Living With God Not Fear

Do not allow any fear-provoking situation to get bigger than your awareness of God. Discover how you can live with the conscious awareness of God’s presence rather than living in fear, just as King David did in fear provoking situations, which threatened his life. (See Psalm 27) As you participate in the powerful declarations and prayers based on Psalm 27  your heart and life will be reshaped, giving you tools to live in the superior reality of your position inside of Jesus Christ rather than living in fear.


Video Transcript

00:00 so let us go ahead and pray father I
00:05 just thank you for tonight I thank you
00:07 Lord that we are in our fourth session
00:09 of this fearless living series I thank
00:13 you that you have called us to live with
00:16 you and not with fear so father I pray
00:21 that you would open the eyes or
00:23 spiritual eyes to see you tonight and
00:27 that Lord you give us understanding
00:30 living understanding of your word in
00:34 Psalm 27 that you would transform our
00:38 thoughts transform our emotions
00:40 transform Lord the way we live the way
00:44 we act and father we ask right now for
00:49 the anointing of your Holy Spirit on
00:51 each person each person listening so
00:54 that we can move out of the place of
00:57 fear that have held so many people
01:00 captive and can live in the place father
01:03 that you have given to us in your son
01:05 Jesus Christ in that place of peace and
01:09 joy in Jesus's name Amen so tonight's
01:14 session is entitled living with God not
01:18 fear and it's my hope that in in this
01:22 session that you'll be able to engage
01:24 your heart as well as your mouth in what
01:27 is being said tonight and that you can
01:32 encounter the Lord as you listen and as
01:36 you speak the Word of God from Psalm 27
01:39 so I'm gonna give begin by giving you an
01:42 overview but each one of you have been
01:45 given to three by five cards on one
01:48 three by five card I want you to write
01:50 down if you don't have that you can ask
01:53 Sylvia in the back there just go ahead
01:55 to each person make sure they have them
01:57 okay but on one card I want you to write
02:01 down what is the fear or the fear
02:04 provoking situation that you are facing
02:07 you can write down one or two things and
02:09 then on the other card I want you to
02:12 write down
02:13 the word what does the word say about
02:16 who God is what does a word of God say
02:20 of how you're to respond to the fear the
02:24 fear provoking situation and if you
02:26 don't know right now that's fine because
02:28 this is what our lesson is about tonight
02:30 so you can actually jot down on that
02:32 card as we speak tonight some things on
02:36 that second card for you so throughout
02:42 this session I want you to listen to
02:44 what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you
02:46 about how you're to treat your fears in
02:49 the fear provoking situation that you're
02:51 facing according to the Word of God in
02:53 Psalm 27 I want you to especially listen
02:57 to the declarations and actions of faith
03:00 in the midst of the fear provoking
03:03 situations and then join in as we begin
03:06 to pray and declare Psalm 27 over our
03:09 lives declaring God's word putting his
03:15 word in our mouth is one of the most
03:18 powerful things that you can do job
03:21 22:28 says this you will also declare a
03:25 thing and it shall be established for
03:29 you so light can shine in your ways can
03:34 you believe that we can put the Word of
03:36 God in our mouth and have that thing
03:38 established in our life so that God's
03:42 light will shine in our ways what does
03:44 it mean to have God's light shine in our
03:46 ways it means that we can get God's
03:48 percepts perspective about our situation
03:50 that we can start seeing things as God
03:53 sees things and also I believe when his
03:56 light shines upon our way the light of
04:00 God disperses darkness it'll disperse
04:04 the fear and the fear of provoking
04:06 thoughts that we have the fear provoking
04:09 emotions that we have in it'll actually
04:12 start the light of God dispersed the
04:14 darkness of the circumstance itself as
04:17 we sit there and we partner with the
04:20 Holy Spirit in our situation I love
04:23 isaiah 55:11 talking about putting the
04:26 Word of God
04:26 in our mouth the power of it it says
04:28 this so shall my word be that goes forth
04:30 from my mouth it shall not return to me
04:34 void but it shall accomplish what I
04:37 please and it shall prosper in the thing
04:41 for which I sent it god's word is to
04:44 prosper in our mouth you know it's so
04:48 easy in a session like this to put the
04:51 word of god in our mouth and that's what
04:52 we're gonna be doing tonight putting the
04:54 word of god into our mouth but how about
04:56 as you walk out of this room or into
04:58 your normal life will that word of god
05:02 stay fastened to your lips 2nd
05:05 corinthians 10:3 through 5 it talks
05:08 about bring every thought into captivity
05:10 to the obedience of Christ every thought
05:14 is to come an agreement with God's Word
05:17 if our thoughts are an agreement with
05:19 God's Word guess what our mouth will
05:21 start being an agreement with God's Word
05:23 and then we'll have that light shining
05:26 upon our ways seen as God sees and then
05:30 the darkness in our life will be
05:33 dispersed and at the very end we're
05:37 going to come for what I call the great
05:38 exchange of the Cross you have three to
05:40 three by five cards you're gonna give
05:42 God your fear provoking situation and
05:45 then as you walk through the cross
05:47 you're gonna hold on to what the Word of
05:50 God says about who God is and what the
05:53 Word of God says concerning the
05:55 situation that you're facing that has
05:57 provoked fear in your life and you're
06:00 going to hold on to that and then
06:01 confess that word with your mouth
06:03 throughout the week we're going to take
06:07 a look even though this is our fourth
06:09 session we have not talked about that
06:12 how Psalm 27 is divided so struck
06:16 there's a structure a way that it's been
06:18 divided structurally but then I saw a
06:21 different way that it could be divided
06:23 and I call this the functional division
06:25 that's how sue saw how it could be
06:28 divided and that's the chart that you
06:29 have at the very last page of the
06:32 handout you've been given and that's
06:34 what we'll be mainly focus on but we're
06:36 going to start with the structural
06:38 division
06:38 in Psalm 27 it's divided into three
06:43 parts and so if you actually look at
06:45 Psalm 27 I have a break between Psalm 27
06:52 we the first part is praising god that's
06:54 verses 1 through 6 and you see a little
06:56 break there and then 7 through 12 is the
07:01 petitions of Psalm 27 and then you see
07:05 another break and then the last part is
07:08 what I call an exhortation of faith and
07:11 hope in God verses 13 and 14 so let's
07:15 just look at the first section verses 1
07:17 through 6 praising God you know that's
07:20 the first thing that you and I are
07:23 called to do when we are faced with a
07:25 fear provoking situation but it's not
07:28 automatic and it wasn't automatic for
07:31 David either but this is what he first
07:36 did in Psalm 27 when he encountered some
07:40 very very very fearful situations he
07:44 began to basically when David started to
07:47 praise God you see this cross here and
07:50 there was you know Jesus wasn't there
07:53 during the time that David you know
07:56 lived on planet Earth but basically
07:59 David when he started to praise God it
08:01 would be like me you know living this
08:05 down here representing the world in
08:07 which we live and when he started to
08:09 praise God what happened is David then
08:12 started going into another world the
08:16 world of God heaven so to speak the
08:19 kingdom of God and as believers we get
08:25 to live in the kingdom of God through
08:28 the power of the Cross through the this
08:30 represents here this red the blood of
08:33 Jesus Christ we get to live in this
08:36 reality we get to live in this reality
08:39 the awareness of who God is and what
08:43 Jesus Christ has done for us on the
08:45 cross even
08:47 though were out in the world here this
08:51 reality over here of who God is has to
08:56 be greater in our thinking greater in
08:59 our heart and just greater in our
09:03 emotions then what we're facing out here
09:06 in this world we can't allow anything in
09:10 this world to get bigger than our
09:13 awareness of the presence of God upon
09:19 our lives in our lives and the awareness
09:23 of what Jesus Christ has already
09:26 victoriously accomplished for each one
09:30 of us through the cross is that an amen
09:33 amen
09:34 okay so David here he is his primary
09:38 desire in life we talked about this a
09:41 lot last session in session number three
09:43 was Psalm 27 for one thing I have
09:47 desired of the Lord and that why seek
09:49 what's the one thing father God
09:53 one thing I have desired of the Lord
09:55 that why seek that I might why dwell and
10:00 the presence of the Lord all the days of
10:03 my life
10:04 you guys get a dwell and the presence of
10:06 the Lord every moment of every day I bet
10:09 all throughout your life and for all
10:11 eternity you get a dwell in the reality
10:13 of who Jesus Christ is for you that is
10:18 like so awesome and over-the-top you
10:21 know God says this to David and he says
10:24 it to each one of you and I in verse
10:26 eight of Psalm 27 he says seek my face
10:31 you know what David responded he says
10:34 Lord when you said seek my face I said
10:38 to you your face Lord will I seek acts
10:44 2:25 through 26 says this David actually
10:49 says I foresaw the Lord always before my
10:53 faith and therefore my heart rejoiced
10:57 and my tongue was glad moreover my flesh
11:00 we'll also rest in hope so David saying
11:03 it doesn't say this in Psalm 27 that we
11:06 learn in acts 2:25 through 26 is God
11:10 said in Psalm 27 seek my face and David
11:13 says I'm always gonna be seeking your
11:14 face in fact I'm not what's gonna put
11:16 your face before me in other words I'm
11:20 gonna always live with the reality the
11:22 awareness of who you are God I'm not
11:27 gonna forget it and because of that I'm
11:30 gonna praise you and nothing it's gonna
11:33 get bigger than who you are in my life
11:37 so how many of you would like to have a
11:40 heart that rejoices in a tongue that is
11:43 glad how many of you would like your
11:46 flesh to rest in hope that's a
11:50 supernatural hope that's in God in Jesus
11:53 Christ how many of you then you need to
11:57 do what David did you need to go ahead
12:00 and allow no fear provoking situation
12:04 nothing to get bigger than your
12:07 awareness of God and always seen the
12:09 Lord before your face sounds easy right
12:14 no okay now being able to do this will
12:24 allow you to live the life that God
12:28 always intended for you a life that is
12:32 filled with his presence and a life that
12:36 is filled with the victory of the Cross
12:41 it's not automatic your flesh will
12:45 actually resist doing this because it's
12:48 not accustomed to praising God but your
12:51 spirit man we're God dwells the fullness
12:55 of the Godhead dwelling in bodily form
12:58 inside of your spirit your spirit man
13:02 needs to start talking to your flesh to
13:05 your soul this is what we've studied in
13:08 Psalm 103 right David spoke to the soul
13:11 bless the Lord O
13:13 so hey mine bless the Lord will bless
13:18 the Lord
13:18 emotions bless the Lord to bless
13:21 remember that to come into thankful
13:24 agreement with who God is and because we
13:27 come into thankful agreement we're gonna
13:29 start praising God and thanking him now
13:33 that's the first part of the structural
13:36 division of Psalm 27 verses one through
13:39 six is talking about praising God the
13:42 next section is about petitions verses 7
13:46 through 12
13:46 ATS David stands in God's presence
13:51 praising him he then starts talking to
13:55 God heart-to-heart sharing with God the
13:59 concerns of his day his concerns of
14:03 what's going on in this world around him
14:06 he says you know there's an army and
14:09 camped around me there's war breaking
14:11 out against me people are wanting to eat
14:14 up my flesh people are wanting to
14:16 destroy my name and he's talking to God
14:18 about this in verses 7 through 12 he's
14:21 saying hey God have mercy upon me answer
14:24 me but before he enters in to this all
14:28 these petitions he starts with one
14:31 petition one thing I have desire to the
14:35 Lord that will I seek I'm asking you
14:37 Lord that I can just dwell in your house
14:39 to dwell in your presence all the days
14:42 of my life to behold your beauty into
14:43 inquiring your temple if you begin with
14:47 this one petition in your heart when you
14:50 get in God's presence after praising him
14:53 then all these other things Matthew 6:33
14:57 says will be added on to you seek ye
15:00 first the king and his kingdom I'm
15:03 adding the King and all these things
15:05 shall be added to you so begin with
15:08 verse 7
15:09 well actually it's actually for the one
15:11 thing but put that it if you look at the
15:15 chart that I have on the petitions just
15:17 take a look at your functional divisions
15:19 you'll see at the very top is one thing
15:22 I have desired of Lord and that wise
15:24 seek ok do you see that above the
15:26 petition column the
15:27 third column okay so if you begin with
15:30 that petition as you enter into your
15:34 request then all these other things will
15:37 be added on to you all the other
15:39 requests are just part and parcel of who
15:42 you are in Christ they're going to be
15:44 added to you and if you start looking at
15:46 the petitions there that I have listed
15:48 in the third column you're going wow
15:51 he's asking for mercy he's asking God to
15:53 answer him not forsake him you know and
15:57 God's gonna hear him and we're gonna be
16:00 going on and making declarations
16:02 regarding that but once again we need to
16:06 understand that when we come to God we
16:10 actually need and you're going to be
16:11 doing this at the end where you wrote
16:13 down your fear in the fear of provoking
16:15 situation you actually need and this is
16:18 what going to do we have a bucket here
16:20 hand over the situation to God so I'm
16:24 thinking like what example you know and
16:26 immediately the Holy Spirit pops into my
16:28 head when I go to a shoe repairmen which
16:31 I haven't done for a while but say that
16:34 my shoe was broken okay I take my broken
16:38 shoe to the repairman here in town and
16:41 when I take it there
16:43 I tell him what's wrong with it and this
16:47 guy he's fixed thousands upon thousands
16:50 of broken shoes right and he's like just
16:53 give me the shoe you have to tell me
16:55 what's going on you know just give it to
16:57 you I'm gonna fix it for you and so he's
17:00 reaching out his hand to take my shoe
17:03 and I'm sitting there holding it
17:05 explaining it to him and he's his hands
17:09 outreach to me and I'm still like I
17:14 don't know if he got really what I was
17:17 saying about my shoe how broken it was I
17:19 mean he just thinks this is an easy fix
17:21 but you know I don't really don't know
17:23 if he can do everything that's required
17:25 you know and so I'm holding onto my shoe
17:28 and I start react splaining to him
17:30 everything that I think needs to be
17:33 fixed about my shoe and the guys
17:34 probably thinking like what's this lady
17:37 doing I mean like where she's coming
17:39 from
17:41 did she just give me her shoe well this
17:44 is how it is I believe in prayer so
17:46 often we have an area that's broken in
17:51 our life and God says just give me that
17:56 brokenness give me that fear provoking
17:59 situation give me the fear and you're
18:03 going to be given an opportunity we need
18:05 to hand it over to the Lord and put it
18:10 in his shop his heavenly court his
18:14 kingdom and let him work on it and that
18:19 goes into our last part of the
18:21 structural divisions and that's waiting
18:24 on God waiting on God having faith and
18:28 hope in the process of God making this
18:32 situation right is so crucial for you to
18:38 see the kingdom of God being brought
18:41 into your circumstances and into your
18:44 life for God's kingdom coming in his
18:48 will being done for heaven meeting earth
18:55 amen
18:57 so we need to hand it over to God we so
19:03 often once we hand it over for some
19:06 reason we want to take it back and once
19:09 we hand it over to him we really need to
19:12 enter back into then Thanksgiving and
19:15 praise
19:19 thanking him thank you you know when we
19:22 think about that situation telling
19:23 instead of telling him how broken the
19:25 shoe is he already has it he knows what
19:28 to do he knows how to fix it we'd say
19:30 thank you Lord that you're taking care
19:32 of the situation and you told me that
19:35 you don't want me to be troubled about
19:37 anything so I'm just leaving it in your
19:40 hands and I'm moving on now okay okay so
19:45 now let's go to the third division
19:47 verses 13 and 14 exhortation of faith
19:49 and hope and God some 27 13 and 14 I
19:54 would have lost heart unless I had
19:56 believed I see the goodness of the Lord
19:58 in the land of the living
19:59 wait on the Lord be of good courage and
20:01 he will strengthen your heart wait I say
20:05 on the Lord so if we want to see God's
20:12 goodness in land of the living
20:14 we need to what believe that we'll see
20:18 it this is exactly what Jesus says to
20:24 his disciples when he talks about
20:26 mountain-moving faith Jesus begins with
20:29 mark 11:22 and he says have faith in God
20:34 Jesus is saying this have faith in God
20:37 and then at the very end he says when
20:40 you pray believe that you have received
20:47 right believe that you have received
20:51 that's the same thing as believe that
20:54 you will see the goodness of the Lord
20:56 and living we first receive it in the
21:00 spirit realm
21:01 you know we've handed over the shoe and
21:04 we're believing we received it's
21:05 happening in the spirit realm it's
21:07 already been given to us your healings
21:09 already been given to you your peace has
21:12 already been given to you you have it in
21:14 the spirit realm but now we are staying
21:17 in faith and hope to pull it from the
21:19 spirit realm and into the natural realm
21:25 what does it mean wait on the Lord so I
21:30 looked up the word weight and it comes
21:32 from a Hebrew word kabaah QA vah and it
21:37 actually means to look with eager
21:39 anticipation or expectation and so
21:42 that's just another word for hope right
21:46 and I've shared this with you before the
21:48 acronym for hope h ope hold on to the
21:54 promise eternally
21:56 okay hope so will the Lord how's your
22:01 situation you need to keep holding fast
22:06 Hebrews 10:23 it says hold fast the
22:10 confession of your hope without wavering
22:14 for he who promised is faithful so it's
22:17 not like say that this is you know
22:20 you're waiting for your shoe to get
22:21 fixed it's not like you give it and then
22:24 you know back and forth back and forth
22:26 your wavering back and forth you see
22:28 doing it or isn't he is it doing it or
22:30 isn't he know you hold fast your
22:33 confession of hope that what he has
22:35 spoken he will do so he says by His
22:39 stripes you were healed so if you were
22:40 asking God for healing you're going I
22:43 thank you lord I've given you the
22:46 situation once you've told them what
22:48 your request was I thank you now I'm
22:50 just gonna start praising you as Jehovah
22:52 Rapha as my healer and we stay in that
22:55 place of faith now David was probably in
22:58 his 40s when he wrote Psalm 27 this
23:02 means that he has gone through some of
23:04 his low times where he was not standing
23:09 in a place of hope and waiting on the
23:11 Lord so he knows what he's talking about
23:13 now and in verses 13 and 14 about
23:16 believing that you're gonna see the
23:17 goodness of the Lord in the land of
23:19 living because when you don't do that
23:20 you end up doing some crazy things like
23:24 David ended up doing in some of his low
23:26 points of his life now we begin this
23:31 year with what I call courageous living
23:33 series
23:36 fearless living what we're studying
23:38 right now the fourth session is part of
23:40 this series and it began I started
23:43 talking about Joshua one where the Lord
23:46 commands Joshua three times be strong
23:50 and be courageous well this is how verse
23:54 14 or Psalm 27 ends right wait on the
23:57 Lord be of good courage and he will
24:02 strengthen your heart three times Joshua
24:05 Joshua's told his has this tremendous
24:07 you're gonna bring all the Israelites
24:10 into the promised land and the Lord
24:11 tells him three times Joshua look at me
24:14 be strong be of good courage and I want
24:19 to tell you this the way that you get
24:20 strength and courage meditate on my word
24:24 day and night keep it in your heart and
24:26 keep it in your mouth and then you're
24:29 gonna be able to do it you're gonna have
24:31 you'll be able to have good success
24:33 you'll be have be able to prosper and
24:35 everything that I've sent for you to do
24:37 and so here we are
24:39 Psalm 27 14 wait on the Lord be
24:45 encouraged and he will strengthen your
24:49 heart okay let's go to the declaration
24:53 at the end of this structural division
24:57 do you guys all see it where it says
24:58 declare I believe it I'll see the
24:59 goodness of the Lord in the land of
25:01 living so you're gonna put in the blank
25:04 your own fear provoking situation so
25:06 let's all stand up and declare this out
25:08 loud and if you're online you can
25:11 declare this also just take your fear
25:14 provoking situation and declare it with
25:16 us so we're gonna say it together I
25:18 declare that I will see I believe that
25:21 I'll see the goodness of the Lord in and
25:24 then put your situation in there say it
25:26 out loud soft enough so you can hear it
25:28 the fear provoking situation instead of
25:32 losing heart becoming discouraged
25:34 anxious and filled with fear I am
25:37 choosing to place my faith in the God of
25:40 my salvation soul I'm telling you to
25:43 wait on the Lord
25:44 eagerly expecting his word of and this
25:47 is your other card
25:48 what are you waiting
25:49 the Lord to do what's his name to be
25:52 manifested in the land of the living in
25:54 my life thank you Lord for renewing my
25:57 strength so that I can fulfill all of
26:00 your will for my life okay thank you be
26:03 seated
26:04 now we're going to look at the
26:05 functional divisions and I want you to
26:08 turn to that functional division chart
26:11 and you can just see that there's three
26:13 columns here at the top of the chart I
26:16 called it thinking feeling and living
26:18 with God so in order to think feel live
26:21 with God in his kingdom rather than
26:27 thinking and feeling and living like the
26:29 world around you want you to think feel
26:31 and live and like your flesh is trying
26:33 to tell you and like Satan's trying to
26:36 tell you okay look at column 1 we praise
26:40 God these are all the ways the names
26:43 that are directly spoken to us how David
26:47 praise God or that are implied by his
26:51 statements so I just listed them light
26:54 salvation strength defender protector
26:56 deliver helper caretaker and he is good
26:59 and then the second column goes into how
27:03 is David's response and you can
27:06 personalize this how is your response to
27:09 who God is if you really believe who God
27:13 is what will you say and what will you
27:18 not say what are you committing yourself
27:21 to in your heart before something arises
27:24 and then the final column is the request
27:28 these are David's requests and you can
27:30 use his in your own personal prayer time
27:33 or come up with your own okay and you
27:36 can see right above where I say praise
27:39 it says God's face or Jesus's face call
27:44 him number one David's response to
27:47 Jesus's face and then the quest he's
27:51 making before God's face so that's what
27:54 I came up with it as far as despite in
27:56 Psalm 27 up
27:58 okay before we begin we declared Psalm
28:03 27 I invite you to do this on your own
28:07 when you declare Psalm 27 out loud by
28:11 yourself mixed your words with faith
28:15 Hebrews 4 2 says this the word they
28:19 heard did not profit them because they
28:21 did not mix it with faith so whatever we
28:23 hear we want to like mmm join connect to
28:28 it have faith in what we are speak
28:30 saying and then consider what the Holy
28:33 Spirit is personally speaking to you
28:35 about your situation
28:41 now the psalm 27 the structural pattern
28:46 that we are talking about in where you
28:49 begin with praise and then you go into
28:52 petitions the Lord was reminding me as I
28:55 was writing this this is just like The
28:57 Lord's Prayer our Father who art in
29:00 heaven hallowed be your name how are we
29:05 can hell his name we declare his name we
29:08 make his name big we magnify his name by
29:11 putting it in our mouths so we're going
29:14 to take now and then your kingdom come
29:16 your will be done on earth as it is in
29:18 heaven so stand up and we're gonna pray
29:21 or declare Psalm 27 in the fashion of
29:26 our Lord's Prayer so just say it all
29:29 together with me our Father in heaven
29:33 Hallowed be your name you are good you
29:37 are my light my salvation and my
29:39 strength my defender my protector my
29:43 deliverer the lifter of my head and my
29:45 caretaker I joyfully sing praises to
29:49 your holy name as I do this I invite
29:52 your kingdom of love that come into my
29:54 heart to cast out every fear regarding
29:57 and then fill in your situation I know
30:00 that is not your will that my heart be
30:03 troubled or afraid because Jesus Christ
30:06 the Prince of Peace lives at me and I on
30:09 him thank you for giving me a new idea
30:12 and Jesus Christ so that I can live with
30:15 you in peace and not in fear go ahead
30:18 and be seated what would happen in our
30:20 Healing Rooms if when people come in and
30:22 they have requests on their heart
30:24 we begin with praise think about it you
30:29 guys
30:31 okay petitions the our Father prayer
30:36 give us this day our daily bread and
30:37 lead us not temptation but deliver us
30:40 from evil
30:40 I went skipped over the forgiveness part
30:42 because it's not listed necessarily here
30:45 in Psalm 27 so once again I gave you
30:49 that example we actually have to hand
30:51 the situation over to God and there's a
30:54 lot of handing over in this last column
30:56 on your chart hand in your situation
30:58 over to God if you take a look at verse
31:04 12 in Psalm 27 it says this do not
31:08 deliver me to the will of my adversary
31:13 leave me not into temptation Jesus says
31:17 in a similar way in John 17:15 he says
31:21 this I do not pray that you should take
31:24 them out of the world that inferior
31:26 reality that is speaking about but that
31:30 you should keep them from the evil one
31:33 how are you kept from the evil on the
31:36 best way is by getting into God's
31:40 presence that's in your secret place you
31:44 and God but then when you get out of
31:47 your secret place and you go out into
31:49 the world you carry that awareness of
31:53 God's presence into your situations Amen
31:57 you see how that works okay so let's go
32:03 ahead and stand up and pray now
32:05 according to the Lord's Prayer this next
32:07 session section of the Lord's Prayer
32:09 today give me fresh bread from heaven
32:12 help me to make you God my top priority
32:16 strengthen me by the power of the Spirit
32:18 so Jesus Christ and his words of life
32:21 will richly dwell in me by faith do
32:24 for me from the will of my adversaries
32:26 who have come against me to steal kill
32:29 and destroy my identity in you thank you
32:32 for hearing and answering my prayers
32:34 regarding whatever situation you came
32:37 with tonight and for never leaving me or
32:40 forsaking me go ahead and be seated
32:43 then we enter into Thanksgiving
32:45 Thanksgiving is an important part of
32:47 peace rather than fear ruling over your
32:51 heart in mine we know that from
32:53 Philippians 4:6 through seven be anxious
32:56 for what nothing but in everything by
32:58 prayer and supplication with what
33:01 Thanksgiving let your requests be made
33:04 known to God and then as you do that
33:07 don't leave out the Thanksgiving part
33:09 the peace of God then will come and
33:14 you're allowing it to rule over your
33:16 heart and mind okay
33:18 I love Psalm 69 3 it says this I will
33:22 praise the name of God with a song and
33:27 will magnify him with Thanksgiving so
33:31 when you start thanking God O Lord
33:33 you've given him your situation then
33:37 you're just thanking him that he's
33:38 taking care of it
33:39 I just thank you and I just praise you
33:42 that you are taking care of the
33:45 situation you're magnifying his name
33:49 your blessing him okay now we're gonna
33:53 go to column 1 this is Roman numeral 2
33:57 it says God's face column 1 column
34:00 number 1 on your chart we're talking
34:05 about God's face is Jesus's face because
34:08 Jesus perfectly exemplified who God was
34:13 as he walked around here on planet Earth
34:15 okay and if you look at everything in
34:19 column 1 as David praised the name of
34:22 God or God's face you will see my me eye
34:29 that's because David had a personal
34:32 relationship with God Psalm 27 is
34:34 talking about a reality of
34:37 real person having a real relationship
34:40 with a real god and you can put yourself
34:44 into that situation as you personalized
34:47 the Word of God for your own life okay
34:50 so you can take a look at that column
34:52 and say gosh in my situation I need God
34:56 as my protector
34:58 well then start thanking and praising
35:01 him as your protector or you look at
35:04 this column and you find out and I'm
35:06 gonna take we're gonna do this with
35:07 verse 10 okay where it says the Lord
35:10 will take care of me I put down he's our
35:13 caretaker so let's all stand up okay and
35:17 we're going to declare Psalm 27 verse 10
35:23 in different fashion so we're going to
35:26 begin to say it just like it is and then
35:29 we're going to declare it to God and
35:31 then allow God to declare it to us and
35:33 then we're going to visualize it
35:35 happening in our life in our situation
35:37 okay ready
35:41 the Lord will take care of me
35:44 God is the most excellent caretaker I
35:46 could ever have now we're talking to God
35:49 Lord you told me to cast all my care
35:53 upon you because you care for me right
35:55 now I give to you God all my fears and
35:59 worries concerning and whatever it is
36:02 sad because I know you will take
36:05 excellent care of me and all that
36:08 concerns me now here God talked to you
36:12 okay put your name in there sue I will
36:16 take care of you and feel in your
36:19 situation if you're a guy my son
36:22 Gail my daughter my daughter I want you
36:25 to walk by faith in my faithfulness and
36:28 not by your natural sign and then
36:31 sanctified visualization see with your
36:34 spiritual eyesight the end the victory
36:37 from the beginning from where you're at
36:40 right now
36:41 picture what God's goodness looks like
36:44 in the land of the living for you okay
36:48 amen be seated
36:50 is that good you can do that with every
36:53 one of these in column one every youth
36:56 one of God's name okay that was just an
36:59 example why is it important for you to
37:03 declare God's name his face when a fear
37:07 provoking situation is staring you in
37:09 the face because you are not going to
37:11 allow anything to get bigger than your
37:15 awareness of God so as long as you keep
37:18 who God is and his word in your mouth
37:21 and in your thought processes and in
37:25 your heart then nothing will get bigger
37:27 than that
37:28 okay Jesus is my light you can do this
37:36 very similar thing that we just did with
37:39 first ten but I wanted to just show you
37:42 that David specifically began his psalm
37:46 by saying the Lord is my light okay so
37:53 when the light of God comes into our
37:58 situation his presence he is the light
38:02 Jesus is the light of the world darkness
38:06 has to flee so when David says in verse
38:10 one the Lord is my light or you put that
38:14 in your mouth the Lord is my light guess
38:18 what has to happen in the spirit realm
38:20 when you declare God's name you just
38:22 flipped on the spiritual switch the
38:25 light came into your situation what has
38:28 to happen to darkness it has to flee
38:33 when I turn a light switch on when these
38:35 lights come on and that was the only
38:37 light in the room darkness had to flee
38:40 if it's to in the physical realm how
38:44 much to err is it in the spirit realm
38:48 when we put the name of God in our mouth
38:53 then the opposing force will have to
38:57 flee every one of God's name has an
39:01 opposing force
39:05 if you're looking for God it's a healer
39:07 the opposing forces sickness at every
39:17 one of these opposing forces to God's
39:20 name originates from one source and one
39:25 source only I put it in black here this
39:28 represents the kingdom of Satan and the
39:30 one that rules it is Satan the opposite
39:34 is the light of the world is represented
39:38 by this white cloth here there's two
39:40 opposing forces in this world if you can
39:44 allow fear to prevail in your emotions
39:47 and to prevail in your thoughts you have
39:50 just allowed a dictator the evil
39:53 dictator to rule and reign in your life
39:58 you've given him authority but you can
40:02 say no to that and you can say yes to
40:07 allowing the peace of God that surpasses
40:10 all understanding to rule over your
40:13 heart and mind how do you do that
40:15 declare God stained begin to thank and
40:19 praise Him and as you thank and praise
40:21 Him his presence comes as you speak the
40:27 Word of God is a very spirit and life of
40:30 Jesus himself
40:32 so as you speak the word the very spirit
40:35 and life of Jesus will manifest in your
40:39 situation and in and over your heart
40:42 your mind your thoughts your emotions
40:45 and God will start transforming your
40:48 emotions you don't have to think I got
40:50 to transform my emotions yeah you want a
40:52 partner with joy takes more faith to
40:54 partner with joy than it does to partner
40:56 with fear takes more faith to partner
40:58 with peace and it does too then it does
41:01 with anxiety yes you can partner with
41:04 that but God Himself will come and help
41:07 you transform your emotion so you can
41:09 actually live in this reality of peace
41:11 and joy amen the kingdom of God
41:14 righteousness peace and joy well in the
41:17 Holy Spirit whole
41:18 spirit makes it possible okay let's
41:21 stand upright before no Roman numeral
41:23 three and we're going to declare this I
41:25 once lived and walked in darkness
41:29 that's this over here and the fears of
41:31 the world of this world but now I am one
41:34 who lives with God in Jesus Christ I
41:37 thank you Jesus that you are the light
41:40 of my life you have given me a fresh
41:43 perspective and have even dismantled the
41:46 works of darkness that have come against
41:48 me sit be seated Roman numeral three
41:52 David chose his response to God that's
41:56 the center column of this chart you have
41:59 I will and we've gone over this many
42:02 times but just declare with me from the
42:05 very top to the bottom what it says in
42:08 column two of that functional and
42:12 division chart okay I will not fear or
42:15 be afraid my heart I can't hear you guys
42:19 my heart shall not fear I will be
42:23 confident your face Lord I will seek I
42:27 will offer sacrifices of joy I will sing
42:30 yes I will sing praises to the Lord I
42:33 will believe in the that God's goodness
42:35 will be manifested I will wait on the
42:38 Lord I will be of good courage so you
42:42 can say these things here but it's so
42:46 important that when you leave here and
42:49 when the fear comes knocking at the door
42:51 of your heart and knocking at your life
42:54 that you don't allow the flesh to come
42:58 out but rather the very spirit of the
43:00 Living God to come out and to display
43:03 his peace and his joy in your life okay
43:08 Romans 8:31 says this what then shall we
43:13 say to these things if God is for us who
43:19 can be against us who shall separate us
43:23 from the love of God so solve 27:1
43:29 begins it says whom
43:31 I fear whom shall I be afraid there's a
43:35 real person behind the fear and that is
43:40 I told you Satan himself so when you
43:44 understand who the originator of fear is
43:47 then you can ardently desire to partner
43:51 with God and say no I'm turning my back
43:55 to his face and I'm gonna turn and I'm
43:57 gonna seek his face and I'm gonna do
44:00 like David says like in acts 2 25
44:03 through 26 I'm gonna set the face of the
44:05 Lord always before my face
44:07 therefore my heart's not going to be
44:08 shaken my flash my tongue is going to be
44:13 glad my heart's gonna rejoice in my
44:16 flash it's gonna rest Oh in the hope of
44:21 God I'm gonna rest the promised land is
44:26 a place of rest the kingdom of God is a
44:28 place of rest the presence of God is a
44:30 place of rest so if you find yourself
44:33 going oh you gotta get into a place
44:38 where you can experience God's presence
44:40 in the best way it says in Psalm 100 as
44:44 we studied into his gates with
44:46 Thanksgiving and his courts with praise
44:50 how many don't answer me don't raise
44:54 your hands how many actually do that
45:00 it's not automatic because your spirits
45:04 not used to ruling over your flesh but
45:07 the more that you start praising God on
45:10 a regular basis then that's gonna become
45:13 your automatic response putting the name
45:16 of God in your mouth rather than the
45:19 name that Satan wants you to partner
45:21 with that's out to destroy your life you
45:25 can read scenario one two and three you
45:28 know about the things that David faced
45:31 you know why he was so determined to say
45:34 I hey I'm going to partner with God and
45:37 not with fear but um
45:47 there's a reality in the kingdom of God
45:53 it's the unseen realm and so often when
45:58 we're down in this world down here we're
46:02 using our natural vision our natural
46:06 hearing and then we're succumbing and
46:09 bowing down or knee to the circumstances
46:14 of fear as soon as you succumb to fear
46:19 in the fear of provoking situations you
46:21 have begun the worship of a different
46:24 God when you realize that you can go god
46:32 help me to dwell in your the presence
46:36 and he goes what giving you a tool start
46:39 praising me start worshiping me because
46:41 when you start praising and worship me
46:42 my presence will come my strength my
46:46 power will come and then you'll be able
46:49 to turn your back on the thing that
46:51 you've been bowing to rather than bowing
46:54 your knee and worship of me very very
47:00 eye-opening Psalm 27 if we went over the
47:05 request of God which is the last column
47:07 on your sheet
47:08 why don't we all stand up we're going to
47:11 declare the last declaration on your
47:17 handout and then you're going to be
47:19 given an opportunity to hand over your
47:21 fear your fear provoking situation to
47:25 God you've got two cards in your hand
47:29 you'll be tearing them up putting it in
47:30 the bucket then you can walk through the
47:33 cross take communion
47:35 then whatever name of God or word of God
47:38 you're gonna hold on to you're gonna
47:40 hold on to that and continue to confess
47:43 it like Hebrews 10:23 says hold fast
47:45 your confession of faith hope hold on to
47:49 the promise eternally you can await on
47:52 the Lord and be of good courage and he
47:53 will strengthen your
47:56 so let's say the last declaration thank
47:58 you Lord for giving the great privilege
48:01 of abiding in Jesus Christ thank you for
48:05 hearing and answering my prayers showing
48:08 your great mercy and loving kindness to
48:10 me thank you for never leaving me or
48:13 forsaking me so I can boldly say the
48:16 Lord is my helper I will not fear thank
48:19 you for teaching your ways and leading
48:21 me in a smooth path and deliver me from
48:24 the evil one so I'm going to have
48:26 everybody that means everybody have an
48:30 opportunity I'm going to put the cross
48:31 down here and you're going to have an
48:38 opportunity to go ahead and to say you
48:42 know what I'm handing over for God to
48:48 fix my problem my situation that's
48:49 causing me so much fear in my life you
48:52 can tear it up put it in the bucket then
48:55 you can allow the blood of Jesus this is
48:58 representing the blood of Jesus to wash
48:59 over your thoughts to wash over you and
49:03 on the other side of the Cross is
49:06 communion if you have trouble writing
49:11 down on the other card what you're
49:14 believing God for in your situation or
49:16 who he wants desires to be for you your
49:20 prayer partners tonight if you're
49:22 receiving prayer can help you fill that
49:24 out so you have something to hold on to
49:27 you with your mouth and in your heart
49:29 this week amen so I'll just close with a
49:33 word of Prayer and then Wes will apply
49:35 as people come forward so father I just
49:37 thank you and I praise you for your word
49:39 tonight it's a powerful word on Psalm 27
49:42 and father I pray Lord God that you
49:45 would strengthen everybody by the very
49:48 power of your spirit in the inner man so
49:51 that your son Jesus Christ the word of
49:53 God would richly dwell in our hearts
49:57 through faith and that you would father
50:00 allow us to partner with you the god of
50:04 Hope so that we can have all peace and
50:07 joy and believing
50:09 who you are and what you have said in
50:12 Jesus's name Amen
50:14 thank you for


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