Testing What You Hear & Quieting Your Mind

God declares “My sheep hear My voice…” John 10:27  Do you believe this proclamation?  Understanding how the Lord speaks will enable you to recognize God’s voice from your own voice or the devil’s voice.  In this session, Norma and Michael not only give practical insights for discerning God’s voice in your everyday life but also helpful ways in which you can quiet yourself down so you can hear God.


Video Transcript

00:00 okay our names are Michael and Orville
00:03 Letinsky our ministry is called kingdom
00:06 partners and our topic is how to hear
00:09 God's voice this is session 2 and
00:12 tonight we're going to be talking about
00:13 how you test what you hear to determine
00:15 if it's really God speaking to you and
00:17 had it but like Lynn was mentioning how
00:19 to quiet your mind
00:21 so last a quick review from last week
00:25 how many of you were here from last week
00:27 almost everybody okay hopefully if you
00:31 weren't here you'll pick it up quickly
00:32 what we did we introduce mark burglars
00:35 method when he calls the four keys to
00:38 hearing God's voice and if you remember
00:40 the hand motions let's do them together
00:42 Oh before I mention that I did want to
00:45 make a comment we did talk about how
00:47 there's many ways that God speaks to us
00:49 he speaks to us through the scripture he
00:51 speaks to us through sermons and
00:53 teachings and life experiences and other
00:55 believers and open doors and closed
00:57 doors and all those kinds of things but
00:59 what we're going to be focusing on in
01:00 this series is how to hear the still
01:03 small voice of God that comes to us in
01:06 spontaneous revelation okay so that's
01:09 that's what the these sessions are going
01:12 to be about so the four keys to hearing
01:16 God's voice
01:17 the first one is stillness you have to
01:21 quiet your mind down this is our hand
01:24 motion stillness the second one is
01:26 vision you want to look to Jesus either
01:30 envision him in your mind or just focus
01:32 your thoughts on Jesus spontaneity you
01:36 want to tune to flow the flow of
01:38 spontaneous thoughts and pictures
01:40 they're getting kind of coming into your
01:42 mind you want it you know tap in to the
01:45 Holy Spirit within you and the last one
01:47 is journaling where you write down what
01:50 you hear or you see in your mind okay so
01:53 let's do it one more time it's stillness
01:56 fish yeah say it with let's do what back
01:59 up back up let's do it all together okay
02:01 stillness vision spontaneity and
02:06 journaling okay there you go so I want
02:10 it
02:10 Lynn and I actually
02:11 talking earlier this week about how we
02:13 both believed a lie which I would not be
02:17 surprised as almost all of us have heard
02:18 it the lie is that that person can hear
02:22 from God but you don't that sound
02:24 familiar I used to think that Mike was
02:27 the one that heard from God and I really
02:30 didn't so I would stand when we were in
02:32 a ministry situation where we were
02:34 praying for somebody I would just sort
02:36 of make myself invisible because I
02:39 thought he had the gift and I didn't and
02:41 it really wasn't until I learned this
02:42 approach that I got freed up from that
02:45 and so actually Lyn told me the same
02:48 thing she had she thought well because
02:49 the West was born again years before her
02:52 well he had the gift and she didn't so
02:55 she couldn't hear but he could so that's
02:57 a very common lie so what we're gonna do
03:00 now is we're gonna break the power of
03:01 that lie and so in the name of Jesus we
03:04 break the power of the lie that that we
03:06 cannot hear from God clearly because
03:09 he's promised us that we can hear his
03:13 voice over and done in the name of Jesus
03:23 all right so how many of you actually
03:27 practice last week oh great how did it
03:33 go as one good two three four
03:38 great five excellent six okay seven did
03:48 you have any did you have any
03:50 difficulties yeah
04:03 there'd be here that it was easier for
04:05 me my voice to speak to Jesus than the
04:08 feel that Jesus's voice was speaking to
04:10 users that definitely is a question of
04:14 believing that he's speaking to you
04:15 because I'm pretty sure he was
04:17 and does the concern is that they're
04:32 right that you're just sitting in
04:33 silence right okay
04:35 we're absolutely gonna deal with some of
04:37 that tonight in terms of stealing right
04:39 here right now
04:40 so you can hear because that's that's a
04:42 common problem not being able to slow
04:46 your mind down so you feel you're not
04:48 hearing any other difficulties yes but I
04:56 must say that this exercise first of all
04:59 I want to thank you
05:00 that you put it on aren't we on the end
05:03 that you put it on the email because I
05:06 was able to listen to it with a lot of
05:09 attention and it helped me a lot so
05:10 thank you for doing that the first time
05:12 I wasn't here before I tell you this
05:16 exercise freed me up so much that it was
05:21 an eye-opener because my thought was is
05:25 this really Jesus is it my voice and
05:28 then I thought you see I received the
05:32 Holy Spirit about three months ago and
05:34 and I said wait a minute
05:37 Holy Spirit is this jesus and the holy
05:39 spirit energy came and it was yes and it
05:45 was it it was it was like my chest open
05:50 I don't know how else to say it was like
05:52 oh my god
05:54 and I kept waiting and waiting and
05:56 writing and writing and then I was
05:58 wondering I don't know how you test this
05:59 I have no idea
06:00 that's wonderful that's exactly what
06:03 happens and we were talking tonight
06:06 the main things we want to talk about
06:07 tonight is how do you discern between
06:11 your flesh hear your voice or the voice
06:14 of the devil or the voice of the Lord so
06:16 that's one of the things we're going to
06:17 do tonight so I'm gonna start off right
06:20 there this is point two in your notes
06:22 and this is really important together in
06:26 John 10 verses one to five and I think
06:29 you have this in your notes I want to
06:31 make this out both loud I want you to
06:32 hear what Jesus says to the order
06:36 following him he says most assuredly I
06:39 say to you he who does not enter the
06:42 sheepfold by the door but climbs up some
06:45 other way the same as a thief and a
06:48 robber but he who enters by the door is
06:50 the Shepherd of the Sheep to him the
06:53 doorkeeper opens and the sheep hear his
06:57 voice and he calls his own sheep by name
07:01 and leads them out and when he brings
07:05 out his own sheep he goes before them
07:07 and the Sheep follow him for they know
07:11 his voice yet they will by no means
07:14 follow a stranger that will flee from
07:17 him for they do not know the voice of
07:19 strangers he here is my sheep hear my
07:24 voice doesn't say my sheep might hear my
07:27 voice doesn't say my sheep possibly can
07:30 hear my voice but it's definitive my
07:33 sheep hear my voice you're born again
07:37 well anybody but if you especially if
07:39 you're born again you hear his voice
07:41 that's a given that's a promise right
07:44 here and his sheep follow him now that's
07:50 something he's not to get kind of
07:51 cemented in our heart Jesus speaks to
07:54 his children and his children hear his
07:57 voice sometimes as things are given away
08:00 but you do hear his voice now when
08:03 you're journaling
08:04 the Lord will speak to you very
08:07 personally he's it's like you're having
08:11 a conversation with a person right there
08:14 with you so for example when everyone
08:16 he always saw it sit out by Michael my
08:19 son it doesn't call me Mike cuz his name
08:22 for me is Michael normally he says
08:24 normal my daughter it's extremely
08:27 personal and when he's speaking he's not
08:30 just throwing out words here and there
08:32 were fragments but he's speaking like
08:34 you having a conversation so you can
08:38 expect to have a flow of him talking to
08:42 you and you can talk back to him and
08:44 have a dialogue because that's how it is
08:47 it's personal and it's important is to
08:52 realize when you start listening to him
08:54 you'll soon realize it you may think
08:57 it's because it sounds like your own
08:59 thoughts but it's often so much better
09:03 than your own lives he's this clearer
09:06 more loving more caring more merciful
09:09 and he just has such wisdom and if
09:12 you're honest with yourself you know
09:13 this is better than I can ever think and
09:16 so you just begin to realize that it's
09:18 him speaking to you now I'm going to
09:21 read to you some journaling because
09:23 early on I was going through this whole
09:25 process of sorting out is that many of
09:27 you God
09:28 are you really speaking to me and I was
09:31 journaling on this and this is what he
09:32 said to me faith is expressed for
09:36 journaling without judging it comes to
09:39 the conversation it is coming to the
09:42 conversation with the expectation that
09:45 you are truly hearing me then writing
09:48 and childlike faith discernment helps
09:51 faith how by being able to sort out the
09:55 different voices you can learn where the
09:57 focus and what to write or not write the
10:01 certain that also comes into play when
10:02 you finish after journaling reread what
10:06 you wrote then evaluate it in terms of
10:09 the source by categorizing your feelings
10:11 your responses does the journaling give
10:15 you peace comfort assurance a sense of
10:18 well-being is it convicting but not
10:21 condemning is it easily understood did
10:25 you get it
10:25 does it bring peace or fear
10:27 an agitation aerosol or spirit does it
10:31 bring hope do you feel loved and valued
10:34 these are the hallmarks of my words the
10:38 devil never speaks this way and you
10:42 wouldn't put patting yourself on the
10:44 back with regularity so that's kind of
10:48 characterizes what is speech sounds like
10:51 now Norma's going to go on and talk
10:53 about how we test it I hope you all have
10:55 the notes if any of you don't you should
10:58 be referring to them because a lot of
11:00 this you'll want to see as well as
11:02 seeing it okay part three testing what
11:06 you hear this is what you do after
11:08 you've done your journaling you want
11:11 these are some of the tests that you can
11:12 apply the first one is the love test
11:15 since God is love isn't consistent with
11:18 the qualities of love from first
11:20 Corinthians 3:13 rather four through
11:23 eight here's the very famous verses love
11:25 is patient love is kind it does not envy
11:28 it does not boast it is not proud it's
11:31 not rude it's not self-seeking it's not
11:34 easily angered it keeps no record of
11:36 wrongs love does not delight in evil but
11:38 rejoices with the truth it always
11:41 protects always trusts always hopes
11:44 always perseveres love never fails
11:47 so there's many of the characteristics
11:49 here in that passage that you're going
11:51 to be finding in your journaling if it's
11:53 really coming from the Holy Spirit and
11:55 also in James 3:17 the Apostle wrote for
11:59 us the qualities of wisdom that comes
12:02 from above but the wisdom that comes
12:04 from heaven is first of all pure peace
12:07 loving considerate submissive full of
12:10 mercy and good fruit impartial and
12:13 sincere and then in contrast the verse
12:17 before that James 3:16 says that ideas
12:20 that are earthly unspiritual and from
12:23 the devil may reveal envy and selfish
12:25 ambition so those are some of the things
12:28 to look for now the other thing to think
12:31 about is how does it make you feel when
12:33 you're reading it alright it should make
12:35 you feel good because if it's coming
12:38 from the Holy Spirit it's going to have
12:40 the Koala
12:41 these of the fruit of the Spirit and
12:42 those are love joy peace patience
12:46 kindness goodness faithfulness
12:49 gentleness and self-control
12:51 I think as you get into the habit of
12:53 doing this two-way journaling you're
12:55 gonna be amazed at how patient God is
12:57 with us he keeps telling us the same
13:00 things over and over and he doesn't seem
13:03 to get irritated with us it's amazing
13:05 that's how you know it's God and not to
13:07 you not you by the way okay this is a
13:09 actually I got this out of Facebook
13:11 believe it or not there is some good in
13:12 Facebook this is a little comparison
13:15 between God's voice and Satan's voice
13:17 there in your notes God's voice stills
13:21 you it calms you makes you feel at peace
13:23 where Satan's voice is going to rush you
13:26 God's voice leads you and Satan's voice
13:29 pushes you God's voice will reassure you
13:33 that Satan's voice will frighten you
13:36 God's voice will enlighten you Satan's
13:40 voice will confuse you God's voice
13:43 encourages you Satan's voice does the
13:47 opposite it discourages you God comforts
13:50 you Satan worries you God calls you
13:53 Satan obsesses you God convicts you
13:58 Satan condemns you now let's talk for a
14:02 second about the difference between
14:03 conviction and condemnation because
14:06 Satan is really good at condemnation and
14:09 God is a really good at conviction
14:11 condemnation is to pronounce to be
14:14 utterly wrong to disapprove to censure
14:17 and to blame it's very accusatory you
14:20 know that the devil is Satan is the
14:22 accuser of the Brethren and his voice is
14:25 going to make you feel bad about
14:27 yourself and then that Jill and it's
14:30 gonna bring feelings of shame and
14:32 unworthiness if that's how you feel when
14:34 you're reading what you're doing what
14:36 you've Gerald you can just throw it out
14:38 and say that is not God and in the
14:40 beginning I'm gonna be honest you'll
14:41 probably have a little bit of a mixture
14:43 between the Holy Spirit and your own
14:45 flesh hopefully you'll be able to
14:47 discern when it's the enemy pretty
14:48 quickly and then just turn it off
14:50 conviction however is the work of the
14:52 Holy Spirit where a person
14:55 able to see himself as God sees him
14:57 conviction in the believer brings an
15:00 awareness of sin and results in
15:02 repentance confession and cleansing and
15:05 so I'll just share from my own
15:07 experience is that when I first started
15:09 doing the 2-way journaling
15:11 it tended to be very instructional well
15:14 you should be doing this and you should
15:16 be doing more of that and I think a lot
15:18 of that was really coming from my flesh
15:20 and so as I began to do it more and kind
15:23 of feel more like I was in tune with the
15:26 Lord it was much more personal it was
15:28 more loving it was more kind it was more
15:31 forgiving you know because those are
15:33 really the qualities of God he'll be
15:35 honest with you but you're going to
15:38 you're good you're not going to feel
15:40 shamed by it you're gonna feel convicted
15:43 in a nice way if that if that makes
15:46 sense okay so he will commit he will
15:48 correct us but like for me he's I can't
15:51 tell you how many times he's told me you
15:53 really need to get into the word before
15:54 you go to the electronics you know
15:57 before you look online you really you
15:59 really need to tune into me and I do
16:02 that now but it took a while of him
16:03 remembering reminding me but I had to do
16:06 that okay point D God's voice will have
16:09 the qualities of true prophecy which are
16:11 edification exhortation and comfort I'm
16:15 going to throw out a couple of comments
16:18 here and then I want you to use your
16:19 discerning muscles here and you tell me
16:21 if it really is from the Lord is it from
16:24 God or is it not okay here's the first
16:26 one you screwed up again I'm so
16:28 disappointed in you what do you think
16:31 that one came from the accuser of the
16:36 Brethren right okay how about this one I
16:39 love it when we spend time together
16:41 that's right okay how about this one I'm
16:45 not spending enough time alone with God
16:46 so he's probably angry at me copy your
16:51 flesh it could be the devil yeah or a
16:54 mixture
16:54 you know how about this one I hate
16:56 writing so I won't be able to do two-way
16:58 journaling
17:00 probably your flesh yeah right how about
17:03 this one
17:03 you're my beloved child and I have
17:05 wonderful plans for your life yeah of
17:08 course
17:08 okay one more you don't read the Bible
17:11 enough so no wonder you can't hear God's
17:13 voice very clearly right that's a demon
17:16 right okay so I want it we want to
17:19 caution you to about things do not
17:21 journal about all right do not guess ask
17:25 God to give you investment strategies
17:27 okay because they may not pan out he
17:30 likes us believe me on that one yeah
17:32 don't talk to God at this point in time
17:34 I would say about who you're going to
17:36 marry if you're not married and it's
17:39 really not a good idea to talk to him
17:41 about pregnancies and births and things
17:44 like that because it's just you know too
17:46 much of your own but flesh can get in
17:49 there okay
17:50 when you're more advanced in the
17:52 prophetic it's it's I wouldn't say don't
17:54 do that but just be really cautious
17:56 about those things you just want to kind
17:58 of do softball questions like God what
18:00 do you want to say to me today
18:02 Oh God what do you want to talk to me
18:04 about my work today you know just stuff
18:06 like that that's real general to start
18:08 with you he's good at that now sue
18:22 mentioned mark burglars website and
18:24 there is a lot of material on his
18:27 website that's free you can just
18:28 download it from the website and many
18:31 books and he has one book on communing
18:33 with God that is really in-depth and if
18:37 you really look at it that this topic
18:41 that's a place you could go
18:42 but I'm we're gonna recommend another
18:44 book this book is called hearing God's
18:47 voice made simple and it's been out a
18:49 couple of years in spite a man who goes
18:52 by praying medic praying PRA bioenergy
18:55 medic and this book is excellent we
18:59 really recommend it it's very
19:02 straightforward he was an atheist he got
19:05 saved he didn't believe he could hear
19:08 God and God
19:09 here and he's assured his stories of his
19:12 experiences praying pr8 why IMG and
19:19 invented em Edic
19:22 that's the name he goes by the style
19:24 that's not his real name okay but if you
19:27 go to goofy but if you go to Amazon you
19:29 can just just Google that and look at
19:31 all his books will come up yeah and he
19:35 has several books and they're all really
19:36 interesting this is a serious hearing
19:40 made simple walking in the spirit made
19:43 simple etcetera they were excellent now
19:46 in your notes you should have some extra
19:49 extras from his writings and I'm gonna
19:53 let you on your own read the first two
19:55 but I want to be go back the third one
19:57 out loud I want you to stick here
19:59 because it kind of sums up what Nora was
20:02 concerning he says we must remember that
20:05 although God's voice is external to us
20:08 his spirit resides in us because of this
20:12 when he speaks we perceive his external
20:15 voice to be an internal experience we
20:19 perceive his thoughts as our own boss
20:21 the way in which his thoughts come to us
20:24 is so subtle it's often hard to
20:27 recognize that they had their organ
20:30 outside of us but these brilliant loving
20:33 compassionate thoughts are the thoughts
20:35 of God being spoken by the Holy Spirit
20:38 the same is true for visual images that
20:41 we receive from him many times we think
20:43 an image came from our imagination when
20:47 it actually came from God so we just
20:52 want you to practice and this to trust
20:55 that God loves you and he wants to speak
20:58 to you and you can hear his voice now
21:01 often the Holy Spirit will speak to you
21:05 and give you scriptures you may give you
21:07 a specific scripture verse or even a
21:09 passage of scripture that will help you
21:13 in your situation and
21:16 one example was years ago number of
21:20 years ago now in 2011 I was diagnosed
21:22 with multiple myeloma which is an
21:24 incurable bone cancer and as you might
21:28 expect I was concerned about that but I
21:31 wasn't too concerned because I pray for
21:33 many people he got healed only trouble
21:34 is got beside the healing in his own way
21:36 not my way and I kept getting proverbs
21:41 3:5 over and over again when I journal
21:44 about my situation
21:45 trust in the Lord with all your heart do
21:48 not lean on your own understanding and
21:51 do not lean on your own understanding
21:53 and that became my verse was tripped to
21:57 trust in him no matter what no matter
21:59 what my mind was saying what I was
22:01 thinking but to trust in him so there's
22:04 a first that really made a difference
22:06 now whatever God says to you the journey
22:12 will be consistent with Scripture but it
22:16 may not necessarily be found in the
22:18 scripture
22:18 now many people teach you probably put
22:21 this teaching that if what you hear
22:23 isn't it in the Bible you can't
22:25 disregard it because you can't be God
22:27 well there are many things that God can
22:30 talk to us about that aren't in the
22:31 Bible about a relationship so God you
22:34 know your family by your job situation
22:37 there may not specifically be mentioned
22:39 in the Bible but they're consistent with
22:42 the general counsel of God and the
22:46 revelation of the word and then I
22:48 honestly give you some examples one is
22:51 to life experience from me Norma would
22:57 ask me to do something around the house
22:58 and I was more than willing to do it but
23:02 I want to do it in my time not enormous
23:05 time and of course then sometimes I
23:08 would forget or I put it off for a day
23:11 or two and that will make Norma man
23:13 nothing yeah I know it's hard and one
23:18 day when I was journaling and I asked
23:22 that question what do you want to say to
23:23 me bored because I wasn't talking about
23:27 this specifically he says do
23:29 now he said whenever enorme asked me to
23:34 do something just do it and don't
23:37 procrastinate I wonder what she was
23:43 brave but he said if you're really in
23:47 the middle of something you can't stop
23:48 then to help her you can't do it this
23:51 moment but tell her when you will do it
23:53 and then do it then so it was very
23:56 specific but this is completely
23:57 consistent with the word it's only your
24:00 wife being a servant this was totally
24:03 consistent but there's nowhere in the
24:05 Bible that says do it now first more
24:15 mother our interceding for our children
24:19 what we have found is that when we're
24:22 praying for our kids and one of our
24:23 children's going to talk to us going
24:25 through a very difficult time in his
24:26 life God has given us very specific
24:30 prayer strategies on how to approach the
24:33 situation in prayer it none of this is
24:36 in the Bible but as completely
24:38 consistent we're praying for your family
24:39 and talking to the Lord in being
24:42 specific or sometimes you'll get images
24:45 when you're praying way to win your
24:48 journaling and I thought many images of
24:50 people wrapped in spider webs like
24:53 member Schewel I've alerted the Rings
24:55 you know and then when I asked what that
24:58 mean easier this person is all bound up
25:00 or I'll be driving in the car and I'm
25:02 not driving someone's driving in the car
25:04 like he has no face what's going on
25:07 well it turns out for me cars absolutely
25:09 ministry and the faceless person driving
25:12 the car is the Holy Spirit okay well the
25:15 Holy Spirit does leave your life then
25:16 the Holy Spirit is apparently these long
25:18 citing write highly consistent with
25:21 Scripture but you would never find
25:22 anything in scripture about a faceless
25:24 person driving a car so just remember
25:27 that you want to test against the word
25:31 that's fine and it's always good to make
25:33 sure that when your period is consistent
25:36 and if we
25:36 hearing is a completely opposite and
25:40 it's definitely something that is not
25:42 consistent just throw it out now the
25:47 last point that I want to make is it's
25:50 really important to have spiritual
25:53 counselors Norman I each share our
25:57 journaling with one another and we asked
26:00 is that the word because sometimes
26:02 because it's a personal thing you always
26:04 doubt is this me speaking is this the
26:07 Lord speaking because I have a vested
26:09 interest in it and sometimes a normal
26:12 come back and say well that's definitely
26:13 God because much better than you right
26:16 that's consistent with me and so it's
26:20 good to have people in your life that
26:22 you trust that are mature that you can
26:25 be honest with and they'll be honest
26:27 with you when you get journaling now you
26:30 even have to do this for everything in
26:31 journal but for anything important it's
26:34 really good to have spiritual councils
26:39 okay
26:40 let's talk about becoming still because
26:43 that's really hard for a lot of us we
26:49 live in such a noisy busy world and it's
26:52 really hard to shed out all the
26:54 distractions isn't it that's usually a
26:55 big problem so let's talk about it now
26:59 if you read the Psalms David seem to be
27:01 particularly good at this he in psalm
27:04 62:5 he says my soul wait in silence so
27:07 he was really telling his soul his mind
27:09 to be quiet and I think it probably a
27:11 lot easier in those days he was out
27:13 there in the sheepfold with the sheep
27:14 and they really weren't a whole lot of
27:16 distractions like we're dealing with and
27:18 the in our in our current culture
27:20 I love the verse I didn't look up at the
27:22 exit reference but it's where I have
27:24 quieted my soul like a weaned child and
27:28 so we have to learn how to do that
27:29 here's some ideas for what you can do to
27:32 quiet yourself down so you can hear the
27:34 voice of God because if there's a lot of
27:36 racket going on in your head you're not
27:38 going to be able to hear him very
27:39 clearly first of all you want to do is
27:42 you want to remove the outer noise as
27:44 best you can
27:46 right so you want to get away from
27:47 people you want to turn off your phone
27:49 maybe even leave it in the other room
27:51 turn off the TV get rid of as much noise
27:55 as you can in your environment go into
27:58 your own room lock yourself in the
28:00 closet I don't know whatever it takes
28:01 okay maybe go to the bed no don't do
28:04 this in the bathtub that's not a good
28:05 idea because you'll get water all over
28:07 your journal never mind that idea but
28:09 someplace where you can just really get
28:11 away from from people and noise then you
28:14 want to relax and sit and be comfortable
28:17 don't try doing this on your knees
28:19 because you'll be uncomfortable in just
28:21 a few minutes so just some place where
28:23 you're comfortable you want to choose
28:25 the best time of day when you're the
28:27 most alert and awake for me I'm a
28:29 morning person so I really need to spend
28:31 my time with the Lord first thing in the
28:33 morning but for some of you that doesn't
28:35 work and so maybe you know just find a
28:37 time during the day maybe you have a
28:39 long lunch break and you can be alone or
28:41 or in the evening when it's really quiet
28:43 but whatever works for you sometimes I
28:46 use earplugs if there's a lot of noise
28:48 out outside foam earplugs what you want
28:51 to do is establish a place where you're
28:53 going to consistently be alone with
28:56 Jesus and then you go to that place and
28:58 you just that's our place that's where
29:01 we hang out together you might have
29:03 mellow background music for me that's a
29:06 distraction but for other people it's
29:08 not I find that most people I think find
29:10 em use acquit lyrics is too disruptive
29:13 and so just something like soaking music
29:16 or you know just just very like light
29:18 jazz or something like that
29:19 that won't be distracting okay so you
29:22 don't want to remove the outer noise and
29:24 I think more importantly you want to
29:26 remove the inner noise now here is a
29:29 really wonderful thought I always when I
29:31 have my quiet time with the Lord I
29:32 always have a pad of paper right next to
29:34 me and you know how you sit down to try
29:37 to journal and a thought pops in your
29:39 head about something you have to do
29:41 write it down and I and I and I
29:44 guarantee you the thought will disappear
29:46 okay just write it down I always do that
29:48 and and it'll just just get out of your
29:51 head as soon as you write it down and
29:53 you'll be able to move on and they could
29:55 be really useful so don't just ignore
29:57 them you know but
29:58 don't dwell on them now if you're
30:00 feeling thoughts of being sinful or
30:02 unworthy you just want to confess it and
30:04 repent and move on because you know God
30:07 is faithful to forgive us as soon as we
30:10 confess right and cleanse us from all
30:13 unrighteousness if your mind races from
30:16 one thought to another you do what Mark
30:18 Berger calls a you want to switch to a
30:20 right brain function where you're
30:22 getting out of your rational logical
30:25 mind and getting into what they call
30:27 more right brain function so you can
30:29 sing you can sing a worship song in
30:32 English you can sing in tongues I
30:34 strongly recommend you pray in tongues
30:36 even before Mike has gotten in the habit
30:38 of praying in tongues for about 10 or 15
30:40 minutes don't you before or even longer
30:42 before he has this quiet time and I do
30:45 it for not as long but it's really a
30:48 good way to just quiet your mind and
30:50 just switch from from that right bit to
30:52 left right to right right
30:54 use your godly imagination you can as
30:57 you if you're reading the Bible you can
30:58 picture put yourself in the Bible scene
31:00 and that's really a fun way to read the
31:03 Bible do it when you're doing your Bible
31:04 study if you can you visualize yourself
31:06 with Jesus in a special place like maybe
31:10 a beautiful garden or something like
31:12 that
31:13 like I said music could help you quiet
31:15 your mind it may or may not work try it
31:18 and here's a good hint you want to smile
31:20 okay because you want to have a good
31:23 time with Jesus because he's really
31:25 gonna have a good time with you I
31:26 promise you and then you want to see
31:29 striving and know that I am God Psalm
31:32 46:10 okay if you're like you know
31:35 gritting your teeth and trying to be
31:37 quiet and trying to quiet your your mind
31:39 it's not gonna work you just have to
31:41 chill you just have to let go you know
31:43 how they say let go and let gone and
31:45 this is gonna take practice for some of
31:48 you some of you are good at this already
31:49 others of you are not so remember that
31:53 everything worth doing takes practice so
31:56 if you didn't have a great experience
31:58 last week with with 2-way journaling
32:01 just keep trying you know it's it's like
32:04 everything else it's like the first time
32:06 that you when you were baby that you got
32:08 up to walk were you successful now you
32:11 probably fell
32:11 your Aryan didn't you okay so you got to
32:14 fall down a few times but you just keep
32:16 practicing and you'll get better I
32:18 promise
32:18 here's a couple of quotes from Jesus
32:20 calling and then we're going to do our
32:21 activation you know the Jesus calling
32:24 devotionals by Sarah young but what
32:28 though one of the things the Lord two
32:29 things the Lord said to her is he said
32:30 an overly busy lifestyles my spirit and
32:33 silence is my voice so the Lord may have
32:37 you eliminate some things from your life
32:39 that are not productive when he journals
32:41 and you journal with him so you may have
32:44 to do less and cut some things out of
32:45 your schedule he also said to her a
32:47 deeper relationship with me cannot be
32:50 obtained by striving but rather through
32:53 a posture of rest and receptivity so
32:56 what we want to do is to learn to just
32:58 dial it down quiet yourself and just be
33:01 in his presence because the goal of this
33:04 is just to have a sweet encounter with
33:07 the God who loves you okay so get out
33:11 your journals and your pens and we're
33:16 gonna have some fun alright first thing
33:20 I want you to do is to spread out yeah
33:31 move through the whole auditorium okay
33:33 you don't want to have anybody next to
33:35 you you want to be thinking about God
33:51 and once you find the place
33:53 paper out your journal out and and I'm
33:57 gonna give you a choice of one of three
33:58 questions that you're going to ask the
34:00 Lord during this time Journal now why
34:04 should I write it down so all we see our
34:05 personal mention of these questions that
34:07 all go swim against this little lady
34:09 the first one is Lord would you talk to
34:12 me about becoming still or how can I
34:15 best quiet my mind to hear you or Lord
34:20 this is the standby question whenever
34:23 the pulse fails Lord what would you like
34:24 to say to me so the first possible
34:27 question is more would you talk to me
34:30 about becoming still Lord would you talk
34:35 to me about the coming of still and you
34:36 can write it down at the top of the page
34:38 that's the question you want to ask me
34:39 or the second question which you could
34:43 write down and ask him is how can I best
34:46 quiet my mind to hear you how can I best
34:50 quiet my mind to hear you or a third
34:54 question the YouTube right now is Lord
34:59 what would you like to say to me you
35:05 always has things that are good to say
35:07 like do it okay so don't answer all
35:12 three just ask just choose one of those
35:14 all right so that's written on the top
35:16 of your page now I want you to use your
35:20 imagination your sanctified anointed
35:23 imagination to visualize yourself in
35:25 your favorite place to take kind of
35:29 Jesus close your eyes for this okay
35:31 close your eyes or you can ask Jesus to
35:35 take you in the spirit to some place
35:38 that he wants to speak with you but the
35:40 point is you want to be somewhere that
35:43 you're comfortable that you really like
35:45 this could be if you're an outdoor
35:47 person that might be at the beach it
35:48 might be
35:50 or in the forest it could also be at the
35:53 Sea of Galilee but it also could be in
35:55 your living room I have a tier of a
35:58 living room that's kind of my chair that
35:59 I spend time with a Morgan and there's a
36:01 couch right across from it
36:03 so use your sanctified imagination to
36:07 imagine yourself in that comfortable
36:09 place and then you want to begin to
36:16 visualize Jesus there with you he's
36:21 right there with you and you want to see
36:24 and he has got this great big smile on
36:28 his face because he is so happy to be
36:32 with you and you have a smile with the
36:35 year and the presence of your lover of
36:37 your soul you're who Jesus so just rest
36:42 in his presence and then you ask him
36:44 that question and then you wait for his
36:50 thoughts to come into your mind his
36:52 words and then you start to write what
36:55 you hear and remember you want to write
36:58 this with childlike faith and you don't
37:01 want to judge what you're writing you
37:03 just want to write just like with
37:07 childlike faith now he may give you a
37:12 picture may give you a vision if you get
37:15 a little vision watch the vision play
37:18 out before you write and then you could
37:21 write down a vision and then you could
37:22 ask him what does this mean work what
37:23 are you trying to show me the full point
37:28 is don't strive just relax be in the
37:31 presence of the Lord and write what he
37:33 gives you because he's the lover of your
37:36 soul and he loves being with you
37:42 so we gave you about five minutes okay
37:46 now to stop and reread what what you
37:48 wrote and test it you decide using the
37:55 various criteria that we shared with you
37:57 tonight if it sounds like God or not
38:06 some of you wrote that maybe didn't most
38:08 of you were writing you know even if you
38:12 didn't write a lot
38:13 hey just getting one sentence from God
38:16 is worth it isn't it you're not being
38:18 we're not judging on quantity quality
38:26 okay how many of you feel like you've
38:28 heard from God tonight raise your hands
38:31 high
38:32 okay most did you did I'm gonna say over
38:35 50% probably more like 75% that's really
38:38 good okay if you did it what do you need
38:41 to do practice that's all comes with
38:45 practice all right and the important
38:47 thing is not strive just chill there you
38:51 know I asked God a question visualize
38:54 tune in to spontaneity and then just
38:57 write what you what you what flows into
38:59 your mind
39:00 and you'll be the thoughts maybe just be
39:03 one thought might be pictures might be a
39:06 whole paragraph might be a whole page
39:08 might be several pages you know he's God
39:11 and he's gonna speak to us what whatever
39:14 he chooses and however he chooses so
39:17 just keep at it keep at it keep at it
39:19 yeah it's gonna really change your life
39:22 when you get good at this


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