Recognizing God’s Voice

God interjects His thoughts into our hearts.  As they bubble up spontaneously from our heart and into our mind, we can learn to distinguish His voice from our own voice or that of the devil.  In this session you will be given to understand the qualities of God’s thoughts and be able to practice hearing and writing the spontaneous thoughts that come to your mind as you meditate on Psalm 139


Video Transcript

00:00 but we're really thankful that you're
00:02 it's this as much as it's something for
00:05 you it's something for us to be able to
00:07 share this because the Lord has really
00:08 been touching our lives over the years
00:11 as we learned to hear his voice better
00:13 so we just want to share that everyone
00:14 yeah yeah so tonight we're topic is
00:17 recognizing God's voice as spontaneous
00:19 thoughts our names are Michael and
00:21 normal at insky and we are from kingdom
00:23 partners and this is how to hear God's
00:25 voice
00:26 session for now just a second ago was we
00:33 thrilled to see or be or many people
00:35 raised their hands that you've been
00:36 practicing hearing God's voice and it's
00:38 been two weeks and so we hope you
00:40 haven't you know that has to follow it
00:42 off and you've forgotten too much and so
00:44 what we want to do first is remember the
00:47 Hansons and the four keys all right so
00:50 let's do it together what's the first
00:52 one quiet yourself down you guys have to
00:56 say it not only do it quiet we're safe
00:59 down focus your eyes on Jesus
01:03 tune in to spontaneity and journaling
01:07 one more time quiet yourself down to
01:12 focus your eyes on Jesus tune to
01:16 spontaneity and journaling so tonight
01:20 we're actually going to talk about
01:22 spontaneity which is one of the main or
01:24 keys that we've been sharing all the
01:27 time now
01:28 you puppy although the word Rhema you
01:31 probably heard that that's a brief word
01:32 and it means to hear a spoken word and
01:37 when we hear God's voice God's voice
01:40 comes to us is a spontaneous impressions
01:44 thoughts words in our mind maybe a
01:48 scripture sometimes a picture but it
01:51 comes spontaneously and that's very
01:54 different than our natural thoughts the
01:57 way we think we're very analytical we
02:00 look at things we observe them and so I
02:03 would say that the thoughts that come
02:05 into our mind that are
02:06 are often very analytical but the
02:09 thoughts that come from our heart that
02:12 is the thoughts from the spirit those
02:14 are the thoughts that are spontaneous
02:16 they kind of miss the light in your mind
02:18 you know they're very gentle now we're
02:22 going to talk about meditation biblical
02:24 meditation which I'm sure you've all
02:26 heard and probably practice and what my
02:29 biblical meditation is is a combination
02:33 of our analytical thoughts our thoughts
02:37 are in analysis and spontaneity
02:40 spontaneous thoughts and so norm is
02:43 gonna start talking and trying to give
02:44 you a handle on okay you should all have
02:47 the handout so I want you to follow
02:48 along with the handout notes okay
02:50 they're pretty complete and you won't
02:52 have to take notes that way
02:53 so okay point be spontaneous thoughts
02:57 are the voice of the spirit world and
02:59 not all thoughts though in our minds
03:02 originate from us they can come from
03:04 your flesh your human mind they can have
03:07 a demonic origin or they can come from
03:10 the Holy Spirit and so I don't know
03:12 about you but I'd really have more
03:13 thoughts that rather have more thoughts
03:14 from the Holy Spirit than the other two
03:16 options so the Hebrew word for
03:18 intercession is pukka which means to
03:22 strike or light upon by chance or an
03:25 accidental intersecting isn't that
03:27 interesting I never knew that's what
03:28 intercession means but it's actually
03:31 when you're when you're praying for
03:32 somebody
03:32 have you noticed this is particularly
03:34 for those of you that are on the
03:35 ministry team usually somebody comes in
03:37 they tell you what it is they want
03:39 prayer for and you find that you may go
03:42 off in a completely different direction
03:43 right because that's what the Holy
03:45 Spirit is showing you his spontaneous
03:47 thoughts are what really needs to be
03:49 prayed and so that's why it's important
03:51 to be able to tune into it that I in
03:53 ideas that that strike or light upon
03:56 your your mind by chance or you
03:58 accidentally fall you know intersect
04:00 them the Hebrew word for prophesy is
04:03 neva which means to bubble up like a
04:06 spring of water the river of the Holy
04:08 Spirit is flowing within the believers
04:11 heart and it's not forced it just flows
04:14 out and Jesus said in John 7:37 and 38
04:18 if anyone is thirsty let him come to me
04:20 and
04:20 drink he who believes in me as the
04:23 scripture has said out of his heart will
04:25 flow rivers of living water so if you
04:28 want to hear from God you need to one be
04:31 thirsty you need to come to him that's
04:33 the focusing part right so it's really
04:35 the these are the four steps
04:37 it's stillness focusing on Jesus or you
04:41 know you don't have to necessarily do it
04:43 when it first one every spontaneous
04:45 thought to come into your mind then you
04:46 have but you have to be tuned to flow
04:48 that's the drink part and as Jesus said
04:51 he promised then he you believes out of
04:53 your heart will flow rivers of living
04:54 water otherwise known as God's thoughts
04:57 so in contrast the word for prophecy is
05:01 zeod which means to boil up or cook up
05:04 it's done by the human will or flesh so
05:08 if it's like you're trying to make it
05:10 happen and crank it up it's probably not
05:12 God's thoughts God's thoughts will just
05:14 come kind of bubbling up very very
05:16 gently into your mind and because we're
05:20 joined with the Holy Spirit we're
05:21 actually grafted into the vine and Jesus
05:25 said I am the vine you are the branches
05:26 so if you think about it branches don't
05:29 have to work to produce fruit do they
05:31 because they're grafted into the vine
05:34 and the vine is the life source and so
05:36 it should be that way with us too if
05:38 we're walking in the spirit the these
05:40 things that just naturally flow from us
05:42 we should be in tune with the Holy
05:43 Spirit hopefully as much as possible now
05:47 to hear God's voice you need to move
05:49 from what mark ver clear calls
05:50 analytical reasoning to spontaneous flow
05:55 in your heart or spirit and I'll give
05:57 you a couple of examples from my own
05:59 life that I imagine you can probably
06:02 relate to all right we were driving here
06:05 this evening and somebody was driving
06:08 really poorly in front of us and so we
06:11 both got man what a
06:12 you know I know the way that I learned
06:15 that drive and then the thought came to
06:17 me that wasn't very nice okay so that
06:21 was not my thought that was the Holy
06:23 Spirit spontaneously correcting me and
06:25 I'll give you another thought also
06:27 equally embarrassing how many of you
06:30 have ever seen and we have a lot
06:32 there's certain corners and in places
06:35 where homeless people hang out with
06:37 their sign that they want money and
06:40 there's one shopping area in particular
06:42 where we have a lot of those people had
06:44 spent the Hangout and almost every store
06:47 in the shopping area has a sign out in
06:49 front saying Help Wanted so I see one of
06:51 these guys and my first thought is why
06:53 don't you just get a job there's plenty
06:56 of them out there okay that's clearly my
06:58 flesh and then I get a spontaneous
07:00 thought saying why don't you pray for
07:02 that person to come to know me so that
07:05 would be an example of being intersected
07:07 with a much more positive thought than
07:10 my own that would be a God thought for
07:12 sure so let's talk about this is a Roman
07:14 numeral to qualities of God's thoughts
07:16 interjected into your heart they're like
07:19 your own thoughts except that you sense
07:20 that they're coming from your heart not
07:22 from your brain not from your head and
07:23 like we mentioned they're going to be
07:25 spontaneous and you're not going to
07:26 think about them very deeply they're
07:29 just gonna like appear in your mind the
07:31 first time I ever heard God's voice we
07:33 had been saved for about I don't know a
07:36 few weeks and the gal that had led us to
07:39 the Lord she was always saying God told
07:41 me this and God told me that and I was
07:43 really jealous I wanted God to speak to
07:45 me - and one day I was just in our
07:48 bedroom and all of a sudden I get this
07:49 thought and it was kind of like encased
07:51 in a bubble it was that clear it was
07:54 it's time for you to go to church and I
07:57 had never been to church in my life and
07:59 I'm you know we're both from Jewish
08:00 background so that was clearly not my
08:02 thought but I knew that I knew that I
08:04 knew that it was God's thought and so we
08:07 were obedient and hey we were going to
08:08 church ever since anyway
08:11 they often come as God speaking to you
08:13 in the first person now you'll notice
08:15 this in your 2-way journaling not only
08:18 were the Lord speak to you by name he'll
08:20 say Michael my son or Norma my daughter
08:23 or sue my precious child something like
08:26 that he tends to to speak to us that way
08:29 but he'll also speak in the first person
08:31 I I want you to know this I want to tell
08:35 you that my thoughts about this
08:38 situation so it's very personal and
08:40 God's thoughts are often lice light and
08:43 gentle and they will be easily cut off
08:45 by
08:45 the exertion of self your own thoughts
08:48 your own judgments your own will can
08:50 easily cut them to cut them off so
08:52 that's why you have to just receive
08:54 without judging especially when you're
08:56 journaling you just let it you just let
08:58 it flow whatever the thoughts that are
09:00 coming into your mind you just write
09:01 them down and don't worry about the
09:03 spelling or the grammar is this God or
09:05 is this me that you you deal with that
09:07 later
09:08 okay and this I think is very important
09:11 they have an unusual content to them
09:13 they're going to be wiser more loving
09:16 more motive oriented than your own
09:19 thoughts because God is frankly nicer
09:22 than we are
09:23 he really is nice you know we always
09:25 talking about how God is good he really
09:28 is good he's really nice he's really
09:30 kind he's really loving and God's
09:33 thoughts will cause a reaction within
09:34 your being such as a sense of excitement
09:37 conviction could be faith pleasure ah
09:39 peace you know could be any number of it
09:42 for different reactions but when you
09:44 embrace the thoughts when you actually
09:46 follow through with them they will carry
09:49 with them the strength to do what God is
09:52 calling you to do and also you feel
09:56 really good about it
09:57 you know like sometimes God will call it
09:59 causes to change a habit that's an
10:01 unproductive habit for me personally
10:04 when unproductive habit was going to the
10:07 internet first thing in the morning to
10:08 check my email and read Facebook and
10:11 other things like that and he kept
10:13 telling me I want you to spend the first
10:14 part of your day with me and it was a
10:17 bit of a struggle I'll tell you that
10:18 because it was a bad habit I was in but
10:20 you know when you do it you just feel
10:23 better your day goes better everything
10:24 is better when you're being obedient to
10:26 God so sometimes he will give you
10:30 convicting thoughts but they're always
10:32 going to come to you in a way that will
10:33 not make you feel bad about yourself
10:35 they'll just be helpful and he'll also
10:38 give you the Holy Spirit power to do
10:40 whatever it is he's causing and calling
10:42 you to do in time your spiritual senses
10:45 will be trained and you'll be more
10:47 easily and frequently able to experience
10:50 God speaking to you in this way you
10:52 won't have to think about it too much
10:54 you'll just recognize that was a God
10:56 thought I guess I better pay attention
10:58 to that
10:59 people can have creative flashes of
11:02 insight from the Lord or destructive
11:04 flashes of thoughts from the enemy let
11:06 me give you an example of a destructive
11:08 thought it could be a pornographic image
11:11 come into your mind thoughts of violence
11:14 harm vengeance things like that and when
11:16 many years ago this is like the most
11:18 extreme example I could think of for our
11:20 own lives it was so crazy we were at a
11:23 conference in San Diego many years ago
11:25 and we were in a fairly high-rise hotel
11:27 with a balcony and Mike stepped out onto
11:30 the balcony and he gets this thought in
11:32 his mind jump off we knew this was not
11:38 God it was completely out of the blue so
11:41 ridiculous but you know we need to
11:43 recognize when God when that the enemy
11:45 is putting a thought in our mind
11:47 I work with students with disabilities
11:49 at Moorpark College and and many of them
11:52 come in very traumatized with a lot of
11:55 mental health problems and some of them
11:58 are you know self harming they cut and
12:00 they do stuff like that and what do you
12:02 think those thoughts come from those
12:04 they're coming from the enemy but the
12:07 these students don't recognize it you
12:09 know they think oh this is my thought
12:11 and they'll they may often act it out
12:13 and so that's bad those are destructive
12:16 thoughts we want to not pay attention to
12:18 those in fact you want to rebuke the
12:20 enemy when those kinds of thoughts come
12:21 and then but in contrast you can have
12:24 these wonderful creative flashes from
12:26 the holy spirit they they're just they
12:28 just come to you spontaneously one of
12:30 our favorite ones is the story of the
12:33 miracle man or the what was that the
12:35 john deere miracle man that was it this
12:37 is the John Deere tractors used to have
12:39 a problem of not being able to stop once
12:41 they started and they would tend to run
12:43 over people which was not good and so we
12:46 knew this guy who worked for John Deere
12:48 and in the middle of the night he wakes
12:51 up and God gave him the solution and so
12:54 he wrote it down took him took it to the
12:56 executives and they go wow this is just
12:58 what we've been looking for
12:59 so they implemented it and and it now
13:02 now John done your John Deere to excuse
13:06 me John Deere tractors that's a tongue
13:08 twister I do not run over people anymore
13:12 so he's that's why they call him the
13:13 miracle man and those of you that are
13:16 musical that write music like Wes and
13:19 other people here Laura don't them it
13:23 doesn't the music just kind of come to
13:24 you spontaneously you don't have to sit
13:26 there and go make this happen I got to
13:29 make this happen know that just like
13:31 itll is kind of flow to you the lyrics
13:33 and the melodies those are spontaneous
13:36 spontaneous downloads creative downloads
13:39 for those of us that are Bible teachers
13:41 you know how it just I just kind of know
13:43 how to organize my thoughts
13:45 they'll just when I sit down and they'll
13:47 just kind of flow you know what I'm
13:48 talking about sue right you don't have
13:49 to crank it up it just flows so let me
13:53 give you some some examples of
13:55 spontaneity in our own lives when this
13:59 one happens to everyone very commonly
14:02 you're reading the Bible and suddenly
14:03 you get to a verse that just really
14:05 there's just something behind it you
14:07 know just kind of we say it jumps off
14:08 the page or it's highlighted or whatever
14:10 and you just realize that's the Holy
14:12 Spirit highlighting that for you so it's
14:15 something you need to tune into and ask
14:17 the Lord what is it you want to say to
14:18 me here sometimes we'll have just a
14:21 person's name or face just pop into our
14:24 mind right and what we need to do is say
14:27 Lord what do you want me to do and a lot
14:30 of times you just it's just I want you
14:31 to pray for that person and you may find
14:33 out later on that at that same time that
14:36 person really needed prayer exactly it
14:39 was that one of those intersections
14:40 where God the Holy Spirit was showing
14:43 you something that you needed to
14:44 intercede about have you ever had the
14:47 experience of you're driving along on
14:49 the freeway and then you just get this
14:50 random thought change lanes
14:52 change lanes well I have learned to pay
14:55 attention to that because one time I was
14:58 on the 101 just barreling along and I
15:01 get this thought change lanes change
15:04 lanes okay so I changed lanes and you
15:07 know what there was a pileup in the lane
15:09 that I would have been in I would been
15:10 right in the middle that crash so these
15:13 kinds of spontaneous thoughts we need to
15:15 be able to pay attention to them and
15:17 because they can be so significant one
15:20 time I was working in the children's
15:23 ministry
15:24 and it was probably like the toddlers or
15:26 the elementary school kids and I was the
15:30 assistant not the teacher but one of the
15:32 kids asked to explain the Trinity Wow
15:36 I mean most adults we can't even explain
15:38 it too coherently but the Lord gave me
15:40 this cool spontaneous idea there was a
15:42 little jar of play-doh in the room and
15:45 so I took a ball play-doh out and he had
15:49 me he just said well just just break it
15:50 into three different balls and okay
15:53 here's the father here's the son here's
15:54 the Holy Spirit and then we put them all
15:56 back together into one and look at that
16:00 they're separate but they're all the
16:02 same they're all the same content
16:04 they're all the same material and that
16:07 kind of explained it to the kids and I
16:09 was kind of blown away because I never
16:10 thought about that before and then the
16:13 last story that I'll tell you well I'll
16:14 tell you about Michael was a research
16:16 scientist at UCLA for many years and you
16:19 know in doing research you're always
16:20 running into problems and so he would
16:23 just pray and ask the Lord and God would
16:25 give him solutions true yeah yes it
16:28 definitely helps as you know it really
16:30 helps everything that you do if you can
16:32 tune in to the Holy Spirit my last
16:33 example I'll give you is Sam the Lord
16:37 can give you spontaneous thoughts for
16:38 other people when you're least expecting
16:40 it one day well back up we have some
16:43 friends who are missionaries for a long
16:46 time missionaries for Jews for Jesus and
16:48 they've been stationed in Europe and
16:50 they what they they move from country to
16:52 country after establishing a
16:54 headquarters and so I don't even think I
16:58 knew that they were thinking about
17:00 moving but I'm putting clothes in the
17:02 dryer and all of a sudden I get this
17:04 idea avi and Ruth need to live in they
17:07 need to move to Budapest and so I
17:10 emailed him I said where are you guys
17:12 thinking about moving I because I got
17:14 this thought that you should be in
17:15 Budapest and he emails me right back and
17:17 he goes that is a confirmation that's
17:19 exactly what we've been thinking so that
17:22 was that was pretty fun so that's what
17:24 it's just really fun to be able to tune
17:27 into the spontaneous thoughts of God and
17:30 and see what he take where he takes you
17:32 I mean I know people that the Lord will
17:34 will actually tell them I want you what
17:36 Lin you're a perfect example remember
17:37 when the Lord told you to pack a lunch
17:39 or pack some lunches and go to this park
17:42 and it was it's a too long of a story to
17:45 tell you but it was a beautiful
17:47 encounter that he had planned for a
17:49 woman who had he'll was out of food and
17:52 she was expecting company wasn't that it
17:54 and she prayed that morning she says God
17:57 you need to send me food so I can have
17:59 my guests and so he spoke to Lynn and
18:02 she made lunch and then connected her
18:04 with this person that she didn't even
18:05 know he was is it was really really a
18:08 lovely story so fun things can happen
18:10 when we're listening to the voice of God
18:12 okay I want you to but now let's look at
18:15 in your notes there's Roman numeral
18:16 three Bible study and meditation
18:18 now you're gonna be surprised to hear
18:21 this but the Bible does not advocate
18:23 study in the way that we usually think
18:26 of it but as a very intellectual
18:29 analytical activity God instead wants us
18:31 to meditate on his word in fact we're
18:35 told 18 times in the Bible that we're
18:38 supposed to meditate on the scripture
18:39 and only once is the word study used and
18:44 here's the verse Ecclesiastes 1212 says
18:48 too much study causes weariness of the
18:50 flesh so that's not really a great
18:53 endorsement of study is it in 1st
18:57 Thessalonians 4:11 in the King James
18:59 Version King James Version it says study
19:02 to lead a quiet and peaceful life
19:04 well King James Version was written a
19:07 long time ago we have a much better
19:09 understanding of Hebrew now if you read
19:11 the New King James Version it says
19:13 aspire to lead a quiet and peaceful life
19:16 very different than study similarly and
19:19 second Timothy 2:15 the old King James
19:22 King James Version says study to present
19:25 yourself approved but the more modern
19:27 translation says it means be diligent to
19:30 present yourself approved so we don't
19:33 really need to study the Bible that
19:35 isn't the goal don't get me wrong I
19:39 study the Bible I love to study the
19:40 Bible ok it's good but knowing the fact
19:43 isn't the goal knowing the author is the
19:46 goal right and that's how and it's Bible
19:49 meditation spending time with the Lord
19:51 is what's going to get you there so
19:55 reading and meditation on the word
19:58 releases revelation while study brings
20:01 information and we want God to speak to
20:05 us through the word and the Holy Spirit
20:07 is our teacher and this is 2-way
20:09 journaling is really fun for this and
20:11 we're actually going to do a an exercise
20:14 in just a few minutes and so for me
20:16 personally when I have my quiet time my
20:18 devotional time with the Lord mice by
20:20 jumping off point is always the word it
20:23 just helps me to get grounded to get
20:25 focused on the Lord
20:26 I don't just necessarily sit down and
20:28 say Lord what do you want to say to me
20:30 today and then journal it out I usually
20:32 I usually read the read the word first
20:34 so I you know that would be my
20:36 recommendation because we do want to be
20:38 people to a word we need to know the
20:39 word but we need to not just know the
20:41 facts we need to have the teacher the
20:44 counselor be taking those words and
20:48 bringing life to them spontaneously yet
20:56 today when I was spending time with the
20:57 Lord I was reading about not wait
21:03 thinking much about that and then I went
21:05 to a time of journaling and guess what
21:07 my journaling is on how to walk in the
21:09 spirit and I had actually a couple pages
21:11 of them talking particularly me about
21:14 how I'm supposed to walk in the spirit
21:16 so that's an example of how you can get
21:20 something from the word and northing
21:21 expanded we're gonna actually I'm gonna
21:25 read to you a section preface me
21:27 journaling from one of mark Gertler
21:29 students this is from an assignment that
21:33 he gave because it says in Joshua 1:8
21:36 meditate on the word day and night that
21:39 means really spend time meditating on
21:42 the word so this is from the assignment
21:46 was to read Galatians 3
21:49 which says for all of you who were
21:51 baptized into Christ have clothed
21:53 yourselves with Christ that's a great
21:56 verse but what does it mean free you
21:59 personally and so with our curricular
22:01 did is he challenged the students to ask
22:04 the Lord what do you want to say to me
22:06 about Galatians 3:27 now you have this
22:10 but I'm going to read it I want you kind
22:11 of just to let these words sink in
22:14 because this is actually this is
22:16 personal prophecy to their writing the
22:18 person who was journaling yet but this
22:20 is something I think all of us can pay
22:22 attention to and so this is what the
22:25 student wrote each follower of me looks
22:27 like me
22:28 you have your individual personalities
22:31 and physical characteristics but in the
22:33 spirit you look like me what do I look
22:37 like gentle patient kind considerate and
22:41 loving not self-seeking your you've been
22:45 baptized by water and the spirit
22:47 you all look the same to me clean washed
22:51 forgiven and beautiful I don't see your
22:55 flaws I see your potential I always have
22:59 hope for you I never give up on you I
23:02 never fail you
23:04 you have purposely chosen me chosen to
23:07 put on my characteristics
23:09 you've been washed clean from your old
23:12 ways and put on a new garment of praise
23:14 a new garment of goodness that's how I
23:18 see you with clean garments always clean
23:22 how do I act with love and understanding
23:25 I will stop what I'm doing for you I
23:30 will take the time to listen to you to
23:33 heal you and pray for you I am never too
23:37 busy for you
23:38 I give you my garment my clean white
23:42 washed garment I give you myself
23:45 everything
23:48 I give you my goodness I love my
23:51 faithfulness I invite you to put on
23:54 everything I have to give you every good
23:58 thing you have this right as my child my
24:04 follower to put this on you make a
24:07 conscious choice to clothe yourself with
24:09 my attributes you readily take what I
24:13 have to give you with joy you see the
24:17 blessing in this rejoice my child
24:20 delight in wearing my garment like a
24:22 child delights to dress up each day put
24:27 on this garment my god wear it like it
24:31 is your own because it is it is mine but
24:35 you own it I give it to you like Jacob
24:40 gave his favorite son Joseph a beautiful
24:42 garment because he loved him I took this
24:45 to you you are my favorite child all of
24:51 you are my favorite child
24:52 there is no favoritism with me one is
24:56 not better than the other are more
24:57 important you are all important to me
25:06 now that's a journal entry of God's love
25:11 that came from one verse to sitting and
25:16 meditating on that verse and letting the
25:17 Lord speak to you and that's what we
25:20 want to do we want to learn how to do
25:22 that so that we can confidently
25:25 and on the scripture and the Lord will
25:28 speak to us so guess what we get to try
25:31 it now you'll see the last page I think
25:36 it's on the back of your notes is Psalm
25:38 139 and what we're gonna have you do is
25:44 take the next few minutes yet 15 minutes
25:48 to do this and so there's no rush and
25:51 we're gonna want you to read through
25:53 this and meditate as you read so the
25:58 first thing when you start to read you
26:00 want to do what are the four keys you
26:02 want to quiet yourself down you want to
26:05 focus on Jesus imagine Jesus might even
26:07 be sitting right there with you might be
26:09 sitting across from you but focus on him
26:12 then tuned to spontaneous flow tune and
26:17 pay attention to those spontaneous
26:18 thoughts that come into your mind and
26:20 then you're going to ask the Holy Spirit
26:23 to speak to you and here's the question
26:25 that you can ask you Lord what are you
26:29 saying to me through this scripture so
26:33 the way you read this is you start
26:35 reading it slowly and you read until you
26:39 feel the Holy Spirit's may stop you and
26:42 if you stopped you then you kind of sit
26:45 there and meditate on that verse so that
26:49 next two passages or what everybody
26:50 you'll get this sense as you're reading
26:53 that he wants you to dwell here and you
26:56 meditate there and then you just write
26:59 what he speaks to you okay so if you
27:03 spontaneous thoughts so you're asking
27:04 and what are you saying to me through
27:06 this scripture which is where he's told
27:08 you by the Holy Spirit to stop and dwell
27:11 all right
27:12 so okay give you a 15 minutes or so to
27:16 read through it slowly keeping your eyes
27:19 focused on Jesus and to neither those
27:22 spontaneous thoughts and then right
27:23 without judging
27:25 remember childlike faith this right what
27:28 comes into your mind all right have fun
27:32 all right so how many of you felt that
27:37 you were hearing something from the Lord
27:39 about what you were reading just raise
27:41 your hand raise it high so people can
27:43 see look at that that is so exciting you
27:49 don't know how wonderful that is if
27:50 you're teaching and you get a good
27:51 response or in the opera of the
27:53 classroom you are thrilled you just made
27:55 our day and down now let's do it again
28:00 during the week of practice okay does
28:05 anybody is a been willing to share what
28:09 the Lord gave them it's always good to
28:18 hear how Lord speaks to each of us and I
28:25 picked I don't know what verse it is
28:28 actually and you may be frustrated about
28:35 how wonderfully complex I've made you
28:37 but I want you to thank me because I've
28:41 done this for a good reason
28:42 in fact many good reasons some of what
28:45 you know and some not I am testing your
28:49 heart now and I know you're anxious news
28:51 and I have it all figured out
28:55 in fact it's written down the account
29:00 was from the Lord
29:01 I do was added that personally touch you
29:04 to in your heart you knew that was the
29:07 Lord speaking to you in Iraq I didn't
29:12 know what I was gonna write until I
29:14 started writing that's the whole idea of
29:19 what the Lord was showing you wonderful
29:22 that's great anybody else we're gonna
29:28 have to call on you if you don't respond
29:31 you know it's norm is really good at
29:35 this
29:37 I'll be here oh I almost fell asleep
29:47 listening to the Lord that can happen to
29:50 anyway huh so what he told me was I am
29:53 with you wherever you wherever you go
29:56 invite me in all your situations thank
30:00 you for talking to me about your recent
30:02 situations and issues let's see as you
30:08 can see have already have a solution
30:12 better days are ahead I will use you as
30:17 my mouthpiece you are my beloved and
30:20 have centered your heart to me I love
30:23 showing you surprises and taking care of
30:25 your needs where you are I am tonight
30:30 there I am also always enjoy our time no
30:35 matter what we do I want to show you
30:39 more revelations to come that's sound
30:43 like what you think
30:45 you notice how personal that was you
30:49 wouldn't debate that up yourself you
30:51 could not have known and that's one of
30:53 the ways you can tell what's the Lord is
30:54 this is so much nicer than we are so
30:57 much more loving caring when you write
31:00 that's because he's loving and caring
31:03 and he just wants us to learn how to
31:05 hear them hear him say that to us
31:08 anybody else anybody else any courageous
31:13 soul Sylvia how about you
31:16 you want to try okay
31:24 Virginia I don't need to prove to you
31:27 that I love you you know that I do I
31:29 love you very much I will always go
31:32 before you in all your circumstances I
31:34 know that you feel that you've made
31:36 mistakes but no one keep in mind that
31:38 you are learning how to walk with me I
31:40 will forever watch over you deliver you
31:43 protect you answer you when you call to
31:45 me and bless you keep doing what you're
31:48 doing
31:49 you are never out of my sight I love
31:51 fighting your battles and showing up
31:52 strong in your behalf
31:54 love your faithful father Oh sounds like
31:59 definitely now so we gave you one
32:03 question you could ask about you could
32:05 say or what are you saying to me through
32:06 this scripture but you can also ask
32:08 things like what blessing or correction
32:11 do you have from me for me from this
32:14 sect of the scripture that's at one
32:15 point or you could ask Lord what do you
32:18 want to show me from this scripture so
32:21 it's really open the whole idea is you
32:23 and the Lord and a partnership of
32:26 understanding his word and as you've
32:29 been attained I don't give you depths
32:31 new depths of understanding of who he is
32:35 and who you are and how he sees you and
32:38 how he wants to apply that particular
32:39 verse or section to your life


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