Intimacy with You, The Desire of God’s Heart

Is the love that Father God has for you a reality in your life or just a concept?  Discover in this session how two-way journaling will enable you to draw closer to God and receive His affirming, loving words, especially through the activation assignment at the end of this session.  As you continue to discern the voice of God, understand 2 more crucial elements: the importance of working through difficult thoughts and feelings consuming your heart and having spiritual counselors.


Video Transcript

00:00 I want to welcome you some of you are
00:03 new so we're coming in at session three
00:05 here my name is Norma my husband's name
00:08 is Michael Letinsky and we are Kingdom
00:10 partners ministry and this is how to
00:13 hear God's voice session number three
00:16 and tonight's topic is intimacy with you
00:19 is the desire of God's heart so I hope
00:21 you all have teaching notes okay we're
00:23 gonna get started I want to start with a
00:25 quick review what we've been covering
00:28 for the last couple of weeks the the
00:30 four keys to hearing God's voice are and
00:33 well let's do the hand motions see if
00:34 you remember them stillness vision
00:38 spontaneity and journaling okay we're
00:42 gonna do it one more time say it with me
00:44 okay
00:45 stillness vision spontaneity and
00:48 journaling right okay couple of little
00:50 tips on that for a stillness it really
00:54 helps you if you are in a place where
00:57 you're not don't have a lot of
00:58 distractions a little bit more on that
00:59 later
01:00 for vision you can actually I like to
01:03 just close my eyes and imagine that
01:04 Jesus is right there with me and I like
01:07 to put myself in a really nice place
01:08 like one of my favorite places to meet
01:11 with Jesus on the screen of my mind is
01:13 we are on a like a porch with with two
01:16 rocking chairs side-by-side and we're
01:18 looking out at a beautiful garden or
01:20 sometimes we go to the beach together
01:22 and sometimes we just hang out in the
01:24 bedroom or I have my quiet time so
01:26 that's just a way of using vision okay
01:30 the spontaneity you're going to be
01:32 tuning to the flow of spontaneous
01:34 thoughts and pictures that will just
01:36 come effortlessly into your mind and of
01:39 course the journaling is you're going to
01:41 write down what you hear are the
01:43 thoughts you're not going to hear it as
01:44 an audible voice very unlikely but
01:46 you're going to get a flow of thoughts
01:48 in your mind and possibly pictures okay
01:50 so those are the four keys last week we
01:52 talked about how to quiet your mind
01:54 which is usually a problem for people
01:57 and so we I gave you some very useful
02:00 hints on how to do that first of all you
02:03 want to remove the outer noise so you
02:05 want to get rid of distractions you want
02:07 to turn off your phone you want to put
02:09 yourself in a place where you're not
02:10 going to be disturbed by other
02:12 people and you also want to choose a
02:14 good time of day when you're awake and
02:16 alert but not usually morning usually
02:19 works for most people but it doesn't for
02:21 everybody so whatever works for you
02:22 remove the inner noise so sometimes you
02:25 know you have just those thoughts
02:27 popping in your head distracting
02:29 thoughts and what you want to do when
02:31 you're sitting down trying to have that
02:32 quiet time with the Lord it's just when
02:34 a thought comes to your mind that seems
02:36 like it's relevant or important maybe
02:38 something you have to do later in the
02:39 day just write it down and just move on
02:42 don't don't hang there you can sing you
02:45 can pray in tongues you can listen to
02:47 soaking music you can visualize Jesus
02:50 with you like I said in a very
02:51 comfortable place those are all nice
02:53 ways to remove the inner noise and then
02:56 we talked about testing what you hear so
02:58 what you want to do is you're just gonna
02:59 spontaneously write down the thoughts
03:01 and ideas that are coming into your mind
03:03 without judging remember you're gonna
03:06 write in childlike faith and then you
03:08 are going to go back and reread it and
03:10 try to decide does this really seem like
03:13 it was God speaking to me
03:15 and the way you do that is you analyze
03:18 what you have read or written rather and
03:21 you want to compare it with the
03:24 qualities of God's nature so does it
03:26 seem loving does it seem kind does it
03:29 seem forgiving does it seem affirming
03:32 not accusatory or condemning in any way
03:35 is it comforting is it edifying is it
03:38 revelatory those are just some of the
03:41 qualities that that of God's nature his
03:44 character and so what you write should
03:46 be should line up with that remember
03:48 it's not going to necessarily be found
03:50 specifically in in Scripture but it's
03:52 going to be consistent with the
03:54 revelation of Scripture okay
03:56 so with that I will turn it over to
03:59 Michael
04:03 well last week we finished here we had a
04:07 German economy then we sent you often
04:09 encourage you the journal during the
04:11 week so my question to you is how many
04:14 of you had a breakthrough
04:16 your two-way journaling last week where
04:19 you really felt you were hearing from
04:20 God some of you did well if you're
04:30 feeling like you're having difficulty
04:32 the thing to do is take some time he's
04:40 more than going to do that because his
04:42 desire is for us so just ask him and the
04:48 most important is keep trying because
04:53 people sometimes for some people that
04:55 just comes really easily and for other
04:58 people it seems to take a while to kind
04:59 of get in the flow of the Holy Spirit's
05:03 and getting used as sensing spontaneous
05:07 spontaneous voice of God and so just
05:11 keep practicing and you will get it
05:15 remember God's promise jesus said this
05:17 my sheep well last week we had I don't
05:26 see her here tonight but there was a
05:27 woman who said that when she was trying
05:29 to journal she would close her eyes and
05:32 then she would get something in her mind
05:35 and then she would open her eyes to
05:36 write it and then she'd forget what it
05:38 was okay so there's a simple fix for
05:39 that I want you to think about it like
05:42 if you were going to if you were in a
05:44 lecture class and you were taking notes
05:45 you're taking notes simultaneously with
05:48 what you're hearing and you're not going
05:50 to be writing with your eyes closed are
05:51 you you want your eyes to be opened it's
05:53 like just think about if you were in
05:54 church and you're taking sermon notes
05:56 it's the same thing
05:57 okay the thoughts will come into your
05:59 mind just like they are right now you
06:00 should be thinking thoughts of hearing
06:03 what I'm saying and you just write down
06:04 what what you get okay without your eyes
06:06 closed okay so you can close your eyes
06:08 when you're just trying to settle
06:10 yourself and in quiet your mind but then
06:12 when you're actually writing your eyes
06:14 are gonna be open okay because you can
06:15 still see
06:16 you can actually see vision in your head
06:18 pictures and and and receive thoughts
06:21 with your eyes open I hope anyway I was
06:24 just concerned because it seemed like
06:26 some people when we were watching during
06:27 the the the exercise that we had at the
06:30 at the end of class when when you we had
06:33 to do the practice the two way
06:34 journaling some of you people were just
06:36 sitting there and it was obvious that
06:37 some people were struggling and not
06:39 everybody was doing really great so I
06:41 talked to the Lord about it and a couple
06:44 of days ago and this is what he said
06:45 I wrote here's my question because it's
06:47 always good to start with a question I
06:49 said Lord I'm concerned about the people
06:51 and how to hear God's voice who don't
06:53 seem to be getting it they're hearing
06:55 nothing apparently what can we say to
06:57 encourage them and so here's what he
06:59 said to me what I journal doubt he said
07:02 Norma my dear one remember he's gonna
07:04 speak to you in the first person he does
07:05 to me it's good that you are concerned
07:08 for you know how life-giving my words
07:10 are it really is all about practicing
07:13 learning to quiet the mind tuning to
07:16 flow and just writing the thoughts that
07:17 will effortlessly come my voice is soft
07:20 and gentle never harsh and demanding
07:23 striving will stop the flow so being in
07:25 a relaxed state of mind is needful
07:27 remind them that they can hear me it
07:30 just takes practice and the belief that
07:32 I do want to speak to them I do want to
07:35 encourage them and I do want to share my
07:37 love with them pray for the ones who are
07:39 still struggling to hear remind them
07:42 that I am a rewarder of those who
07:43 diligently seek me it will be a little
07:46 different for every person
07:47 some will hear me best by seeing others
07:50 through physical sensations that
07:52 validate my presence but all will hear
07:55 me speak to them no one is a
07:57 second-class citizen in my kingdom
07:59 I love all my children I am delighted
08:02 that so many are yearning to hear my
08:04 voice urge them to use the four keys and
08:07 keep at it also encourage them that
08:09 simply being in my presence is
08:12 life-giving and transformational it's
08:14 not always necessary to hear something
08:17 I am communing with them spirit to
08:19 spirit not always in words but in their
08:22 hearts bringing hope and healing let me
08:25 be God I will touch my children as is
08:28 best for each one
08:29 so I hope that encouraged you so we've
08:35 been talking about journaling and the
08:41 question comes up is the stirlitz really
08:43 from God or is it influenced by our
08:47 feelings and we've been discussing
08:50 different ways you can hear from God you
08:52 can hear you hear the voice of your
08:54 flesh voice of the devil or the voice of
08:56 God and ways to test enormous mentions
09:01 but the kind of input we get from God
09:04 can also be influenced by our heart
09:07 because we filter what we hear through
09:13 our heart that means through our motions
09:15 our feelings our beliefs and what we
09:20 feel in our heart can affect it and Mark
09:25 Verkerk called this having an idol in
09:28 your heart and that's when our worries
09:30 or concerns those feelings and emotions
09:33 we have can actually color our journal
09:38 entries and so it's possible that
09:40 because of what's going on in our heart
09:42 it's hard to figure out what's going on
09:44 now I'm gonna give I want to read a
09:46 quote from a book by Timothy Keller and
09:48 that this book is called counterfeit
09:51 God's which is really interesting so
09:53 this is quote from Keller when most
09:56 people think of idols they have in mind
09:58 the dural statutes or the next pop star
10:01 anointed by Simon Cowell yet while
10:04 traditional idol worship still occurs in
10:06 many places internal idol worship within
10:09 the heart of his Universal in Ezekiel 14
10:13 3 God says about the elders of Israel
10:16 these men have set up their idols in
10:20 their hearts like us the elders must
10:23 have responded
10:24 idols what I done seen the idols God was
10:30 saying that the human heart takes good
10:32 things like a successful career love
10:36 material possessions even family and
10:39 turns them into ultimate things our our
10:42 hearts DFID them as a center of our
10:45 lives because we think they can give us
10:49 significance of security safety and
10:51 fulfillment if we attain me and he
10:55 finishes up with an idol is whatever you
10:57 look at and say in your heart of hearts
11:00 if I have that then I'll feel
11:03 significant insecure
11:05 now this idols in your heart is
11:09 important let me give you a biblical
11:10 example this from the story of Balak and
11:13 Balaam which is in number is 22 Balin is
11:16 king of Moab and he calls on Bailey
11:20 who's a prophet and says I want you to
11:23 come and go I want you to go and curses
11:26 so Balaam says well I'll have to pray
11:29 first so he goes to pray and he he goes
11:36 and he prays and we ask God what am I
11:38 supposed to do and God answered and very
11:40 clearly don't go don't curse so Balaam
11:44 stayed by the reason well Balak was
11:47 really upset because he wanted him to go
11:48 on curse so he sent his people to Balaam
11:52 and he said to them that that he would
11:59 promised Balaam a great reward if he
12:02 would just go and do what Balak wanted
12:04 and to curse the Israelis and he offered
12:07 him this big reward if he would do what
12:09 he said so Balaam answered I'll quote
12:11 this Balaam said even a ballot bail and
12:15 Allah gave me all the silver and gold in
12:19 his palace I could not do anything great
12:21 or small to go beyond the command of the
12:24 Lord my God which is exactly right he
12:26 wanted to go seek glory so Balaam goes
12:29 to seek the Lord a second time
12:31 but this time with all these thoughts of
12:34 money
12:35 and his heart he gets another answer
12:39 from God a different one this time God
12:41 says to him go which is different than
12:44 the time before we said go go and in
12:47 second Peter 2:15 it clearly says that
12:51 his idol was the money he was
12:53 contemplating so Balaam got two
12:57 contradictory words from the Lord the
13:00 first one was a pure word but the second
13:03 one because his heart was thinking of
13:06 money and greed was filtering the words
13:10 that the Lord said to him he got impure
13:13 therefore the easiest way to get a badge
13:18 early injury or to not get the answer
13:20 from the Lord that you really would like
13:22 to hear but that would be from him is if
13:26 your heart is consumed with some emotion
13:30 or strong desire and so this is thanks
13:35 so let me give you some examples for
13:38 example when finances or health warnings
13:41 or family issues relationship problems
13:44 job concerns fear or anger when these
13:47 things fill our hearts it's hard to get
13:50 a clear answer from God if I'm upset for
13:54 example with someone who's hurt me or
13:55 offended me I do not trust what I get
13:59 from God when I pray about that
14:01 situation I have to go and repent and
14:03 get my heart clean before I'll trust
14:06 anything that I hear from God we knew
14:09 there was a couple of minutes number
14:11 years ago and we were elders in the
14:14 church and they came to us and all the
14:16 other elders because they wanted to make
14:18 a trip to Oregon they wanted to move to
14:20 Oregon and they were determined to go
14:22 well all of the elders independently
14:25 prayed and we felt this was not God but
14:28 they were determined to go
14:30 and they went and it turned out to be a
14:32 disaster and they ended up getting a
14:34 divorce or because their heart was
14:38 filled with this desire that was not
14:40 necessarily God's desire it was an
14:42 overwhelming desire to live in the first
14:45 another we know a woman who's divorced
14:48 we divorced a long time and she has this
14:50 thing in her heart that she can only
14:52 behold as she's married and because
14:55 she's not this is consuming and it's
14:59 really hindering even her walk with the
15:00 Lord because she is feeling that the
15:02 Lord has let her down by not to be her
15:05 husband so for me personally when I am
15:10 concerned about my medical issues and
15:13 I've had lots of medical issues over the
15:14 last 10 years lots of things going on
15:17 it's really hard for me to hear clearly
15:20 about me because these things are not
15:23 I'm worried about the answer I might get
15:25 what's really going on so our emotions
15:28 our feelings can affect or filter what
15:33 the Lord is saying to us so we have to
15:35 be aware of them sometimes you know we
15:40 want to pray you might want fact I
15:42 really recommend that you have spiritual
15:45 counselor or counselors who can test
15:48 your journaling because sometimes you're
15:51 concerned about whether you're really
15:52 here and clearly so you want someone to
15:55 help you that you trust that here's God
15:57 that can say this is yeah that's God no
15:59 I think that's filtered through your
16:01 heart and if it's good sometimes to get
16:05 people to pray with you when you're
16:07 making when you have to make major
16:08 decisions when there's major issues in
16:10 your life and we're gonna actually spend
16:12 some time later on in the class talking
16:15 about guidance which is another one
16:17 materials we have to make decisions
16:19 about guidance so if the problem is
16:23 seems so big if the problem seems so
16:25 overwhelming you probably are having a
16:28 doubt idol in your heart which makes it
16:30 hard for you to hear clearly so the idea
16:33 here is
16:35 that God loves us and to give those
16:38 emotions to him I think the bottom line
16:44 is if the problem seems bigger than
16:47 Jesus if it seems bigger to God in your
16:49 mind then your what bark burglar would
16:52 call praying through an idol okay so you
16:54 have to get to where God is the big one
16:56 and the problem is the little small
16:58 issue over here because nothing is too
17:00 difficult for God right and he really
17:02 does want to work in our lives he does
17:05 work everything for good and I would
17:07 also second emotion about the idea if
17:10 it's a major decision you know you don't
17:12 want to do that based on your feelings
17:14 you want to get good solid input and
17:16 confirmation from the Lord and we will
17:19 talk about that in a future future
17:21 course future class okay let's move on
17:24 to Roman numeral three in your notes and
17:28 this is really the crux of what we want
17:30 to talk about tonight and it is how God
17:33 wants to have an intimate relationship
17:36 with each one of us and my question is
17:42 to each one of us is the loving is the
17:45 loving relationship that father God has
17:48 for you that we all know about
17:49 intellectually is it a reality in your
17:52 life or is it just a concept you know it
17:55 has to get from the heart rather from
17:58 the head this is really my head not my
18:00 heart
18:00 why because to get from your head to
18:02 your heart and sometimes it's really
18:05 difficult to get it that the love of God
18:08 and the love that he has for each one of
18:10 us really cemented and solid in our
18:12 lives and I want to assure you that
18:15 2-way journaling from our experience and
18:18 from the experience of most of the other
18:20 people that we have talked to that we
18:22 have taught this method to in the past
18:24 it's gonna definitely enable you to draw
18:26 closer to God and receive his
18:29 life-giving
18:30 affirming loving words there's nothing
18:33 like it that I've ever experienced in
18:35 terms of being able to get that kind of
18:36 loving communication from him okay now
18:39 when you think of somebody and think of
18:41 somebody in the Bible that seemed to
18:43 have a really good relationship with God
18:45 who do you think of
18:47 David okay who else Abraham Samuel Moses
18:57 anybody else it's all Paul yeah
19:02 Elijah yeah okay those are all good
19:05 answers let's talk about some of them
19:07 okay remember David King David was
19:10 called a man after God's own heart what
19:13 a compliment it's so amazing to me and I
19:15 can saw him 18 he says I love you O Lord
19:18 my strength and in many of the Psalms
19:21 when you read them you'll see he's just
19:22 so real about his emotions he pours that
19:25 his heart to the God and he doesn't try
19:27 to hold anything back he can be angry he
19:30 can be discouraged he can be upset he
19:32 can be very fearful I mean all these
19:35 emotions come out and as you read the
19:37 Psalms and of course he also is very
19:40 positive and talking about God and very
19:42 excited about the Lord that's okay it
19:48 happens anyway what you'll see when you
19:51 read the Psalms II like it sometimes
19:53 I'll start out like being really like I
19:55 said raw and emotional and then suddenly
19:58 there'll be a shift and then it's like
20:00 he tunes into the Holy Spirit and then
20:03 he starts praising God and thanking him
20:05 and recalling his deliverance and the
20:08 amazing things that God has done and so
20:11 to me it's I think you can think of the
20:13 Psalms as David's 2-way journaling set
20:16 to music because it really is like that
20:19 you know because he's getting the input
20:21 from the Holy Spirit and you can just
20:22 see just settles right down and he
20:25 receives the reassurance that God has
20:27 for him I think another really good
20:29 example of someone that has a really
20:32 close relationship with God is Mary from
20:35 Mary and Martha in the New Testament you
20:37 know how Jesus didn't really rebuke her
20:40 Martha who was running around doing all
20:42 the housekeeping chores but he said mary
20:44 has chosen the good part and the good
20:47 part was just sitting with him hanging
20:49 out with him listening learning sharing
20:52 love with him and it was like she
20:54 couldn't get enough of his presence and
20:56 that's really what God wants for each
20:57 one of us he wants us to enjoy him
21:00 and not have to work at it I think some
21:03 of us feel like we have to work at it we
21:05 have to read so many chapters of the
21:07 Bible we have to pray so many prayers we
21:09 have to do this we have to do that
21:11 and I think a lot of times God just
21:13 wants to hang out with us
21:14 and just he wants us just to enjoy his
21:16 company and so your time with him should
21:19 be pleasurable okay it shouldn't be a
21:21 chore Paul I think is a great example of
21:25 someone that knew the love of God and I
21:27 think he would have to really have such
21:29 a deep relationship with God to go
21:31 through all the persecution and the
21:34 trials that he experienced and so he
21:36 writes about the love of God and how
21:38 it's far greater than we can even even
21:40 think or imagine and I've given you a
21:42 few scriptures there that in your
21:44 handouts Romans 5:5
21:46 now hope does not disappoint because the
21:48 love of God has been poured out in our
21:51 hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given
21:52 for us to us Romans 8:39 I'm persuaded
21:57 that neither life nor death sorry death
21:59 nor life nor Angels nor principalities
22:01 nor powers nor things present nor things
22:04 to come nor height nor depth nor any
22:06 other created thing shall be able to
22:09 separate us from the love of God which
22:11 is in Christ Jesus our Lord and then
22:15 finally in Ephesians 3 I think you may
22:17 have a typo there it's verses 18 to 19
22:20 he prays for us that we would know the
22:22 love of Christ which passes knowledge
22:24 that you may be filled to all the
22:27 fullness of God and of course Jesus is
22:30 the perfect example of someone that had
22:33 a loving intimate relationship with the
22:35 father now in John 17 the high priestly
22:39 prayer that he prays for his disciples
22:41 and that includes all of us he prays I
22:44 in them and you and me that they may be
22:46 made perfect in one and that the world
22:49 may know that you have sent me and have
22:51 loved them as you have loved me and I
22:53 have declared to them your name and I
22:56 will declare it that the love with which
22:58 you loved me may be in them and I in
23:01 them now that is a really mind-blowing
23:04 statement he is actually asking the
23:07 Father to bestow upon us the same level
23:12 and extent of love that
23:14 the father has for Jesus and if we are
23:17 in union with him through the Holy
23:18 Spirit we have that capacity to receive
23:22 that level of love from God but do we
23:25 that's the problem we have to learn how
23:28 to receive God's love and so if you're
23:30 anything like me you're probably wonder
23:33 if God really loves me that much because
23:36 after all we know ourselves right we
23:38 know the things we've done that we're
23:40 not particularly happy about
23:42 we know the thoughts in our mind that
23:44 aren't always loving you know all that
23:45 sort of thing and so a lot of times I
23:49 think we feel unworthy of his love but
23:52 God wants to break through that he
23:53 really does he wants us to understand
23:55 how much he loves us and then he looks
23:58 at us with and he his love is
24:01 unconditional is something with which
24:03 most of us I don't think have
24:05 experienced I know I didn't growing up
24:07 this whole idea of unconditional love
24:09 was a whole new concept to me but God
24:12 wants to break through and let us
24:14 experience his love and that's what
24:16 we're going to be working on tonight not
24:17 working out so I'm going to be
24:18 experiencing I just said we're not
24:20 working we're we're gonna experience his
24:22 love tonight that's our prayer and I
24:25 assure you that as you get comfortable
24:27 with to comfortable with to way
24:29 journaling the Lord is gonna start
24:32 speaking to you about how much he loves
24:34 you
24:34 and he's going to keep saying it over
24:36 and over and over until it gets from
24:39 here to here okay Wes could you come on
24:42 up
24:46 his first job
24:48 [Music]
24:55 father has lavished on
25:00 and we should be called the children of
25:04 God
25:08 [Music]
25:23 based on us
25:26 we should be called the children of God
25:32 [Music]
25:43 the world
25:48 No
25:52 dear friends
25:58 [Music]
26:05 we shall be
26:11 we shall see
26:13 [Music]
26:34 should be called
26:40 [Music]
26:49 is
26:53 [Music]
27:08 okay now here's what I want you to do
27:10 it's not a wonderful song I love that
27:12 song we're gonna write a two-way love
27:15 letter to Jesus tonight okay so what I
27:18 want you to do is write in your journal
27:20 the sentence Lord here's why I love you
27:24 so much
27:32 Lord here's why I love you so much and
27:35 then we're gonna give you just a couple
27:37 of minutes to write because we really
27:40 want it to be more from him responding
27:43 to you we don't want to give you 20
27:44 minutes to write about how much you love
27:46 God because if you probably could
27:48 so just jot down a few ideas yes I want
28:02 you to tell the Lord why you love him
28:04 first just a few sentences you're
28:06 writing him a letter yeah I'll tell you
28:12 what to do okay worries just write to
28:17 him a little bit tell him what you love
28:24 about him
28:24 okay so stop and I want you to skip a
28:28 line and now you're going to it Jesus
28:33 respond back to you so what I want you
28:36 to do is to write in childlike faith
28:39 without judging just write the ideas
28:42 that spontaneously come into your mind
28:47 without judging okay stop right there
28:53 finish the thought
28:57 okay now where you read what you wrote
29:27 okay look up at me when you're done okay
29:31 how many of you felt like you heard you
29:33 got something from the Lord that you
29:35 heard something from him okay how many
29:38 it's on how many of you felt like you
29:41 really heard something from God okay
29:44 raise your hands high so we can see
29:45 awesome look at that okay
29:48 was it laughing was it surprisingly
29:51 loving yes okay I think we can agree
29:55 that you probably heard from God all
29:58 right he really wants to tell you how he
30:00 feels about you and it's much better
30:02 than you think most of the time okay
30:04 we're gonna do a couple of other
30:05 exercises now okay gift from the Lord to
30:22 you demonstrates his love I don't know
30:29 so ask and then just write the thoughts
30:34 that come into your mind it will most
30:39 likely be a picture that's how it
30:40 usually is when I do this so dad just
30:45 write the love gift that he's giving you
30:48 okay finish up in the next 5-10 seconds
30:54 now I want you to visualize yourself
31:00 giving a love gift to God so give a love
31:06 gift to God and try to visualize that
31:11 gift to Jesus okay let's just wrap it up
31:17 what we would like to do how many of you
31:20 saw Jesus giving you a gift interesting
31:26 we would love to know what they are well
31:27 we'll ask in a minute
31:28 if anybody's willing to share and how
31:32 many of you saw yourself giving him a
31:34 gift all right very good
31:38 okay would anybody like to share
31:40 either what you journaled or the gift
31:43 that Jesus gave you and I'll volunteer
31:48 at once now okay can he come up is it
31:54 okay if I just take it here okay he gave
31:57 me the gift of peace calmness yes no but
32:08 that's what I wrote when I said when you
32:10 said give a gift to Jesus okay that
32:14 works I'm just curious if you were able
32:16 to visualize it that's good okay anybody
32:18 else yeah at first I didn't think I saw
32:27 anything but I think I saw a rainbow but
32:29 I but I heard my presence is my gift to
32:32 you my presence and my promise be joyful
32:35 and receive my eternal promises to you
32:37 and I'm with you always and every good
32:39 and perfect gift is from me you think
32:42 that sounded like God yeah absolutely
32:44 okay anybody else
32:58 he gave me courage
33:00 cuz I've been asking for that for awhile
33:02 and uh wisdom and he spoke to me very
33:06 clearly on writing back it's kind of
33:10 long but maybe he said my child I love
33:15 you so much I'm always watching you and
33:17 I am proud of you I see your faith and
33:19 love for me and I want you to know that
33:21 I love they have plans for you
33:24 and I'm happy to see you your patience
33:26 and perseverance I see that you are my
33:29 child and that is why I have given you
33:32 up your heart you will do great and
33:34 mighty things in my name as I said just
33:36 believe as you have done be patient
33:38 you're the in the right track keep
33:41 reading you think that sounded like God
33:46 you notice how personal it was that's
33:49 what happens relationship it's very very
33:56 encouraging he knows you he knows all
34:00 about you he loves you and that's really
34:03 the message that he wants to communicate
34:05 to you anybody else want to share we got
34:07 a couple of minutes before we wrap it up
34:11 okay I was reminded how do I love thee
34:23 let me count the ways and I thought of
34:27 all of the blessings that the Lord has
34:30 given me innumerable and unable to be
34:35 numbered however the most precious gift
34:39 I have is the salvation that he was
34:42 given me and that's my precious gift
34:45 thank you that's very nice okay you know
34:51 everyone is unique everyone has
34:53 different inputs the way the Lord speaks
34:56 was always unique and personal to us so
35:00 you just want to practice sitting in his
35:03 presence and talking to them as if
35:05 you're having a relationship and you
35:07 notice you would never make up the
35:10 things in your own mind that you say
35:12 about yourself you're never that kind to
35:15 yourself so when you get things like
35:17 that that are really encouraging
35:19 uplifting loving and comforting you know
35:24 that's coming so we just want to
35:27 encourage you to keep practicing keep
35:30 spending time with the Lord keep talking
35:32 to him
35:33 and keep letting him talk to you that's
35:35 the most important thing okay don't
35:37 monopolize the conversation let him
35:40 share what is on his heart for each one
35:43 of you okay god bless you all have a
35:46 wonderful week and we hope to see you
35:47 back next week and


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