The Joy and Triumph the Holy Spirit Brings

Are you experiencing a challenging or difficult situation in your life? If so, watch what happens as you apply the five keys to growing in “Faith That Triumphs in Trouble” from Romans 5, inviting Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead you through your trials as your first response. As you seek Him daily, allowing Him to direct your steps, God will bring you through every trial you face, while developing within you the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Whatever you need God to be for you or whatever you need from God, take a step of faith, declaring His Truth and singing His promises.


Video Transcript

00:00 hello everyone tonight I will share
00:06 about the joy and the triumph that the
00:08 holy spirit brings the past few months
00:12 Sue Burdullis has been teaching on psalms
00:14 101 oh three and we focused on Jesus's
00:18 sacrifice his suffering for us his
00:21 resurrection his promise to return to us
00:25 we've experienced our Heavenly Father's
00:28 love and His faithfulness to us Psalm
00:32 100 is a song of Thanksgiving and praise
00:36 for the Lord's faithfulness to his
00:38 people in reflecting on God's
00:40 faithfulness I ask you to take a minute
00:43 and remember a difficult time that
00:46 you've gone through with Lord the Lord a
00:50 difficult time that God brought you
00:52 through that you've finished that season
00:55 that you finished that trial that that
00:57 is done I want you to think about that
01:01 and then we're going to talk about how
01:04 do we get through these trials how do we
01:06 go through suffering and trials and hang
01:09 on to the Lord in the midst of it
01:12 because I believe that he brings us
01:14 through every one of our trials I wanted
01:21 to read what pastor Steve wrote on the
01:24 art of abiding I think you all got a
01:26 copy of that and this is what he says in
01:29 John 14:2 and three Jesus made the
01:32 promise to his disciples that he was
01:34 going to prepare a place for them and in
01:37 doing so would return to receive them to
01:40 himself so that where he was they would
01:43 be also but today Jesus is in heaven
01:46 while we live on earth so how can we
01:49 possibly be where he is through the art
01:52 of abiding abiding is the practice of
01:55 entering into Christ as he literally is
01:58 the place prepared for us in
02:00 righteousness peace and joy by accepting
02:04 his gift as complete and finished we can
02:07 dwell in his victory and loving presence
02:10 at any time all the time we do this
02:13 through
02:13 faith with time and plenty of practice
02:17 this is where prayer comes in as we set
02:20 ourselves apart from our daily life and
02:22 enter into Christ and all that he has
02:25 accomplished abiding begins as we allow
02:28 his word to take root in us this is
02:31 easier than it sounds
02:32 because we need to match the Word of God
02:34 to who Jesus is for us right now in our
02:38 current moment of struggle or
02:40 tribulation in other words I abide in
02:43 Jesus inside his love as an antidote to
02:47 the fear that I might be currently
02:49 experiencing I will need his word to
02:52 hold my place I know his love casts out
02:55 fear and I know when I'm experiencing
02:58 his love I feel safe and secure but at
03:01 this moment I might not this is where
03:04 his words abiding in me can shift my
03:07 emotions and experience into his truth
03:10 in his presence there is a place in
03:14 Jesus where his truth and presence
03:16 becomes more real tangible and bigger
03:19 than any current experience I happen to
03:22 be living on this earth let me give you
03:26 an example of how I've learned to
03:27 practice the art of abiding in Jesus
03:29 let's take the verse in the Bible that
03:32 says perfect love casts out fear that's
03:35 wonderful but where does it say that we
03:37 need the anchor of the address for
03:41 example if I've never been to your house
03:43 before and you invite me you would give
03:45 me your address I would put your address
03:48 in my phone and maps would immediately
03:50 locate your house and give me directions
03:52 today our Bible apps can locate the
03:55 address of Scripture with a simple
03:57 phrase we type in even Google will find
03:59 a scripture for us when we type in a few
04:01 words we vaguely remember I highly
04:04 encourage you to do this anytime the
04:06 Holy Spirit brings a scripture to your
04:08 heart now that we have the address in
04:10 this case its first John 4:18 there is
04:14 no fear in love but perfect love casts
04:17 out fear because fear involves torment
04:20 but he who fears has not been made
04:22 perfect in love now we can go to it in
04:26 our Bible or
04:27 our Bible app and read it out loud
04:30 slowly we can listen to the words see
04:34 the words even feel the words that we
04:36 are reading we may even be drawn to one
04:39 or two words in the verse and have a
04:41 desire to know the original meeting
04:43 meaning then we can refer to the
04:47 concordance app and find its meaning yes
04:50 it can be a bit time-consuming to find
04:52 scriptures for ourselves and locate them
04:54 in our Bible then read them to ourselves
04:56 meditate on them mutter them out loud or
04:59 pause to feel and experience their
05:01 richness their cleansing or their truth
05:04 this however is what abiding is it's
05:07 allowing his word to find a resting
05:09 place inside of us
05:11 so that we can grow the sound of his
05:13 word and truly experience it inside of
05:16 us inside of Jesus I have found in 42
05:20 years of walking with Jesus and coming
05:22 to know him that this practice of
05:24 abiding is so so worth the time the
05:29 first time I come to your house I might
05:30 get lost the second time I might forget
05:33 how I got there but after a while I will
05:36 know my way to your home by heart and
05:38 that's what Jesus has invited us to
05:40 practice finding our way into the place
05:44 that he has prepared for us learning our
05:46 way to his home while we allow his
05:49 spirits to or allow his words to rest in
05:52 our hearts and soon we will know our way
05:54 home by heart I just thought that really
05:57 encompasses what I want to speak about
06:00 tonight
06:02 when we experience temporary sufferings
06:08 and I'm going to say temporary because
06:10 they are it can be a trauma a trial an
06:14 infirmity a challenge of fear a chaos
06:18 afflictions whenever we want to call it
06:22 our Father and Jesus invite us to
06:25 experience the joy and the triumph that
06:27 the Holy Spirit brings to our lives now
06:31 when we're in the midst or in the
06:32 beginning of a trial a challenge it
06:35 doesn't feel like it's temporary usually
06:37 it usually feels like this is never
06:39 going to end how do
06:40 get out of this and Pastor Steve's been
06:43 teaching us for quite a while now on how
06:46 to invite Jesus into that place we want
06:49 to get out of it but Jesus is in it and
06:53 I think it's an opportunity for us to
06:56 get to know him
06:57 get to know the kingdom of God better so
07:03 these trials can be overwhelming and I
07:09 know my first response is usually
07:11 withdrawn and you're trying to think
07:14 with your mind why did this happen how
07:16 did this happen and how do I get out of
07:18 here but before I share the keys to
07:22 walking with the Holy Spirit through
07:24 these trials let me share about the
07:29 wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit God
07:32 designed our spirit to lead and our soul
07:36 to submit to our Holy Spirit to our
07:39 spirit our culture ignores our spirit
07:42 and emphasizes our soul but we are
07:47 blessed to have Camarillo Healing Rooms
07:49 The Healing Rooms churches where we can
07:51 sit and learn about the kingdom of God
07:54 learn his word the freedom to worship
07:57 the Lord I'm so thankful that we are
08:00 this blessed being filled with the
08:03 spirit means that God's Spirit infuses
08:06 and inspires us so that our whole person
08:08 is conformed to God's truth and his
08:11 intention for us our destiny he is a
08:15 plan for us he has a destiny for us when
08:21 Holy Spirit comes upon us it is an
08:23 invitation to venture with God as he
08:26 imparts his vision to us Holy Spirit is
08:30 the anointing that covers us it is the
08:32 power of the Living resurrected Jesus
08:36 Christ in us Holy Spirit is the one who
08:40 has the power to act on the Word of God
08:42 God's love is expressed to us in his
08:46 word and by the outpouring of his Holy
08:48 Spirit Holy Spirit is here to comfort us
08:52 when we have a wounded spirit
08:54 and to journey with us toward healing so
08:58 I have a couple questions for you
09:00 what are you needing God to be for you
09:03 right now
09:07 what are you trusting God for
09:15 now what would your facial expression
09:18 look like if you saw the full answer if
09:22 you saw the victory if you saw the
09:26 ending if you saw the finish would you
09:31 be weighted down I know when a trial
09:33 comes I get weighted down or would joy
09:37 would I have joy would my facial
09:39 expression be a smile would I be what
09:43 did they say when your your beaming and
09:46 your shining when you've come through a
09:50 trial we're like that how about at the
09:53 beginning in the middle
09:55 how would you walk how would you talk if
09:58 you already had the solution if the
10:01 trial was finished because the truth is
10:04 it is finished Jesus sees it as finished
10:09 and he wants us to see his finished work
10:12 you see overcoming obstacles and going
10:15 through trials transforms us into the
10:18 image of Jesus we grow we mature we
10:24 become like Christ we have unity with
10:26 God and with each other we can walk in
10:32 newness of life
10:33 learning to be alive in God declaring
10:36 who we are in Jesus this process of
10:40 growing and stretching is painful at
10:42 times i know i i'd read growing I want
10:49 to grow but I dread the work that
10:52 process it hurts the stretching but once
10:57 it's done I soon forget that that goes
11:02 aside and the glorious work of what Holy
11:06 Spirit is doing and what Jesus has
11:08 already done the Hat becomes in the
11:11 forefront of my mind and my heart so the
11:17 keys to the kingdom that I hope to
11:20 impart tonight is that we would be
11:24 intentional when we see you know when we
11:27 when a trial comes
11:29 I have a tendency to stop and then try
11:32 and figure it out what's going on you
11:34 know how do I change this direction and
11:37 instead I want my first response to be
11:42 seeking God's kingdom seek first the
11:45 kingdom of God and all these things will
11:48 be added unto you
11:50 so my I'm hoping each each trial I go
11:54 through I think I get stronger in this
11:56 to go first to the Lord to quiet myself
12:00 to become intimately acquainted with
12:03 God's love to go to the secret place
12:06 we've heard all these terms before but
12:09 sometimes it's hard to take that step
12:10 it's a step of faith go and be quiet and
12:16 listen for the Lord's voice abide in
12:19 God's presence and just sit and enjoy
12:22 his love for you he's not worried about
12:25 this whatever however big this problem
12:28 is he's not concerned so go there and be
12:32 comforted meditate on the word and allow
12:36 God's Word to get deeply rooted or get
12:40 us deeply rooted in God's Word and in
12:43 him and value this time with him I think
12:49 back to the trials in my life
12:52 infirmities changes loss of loved one so
12:59 many different trials that we go through
13:01 and I want to spend time with the Lord
13:05 but we're focused on the things around
13:08 us our family our friends the our jobs
13:10 the things that we are responsible for
13:13 and I think sometimes I'm torn I'm not
13:17 valuing this precious time with the Lord
13:21 because abiding in his presence I have
13:24 found that he shows he shows us things
13:28 that we wouldn't notice if we were on
13:30 the way and we didn't have a trial that
13:32 was stopping us so I found that being
13:37 quiet and going slower and spending more
13:40 time in the word spending
13:41 or timings in his presence he reveals
13:45 these new truths he reveals a reveals
13:49 his word and it becomes life to me I
13:58 also have noticed and this may be for
14:01 some or not but in those times of trial
14:05 the Lord is so gracious he has given me
14:08 dreams when I'm anxious when I am so
14:12 focused on how to just manage whatever
14:15 the issue is I can lay down and rest and
14:20 God has been so gracious to give me
14:22 dreams that would either give me some
14:25 direction or comfort or clarity on
14:28 something that we're praying about and I
14:32 value that I treasure that that's one
14:34 way that God speaks to us so that's the
14:38 first key the second key is to thank God
14:42 for this time and of course you know
14:44 we're thinking I'm not thankful I don't
14:47 want this trial but to thank God for it
14:51 ask him what are you teaching me what
14:54 are you showing me where do I look in
14:56 your word what do I need for my next
14:59 he's preparing you for the next part of
15:01 your journey this season of hardship of
15:05 difficulty this rocky road where you
15:07 can't see the future he's showing you
15:12 how to navigate this and he's preparing
15:15 you with tools to go into your future
15:19 the things that you need for your future
15:22 so thank you I think I start thinking
15:26 them ok I'm not happy for about my my
15:29 trial but lord I thank you for Jesus as
15:32 sacrifice I thank you for your word I
15:35 thank you for your Holy Spirit I thank
15:37 you for your faithfulness I thank you
15:39 that we can hear your voice I thank you
15:41 that you know the path that I should
15:43 take and you're gonna lead me on this
15:45 path I thank you that you are all
15:48 sufficient and then another part of this
15:52 is humility
15:54 and generosity so instead of going in a
15:58 cave and withdrawing I would try to step
16:04 out and whatever you have in your hands
16:07 whatever the enemy is trying to pull
16:09 from you freely give it as the Holy
16:16 Spirit would direct you I find that if
16:19 my finances are being challenged if we
16:22 have a real trial in our finances we
16:26 start being very generous enemy is not
16:30 going to steal anything from us I'm
16:32 going to trust the Lord we are going to
16:34 give away in faith believing that God
16:39 will supply our every need so that's the
16:45 second key the third key is praise and
16:49 worship we become like the one that we
16:53 worship sing your scriptures sing in
16:59 your spiritual language he deserves the
17:02 highest praise all the time and
17:06 breakthrough has come and worship there
17:09 had been times I've been in worship and
17:12 the Lord again gives a clear answer I'm
17:16 I'm not even focusing on my problem but
17:20 God drops you know Holy Spirit just
17:22 comes and drops in a solution or clarity
17:25 or direction and it's just you know
17:29 that's when I just melt that's when I go
17:31 to tears that's when I go to my knees
17:33 thank you Lord he's so gracious he's so
17:35 kind and so faithful he is in it all and
17:40 as he sees that you take those steps of
17:42 faith he blesses it he blesses you he's
17:45 a good good father who's continually
17:49 blessing us
17:54 so the fourth key is to pray and pray
17:59 and pray pray the word pray the promises
18:03 of God God has promised you a future and
18:09 a hope you have dreams in you that God
18:13 has placed there
18:14 those are promises from God pray them
18:18 bless your spirit we spend a lot of time
18:23 when we're in a trial figuring out
18:26 trying to figure out the solutions to
18:29 our need but I have found that blessing
18:33 our spirit is so powerful bless your
18:36 spirit your soul and your body to be in
18:42 the unity with the gut with God's plan
18:44 and his word
18:46 you can pray God's attributes lord I
18:51 thank you you are my provider and you
18:54 supply all of my needs according to your
18:56 riches and glory by Christ Jesus so you
18:59 can pray the scripture sing the
19:00 scriptures and number five is ask Holy
19:09 Spirit to help you ask him he's waiting
19:13 he's waiting he has so much for you he's
19:19 waiting for you to ask how do I do this
19:22 where do I go comfort me
19:27 so surrender to Him surrender means to
19:32 lay our plans aside to see God's vision
19:35 and move with the Holy Spirit to step
19:39 forward in faith and to trust God and
19:41 that's not always easy that is probably
19:45 the most uncomfortable part of all of
19:47 this okay so now I am hearing from the
19:50 Lord but I have to take these steps I
19:52 have to do something I have to partner I
19:55 have to not only hear and trust God but
20:00 I have to do something whatever that may
20:03 be you may be asking you to move he
20:06 maybe asking you to forgive someone he
20:10 may be asking you to do something that's
20:15 really uncomfortable what do you wrestle
20:17 with what do you what are you
20:19 uncomfortable with go there with him
20:22 he's there's healing in that and I'll
20:25 just share quickly you know my daughter
20:27 was in the hospital in and out for
20:29 several years I'm the kind of person
20:31 that fainted when I got my ears pierced
20:33 and so being in a hospital was very
20:36 uncomfortable for me and you know the
20:41 tubes and not all the bells and whistles
20:42 and all this stuff but I'll tell you we
20:46 had I had just had to ask Holy Spirit to
20:49 show me show me to be brave show me give
20:54 me understanding clarity and none of
20:57 that bothers me anymore
20:58 God healed me in the midst of our
21:01 daughter's trial she's the one that was
21:04 suffering but God healed us of so many
21:06 different things as we went through that
21:08 trial it is just amazing how God you
21:12 know I asked the Lord just to heal our
21:16 daughter and God said I want to heal the
21:19 whole family then you're like oh that's
21:23 so much y'all I'm just asking for this
21:24 prayer Lord but he's got such a bigger
21:27 plan he's he has healing for each of us
21:32 in so many he knows the areas that we
21:35 can step forward in faith he knows where
21:37 we are and he wants to go take us in the
21:42 new direction I believe that God answers
21:46 all of our prayers and he supplies all
21:49 that we need to go forward in his plan
21:51 even when we face these obstacles and
21:54 they can be mountains in front of us but
21:59 in the midst of it he develops the fruit
22:01 of the Spirit in us we become like Jesus
22:03 we become and then we can go out with
22:09 the fruit of the Spirit we can go bless
22:11 others as we've been blessed
22:15 so I want to read Romans 5:1 35 the
22:19 faith triumphs and trouble
22:22 therefore having been justified by faith
22:25 we have peace with God through our Lord
22:27 Jesus Christ through whom also we have
22:30 access by faith into this grace which we
22:34 in which we stand and rejoice in hope of
22:37 the glory of God and not only that but
22:41 we also glory in tribulations knowing
22:43 that tribulation produces perseverance
22:46 and perseverance character and character
22:49 hope now hope does not disappoint
22:52 because the love of God has been poured
22:54 out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who
22:57 is given to us we don't like - you know
23:02 I've always kind of avoided this
23:04 scripture I don't I don't want to know
23:06 about the persevering I'm not patient
23:10 lord but he teaches us patience when we
23:13 need that he teaches he gives us
23:16 character he gives us hope and it
23:20 doesn't disappoint so I believe that God
23:28 is here tonight the presence of the Lord
23:31 the Living God your Abba daddy father
23:34 Holy Spirit is here joyfully
23:39 anticipating us partnering with him our
23:44 adversary wants to steal our joy and for
23:48 us to stay stuck in our trial and for us
23:51 to lose hope in the trial but God has so
23:55 much more for us he's calling us to
23:59 leave things behind leave what we know
24:02 and what we rely on that is in us our
24:07 self sufficiency and to be yielded to
24:11 his holy spirit to experience more in
24:16 him and with him and it can be
24:19 uncomfortable to walk in faith but it's
24:24 really a beautiful walk it is a
24:26 beautiful walk think about it we don't
24:29 have to we don't have to pick out the
24:33 trail and we don't have to clear it and
24:36 we don't have to do that the Holy Spirit
24:37 does that for us
24:39 he's leading us and we follow God has
24:45 given us his precious word I am so
24:48 thankful for the Word of God what would
24:51 we do without the Word of God and then
24:53 he blesses us with the Holy Spirit who
24:55 empowers the Word of God so tonight I'd
25:02 like to invite you think about the
25:05 questions I asked earlier what do you
25:07 need God to be for you right now and
25:10 what do you need from God so let's take
25:17 a step of faith I have on this table up
25:21 here I have printed some scriptures feel
25:26 free anytime tonight to come up and take
25:28 a scripture meditate on it and as an act
25:32 of faith I invite you to come up there's
25:35 a good there'll be a microphone up here
25:36 Wes has a microphone for you as an act
25:40 of faith I invite you to come up to the
25:42 microphone if you want and pray a prayer
25:47 thank the Lord for something read a
25:49 scripture declare something declare
25:53 where you're going declare in faith
25:56 you're following the Holy Spirit thank
26:01 God for His faithfulness bless your
26:04 family bless your finances bless your
26:07 spirit to grow bless your spiritual
26:11 gifts bless your future whatever you
26:13 want to do you have an opportunity to
26:16 come up you can read one of the
26:17 scriptures that are here or you can find
26:19 one in the Bible that or one that the
26:21 Lord's put on your heart for this season
26:23 but I invite you to come up and pray it
26:28 sing it declare it shout it who's been
26:33 teaching us to shout to the Lord shout
26:36 praises to the Lord
26:38 so you're welcome to come up there's
26:40 communion you're welcome to take the
26:42 communion sheet and do communion when
26:45 you're ready


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