every
35:50 principality power might in dominion
35:52 above every voice that is trying to tell
35:55 you get down down down down don't come
36:01 up
36:02 you must remember that you're under the
36:04 new covenant of God's grace a covenant
36:07 that the elder son did not understand
36:09 and a covenant that many of us still
36:13 don't understand and are not living in
36:16 the fullness F why did the father the
36:19 loving father in Luke 15 why does he
36:23 react why does he say these kind of
36:26 things
36:27 Ephesians 2:4 but God is rich rich in
36:31 mercy because of his great great love in
36:35 which he loved us what are the issues of
36:39 the younger said did he have to work
36:41 through the all the issues and I've
36:42 already kind of
36:44 let you know he didn't win it says he
36:48 was a great way off and his father saw
36:51 him this is not just a physical distance
36:53 I believe but a spiritual distance yeah
36:56 he had tons of issues that were still
36:59 going on in his thought life just like
37:03 the Egyptians when they left Egypt right
37:07 but that doesn't prevent you don't have
37:11 to be all cleaned up in your soul before
37:15 you sit down the Lord is looking at your
37:18 spirit he see that you that you are holy
37:20 as he is holy there's things in your
37:25 soul it's only when you sit down and you
37:28 start dining with King Jesus and you
37:31 start being saturated in your love that
37:34 you're able then to actually be
37:36 transformed into his image and likeness
37:42 there's no lasting change I can verify
37:46 that for real like there's no lasting
37:48 change that comes when I try to do the
37:52 story and work it out in my own life and
37:54 that's what not what I'm trying to tell
37:56 you I'm not trying to tell you to be
37:58 like one person or do this or do that
38:00 what I want you to recent and tonight
38:04 his number one thing of this story is
38:06 and the number one thing that Jesus is
38:09 saying he goes saturate yourself in the
38:15 truth of my love not the lies you have
38:19 come to believe saturate yourself with
38:24 my compassion saturate yourself with my
38:28 forgiveness my mercy saturate yourself
38:31 with this idea of this limitless grace
38:36 that's so huge and so expansive that we
38:40 are going to be going ahead and
38:41 discovering it for all of eternity the
38:46 elder son is God's kind of precautions
38:50 to us he's telling us through the elder
38:52 said stop trying to earn what you have
38:55 already sweets
38:56 sieved truck stop trying to earn the
39:01 Royal wardrobe the older son Jesus said
39:07 all I have is yours so he had the Royal
39:10 wardrobe so what prevented him from
39:13 coming and eating I believe he didn't
39:17 put it on why do I believe that because
39:20 I fail to walk in that right that I am
39:26 righteous 100% clean holy that's if the
39:31 robe that Jesus gave me then I'm truly
39:34 his child and he would do everything and
39:36 anything for me the signet ring of
39:40 authority and power that I can go ahead
39:43 and I can speak and say as Jesus spoken
39:47 said the elder son is God's warning to
39:52 us he says stop trying to earn the right
39:57 to sit down at the banquet table to
39:59 partake of my love the body and blood of
40:02 Jesus Christ stop trying to get what you
40:07 already got and start thanking me for
40:10 what you have
40:12 stop trying to earn my love my mercy my
40:19 compassion and grace I've given it to
40:22 you I gave him my son and all that
40:28 belongs to my son Jesus Christ belongs
40:32 to you the most succinct version of what
40:37 Jesus has given us is in Psalm 103
40:39 verses three through five
40:43 stop trying to offer the sacrifice of
40:46 atonement a sacrifice that it's no
40:50 longer yours to give because the
40:54 sacrificial atonement has been given
40:57 once and for all through Jesus Christ
40:59 what's a sacrifice of atonement sous
41:04 sacrifices atonement is a
41:06 sacrifice that says I need to do
41:09 something to pay for my sins I need to
41:12 put myself in timeout for a while I need
41:18 to make it up I need to qualify myself
41:26 instead of trying to offer a sacrifice
41:28 of atonement let us offer a sacrifice a
41:34 Thanksgiving of price and a sacrifice of
41:38 joy you look in Hebrews 13:5 for that
41:43 and throughout Luke Jesus in the three
41:48 parables he says to the scribes and the
41:53 Pharisees he says you know when I come
41:57 back with this sheet this one sheep on
42:00 my shoulder and I found it I want you to
42:04 rejoice with me he says when I find that
42:09 lost coin I want you to rejoice when I
42:16 find my lost son and he's restored to me
42:19 I want you to rejoice it's a sacrifice
42:23 to rejoice when you don't have a change
42:26 of circumstances and I know that
42:29 thoroughly but I decided in the midst of
42:34 my really the roughest time in my life
42:39 to go ahead and embrace joy to look in
42:43 the mirror and to do what I didn't feel
42:46 like doing to smile to thank God
42:51 to begin smiling and giving hugs away to
42:54 other people when I didn't feel like it
42:58 to offer the sacrifice that joy means
43:01 that we are coming into agreement with
43:03 the body and blood of Jesus Christ and
43:06 what he has done it's only when we fully
43:09 received the love of God receive what
43:14 Jesus has done
43:16 that we will truly rejoice we'll be able
43:20 to rejoice by faith in what we yet do
43:24 not see we'll be able to rejoice in the
43:27 love that he has for us an offering of
43:35 thanksgiving needs to not only include
43:37 your words thank you father but
43:40 attitudes and actions that speak louder
43:42 than words when you say no to sin and
43:47 yes to God when you start to work
43:50 through the issues of life when you
43:54 think speak and act according to the
43:57 Word of God and not the negative reports
43:59 and negative feelings you have you do
44:03 this not as a sacrifice of atonement to
44:06 earn anything or qualify yourself for
44:09 your salvation your healing your freedom
44:11 your deliverance your needs being met
44:13 you do this rather as a sacrifice of
44:17 Thanksgiving to God
44:20 your offering of thanksgiving of praise
44:25 of joy to God needs to be rooted and
44:28 grounded in God's love for you his mercy
44:31 compassion and grace is shown to you
44:34 through the cross so I'm going to end
44:38 there with a word and then I'm gonna
44:40 invite you all to come out to the
44:44 communion table no matter if you feel
44:46 like you're far away like the prodigal
44:50 son and you've really blown it totally
44:55 or just one area of your life where
44:57 circumstances have really really caused
45:01 you
45:05 to not come to Jesus because why did it
45:11 happen would it have been different if
45:15 you really loved me
45:17 God wants to to restore the relationship
45:22 he has with you perhaps you're like the
45:26 elder son and you feel like you have it
45:28 all together he wants to tell you
45:34 tonight
45:35 don't be jealous of what you see of
45:37 those around you that have what you want
45:40 to have it says in Luke 15 30 all I have
45:47 is yours so remember that Jesus is
45:50 speaking this Pharisee to two groups of
45:53 people you might find yourself in one
45:57 extreme or the other or you might find
46:01 yourself closer to the middle of
46:03 extremes but wherever you find yourself
46:06 God invites you and he wants you to
46:11 receive his love his mercy his
46:15 compassionate grace the fullness of it
46:17 and he wants you to live loved to abide
46:20 in his love and this is really his
46:25 Valentine's card
46:28 his Valentines wish his Valentine words
46:31 for you and I this week during
46:34 Valentine's week so let us pray father I
46:38 thank you so much for this parable that
46:41 you gave to us through your son Jesus
46:43 Christ a parable that has transformed my
46:46 life and father I pray right now that
46:51 each person here would be able to
46:53 receive it only ways that you can father
46:57 open their hearts to receive your love
47:01 for them so father we thank you for
47:06 giving us the most valuable person to
47:12 you and that was Jesus because you
47:14 consider each one of us of equal value
47:19 and so father we say thank you we love
47:23 you in Jesus name Amen


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