The Foundational Key for Living in Joy

Have you ever pictured Jesus with a smile on His face? Perhaps, you had never given it much thought. Picturing Jesus, however, with a smile on His face as He went about “doing good and healing all who were oppressed” (Acts 10:38) or as He is looking at you can powerfully transform your emotions and your life. When you follow God’s command in Psalm 100 to enter into God’s presence with thanksgiving and praise, your face will reflect your heart. (Prov. 15:13)  Join us in this session to discover the foundational key for living in genuine joy.


Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and I am
00:02 the daughter of the Most High who is the
00:06 most joyful person in the entire
00:08 universe do you know who I'm talking
00:12 about I'm talking about Jesus the one
00:15 who perfectly represented God our
00:18 Heavenly Father and the one who makes me
00:22 smile I gladly serve as the director of
00:25 the Camarillo Healing Rooms and tonight
00:28 we are in our second session of keys to
00:32 joy filled living and our session
00:35 tonight it's called knowing God which is
00:37 the foundational key to joy filled
00:40 living let us pray
00:42 father open our hearts to see you and
00:45 your son Jesus for who you truly are
00:48 you said Lord but the joy of the Lord is
00:53 our strength
00:55 so fill us up with your joy of fresh
00:58 strengthening us with your very nature
01:02 amen Roman numeral one is called knowing
01:07 God see Jesus's smile so take a look the
01:12 overhead and take a look at how Jesus is
01:15 smiling at us tonight and smiling at you
01:20 knowing God involves you and I seeing
01:23 his character as revealed in his son
01:26 Jesus Christ and when the most
01:28 distinguishing features of God's
01:31 character is his beautiful warm smile
01:36 that emanates truly from the joy that he
01:40 feels the joy that he feels about you
01:43 and the joy he feels about me if you
01:47 spend some time like I did last week
01:51 looking at Jesus smiling as he went
01:55 about doing good and healing all who are
01:59 pressed by the enemy like acts 10:38
02:02 tells us your perspective of God will be
02:07 transformed you'll see him as a glad God
02:10 happy God one who is happy
02:13 with you despite your weakness as you
02:16 are growing in him into the image of his
02:20 son Jesus Christ Psalm 100 commands us
02:25 to have a joyful heart and it to enter
02:28 into God's presence with joy proverbs
02:33 15:13 tells us that a joyful heart makes
02:37 a cheerful face and what does a cheerful
02:40 face do it smile where are you and I
02:46 gonna get a joyful heart or a cheerful
02:49 face
02:50 it's from knowing God it's from being
02:54 with God the one who is filled with joy
02:58 and the one who carries a smile upon his
03:02 face it comes from knowing God the one
03:05 who made us and cares for us the one who
03:08 is good and abounding and mercy and
03:11 faithfulness just like Psalm 100 tells
03:13 us as you begin to know these truths
03:16 with your mind of who God is and begin
03:18 to experience him in your life don't
03:21 forget one of the most important
03:24 expressions to keeping your mind's eye
03:27 and that that is the smile on Jesus's
03:32 face his smile will transform your life
03:36 feeling it with joy one of the things I
03:40 love about iPhones is I can put photo in
03:44 my iPhone that will pop up as soon as I
03:47 touch my iPhone how many know what I'm
03:50 talking about
03:51 you don't okay well I have a son and a
03:56 granddaughter and daughter law who live
03:58 in Nashville Tennessee they're the only
04:00 real close-knit family and they live at
04:04 a distance so I don't get to see him all
04:06 the time but I put their picture on my
04:10 iPhone so as soon as I touch it on the
04:13 lockscreen
04:14 their smiling faces appear and it causes
04:16 me to smile and bring joy to my heart
04:20 how much more if we have a mental image
04:25 of
04:26 god that every time that we turn to him
04:30 we see that smile and then that smile
04:34 causes us to smile and we feel the joy
04:38 that God has towards us and us
04:41 towards him you and I serve an invisible
04:45 God that we need to behold who he is and
04:49 what his face looks like we need to see
04:54 that picture in our minds eye of God
04:57 smiling so I want you to take a moment
05:00 right now and see Jesus smiling smiling
05:05 at you why why do I make such a big deal
05:10 about Jesus's smile his joyful heart
05:13 because this is one of the main points
05:15 of Psalm 100 before Jesus went to the
05:20 cross he shared what was on his heart to
05:23 his disciples at you and I right now we
05:26 are his disciples and John 15:11 said
05:29 the things I have spoken to you that my
05:32 joy may remain in you and that your joy
05:36 may be full
05:38 can you believe it God is genuinely
05:43 concerned that his joy would be in us
05:49 and that our joy would be made full in
05:53 him don't allow your image of God to be
05:58 tainted any longer by pictures movies
06:01 books sermons that have mainly portrayed
06:05 Jesus or God with a serious sombre
06:09 looking face but rather have your image
06:12 formed by the truth of God's word of who
06:16 he is
06:17 Hebrews 1:9 says your God has anointed
06:21 you that's Jesus with the oil of
06:24 gladness more than your companions in
06:27 other words Jesus who perfectly
06:30 represented your heavenly Father was the
06:33 most joyful person in the entire
06:35 universe more joyful than any
06:40 when you have ever ever met this means
06:43 that Jesus smiled a lot
06:46 and let you in on a secret he you would
06:50 love actually hanging out with him
06:56 pictured Jesus now with a warm friendly
07:00 smile welcome you welcoming you into his
07:04 home his heart the picture on the
07:08 overhead will help you with this perhaps
07:12 you feel like the prodigal son unsure of
07:14 his response because of your wayward
07:16 living how on and how everyone else has
07:21 responded to you or perhaps you are
07:25 unsure of his response because of a
07:27 mindset that has held you captive to a
07:30 Jesus who will point out your faults and
07:32 condemn you because you didn't get
07:34 everything right so you hesitate
07:37 approaching him as Jesus sees your
07:40 desire to truly know him he takes the
07:44 first move and he runs towards you with
07:48 open arms to embrace you he gives you
07:51 that beer like hug and he has a smile
07:55 from ear to ear welcoming you into his
08:01 heart o course sooo this seems way too
08:05 good to be true but it's not it is -
08:10 this is who God is this is your king
08:15 this is your father God your heavenly
08:20 Father who is perfectly represented by
08:23 Jesus Christ as he walked here on this
08:27 earth smiled and he's smiling at you
08:31 right now Jesus did not reject anyone
08:35 who came to him with their needs Jesus
08:40 he demonstrated over and over and over
08:44 and over again how truly good our God is
08:49 some 100 issues 7 commands
08:53 with one convince him and being
08:56 foundational to all the others and that
09:00 is knowing God and that's our topic for
09:03 tonight's discussion knowing God as he
09:07 truly is is vital for our life the life
09:11 that God intends for you to live a life
09:14 filled with genuine joy the joy of God
09:18 himself as you see God is clearly
09:21 represented in his son Jesus Christ the
09:24 burning desire of your heart will be to
09:27 enter in his presence with joyful shouts
09:30 to serve Him with gladness and come
09:33 before his presence with exuberant
09:36 singing just like Psalm 100 instructs
09:39 expressions of thanksgiving and praise
09:41 and blessing his name will not be a duty
09:44 for you to perform but be a natural
09:47 expression of your real delight in him
09:50 why because you're getting to now more
09:53 and more who your God is who your good
09:57 King and your good heavenly father what
09:59 he is like and you just can't help but
10:03 to praise and to thank him desiring to
10:06 spend your whole entire life serving and
10:09 honoring him what the joyful heart for
10:13 some of you it might be a hard to
10:15 imagine to enter into God's presence
10:17 like Psalm 100 instructions with gleeful
10:20 shouts of joy and joyful singing but
10:24 take a moment right now to imagine a
10:26 place that you always have dreamt of
10:29 going to here on this planet Earth for
10:32 some it might be a place like Disneyland
10:35 Magic Kingdom for others of you it might
10:39 be the outdoors an ocean a lake the
10:42 mountains for others of you it might be
10:45 hanging out with family and friends as
10:48 you begin to make your plans to go to
10:51 this place of your dreams anticipation
10:54 and excitement will propel you in your
10:58 preparations buying special clothes
11:01 bringing along special treats all the
11:05 fun discussions you get
11:07 half maybe getting a special haircut
11:10 nails trimmed polish whatever it might
11:14 be
11:15 I'll never forget when I was
11:16 homeschooling our two children and we
11:19 wanted them to experience what they were
11:21 reading about in their history books and
11:24 so we decided to take the trip of our
11:27 lifetime and that was to the east coast
11:31 where the founding father some 200 years
11:34 prior had founded America Wow to
11:39 actually visit these places our family
11:42 up until that point in time had never
11:44 flown on an airplane but we felt it was
11:48 well worth it to fly there saving our
11:51 money to go I spent one year in
11:54 preparation of finding out like the the
11:59 best but cheapest places to stay and
12:02 where we could visit each one of our
12:05 family members got to choose like the
12:08 place they wanted to go because I love
12:10 the outdoors I chose Niagara Falls and
12:13 nothing to do with the founding fathers
12:16 my son wanted to see where the Wright
12:20 brothers where they had made their first
12:22 airplane my daughter of course was
12:25 chocolate she wanted to visit the
12:28 Chocolate Factory because she loves
12:30 chocolate
12:31 Ken he wanted to visit family and
12:34 friends so we went on our trip each one
12:38 of us were so thankful to go on the trip
12:41 that the trip and all the preparation
12:45 preparations that went into it it was an
12:48 atmosphere of joy we were really
12:51 breathing in the joy as I reflected on
12:56 this trip and many other trips that I've
12:59 taken throughout the world I realized
13:01 that God wants us to be more excited
13:04 about entering into his presence and
13:07 serving him then we would be entering in
13:11 to any place here on planet earth
13:15 although we no longer are called to
13:18 enter into the gates in court seven
13:20 we temple like during Old Testament
13:22 times the heavily needy temple where God
13:26 dwells still exists and God invites you
13:30 like he did Apostle Paul in John 4 he
13:34 says come up here and do you know when
13:38 John what John saw when he went up he
13:41 saw a throne set in heaven and God
13:45 sitting on the throne and you get it
13:48 enter into this heavenly temple as you
13:50 worship Him in spirit and in truth
13:55 take a good read of revelations for this
13:59 week and you will see sights you have
14:02 never seen here on planet Earth and you
14:05 can go there in the spirit and have a
14:08 wonderful time as you worship your
14:10 joyful king you will see him smiling at
14:14 your smiling at you your spirit will be
14:17 filled with joy and you will find
14:20 yourself smiling back at him your spirit
14:23 will mirror his spirit did you know that
14:27 a cry rises up from the heart of God
14:29 beckoning you like revelation 4 says
14:33 come up here and in Psalm 104 he says
14:37 enter into his gates with Thanksgiving
14:41 and his courts with praise once you have
14:44 tasted and see the goodness because you
14:48 chose to enter into his presence the cry
14:51 of kings David's heart will be upon your
14:54 heart psalm 27:4 one thing I have
14:58 desired of the Lord that will I seek
15:00 that I may dwell in the house of the
15:03 Lord all the days of my life to behold
15:06 the beauty of the Lord and to enquire in
15:09 his temple why would this become the cry
15:12 of your heart because in God's presence
15:16 is the fullness of joy and at his right
15:19 hand that's where Jesus sits and where
15:22 you and I sit in Jesus there are
15:25 pleasures forevermore Psalm 16:11 you
15:31 were created not only to know God
15:34 but to feel God to experience genuine
15:38 pleasures that originated from God
15:41 pleasures that far outweigh anything
15:44 this world can offer so as we're going
15:49 to take a look right now at the
15:52 structure of Psalm 100 and you'll
15:55 clearly see that the primary key to
15:59 genuine joy filled living as a believer
16:01 in Christ is knowing God let's all
16:06 declare this together I have divided up
16:08 it up into four stanzas with a space
16:13 between the stanzas
16:16 so let's why don't you saw Stan and will
16:18 declare Psalm 100 together make a joyful
16:23 shout to the Lord all you lands serve
16:26 the Lord with gladness come before his
16:30 presence with joyful singing know that
16:33 the Lord he is God it is he who made us
16:36 and not we ourselves we are his people
16:40 and the Sheep of his pasture enter into
16:43 his gates with Thanksgiving and into his
16:46 courts with praise be thankful to him
16:49 and bless His name for the Lord is God
16:53 good is God to his mercy is everlasting
16:57 and his truth faithfulness endures to
17:01 all generations you can be seated okay
17:05 so Psalm 100 has four stanzas so we're
17:10 gonna take a look at these stanzas okay
17:14 and we'll see here on the side this
17:19 verses 1 & 2 or stanzas stanza 1 and so
17:26 I'll put a 1 by there and verse 4 is
17:30 stanza 3 and then we have verse 3 which
17:38 is stanza 2 and verse 5 which is stanza
17:44 4 okay
17:47 and as we take a look at stanza one
17:51 we're gonna see that there are three
17:55 actions commands okay so let's see here
18:06 there's three action commands we have a
18:10 joyful shout okay we have serving the
18:16 Lord with gladness and then we have the
18:21 joyful singing taking place in a company
18:26 each action you see the attitude or the
18:30 feeling of joy being expressed and so
18:35 I'm going to go ahead and shade that in
18:37 each one of these actions with yellow
18:40 because each one of these actions need
18:44 to be filled with the presence of who
18:48 God is and he's a joyful God amen so
18:52 there we have three actions and three
18:55 expressions of joy now stands at two if
19:02 we take a look at stands at two we have
19:05 one action only being asked of us one
19:08 command and that is to know we're called
19:12 to note three truths about God okay
19:16 we're called to know and let me just go
19:19 ahead I'll shade the truths in with
19:21 purple we're called to know that the
19:24 Lord he is God we're called to know that
19:29 it is he who made us we are called to
19:33 know that we are his people and I'm just
19:38 gonna do that one we are his people and
19:41 and then we're called to know that we
19:44 are the Sheep of his pasture and then it
19:48 stands at three once again it's very
19:51 similar to stanza one we have some
19:55 actions here we're called to enter in
20:00 to his gates with Thanksgiving so I
20:04 could actually just do that whole thing
20:06 into his gates with Thanksgiving
20:08 Thanksgiving the underlying tone of that
20:13 is gladness you know when you're
20:15 thankful and then we have the courts
20:19 with praise that's part of entering into
20:21 his gates with Thanksgiving I've got it
20:24 I didn't turn off my message thing sorry
20:28 about that didn't remember that and then
20:33 we're called to be thankful to him
20:36 whoops you know what that just did just
20:41 second on that there we go
20:43 then we're called to be thankful to him
20:48 and then were called to bless his name
20:52 and each one of these three actions are
20:58 filled once again
21:00 with the attitude or the feeling of joy
21:05 so I'm going to fill these in then with
21:09 the light of Jesus Christ the joy of
21:13 Jesus so every time we do these actions
21:17 if we don't have the joy accompanying it
21:21 it really isn't very pleasing to God
21:24 okay and then in this fourth stanza we
21:30 have this word here and let me just
21:35 circle the word we have this word for
21:40 let's eat here we have this word for and
21:48 what this word for instead of for we
21:51 could actually put in because like why
21:55 would we want to enter in to God's gates
21:57 with Thanksgiving why would we want to
22:00 be thankful to him why would we want to
22:02 bless His name for because the Lord is
22:06 good his mercy is everlasting his truth
22:09 to all generations so we're given here
22:12 then three
22:14 reasons why or three truths to know
22:17 about God we're called to know the truth
22:20 that the Lord is good we're called to
22:25 know that his mercy is everlasting and
22:28 we're called to know that his truth or
22:31 faithfulness endures to all generations
22:33 were called to know know three things
22:37 about the Lord so I'm going to just
22:44 write up here why are we called to do
22:48 there's these actions there's seven
22:50 actions if we count them we're called to
22:53 make a joyful shout we're called to
22:56 serve the Lord with gladness we're
22:58 called to come in with joyful singing
23:00 we're called to know the Lord we call to
23:02 enter his gates be thankful bless his
23:04 name and then were given in stanza two
23:08 and stanza for the reasons why we're
23:14 called to do this now stanza two begins
23:21 with the word know that the Lord he is
23:25 God as he who made us we're as people
23:27 the Sheep of his pasture it calls us to
23:29 know three things about the Lord we
23:33 could say the word here you know why
23:38 should we make a joyful shout serve the
23:40 Lord with gladness come in with joyful
23:42 singing why should we do that because we
23:50 know that the Lord is good and the same
23:53 thing here because okay so basically we
24:01 have then and I'll just do this and on
24:08 stands a1 and stands at three we have
24:14 joy filled acts that were called to do
24:21 okay joy filled Acts and the reason why
24:25 we're called to have these joy fill
24:28 acts or actions is because we know some
24:34 truths about who God is okay we and we
24:39 call we know seven things from Psalm 100
24:43 and in the rest of the Bible we had know
24:46 a lot of other truths about God okay
24:50 and the more we know truths about who
24:56 God is the more we will actually feel
25:02 joy and the more we feel joy the more we
25:06 will actually want to do what he's
25:09 called us to do with a heart full of joy
25:12 does that make sense you guys okay okay
25:16 so we're gonna close that out and in
25:21 that part of it okay so we're gonna go
25:26 on to Roman numeral three on your
25:28 handout knowing and enjoying God so we
25:35 saw in that structure that I just showed
25:38 you there's things to know but instance
25:42 of one and three there's things that we
25:44 get to enjoy about God so some one
25:48 hundred it's a call to worship but it's
25:51 not just a call to worship within the
25:53 four walls of the church because
25:56 worshiping God is to be a lifestyle it's
25:59 serving him with gladness wherever we
26:02 are and we see this in Colossians 3:16
26:05 through 17 that the word of Christ dwell
26:09 in you richly in all wisdom teaching and
26:12 admonishing one another in Psalms and
26:14 hymns and spiritual songs singing with
26:17 grace or thanks in your hearts to the
26:19 Lord and whatever you do in word or deed
26:23 do all in the name the Lord giving
26:26 thanks to God the Father through him you
26:29 are called to bless the Lord at all
26:31 times doing his pleasure serving him
26:36 with gladness in Psalm 103 verse 21
26:40 there was
26:41 very interesting scripture at the very
26:43 end and it said to the Lord all you his
26:46 house you ministers of his who do his
26:49 pleasure hosts actually refers to the
26:53 army of the Lord the servants of the
26:55 Lord and you guys are really part not of
26:59 the heavenly hosts but the earthly hosts
27:02 their earthly army and we're called to
27:05 do God's pleasure Psalm 102 says serve
27:12 the Lord with gladness serving God in
27:17 all of life with a joyful heart stems
27:20 from truly knowing who God is from the
27:24 structure of Psalm 100 you can clearly
27:26 see the foundational key or the main key
27:30 the primary key for joy filled living is
27:33 the essence of our title for Psalm 100
27:38 which is knowing God I turned that off
27:42 honey the basis for you knowing God is
27:46 he truly desires to be known is through
27:49 the word of God and by the Holy Spirit
27:52 the more you know God the more genuine
27:55 joy you will feel and the more joy you
27:58 feel the more you'll be inclined to
28:01 follow God's commands and psalm would
28:03 100 which is basically God's
28:06 prescription for joy filled living Psalm
28:10 100 beckons you to know God and to enjoy
28:15 God if knowing the truth of who God is
28:19 is it being key to joy filled living in
28:23 the Lord what do you think blocks you
28:26 from genuinely enjoying God say a46
28:32 and this question it says my people are
28:35 destroyed for lack of knowledge if
28:39 you're not enjoying God and therefore
28:42 not enjoying the life God has given to
28:44 you that it comes basically because of
28:48 lack of knowledge of who God truly is
28:53 and that's one of the Satan's primary
28:55 things that he did in the garden of
28:57 Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve he
29:00 clouded their vision of who God truly is
29:03 Oh God he you know he's so stingy he
29:06 doesn't want you to have every tree in
29:08 the garden they were given all the trees
29:09 they were just had that one exception
29:12 this to destruction that you and I see
29:15 in the world around us is because people
29:18 truly don't know who God is I'll never
29:22 forget my brother I have three brothers
29:24 and one of my brothers his wife did a
29:29 lot of things and he divorced her and
29:34 they had two little kids at the time my
29:38 brother bought a house on the same
29:40 street so could live down from his
29:43 children so he could see him all the
29:44 time but his daughter started to kind of
29:49 distance herself from him
29:51 and she would say all these things my
29:54 brother was like where is that coming
29:56 from that's not who I am
30:00 well his ex-wife her vision was clouded
30:06 about my brother and was saying things
30:07 right in the child was picking them up
30:11 and my brother said something to me and
30:15 I'll never forget it he said you know
30:17 what I said to my daughter I said let me
30:20 take you down memory lane God wants to
30:24 take us down memory lane of who he is
30:27 and Psalm 103 he says forget not don't
30:32 forget my Bennifer get benefits don't
30:34 forget Who I am
30:36 I am the God who forgives you I am the
30:40 God who heals you I am the God who
30:44 redeems your life from the pit I am the
30:47 God who will crown your life with my
30:49 love and compassion then in Psalm 100 he
30:54 says basically the same thing don't
30:57 forget me know that I am the Lord your
31:02 God you're my people
31:05 you'll be
31:06 along to me you are the Sheep of my
31:10 pasture
31:11 he says I'm good other people are
31:15 telling you things that make you think
31:17 that I'm a bad god that I'm a mean angry
31:19 God but I'm good
31:22 I'm merciful I'm kind I will always be
31:27 faithful I will always have your back
31:29 I always have my mercy chase you down so
31:34 God wants to walk us down memory lane
31:36 and our Bible is filled with memories of
31:41 God why is that because the enemy 24/7
31:46 is telling lies about who God truly is
31:52 because he's jealous and he wants you to
31:56 worship Him and believe him
31:59 he wants you in his demonic Kingdom and
32:04 God calls us and beckons us in Psalm 102
32:10 enter in to another Kingdom into his
32:13 kingdom
32:15 so we're called to know the truth about
32:18 who God is and it comes primarily from
32:22 reading the Bible Psalm 100 as you saw
32:26 up on that overhead calls you to know
32:30 seven basic truths about God it's in
32:35 verses 3 & 5 the verse the verb to know
32:40 is yada it's in Hebrew it means to
32:44 personally experience this word Yadav /
32:48 peers in many many other verses in the
32:51 Bible and it appears in verses like a
32:55 man is to know his wife Genesis 4:1 now
33:00 Adam knew yada Eve his wife and she
33:04 conceived and bore Cain God desires that
33:09 we know him just as closely as a man
33:12 would know his wife knowing that comes
33:16 from personal clothes into
33:19 man pull the shades you know down just
33:24 you know tell it like it is day-to-day
33:26 experiences with God and God wants to us
33:30 to deeply know his character he wants us
33:36 to deeply know his nature I believe one
33:42 of the reasons why that God has ordained
33:44 marriages and put us in marriages is
33:48 because he wants us to get a glimpse of
33:52 what it is to know him my husband Kenny
33:57 sitting in the back but you know I've
33:59 always said to myself and others you
34:02 know I said you know I get to know a
34:06 taste of who God is through my husband
34:09 because if he says he's gonna do
34:11 something I can be assured he'll do it
34:14 and if he has taken a task on I'm
34:17 assured that he'll do it with excellence
34:19 I'm assured of him I am secure in his
34:24 love I don't have to think that you know
34:27 he's off doing anything I can have
34:29 confidence in him in God
34:32 once our confidence or trust to be in
34:36 him because he is faithful and good my
34:40 husband Kenan is faithful and good God
34:43 is faithful and good God wants us to
34:46 know yadah him he wants us to know him
34:51 intimately personally close up face to
34:56 face and one thing and I don't want you
34:59 to forget from tonight's talk if he
35:01 wants you to see him smiling at you his
35:07 heart is filled with joy you bring
35:12 delight and pleasure to him there's a
35:16 prayer that I encourage each one of you
35:18 to pray it's from Ephesians 1:15 through
35:21 21
35:22 but infusions 1:17 that says this that
35:25 the god of our Lord Lord Jesus Christ
35:27 the father of glory may give to you the
35:32 spirit of wisdom and revelation in the
35:35 knowledge of him now this is a prayer
35:38 from Ephesians one I pray you fusions
35:40 one Ephesians three fusion six these are
35:43 prayers I pray but we need to pray that
35:47 God would reveal God as he truly is to
35:54 us that the veils of deception would be
35:58 removed from our eyes so that we can see
36:01 with clarity the purity the humility the
36:07 greatness of our God Roman numeral four
36:13 what does Psalm 100 call you to know
36:16 about God number one this is the first
36:21 thing in verse three were called to now
36:25 it says know that the Lord he is God
36:32 he's the one that rules over all and who
36:36 desires to be the lord over your life
36:39 over all the areas of your life Lord
36:44 like we learned last week is capitalized
36:47 and it refers to God's Hebrew name
36:52 Yahweh which is His redemptive
36:56 relationship to us he wants us to know
36:59 him I gave you seven primary redemptive
37:02 themes of God last night compound names
37:06 he wants us to know very closely through
37:10 experiential knowledge him as Jehovah
37:14 Nissi our banner Jehovah Rapha our
37:18 healer he wants us to know who he is and
37:24 that he has redeemed us from every kind
37:28 of every kind of bad thing that is ever
37:31 would ever cross our paths I like Psalm
37:35 95 three it's a part of the enthronement
37:40 Psalms which Psalm 100 is an
37:43 enthronement Psalm or goddess
37:46 seated on his throne and he's high and
37:49 lifted up and it says in Psalm 95 three
37:53 for the Lord is great is the great God
37:56 and the great king above all gods you
38:05 need to know that this is the God that
38:09 says that you belong to him
38:14 you don't belong to any other God he
38:18 says all I am the Great God and I will
38:22 snatch you out of the hand of anyone who
38:26 tries to touch you you're mine you
38:30 belong to him from the New Testament
38:33 we've already went over this Jesus
38:36 Christ is Lord he was given all
38:38 authority and power in heaven on earth
38:41 and you can read this in Ephesians 1 20
38:44 through 21 Jesus is seated at God's
38:49 right hand in the heavenly places far
38:52 above every principality and power a
38:55 might and Dominion and every name that
38:57 is named some of us Knight might know
38:59 this theologically and intellectually
39:02 but God wants us to know this
39:06 experientially joy filled living begins
39:10 when you submit your life to the
39:13 lordship of Jesus Christ and your joy is
39:16 made full as you allow him to rule over
39:20 every year of your life as you bow your
39:23 knee and submit to his authority saying
39:26 what he says and doing what he does just
39:29 like Jesus did with his heavenly father
39:32 I love that Jesus submitted himself as
39:38 God to God
39:40 as a human to his heavenly Father
39:45 showing us that it's possible and it had
39:51 reaps tremendous benefits and blessings
39:54 if we will say and do what is written in
39:59 his word
40:00 what he calls us to say and do and
40:03 because you're in the healing rooms and
40:05 you come tonight part of your primary
40:09 job assignment is to go about like Jesus
40:14 did doing good and healing all who are
40:17 pressed signs wonders and miracles are
40:21 part of your job assignment your job
40:24 description don't settle for anything
40:26 less any lesser calling in your life
40:30 Roman numeral two you're called to know
40:33 that God made you and that you belong to
40:36 him and I like the good news translation
40:40 it says we belong to him rather than
40:42 saying and not we ourselves know that it
40:46 is he who made us and not we ourselves
40:49 that's the New King James Version good
40:54 news translation know that it is he who
40:57 made us and we belong to him
41:00 God made mankind in His image Genesis
41:05 1:26 and John 1:1 through three tells us
41:11 that Jesus was there alongside of God in
41:17 the beginning and it says this all
41:20 things were made through Jesus and
41:23 without him nothing was made that was
41:27 made
41:27 God had the plan of what he would make
41:33 in the universe including mankind Jesus
41:37 spoke God's Word and me and came into
41:42 existence
41:46 but to the first Adam's sin God's image
41:51 in man was marred and Jesus Christ came
41:56 to restore mankind back to their
41:59 original identity to our original
42:02 identity through His redemptive work
42:05 when you receive Jesus Christ in your
42:08 heart God made you into a new creation
42:10 in Christ and new species that had never
42:13 been seen before he restored you back
42:17 into his image and likeness and this is
42:21 the good news of great joy this is the
42:27 good news of Jesus Christ you yes you do
42:33 you and I are made in the image of our
42:38 joyful loving King and father knowing
42:42 and living from your two identity in
42:44 Christ releases genuine joy why because
42:49 in Christ you've been anointed with the
42:51 same oil of gladness that Jesus was
42:56 anointed with and Jesus is living in you
43:00 the more you know the truth of who God
43:02 is is revealed in his son Jesus Christ
43:05 the more you will know who you are in
43:09 Christ and this experiential knowledge
43:12 will cause much joy and rejoicing in
43:15 your life in fact you'll find yourself
43:18 smiling like Jesus it is your privilege
43:21 and honor to live from the highest
43:24 reality in your life the reality of who
43:28 Jesus is to live and walk in the spirit
43:31 of Jesus Christ
43:34 residing within you is the answer to the
43:39 gloom and doom of the world around you
43:43 may you bear the everlasting fruit of
43:47 joy in your life so the goodness of God
43:51 can be tasted and seen Roman point
43:56 number C the third thing you're called
43:58 to know is
43:59 that we are his people and that God has
44:04 seen through his son Jesus Christ is
44:06 your good and great Shepherd Jesus not
44:10 only laid down his life for you but
44:13 he'll supply your needs taking good care
44:15 of you Jesus the Great and Good Shepherd
44:19 will equip you with everything that you
44:23 need to do his will
44:25 do you have god-given dreams and visions
44:29 God will equip you at everything you
44:32 need through Jesus's blood you have
44:34 access to all that belongs to God your
44:38 father's that's hebrews 13 22 21 knowing
44:44 and living in the reality that you
44:46 belong to god that you are his own
44:48 special people will give you confidence
44:50 to joyfully face all that opposes you
44:53 and your god-given destiny in Psalm 105
44:59 were given three character descriptions
45:02 or three more things were called to know
45:06 three truths about God we're called to
45:10 know that he's good that he's merciful
45:13 and that he's faithful the Lord is good
45:18 that comes from a Hebrew word T owb and
45:23 it's also translated as cheerful glad
45:26 happy favored joyful loving Merry and
45:29 pleasant
45:30 so that's who your God is and that's who
45:34 got Jesus represented while he was here
45:37 on planet Earth the Lord mercy is
45:40 everlasting and his truth to all
45:43 generation that word mercy is actually
45:46 that word Hasset that we studied in
45:48 Psalm 103 and that's all I'm going to
45:53 close tonight session two next week I'm
45:55 hoping to touch a lot more on the Lord's
45:58 goodness because we need to know that
46:02 God is good and we need to distinguish
46:06 the things that come from God from the
46:09 in from the things that come from the
46:11 enemy so let's pray
46:12 father I thank you that you're a joyful
46:15 God that you are a joyful father and we
46:19 thank you your countenance your
46:23 expression on your face is a smile and
46:27 that you're smiling at us even in our
46:31 weakness as we grow into the likeness of
46:35 your son Jesus Christ so father I pray
46:38 that you would fill each person here
46:41 with the fullness of your joy and that
46:45 your joy would be seen upon our face and
46:48 others would be attracted to your joy
46:50 and that your very character your nature
46:54 of who you are the truths about you
46:57 would become the living truth in us live
47:02 your life in us and through us may
47:05 people as they know us get to know you
47:10 and may your joy spread rapidly like a
47:16 wildfire through all that we encounter
47:20 all the people Lord in Jesus name we
47:24 pray amen
47:26 so those


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