Jesus’ Love Far Outweighs Your Mistakes and Misfortunes

It is time to believe the Truth about God’s love for you, as declared by God’s name and by His Son Jesus Christ – His life, ministry, and sacrificial work of the cross! Don’t let your mistakes and misfortunes define your future, but rather receive God’s healing love, mercy, and grace. Understand that how Jesus responded to those who cried out for God’s mercy, healing all who came to Him, is how He will respond to you, because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Heb. 13:8


Every day God wants you to wake up and remember His compassion, mercy and grace. But, what does this look like, especially in this area of healing?  Through this lesson, you will be given practical tools to help you experience God’s unconditional healing love as we examine Jesus’ healing ministry.


Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis I'm the
00:02 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:04 tonight's session a session for entitled
00:07 Jesus's love far outweighs your mistake
00:10 and your misfortunes every moment every
00:15 day no matter what your situation looks
00:18 like God wants you and I to remember the
00:21 greatness of his love towards us a love
00:25 which is overflowing with his compassion
00:29 rich in His mercy and abounding in His
00:34 grace towards us it's a love that far
00:37 outweighs our mistakes and our
00:40 misfortunes in this life the title of
00:43 tonight's talk as I mentioned earlier is
00:46 about Jesus's love a love that far
00:50 outweighs our mistakes and our
00:52 misfortunes in the Bible there's a
00:55 prophet named Jeremiah who does
00:58 something in the middle of an utterly
01:00 hopeless situation something that I
01:04 encourage you and I to do daily his
01:08 words are recorded in lamentations 3:21
01:12 through 24 this I recall to mine
01:16 therefore I have hope through the Lord's
01:19 mercies we are not consumed his
01:22 Compassion's fail not they are new every
01:25 morning great is your faithfulness the
01:29 Lord is my portion therefore I hope in
01:33 him if you are in the midst of a
01:36 hopeless situation or know someone who
01:39 is especially in this area of healing
01:42 this message is for you hope is crucial
01:46 for your victory hope comes from knowing
01:49 and believing God's unconditional love
01:52 for you yes his love is for you Jeremiah
01:58 kept his hope in God alive by recalling
02:02 God's mercies and Compassion's that
02:04 never ever fail and it's interesting
02:07 mercies something that I have
02:10 come to understand and Jeremiah 3 21
02:14 through 24 I memorized this first for
02:18 many many years but I didn't know where
02:22 this word mercy came from and as we
02:25 found out in Psalm 103 there was a word
02:28 that we learned in Hebrew which is
02:30 tested and hasset is a very expansive
02:35 word describing
02:36 God's supernatural love for us and one
02:41 of the meetings of hasit is mercy
02:44 so really in Jeremiah 3 21 through 24
02:49 when Jeremiah says through the Lord's
02:52 mercies we are not consumed and it is
02:54 really through the Lord's love his
02:58 unconditional covenant love for us we
03:01 are not consumed so that put a whole new
03:04 richer meaning in it for me
03:07 Jeremiah 3 21 through 24 in tonight's
03:11 lesson we're going to actually look at
03:12 three different aspects of this word
03:14 hasit or God's unconditional love for us
03:17 we will be to be looking at compassion
03:20 and mercy and grace so hasit when it's
03:23 translated it can be translated with one
03:27 of these three words compassion mercy or
03:30 grace as well as many other words
03:33 there's just not one word in the English
03:35 language that fully translates that word
03:38 happen for us let us pray father help
03:43 each one of us throughout our day to
03:46 recall to mind what your son Jesus has
03:48 done for us on the cross because of your
03:52 great love for us thank you thank you
03:56 for your unceasing mercies and
03:59 compassion that are new every morning
04:01 because of your great love for us great
04:04 is your faithfulness amen for the last
04:10 three weeks in this series the love of
04:12 God heals we have been talking about
04:15 God's supernatural love a love that
04:18 far above and beyond our natural
04:21 thinking our natural feelings and our
04:25 natural ways and abilities of expressing
04:29 love to one another as well as receiving
04:32 God's love God's supernatural love like
04:36 I said it encompasses these three words
04:39 compassion mercy and grace and what's so
04:43 beautiful about God's love is that it's
04:46 available to all of us all who come to
04:49 God with their needs our last session I
04:55 introduced Psalm 145 9 and it tells us
04:59 how God's love is for all of us it says
05:03 this the Lord is good to all and his
05:06 tender mercies are over all his works
05:09 the passion that you have for God will
05:14 be seen in your compassion mercy and
05:17 grace that you extend towards yourself
05:20 and towards others through the power of
05:23 the Holy Spirit and there's a couple of
05:26 ways that we can actually activate the
05:29 love of God for ourselves and for those
05:32 that we come in contact with those that
05:34 we are praying about as well as those we
05:37 are ministering to first of all we can
05:40 perfectly meditate on God's Word his
05:43 compassion his mercy and grace as it
05:46 appears throughout the Bible but
05:48 especially in the Gospel as Jesus
05:50 demonstrates what God's compassion mercy
05:54 and grace looks like so we can see this
05:56 in the words that Jesus spoke as well as
05:59 in the deeds that Jesus did and this
06:02 will help reshape how we think how we
06:04 feel and how we act towards God towards
06:09 ourselves and towards others another way
06:12 that we can activate God's love in our
06:14 life is practicing that two way
06:17 journaling that we heard about in that
06:20 topic or that series that we did on
06:23 before Christmas in 2019 hearing the
06:27 voice of God we learned about how to
06:30 hear God
06:32 voice and then to write out what is God
06:34 thinking and feeling towards me or
06:37 towards this person and if you didn't
06:40 get it here this series I encourage you
06:43 to go to WWE embryo healer INSCOM it's
06:47 on the bottom of your handout there
06:48 click on teaching and then click on
06:51 topic and then click on how to hear
06:53 God's voice as you practice this 2-way
06:57 journaling one of the real key things to
07:00 this is placing yourself or the person
07:03 you are praying for or wanting to
07:05 minister to within the gospel scene
07:08 experiencing for yourself what God's
07:11 great love feels like what it looks like
07:16 what it tastes like
07:18 you want to put yourself in that scene
07:21 and receive God's love for yourself or
07:25 consider what does gods look like love
07:29 look like for those to whom you'll be
07:32 ministering to or praying for as you do
07:35 this look into God's compassionate eyes
07:41 of life look into Jesus's eyes and then
07:45 ask him these questions what are you
07:49 thinking and what are you feeling about
07:52 me or what are you thinking and feeling
07:56 about and then put the person's name in
07:59 there as God shares with you
08:03 his heart about you or about that person
08:07 you're praying for a ministry to follow
08:10 the leadings and the promptings of the
08:12 Holy Spirit that got allowing God's love
08:15 for you to transform how you think and
08:19 how you feel and how you act in your
08:21 life allowing you to be transformed
08:24 completely from the inside to the
08:27 outside in session for tonight's session
08:31 Jesus's love far outweighs your mistakes
08:34 and dis fortunes we're gonna be looking
08:35 up three words and I'm gonna emphasize
08:37 these over and over and you'll see these
08:40 as some of the Roman numerals that are
08:42 out on your hand
08:44 and these three words are God's
08:47 compassion God's mercy and God's grace
08:53 these three words are so tightly
08:57 interwoven together that it's hard to
09:00 distinguish one from another together
09:05 they speak of God's limitless love
09:07 describing who God is and how he
09:10 operates when Moses asked to see God's
09:13 glory God responded to Moses saying I
09:17 will make all my goodness pass before
09:20 you and I will proclaim the name of the
09:25 Lord to you
09:26 that's exodus 33:19 God's goodness or
09:31 his love is seen in his self proclaimed
09:34 name in exodus 34:6 God proclaims his
09:40 name to Moses as he is proclaiming to us
09:43 tonight the Lord the Lord God merciful
09:46 and gracious long-suffering and
09:49 abounding in goodness and truth once
09:53 again that's a Bible verse I have memory
09:55 memorized about God's love or his
09:58 character and I've memorized it from the
10:00 New King James Version but when I looked
10:03 up the original Hebrew meaning of some
10:06 of these words of mercy and compassion
10:10 let's take a look the closest
10:13 translation that I found to the Hebrew
10:16 was the new American Standard Bible and
10:18 there were some other translations but I
10:20 thought I'd use that tonight it says the
10:22 Lord the Lord God come passionate so
10:26 instead of using this word merciful we
10:29 have this word compassionate they're
10:32 using these interchangeably they're
10:35 coming from God's have some love for us
10:38 so once again exodus 34:6 the Lord the
10:43 Lord God compassionate anew
10:45 anxious slow to anger and abounding in
10:50 loving kindness and truth so instead of
10:54 this word goodness that we see in the
10:56 New King James Version we have the new
10:59 American Standard Bible translating the
11:03 word hasit as loving-kindness okay so
11:09 all of these words compassion mercy and
11:12 grace you'll understand by to the end of
11:14 tonight's lesson that they're all coming
11:17 from God's
11:18 hesed or a covenantal love for us when
11:24 Jesus taught us to pray in what is known
11:27 as our Father prayer Jesus declares a
11:30 new reality of how we are to relate to
11:34 God by faith what is that reality is
11:37 that God is our Father in heaven
11:42 we know that prayer Matthew 6:9 of how
11:46 it begins right our Father who art in
11:50 heaven hallowed be your name what is
11:56 good father do why does what God want us
11:59 to know him as a good father well a good
12:03 father gives good gifts to his children
12:06 and this is what Jesus said join us to
12:10 recognize that our Father in heaven is
12:12 good he says it's in Matthew 7:11 if you
12:16 then being evil know how to give good
12:18 gifts to your children how much more
12:23 will your heavenly Father who is in
12:25 heaven give good things to those who ask
12:28 him a good father knows the things that
12:31 you have need of before you even ask
12:35 just like Jesus preface the prayer for
12:39 our father he says in Matthew six eight
12:42 but your father knows you have need of
12:45 these things before you even ask him so
12:48 why does our Father wanna ask have us
12:51 ask him for something he already knows
12:54 we need because he wants
12:56 to have a relationship he wants to
13:00 connect with us and he wants us to
13:02 connect to his love why does the father
13:07 a good father give good gifts to his
13:11 children now you just think of that on a
13:13 human level and we all know the answer
13:15 it's because of that love that he has
13:18 for us as his children this last Sunday
13:22 my son Eric he FaceTime me and I'm so
13:26 glad that even though I had my phone on
13:27 silent adhere at buzz and he wanted to
13:31 for me to connect with his two-year-old
13:35 or my first granddaughter my first
13:38 grandchild and so he's really excited
13:41 and puts her on she's 2 years old and
13:44 and I just love facetiming with them I
13:48 love not only watching my granddaughter
13:51 but I love watching my son who was a
13:54 father and my son is exemplifying the
13:59 love of father god he's patient with her
14:03 kind and gentle he overlooks her little
14:08 mistakes at two years old and then he's
14:12 always extending grace to her and why
14:17 does he do that because my little
14:20 granddaughter Lucy belongs to my son
14:23 Eric you belong to your Heavenly Father
14:28 Psalm 103 Psalm 100 verse 3 says this it
14:34 is he who made us and not we ourselves
14:39 God made you he has made you not only
14:44 the sheep of his pasture but he has made
14:48 you part of his family you are his child
14:52 and he loves you with an everlasting
14:55 love just like an earthly father but
14:59 even more than that Matthew 7:11 says he
15:03 loves you more than any earthly father
15:06 could love you
15:15 when God gets good gifts to us first and
15:20 foremost on his mind is his love he
15:26 wants you and I to know and to believe
15:30 deep down in our heart that he truly
15:33 cares for us and that he truly loves us
15:37 when we take a look at the Apostle Paul
15:40 we all know Saul became Paul Saul living
15:44 this life where he was killing those who
15:48 didn't believe the same way he did would
15:51 he be king Apostle Paul when he was
15:55 touched by the love of God the mercy the
15:59 compassion the grace of our Heavenly
16:03 Father he began to address God as the
16:08 father of mercies and we see that in 2nd
16:12 Corinthians 1:3 he says this blessed be
16:15 God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ
16:18 the father of mercies and the God of all
16:22 comfort
16:23 once again this word mercy when you look
16:26 at the original Greek it can actually
16:28 directly be translated as these other
16:32 two words we're talking about tonight
16:33 and that is compassion and grace so God
16:37 is the Father our Father a great
16:43 compassion God is our Father of great
16:48 grace father of mercies so when you come
16:52 and you you say that prayer how father
16:55 who art in heaven have your mind come to
17:00 the reality of the greatness of his
17:03 mercy and his compassion and grace and
17:05 we're gonna go at the very end of the
17:07 session we're going to look at some
17:09 individual biblical stories that show
17:14 and demonstrate the mercy that God has
17:17 to us through the life of Jesus Christ
17:21 Roman numeral 3 God's compassion how do
17:25 you define compassion how is it
17:27 different
17:28 from mercy and grace Webster's 1828
17:31 dictionary which is really a fairly
17:34 direct translation of some of the words
17:37 that appear in the Bible it says this
17:39 for compassionate a heart that is tender
17:43 and easily new by the distress suffering
17:47 wants and infirmities of others so
17:52 compassion is really a feeling deep down
17:56 at the heart level and true compassion
18:00 changes how you live so you can relieve
18:03 the heartbreaks and the sufferings of
18:05 those around you in the world God's
18:08 compassion was constantly being felt by
18:12 Jesus and God's compassion deeply moved
18:18 Jesus to meet the need in the suffering
18:22 of all those around him I love how Jesus
18:26 responded to the indignant ruler of the
18:29 synagogue who was so concerned about
18:32 this lady who was hunched over for 18
18:35 years and bound by the spirit infirmity
18:38 religion would say she shouldn't be held
18:42 on the Sabbath I love Jesus's response
18:46 he says Jesus says and this is Luke 13
18:50 16 so are not this woman being a
18:54 daughter daughter remember a child of
18:58 Abraham whom Satan has bound think of it
19:01 for 18 years be loosed from this bond on
19:05 the Sabbath God's love as shown in
19:11 Jesus's words and his life he sees it
19:14 from a perspective that those who are
19:17 bound in sickness and infirmity are
19:20 living in the kingdom of darkness and he
19:24 wants to pull them out yank him out by
19:27 his love and put him under his rulership
19:32 under his love into that Kingdom of love
19:35 that he has for us
19:37 the compassion Jesus showed us was
19:40 supernatural his compassion and this is
19:45 how we are to express compassion to
19:47 others
19:48 what's filled with supernatural power
19:51 packed actions and an abundant supply of
19:56 supernatural resources of heaven the
19:59 resources on this earth never limited
20:02 Jesus and we saw that last time in
20:05 session three where Jesus fed ten
20:09 thousand people at a time and healed
20:11 ten thousand out of people at a time
20:14 because there was not a limit to his
20:17 resources and he always drew from the
20:20 power of God himself and that's what we
20:24 are to do as we minister to those around
20:27 us
20:28 yes little old me with a big God loving
20:32 God living inside of us we are to tap in
20:35 by faith to God who has an unending
20:39 supply to meet every need for every
20:42 person that we need Jesus is compassion
20:47 caused him not to withhold any good
20:52 thing to those who came to him with a
20:56 need I'm gonna say that again
20:59 Jesus's compassion caused him not to
21:04 withhold any good thing to those who
21:07 came to him with a need now when I that
21:12 you know just came whoa right into my
21:14 head as I was meditating on this lesson
21:18 immediately solemn eighty-four eleven
21:21 came to my mind and it says this no good
21:24 thing will he withhold from those who
21:26 walk uprightly under the Old Covenant
21:30 you could not be sure that you would get
21:33 a good thing if you didn't do good you
21:35 weren't gonna get God but under the New
21:38 Covenant we get to receive all the
21:41 goodness that Jesus is
21:44 because we take our place in Jesus
21:47 Christ as him and we received his the
21:52 goodness that God gives to him and we
21:55 receive it through Jesus Christ the
21:57 power of his blood and pie the power of
21:59 the Holy Spirit therefore no good thing
22:02 it's going to be withheld from us
22:04 because of Jesus now you think of about
22:06 10,000 people being fed and 10,000
22:10 people being healed Jesus did not
22:12 withhold any good thing from any person
22:16 that came to him that's the reality that
22:19 we get a live in so often we live in a
22:22 lesser reality that if I don't do
22:24 everything perfect I cannot expect
22:28 something good from God especially
22:30 something like healing or a miracle
22:32 right we need a shift our mindset we
22:36 call him I hit mine God's love his
22:40 compassion his mercy His grace take a
22:43 look at after 10:30 8 on your sheet how
22:47 God anointed Jesus imagine with the Holy
22:50 Spirit with power who went about doing
22:51 good and healing all who were oppressed
22:54 by the devil underline well hi was Jesus
23:00 so compassionate what do you think from
23:03 after 10:30 8 why was Jesus so
23:05 compassionate
23:08 what does it say he was anointed by the
23:14 Holy Spirit and he was anointed with
23:19 power that's what he had the capacity
23:22 and what was the result of this
23:25 anointing he went about doing good to
23:28 all feeding all and he went about
23:31 healing all what was the final outcome
23:37 of Jesus's compassion as seen in his
23:39 life Jesus went to the cross for us and
23:44 as us taking our place so we need not
23:48 need to suffer from eternal death and
23:50 destruction being eternally separated
23:52 from God I'll never forget when I was in
23:56 the prayer room back here one time early
23:58 on in my faith walk in this area of
24:01 healing and one of the ladies has this
24:03 open vision and she sees me inside of
24:07 Jesus Christ and the stripes the
24:12 beatings the strikes that Jesus bore
24:14 came upon him and I remained untouched
24:20 Jesus bore every punishment for my sin
24:24 so that I could receive the fullness of
24:27 what he deserved what he purchased for
24:31 me that was just it's always been
24:34 sketched in my mind and I'll never
24:37 remove that picture of what she saw that
24:40 day and it's impacted my heart and how I
24:43 feel about God and how I have been able
24:46 to receive it's not because of what I do
24:49 but because of what Jesus has done you
24:52 and I are inside as believers inside of
24:55 Jesus Christ he bore the stripes for our
24:58 healing God's compassion moved him
25:01 throughout the Bible is stated in Psalm
25:03 103 verses three to five to bring
25:06 salvation to every aspect of our lives
25:08 and is clearly stated for both the
25:10 forgiveness of all of our sin the
25:12 healing of all of our diseases Psalm 78
25:15 38 says this but he this is the Old
25:20 Testament being full
25:22 of compassion forgave their iniquity and
25:26 did not destroy them full of compassion
25:30 Matthew 14:14
25:32 and Jesus was moved with compassion for
25:36 them and healed their sick the same
25:38 compassion that forgives sin is the same
25:41 compassion that heals all of our
25:45 sicknesses and diseases now let's take a
25:48 word look at the second word I'm
25:49 bringing up tonight describing God's
25:51 hesed love for us God's unconditional
25:54 love for us God's mercy how is mercy
25:58 related to compassion I've said this
26:00 before
26:00 both mercy and compassion a lot but are
26:03 coming from the same Hebrew root word I
26:07 just seek compassion is more that that
26:10 deep down feeling that God has for us
26:14 often we think like no feelings are of
26:16 the soul no feelings coming from the
26:18 spirit of the Living God and he feels
26:21 deeply about us and his feelings are
26:25 what moved him to show his mercy upon us
26:31 his compassion moves him to show mercy
26:35 and the Musa propels him to show grace
26:38 to us what is mercy you've heard this
26:43 before that mercy is basically not
26:45 getting what you deserve because of sin
26:49 I'm not gonna say your sin because
26:51 you'll see in a moment it's sin that's
26:53 in this world Romans 6:23 says this for
26:57 the wages of sin is death Romans 3:23
27:00 says for all have sinned and fall short
27:03 of the glory of God through thin all
27:07 forms of death come into the world
27:09 sickness is just a slow onset of eternal
27:13 death
27:14 mercy is seen in the title I've given
27:17 today's session which is called Jesus's
27:20 love far outweighs your mistakes and
27:23 your misfortunes your mistake what are
27:28 they but your own personal sin choices
27:31 you've made
27:32 ways you have sinned against God
27:35 misfortunes what are they they're the
27:37 consequences that you are suffering from
27:40 the sins that are done against you or
27:44 the consequences of sin that came into
27:46 this world through the sin of the first
27:48 Adam and the consequences of sin that
27:51 you were born into through the first
27:55 Adam's sin you were born as a sinner and
28:00 therefore you suffered the consequences
28:02 of sin so in the Bible where the
28:05 disciples are arguing like this blowing
28:09 you know child why what caused is blinds
28:14 did his parents sin did he sin and God
28:16 says neither as for my glory I'm gonna
28:19 reveal my glory sin was already in the
28:22 world that child was suffering the
28:24 consequences a sin that had come into
28:28 this world and God says hey I'm just
28:31 gonna Jesus says I'm just gonna pull
28:32 them yank him out of the kingdom of
28:34 darkness and I'm gonna place him into my
28:36 love my kingdom of love I'm gonna let
28:39 him experience the fullness of my love
28:41 for him not only in his spirit but in
28:44 his physical body God wants us to
28:47 experience love in every aspect of our
28:49 life not just in one area we get so
28:51 tripped up in the Christian realm think
28:54 it's only for our spirit not for our
28:56 circumstances not for our relationships
28:59 not for our finances and God wants to
29:02 show love in every aspect of our life
29:05 mercy is God redeeming you from the
29:08 curse the consequences of sin you can
29:11 see the curse is listed in Deuteronomy
29:13 28 there very well spelled out and Jesus
29:18 has redeemed us from every curse third
29:21 word we're looking at tonight and the
29:23 third word the aspect of God's
29:25 unconditional love for us that word has
29:28 it the third word we're looking at His
29:30 grace God's grace what is grace grace
29:33 takes mercy and compassion to the whole
29:37 next level it just doesn't take you out
29:40 of the red but it moves you into the
29:42 black so to speak grace is God's and
29:45 you've heard this before
29:47 but you gotta meditate and get it deep
29:49 down it's unearned undeserved and
29:52 unmerited favor
29:54 well mercy forgave you of sin grace is
29:58 giving you what you don't deserve
30:01 what you don't deserve is Jesus and the
30:06 fullness of the inheritance that is in
30:09 Jesus Christ the moment you said yes to
30:12 having Jesus as your personal Savior and
30:14 Lord
30:15 you became according to Romans 8:17 a
30:18 joint heir with Jesus Christ
30:20 a good way that I've shared before that
30:23 I you can memorize this is the acronym
30:25 grace G God or riches a at sea Christ
30:32 II expense God's riches at Christ's
30:34 expense think of it
30:36 Psalm 103 verses 3 through 5 God's
30:40 riches at Christ's expense is the
30:42 forgiveness of all of our sins the
30:44 healing of all of our diseases the
30:46 redemption of our life from the
30:47 destruction and then crowning or the
30:51 surrounding of our life with his loving
30:53 kindness and compassion satisfying their
30:57 years with good things the mercy seat in
31:00 the tabernacle the Old Testament that
31:03 hosted God's presence here on earth
31:05 became God's throne a grace through
31:07 Jesus a sacrificial work of the Cross
31:10 under the New Covenant me by Jesus's
31:13 blood you and I are invited boldly to
31:16 come to God's throne a grace at God's
31:19 throne a grace what can reach receive
31:21 two aspects of his love mercy not
31:26 getting what we deserve because of sin
31:28 and grace receiving all of Christ's
31:31 riches the fullness of our inheritance
31:35 and when can we receive this in the time
31:38 for need I think it's so beautiful in
31:41 that Hebrews 4:16 let us come boldly to
31:44 the throne of grace to receive mercy and
31:47 health to receive mercy and grace when
31:51 we come to God's throne of grace we get
31:52 two things getting what we don't deserve
31:54 because of the sin
31:56 and getting what christ deserved grace
31:59 is that cool or what just amazing how
32:04 God puts all these things together in
32:05 the Bible so in a practical way how can
32:08 you remember God's grace God's mercy and
32:13 grace and what the difference is so I
32:15 don't know if you've ever heard of this
32:16 speeding ticket example so here you are
32:19 you're on the freeway California freeway
32:21 so 60 miles per hour and all of a sudden
32:24 you decide to you want to get to your
32:26 appointment ahead of time and you're
32:28 going 80 miles per hour and before you
32:30 know it you have a siren and a police
32:34 pole highway patrolman pulls you over
32:37 pulls out a ticket book and you plead
32:41 have mercy on me now my brother who was
32:47 a sheriff could play this he would pull
32:49 out because after he retired from the
32:52 Sheriff's Department
32:53 he still had you know the his thing that
32:56 shows that he was a sheriff so he would
32:58 pull that out and mercy was given to him
33:01 time and time again you know we get a
33:07 pull out I'm a child of the Most High
33:10 God it's not that you purposely go over
33:13 the speed limit but when he makes a
33:16 mistake you ask for God's mercy so the
33:22 policeman or the highway patrolman
33:24 wouldn't give my brother a ticket when
33:28 we call out for God's mercy we are
33:30 saying god I'm your child and I am
33:33 asking for you not to give me what I
33:36 deserve so how does grace look like in
33:39 that example grace in that example of
33:42 the speeding thing is now you're going
33:45 80 miles an hour the punishment pulls
33:47 you over you've asked for His mercy and
33:49 the policeman not only puts away his
33:51 ticket book and doesn't give you a
33:52 ticket he pulls out of his wallet 10
33:56 $100 bills and gives him to you and says
33:59 have a dinner and a free stay at
34:02 such-and-such Hotel the first-class
34:04 hotel here on me that's great
34:08 now you and I have been given something
34:10 far beyond 10 $100 bills when we're
34:14 caught in a mistake and ask for God's
34:16 mercy and grace we are given Jesus
34:19 Christ we are given everything that
34:24 belongs to Jesus Luke 15 31 says all
34:28 that I have is yours you have been given
34:32 every blessing in the spiritual heavens
34:36 everything that's in Christ you have
34:39 already been given in it far outweighs
34:42 some 10 measly $100 bills it's billions
34:48 and trillions and things you'll never be
34:51 added be able to add up on any monetary
34:54 level Jesus's healing ministry was
34:58 filled with God's compassion mercy and
35:00 grace psalm 145 9 we looked at last
35:05 session god is good to all his tender
35:08 mercies are over all his work why why is
35:12 God good to all his tender mercies over
35:15 all his works and we're gonna use this
35:19 Ephesians 2:4 Ephesians chapter 2 verse
35:23 4 as we go through several accounts of
35:26 Jesus showing mercy to those who ask for
35:31 mercies so if we can put that up on the
35:34 overhead but God who is rich in mercy
35:37 because of his great love in which he
35:41 loved us now these stories that I am
35:44 gonna be telling you tonight very
35:47 briefly and we're gonna look at a little
35:49 bit more depth as story next week but
35:52 these stories you so often we go like
35:56 that was back then I can't expect that
35:58 today but how many know that 2020 is a
36:01 year of great expectations yeah my
36:06 expectation is from God and from God
36:08 alone and I know this about God
36:11 according to Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus
36:13 Christ is the same yesterday and today
36:17 and forever so what he did for these
36:20 people you can expect for him to do for
36:23 you as you place your faith in God in
36:26 God alone
36:27 so what is Jesus's mercy look like in
36:30 this area of healing so we're gonna take
36:33 a look at Matthew 15 21 through 28 but
36:36 I'm just gonna pull out a couple verses
36:37 on each one kind of showing you the same
36:40 pattern and that's occurring because
36:42 later on as we look at some other
36:44 lessons in love next week in the
36:46 following week I want to pull out some
36:48 other things that I want to highlight so
36:51 it's definition woman cries out on
36:53 behalf of demon-possessed daughter now
36:55 she wasn't me and what the Jesus would
36:59 call his family the Israelites at that
37:02 time and we know the story that is going
37:04 like hey I'm not gonna give bread to the
37:07 dogs and she's going hey oh I'll be
37:11 called the dog if I can receive the
37:12 children's bread children's bread refers
37:15 to the healing that belongs to ours in
37:17 Jesus Christ so in Matthew 15 22 she
37:21 cries out think about somebody right now
37:25 who you know that they need deliverance
37:29 they need the healing touch the mercy of
37:32 God how that person in mind and you can
37:35 save this along with the Sarah
37:37 Phoenician woman have mercy on me O Lord
37:43 son of David and what happens
37:47 Mathi 1528 tells us the outcome and her
37:51 daughter was healed from that very hour
37:55 this is our expectation that we can have
37:59 in Jesus Christ the very hour that we
38:03 asked Jesus were Heavenly Father to
38:08 enter being as as we're interceding for
38:11 someone that very hour he delivers them
38:15 from the kingdom of darkness and he
38:17 places him into the kingdom of his love
38:22 so let's all say this out loud together
38:26 why did God show mercy through this
38:28 woman's demon
38:29 possessed daughter Ephesians 2:4 for God
38:33 is rich in mercy because of his great
38:37 love in which he loved us blind
38:41 Bartimaeus how many people know people
38:45 that cannot see like blind bartimaeus
38:49 blind bartimaeus cries out Jesus son of
38:53 David have mercy on me he knew that if
38:59 you could get Jesus to hear him he would
39:00 be healed so he cried out all the more
39:02 when everyone told him shut up and
39:05 that's what often everybody around you
39:07 they say it's impossible they try to
39:10 push you away from the love of Jesus
39:13 Christ and he cried out all the more and
39:16 Jesus says what do you want me to do for
39:19 you and he's saying that to you and I
39:21 tonight and to those that you know that
39:23 he need healing from blindness or any
39:25 other kind of sickness or disease when
39:28 Jesus heard Bartimaeus requests when he
39:30 hears your requests
39:32 he immediately restored Bartimaeus the
39:36 sight and he restores whatever area of
39:40 your life has been attacked by the enemy
39:43 especially in this area of healing mark
39:46 1052 jesus said to him go you your
39:50 wedding your faith has made you well and
39:51 immediately he received a spider in
39:53 sight and followed Jesus on the road
39:56 let's all say this out loud together why
39:59 did God show mercy to blind Bartimaeus
40:02 Ephesians 2:4 for God is rich in mercy
40:06 because of his great love in which he
40:11 loved us now this word mercy that we
40:15 just read it also could have been
40:18 translated compassion but we're gonna
40:20 actually look at I'm looking at just the
40:22 New King James Version we're gonna look
40:24 at where this word compassion occurs in
40:28 some of the times I'm not including
40:30 everything that's included in the New
40:32 Testament where this word compassion
40:34 related to Jesus healing people appears
40:36 but to blind man in Matthew 20 29
40:39 through 34
40:41 Matthew 20 34 it says this so Jesus had
40:45 compassion on these two blind men he
40:49 touched their eyes and immediately their
40:53 eyes received sight this word
40:55 immediately keeps coming up over and
40:58 over and over again why because God does
41:02 not want us to stick around in the
41:05 kingdom of darkness he wants to
41:07 Louisville on us he wants to to show us
41:10 his mercy he wants us to receive His
41:13 mercy his compassion his grace he
41:16 doesn't want us to be suffering under
41:18 the dictatorship of the evil one Satan
41:22 his arch enemy leper cleanse mark 1 41
41:27 through 45 41 it says this then Jesus
41:31 moved with compassion stretched out his
41:33 hand and touched him and said I am will
41:35 he be cleansed as soon as he has spoken
41:37 immediately the leprosy left him and he
41:41 was clan so let's say this for both of
41:45 those accounts on the blindness and the
41:47 leprosy why did God show compassion
41:50 mercy on the two blind men on the leper
41:55 Ephesians 2 for that side to say this
41:57 out loud for God is rich in mercy
42:00 because of his great love in which he
42:04 loved us do you believe it these are
42:07 what you meditate until it gets deep
42:08 down in your heart so there's nothing
42:11 that stands between you and God and his
42:14 love for you child raised from the dead
42:17 a child is raised from the dead because
42:22 of God's compassion on the mother of
42:25 having her child died at such a young
42:27 age and mother cries out and we find out
42:30 the child is raised from the dead why
42:32 for God is rich in mercy because of his
42:35 great love in which he loved us and then
42:38 we're going to look at the multitude and
42:41 a lot of the multitude because so often
42:44 when you see ten thousand people in a
42:46 crowd you know they didn't have it all
42:49 together you know they all had some
42:51 mistakes that they've made or some
42:53 misfortune
42:54 that they were born into or that
42:56 happened to them later on in life just
42:58 like you and I and you know none of them
43:01 could earn their healing another none of
43:04 them could be holy enough so I love this
43:06 passage because you are among one of
43:11 10,000 people and this was what Jesus
43:13 says to you tonight and Jesus when Jesus
43:16 went out he saw a great multitude and he
43:18 was moved with compassion and healed
43:20 their sick why would Jesus heal every
43:25 person present why would Jesus heal you
43:29 at your request tonight for God is rich
43:33 in mercy because of his great love in
43:37 which he loved us in which he loved you
43:40 and you and you and I I'm gonna tell you
43:46 a testimony a modern-day testimony it's
43:50 interesting it's one of those
43:51 testimonies that's like you know never
43:54 forget talking to this guy he mentioned
43:57 a little bit it was that International
43:59 House of Prayer in Kansas City Missouri
44:01 you would had young guy he was in his
44:03 20s and he just mentioned really briefly
44:06 how God had healed him so me just really
44:09 being interested and still AM of what
44:13 God does in people's life totally
44:15 transforming them I went up to him
44:18 during the break time and I actually
44:19 recorded everything that he said and
44:22 then I transcribed it so he had a tumor
44:26 that had grown from 0.9 to four point
44:29 nine centimeters in seven days they
44:32 surgically removed it that the cancer
44:34 had already spread throughout his body
44:36 through his limp thyroid in lungs he
44:38 knew that if he was not healed he would
44:40 die he had heard about the Healing Rooms
44:42 in Kansas City and decided to go there
44:44 for a week and pray and do a total fast
44:47 before he started his chemo they had
44:50 already put a port in his chest but he
44:53 decided this is what he was gonna do
44:55 before he started any kind of treatment
44:57 and when he got there
45:00 somebody says do you want to be healed
45:01 or do you want to know the healer he
45:05 thought about that for a minute most
45:07 would say I want to be healed you know
45:09 that's me but he said he wanted to know
45:12 the healer so he began to study the
45:14 Heart of Jesus
45:15 this is his words he read it in many
45:19 places where it says Jesus entered into
45:21 a city his heart was filled with
45:24 compassion for the people and he healed
45:26 all that were sick
45:27 this is his words to me Chris says I
45:30 want to know you Lord in this way I want
45:33 to look into your eyes of compassion to
45:37 look into your eyes as my healer so he
45:41 did that for one entire week just got
45:44 before the Lord and said he put himself
45:47 within these stories and God says God I
45:50 want to know you this way just as all
45:52 these other people who cried out for
45:54 your mercy your compassion I want to
45:57 know to you
45:58 that's the compassion of God I want to
46:01 know you and the father of mercies the
46:03 father of compassion the father of grace
46:06 I want to know your love for me in this
46:09 way just as she'd done for all these
46:12 other people in the New Testament so he
46:15 went back to begin chemotherapy they had
46:17 already put a port in his chest so he
46:20 says can you just do one more check for
46:23 me about my cancer they laughed of
46:27 course the doctor didn't see the only
46:29 need for the tests to be done but Chris
46:32 said basically this to the doctors I'm
46:35 not gonna go ahead with the treatment
46:37 you have suggested and left you do one
46:39 more test so I asked him I'm always
46:42 asking questions why didn't you do this
46:44 I thought Chris would answer me that he
46:48 had somehow his symptoms had lessened
46:50 and therefore he knew something God was
46:52 doing something for me for him and he
46:55 says no oh he says on the contrary I
46:58 felt worse than I ever had before you
47:02 know he had left for Kansas City so he
47:04 goes to Kansas City spends his time
47:06 looking at the father of mercies and
47:09 father of grace looking to the gods
47:11 compassionate eyes for him in the
47:14 meantime his symptoms are worse than
47:16 worse he tells the doctor this because
47:20 is believing God is true to his word so
47:28 Chris
47:28 he said the doctors do the test the test
47:33 comes back and there's no cancer found
47:36 anywhere in the body so much for
47:40 symptoms determining and we heard that
47:43 just a little bit of go with Mike's
47:45 testimony remember you know he wore that
47:49 back brace for one year he had
47:51 excruciating pain in his back and it
47:54 wasn't until he went in to the doctor
47:57 that he had all the symptoms still there
47:59 in his back but it was until he went in
48:01 and he found that he was healed a spine
48:03 spina bifida spondylolysis and
48:06 spondylitis all three healed at one time
48:10 but it wasn't until he saw the exam and
48:13 then it's that faith that comes in like
48:16 wow I don't have it anywhere of my body
48:18 what are you hanging around here for
48:20 these little demons these little
48:22 symptoms why did God show great
48:25 compassion to Chris why did he show it
48:28 to Michael for God is rich in mercy
48:32 because of his great love in which he
48:35 loved us we must look away from our
48:38 symptoms so we can look into God's eyes
48:41 filled with compassion and mercy
48:46 let's all say together ken can you just
48:51 can someone bring up the communion to me
48:53 and Ken can you get the communion um
48:55 thank you for doing that
48:57 in lamentations 3:21 through 24 jeremiah
49:04 didn't have this privilege that we have
49:07 jeremiah says this i recall to mind
49:11 he was recalling to mind the mercies and
49:14 the Compassion's plural of God now Jesus
49:20 he tells us do this in remembrance of me
49:25 he's basically saying recall my great
49:30 mercies and Compassion's that I've
49:32 already shown to you through the work of
49:35 my of the Cross God's Compassion's like
49:40 Psalm 103 it says your Compassion's are
49:44 as high as the heavens are above the
49:47 earth and you spine that in other places
49:50 listed on your sheet psalm fifty seven
49:53 verse ten there's and one of the verses
49:57 that I really like about God's mercy is
50:02 God delights he take great pleasure in
50:06 showing you and I mercy and showing you
50:12 and I his compassion and showing you and
50:15 I his great grace Psalm 23 we know that
50:21 very well let's all say it together as
50:24 we couldn t go into communion surely
50:28 goodness and mercy shall follow me all
50:33 the days of my life
50:37 you know first word mercy and Hebrew is
50:40 Hesed love surely goodness and God's
50:43 love The Fool summons love mercy and
50:46 grace mercy Grace compassion the
50:49 fullness of God's love it's gonna follow
50:51 me all the days of my life why I am in
50:55 Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ
50:58 is in me the blood of Jesus Christ is
51:02 the thing that has more power over me
51:05 than any sickness or any disease the
51:08 blood of Jesus Christ has more power
51:10 over me than any mistake I've made and
51:13 in this fortune I've encountered the
51:16 blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me of all
51:19 sin cleanses me of all sicknesses and
51:21 diseases and this is my confession
51:24 that I am loved by my father in heaven
51:30 he is a father of Mercy he's a father of
51:33 compassion and he's a father a great
51:36 grace in Jesus's name Amen
51:38 so father we thank you Father for
51:40 tonight's talk I pray that you would
51:42 cause it to richly dwell in us that your
51:45 love for God would richly dwell in us
51:48 and you would start rudiness and
51:50 grounding us in father Your mercies as
51:54 revealed in the light and Ministry of
51:57 Jesus and through the work of the cross
51:59 and that your great grace would abound
52:01 Lord God in our hearts and in our lives
52:04 that we would look into your eyes of
52:07 compassion this week and know that we
52:10 know that we know no matter what the
52:12 report says no matter how things look
52:15 that we are loved by you and that now we
52:19 can expect your love to prevail in our
52:23 lives through our lives and in our myths
52:25 in Jesus name Amen


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