Two Keys for Living in the Power of the Gospel

Discover “Two Keys for Living in the Power of the Gospel.”  Jesus purchased a benefit package for your salvation (Psalm 103: 3-5) that seems way too good to be true, but it is not! Why? Because the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, now resides in your spirit as a born again believer, giving you a continual access to the “exceeding greatness of His power,” which will enable you to overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of your full salvation inheritance as you place your faith in God’s grace.  Understand what your inheritance is in Christ and how to access ALL He has given to you!


Video Transcript

00:00 Accession series on Psalm 103 living in
00:04 the power of the gospel Jesus he
00:07 purchased a benefit package for your
00:10 salvation the forgiveness of all your
00:13 sins the healing of all your diseases
00:19 the redemption of your life from
00:22 destruction the crowning of your love of
00:26 your life with loving-kindness and
00:29 compassion the satisfying your years
00:34 with good things and the renewing of
00:37 your strength like an eagle's now do
00:40 these benefits seem too good to be true
00:43 are you living in the full inheritance
00:47 that God has for you in this series
00:51 we're not only going to learn what
00:53 rightfully belongs to us in Jesus Christ
00:56 but how to live in the reality of the
00:59 fullness of our salvation in today's
01:02 session we're going to look at two keys
01:05 for living in the power of the gospel
01:08 based on the very first two verses of
01:11 Psalm 103 this past Sunday we celebrated
01:17 when the most remarkable events in
01:19 history Jesus Christ's resurrection from
01:23 the dead the same mighty power that
01:27 raised Jesus Christ from the dead and
01:30 seated him at the right hand of God far
01:36 above all principality and power and
01:39 might and Dominion and every name that
01:42 is named not only in this age but the
01:45 age to come is the same power that lives
01:49 inside of you as a born-again believer
01:52 or for anyone and everyone who chooses
01:58 to believe Jesus Christ as their Lord
02:00 and Savior
02:01 now that's remarkable this is the good
02:05 news of the gospel of Jesus Christ in
02:09 ephesians 1 paul prayed a prayer
02:13 for the church at ephesus ephesus and in
02:17 it he prayed that the eyes of their
02:19 understanding would be open and one of
02:23 the things that he prayed for was that
02:26 the eyes of their understanding would be
02:28 open to what the exceeding greatness of
02:33 his power towards you and i those who
02:38 believe now he could have said just
02:39 power but he knows that there's an
02:45 exceeding greatness of power that God
02:48 wants us to live live in on a daily
02:53 basis so close your eyes and let's pray
02:57 the prayer that Paul prayed for the
02:59 church at Ephesus father I pray tonight
03:03 that we would know what is exceeding
03:06 greatness of your power towards us who
03:09 believe according to the working of your
03:13 mighty power which you worked in Christ
03:15 when you raised him from the dead and
03:18 seated him at your right hand in the
03:20 heavenly places far above all
03:23 principality and power and might and
03:25 Dominion and every name that is named
03:27 not only in this age but the age to come
03:31 in these next six weeks in our soul 103
03:34 series help us to learn how we can live
03:38 in the power of the gospel the fullness
03:40 of all the benefits that you have given
03:42 to us through Jesus is victorious work
03:45 on the cross amen if you want to
03:52 experience the exceeding greatness of
03:55 his power
03:55 let us pray this prayer in Ephesians 1
03:58 17 through 21 and then I encourage you
04:01 to come to this Psalm 103 series that we
04:05 will be studying for the next six weeks
04:07 on living in the power of the gospel
04:12 throughout your life on an ongoing basis
04:16 God desires that you continue to know
04:19 the exceeding greatness of his power
04:22 that is able to save you to the
04:25 uttermost why why
04:27 what God want us to know the exceeding
04:29 greatness of his power so that we can
04:32 accomplish his plan his purposes his
04:36 will for our life because he knows that
04:39 we're going to need his power to
04:41 overcome not only sin and sickness and
04:43 things that confront us but we're going
04:45 to need his power to demonstrate who he
04:49 is in the world that we live in where
04:52 the kingdom of darkness is ruling and
04:54 reigning what you cannot achieve no
05:02 matter how hard you try God wants you to
05:05 remember that Christ has already done it
05:10 for you Christ with he's hanging on the
05:14 cross he cries out in John 19:30 it is
05:20 finished now by faith you can live in
05:29 the finished work of the Cross the
05:32 victory that Jesus Christ bought for you
05:34 with his own precious blood you can live
05:38 in the power of the grace of the gospel
05:42 of Jesus Christ
05:44 you can claim now right now the fullness
05:49 of your salvation you can live in the
05:52 power of your salvation 2nd Corinthians
05:57 6:2 is a Bible verse that literally was
06:00 like a a door that just opened up for me
06:05 and allow me to live in the Bible truths
06:09 that the fullness of my salvation
06:11 especially in this area of healing it
06:14 says this behold now is the acceptable
06:17 time now is the day of salvation that
06:21 little word in Oh W now so often we put
06:26 our salvation into the future when God
06:31 is saying no I want you this is what
06:34 he's saying in 2nd Corinthians 6:2 I
06:37 want you to experience my salvation for
06:40 your life
06:41 now behold now is the acceptable time
06:46 now is the day of salvation
06:48 if we're always putting off our
06:50 salvation in the salvation of others and
06:52 I'm not just talking about eternal
06:54 salvation I'm talking about everything
06:57 that is listed in Psalm 103 which is a
07:01 concise a way of putting what our core
07:05 benefits of our salvation are all about
07:08 if we're always putting things into the
07:11 future our healing into the future
07:13 forgiveness into the future the renewal
07:16 of you know our strength into the future
07:21 that's our expectation and we're always
07:25 putting off what God says I want you to
07:28 have right now faith so that you can
07:31 live in what I have already provided for
07:34 you I love as I was looking through some
07:39 testimonies this week just actually
07:43 today and I was recalling though this
07:45 last week testimonies of what he's done
07:47 in our healing rooms and the healing
07:49 events we have I just love the
07:52 testimonies that came to my mind and I
07:55 was trying to search so I could get the
07:56 details of some of them because some
07:59 people have lived in conditions that
08:02 lasted a long time and tell they've
08:06 understood that their salvation package
08:09 included healing so there's a lady her
08:13 name's Mary and she actually had a
08:17 healing meeting here in church somebody
08:19 on her team went and prayed for her she
08:22 had type 2 diabetes she had it for 12
08:25 years and she said as the person prayed
08:28 she says immediately she felt a wave a
08:33 refreshing cool water flowing within her
08:36 all of her joints stopped hurting
08:39 she had this condition 12 years there
08:43 was just deliverance and a freedom
08:45 within me she says during the prayer I
08:48 began to feel my feet
08:51 for the first time in 10
08:54 years the numbness pain and burning in
08:59 my toes went away now I was so excited
09:02 about this testimony that I called her
09:05 several months later I says this it's
09:08 good you still feel your toes you still
09:10 feel she goes no it's everything's just
09:13 has improved 12 years and when she
09:18 realized that her salvation package
09:22 included healing and it was for today is
09:25 the day of your salvation so when people
09:28 come into the healing rooms or people
09:30 walk across your life that are in need
09:32 of one of these benefits that are listed
09:35 in Psalm 103 don't think that they have
09:39 to receive it sometime in the future
09:40 call it in now for them here's another
09:44 testimony this lady she was from the
09:48 Caribbean island she was just visiting
09:50 her friend here in Camarillo and she
09:53 felt like God told her that when she
09:54 came on this trip she was gonna receive
09:56 healing and so when she heard about the
09:58 Healing Rooms
09:58 she came and received prayer she says I
10:02 came in prayer because of pain in my
10:05 back that I've been suffering with for
10:07 thirty years due to several accidents
10:12 including being hit by a bicyclist on
10:15 one occasion by a minibus on another
10:17 occasion and then she was pray for and
10:21 all the pain left and she says I could
10:23 actually like you know bend down touch
10:26 her toes twist her back around and have
10:29 absolutely no pain thirty years of pain
10:33 we call it in now and she receives her
10:37 healing now some things that are called
10:40 in the now we don't actually see like
10:42 forgiveness of sins when you you believe
10:44 that you are forgiven your to believe
10:47 that you're forgiven now but you can't
10:49 see it's not tangible
10:50 but don't live in the shape or the guilt
10:53 of that live in the freedom now that you
10:58 have fully forgiven of your sins so I
11:02 want you to think about an area right
11:03 now where you have been putting off into
11:05 the future something
11:08 God has provided for your salvation
11:10 today you guys all got something online
11:14 do you have something you have something
11:17 okay
11:18 declare with me this now I claim the
11:24 full fullness of my salvation for the
11:31 name what what your salvation is for and
11:34 then after that say thank you Jesus for
11:39 whatever it is your salvation is a gift
11:46 when I was real sick a girlfriend
11:49 actually she's one of my closest
11:51 girlfriends gave me a box and then it
11:53 were no cards just like a little a stack
11:56 of like you know like notes that you can
11:58 write little things on on the box was
12:04 the same wording which was on this whole
12:07 stack of note cards so every time I
12:09 wrote a note on these note cards I was
12:11 reminded of the Word of God I thought at
12:15 that time that my situation was really
12:19 impossible that it was impossible for me
12:23 to receive healing this box says with
12:27 God all things are possible you receive
12:34 your salvation as a gift and then when
12:41 you receive a gift in the natural you
12:45 tell the person thank you and so as we
12:49 go through this study today I want you
12:52 to think about anything that is
12:55 mentioned about the benefits of your
12:57 salvation as a gift all things that you
13:02 think are impossible or possible because
13:05 it's a gift of God it depends on what
13:08 Christ has already done for you the
13:10 finished work of the cross and not
13:13 anything you need to do in order to
13:17 receive it okay we'll go over two things
13:21 that open and long
13:22 the door for you to receive it that
13:25 position you to receive it but you can't
13:27 earn it you don't earn a gift it's
13:30 freely given to you so if it's true that
13:34 we can live now and the power and the
13:36 victory of the Cross why is it not
13:39 happening well on Easter millions and
13:44 perhaps billions of people did not even
13:49 know what happened 2,000 years ago this
13:53 past Sunday about 2,000 years ago how
13:57 Christ triumph over all sin and all
14:01 death providing for you and I away to
14:05 God access to him that we never had had
14:09 before Adam and Eve had sinned Romans
14:13 10:14 says how then shall they call on
14:17 him whom they have not believed and how
14:19 shall they believe in him whom they have
14:22 not heard and how shall they hear
14:23 without a preacher so it's our
14:27 responsibility to use our mouth to
14:30 declare the goodness of God in the
14:33 fullness of his salvation and for those
14:36 of us who do know God who profess to be
14:39 Christians we often don't walk in the
14:42 reality of the power of the gospel
14:45 because we really truly don't understand
14:48 the greatness of our salvation as
14:50 revealed in Psalm 103 and therefore we
14:55 neglect it hebrews 2:3 says how shall we
15:00 escape if we neglect so great a
15:02 salvation how can you escape hell's grip
15:07 on your life the enemy stealing and
15:10 killing and destroying your life if you
15:13 neglect the very thing that God has
15:15 given you to overcome what you are
15:19 facing point number two
15:25 Psalm 103 reflects the appropriate
15:27 response to your salvation in the very
15:30 first two verses it says bless the Lord
15:33 and forget
15:36 all his benefits from Calvary's Hill
15:39 where Christ's blood was she had a cry
15:42 was heard from God's heart which
15:44 reverberate it throughout all the ages
15:46 in Psalm 103 I believe King David's
15:52 heart picked up the heart cry of God and
15:55 he passionately responded by saying to
15:59 his own soul bless the Lord O my soul
16:03 and all that is within me bless His Holy
16:06 Name and forget not all his benefits
16:10 let's right now we don't want to neglect
16:14 what God is doing but sometimes or maybe
16:18 most of the time our soul or unrenewed
16:23 mind and emotions are unrenewed
16:26 imagination our unrenewed feelings is
16:29 not in synched with what Jesus Christ
16:32 has done for us on the cross it's not in
16:35 sync with the finished work the gift
16:40 that he has given us it's not in synched
16:42 with our spirit man the father in the
16:46 son the Holy Spirit who lives inside of
16:48 us so let us stir up our souls as we
16:51 start declaring over the next six weeks
16:54 Psalm 103 especially verse 1 and 2 we
16:59 want our mouth the confession of our
17:02 mouth to match the spirit man your
17:09 spirit is one with the Holy Spirit and
17:12 we want your spirit the Spirit of God
17:15 living in you to match the confession of
17:20 your mouth so let's all declare let's
17:23 stand up and declare it Psalm 103 verses
17:27 1 through 2 say it with passion you know
17:32 people get excited at any sports event
17:35 you know in front of their TVs they're
17:39 getting excited about their team how
17:42 much more so our God who died sent his
17:45 son to die on the cross bless the Lord O
17:49 my soul
17:49 all and all that is within me bless His
17:52 Holy Name bless O Lord O my soul and
17:57 forget not all his benefits he can be
18:03 seated the lamb was slain from the
18:05 foundation of the world ever since Adam
18:08 and Eve sinned mankind has experienced a
18:11 measure of what Christ did what the lamb
18:16 did on the cross for us King David he
18:22 lived in a measure of it when he wrote
18:24 this Psalm he actually experienced some
18:27 of these benefits in his life that's why
18:31 he's stirring up his soul he's going
18:33 like I remember when God did this he
18:36 forgave me when I did that adulterous
18:38 thing with Bathsheba and I'm blessing
18:41 him he's the one who forgives all my
18:43 sins he remembered when God healed all
18:47 as his diseases and he stirring up his
18:49 soul and he says I'm blushing you I'm
18:51 not forgetting when you healed all my
18:53 diseases how much more for you and I who
18:57 live now on the other side of the cross
18:59 where Jesus Christ has died how we
19:01 should be stirring up our souls to bless
19:04 the Lord and not forget any of his
19:07 benefits when you do this when you make
19:19 Psalm 103 the Word of God the core
19:25 benefits of the Cross part of the major
19:29 conversation that you have with God
19:34 rather than the things that you're
19:37 confronting have you ever been with
19:41 somebody on the phone or in person and
19:45 they spin and they want you to pray and
19:48 they spend one hour or whatever it is
19:52 the majority of the time telling you all
19:57 of their problems and then you have a
20:01 one-sentence prayer
20:03 he laughs right what would happen if we
20:09 reverse that if we have she started
20:13 declaring out of our mouth the next six
20:15 weeks Psalm 103 22 verses and we start
20:21 talking to God about that and having
20:24 that the 90% of our conversation and
20:26 then saying thank you Lord now by faith
20:30 I receive all this being done oh it
20:33 happened I believe faith would start
20:37 stirring in our hearts and I believe
20:39 like Alex said last week on Psalm 104
20:43 149 that the sword goes out of our mouth
20:47 that's the Word of God and it executes
20:51 justice for those who we are praying for
20:55 and it executes justice in our own life
20:59 so why not put the word of God in our
21:02 mouth rather than our own unflush ly
21:05 unlined up words that don't match what
21:08 Jesus Christ did for us on the cross
21:11 point be don't forget his benefits
21:15 God will never forget what his son Jesus
21:20 Christ accomplished for you and I would
21:24 you as a parent if you did that gave up
21:29 your only Son God desires that you and I
21:34 would not forget what his son Jesus
21:38 Christ did for us on the cross
21:40 purchasing for us benefits that we need
21:46 in this life so that we don't just
21:50 survive or stay under the pile but that
21:54 we can thrive in the fullness of the
21:56 plans that God has for us
22:05 how many of you participated in the
22:08 psalm ones series that we did for about
22:12 eight weeks yay okay so this is really
22:17 cool I thought the same two core things
22:22 that were mentioned in Psalm one that we
22:25 needed to do or the same two core things
22:29 that are mentioned in Psalm 103 in
22:34 someone I listed this it says delight
22:37 yourself in the Lord and what are we
22:41 remembering to meditate in his word day
22:44 and night so it said if we do those two
22:48 things we will live like the blessed
22:51 Lord our Savior Jesus Christ and we will
22:54 be like that tree planted by the rivers
22:56 of water bearing fruit in its season and
23:01 then whatever we do we will prosper
23:05 that was the outflow of doing those two
23:08 things
23:08 now Psalm 103 mentions these basically
23:12 the same two things using different
23:15 language instead of saying delight
23:17 yourself in the Lord it says bless the
23:21 Lord you know when you are actually
23:26 experiencing the presence of God in your
23:29 life and you're actually encountering
23:32 and experiencing his hand in your life
23:36 you're gonna start delighting and you're
23:39 gonna start blessing him and you will
23:43 want to do what King David did you'll
23:46 want to say don't forget though when
23:50 you're in the midst of something hard
23:51 don't forget don't go off on that trail
23:55 talking about the ninth not using ninety
23:57 percent of your time talking about your
23:59 problems don't forget when God has done
24:01 start praising and thanking him I don't
24:06 know if I shared this with you guys but
24:08 I had a dream when I was really sick and
24:13 this dream transformed my life in the
24:17 dream on a blackboard
24:18 saw the word Jehoshaphat I covered to my
24:22 husband that morning I said to him who's
24:25 Jehoshaphat see I didn't we hadn't read
24:28 the Bible from cover to cover I knew
24:30 about the Bible from different Bible
24:32 studies but I had it and he goes I think
24:35 he's the guy that sent out the praise
24:36 worshipers on front line of the battle
24:38 and they won so I looked up his name and
24:41 I studied that chapter 2nd chronicles 20
24:43 and I own that chapter and you know what
24:46 when we bless the Lord when we praise
24:49 His name when we actively engage
24:52 ourselves in doing that the Lord fights
24:56 or battle for us now we don't do that to
25:00 get the end results but that's the end
25:02 results of blessing the Lord so that was
25:06 a key thing that the Lord gave me and he
25:08 had to give it to me in a dream because
25:10 maybe I wouldn't have accepted it like
25:12 you guys hopefully are accepting it
25:13 right now so you see that the Lord is
25:17 constantly repeating to us over and over
25:20 the first Psalm that introduces all the
25:22 songs he says delight yourself in the
25:24 Lord and meditate in his word day and
25:27 night Psalm 103 now we're partway
25:29 through the Psalms we haven't done it
25:31 the word just grabbing Psalm 103 because
25:34 of what it talks about about our
25:36 salvation and we grab it in it says the
25:39 same thing
25:39 bless the Lord and it said say meditate
25:43 on his word day and night it takes one
25:47 aspect of God's Word the benefits that
25:51 are given to us for our salvation it
25:54 says don't forget the benefits that
25:58 Christ Jesus has done for you on the
26:00 cross you are in need of them take hold
26:03 of them don't let the enemy steal and
26:05 kill them or destroy him how do you keep
26:09 him before you by confessing them with
26:13 your mouth amen
26:18 bless the Lord we bless him his great
26:23 love was demonstrated on the cross by
26:27 giving His Son Jesus Christ and we
26:30 respond
26:31 back to his love by blessing him he is
26:36 the one that initiated love and we're
26:39 just responding back to him he blesses
26:42 us we bless him it's this inner change
26:47 of this relationship going on with him
26:50 point number three the gospel Christ is
26:52 a power of God for your salvation so why
26:56 why did I choose to name something that
27:00 is in the Old Testament Psalm 103 why
27:05 did I call it living in the power of the
27:08 gospel by now white by what I've just
27:11 said you probably got a taste of it
27:13 because Psalm 103 really is a prophetic
27:17 declaration of the gospel of Jesus
27:21 Christ of the grace that is there for us
27:25 and it tells us two key things that we
27:29 can begin to engage or live sin so that
27:33 we can set our hearts in position to
27:37 receive the benefits point B under Roman
27:44 numeral three living in the power the
27:47 gospel described by Apostle Paul in the
27:49 following verses the gospel of Christ is
27:53 the power of God to salvation for
27:56 everyone who believes
27:58 then when he writes first Corinthians he
28:01 says this in chapter 118 the message of
28:05 the Cross to us who are being saved is
28:08 the power of God acts 20:24 he says this
28:14 to testify to the gospel of the grace of
28:18 God three different phrases the gospel
28:23 of Christ the message of the Cross and
28:26 the gospel of grace old me the exact
28:31 same thing and what are the equated with
28:35 they're basically saying the gospel is
28:39 equated with that's the is sign is is an
28:43 equal sign in the English language
28:45 the gospel is is equal to what the power
28:51 of God the message of the Cross is equal
28:55 to what the power of God the grace that
29:01 is given to us through the gospel is
29:03 equal to what the power of God so if we
29:07 want the power of God in our life we
29:10 need to know the gospel of Christ the
29:13 message of the Cross we need to know the
29:16 grace of God and we need to know it not
29:19 just up here we need to know it
29:22 experientially what's the purpose of
29:30 God's power that is brought forth to us
29:34 through the gospel or the message of the
29:36 Cross the purpose is for us to
29:40 experience the effects of salvation the
29:45 effects of God's grace in our life Roman
29:50 numeral for you Barbie all will be able
29:53 to relate to the words I chose here your
29:57 all-inclusive salvation in Jesus Christ
30:00 it's based on Psalm 103 verse 2 where it
30:05 says forget not all his benefits all his
30:08 benefits
30:09 is it all-inclusive salvation salvation
30:16 is a power-packed word it's an
30:20 all-inclusive word in session 2 of psalm
30:23 one study we discovered that the word
30:26 salvation appeared multiple multiple
30:29 times throughout all of the psalms and
30:34 salvation when it was translated from
30:36 its Hebrew word into English it was
30:41 translated like eternal salvation help
30:44 healing deliverance you know whatever
30:48 thing that you would need that's what
30:51 salvation was translated like so I put
30:55 some words down to your prosperity your
30:57 victory
30:58 it's
30:58 same way that the word Sozo in Greek and
31:01 the New Testament is translated sozo in
31:05 Greek is translate translated numerous
31:08 ways in the New Testament did you
31:10 describe the all-inclusive salvation
31:14 package that we have in Jesus Christ how
31:18 many of you have ever gone on an
31:20 all-inclusive to an all-inclusive resort
31:23 and all-inclusive cruise just couple
31:27 okay more than that okay so you know
31:30 that the word all-inclusive what they
31:33 mean it's really not all-inclusive first
31:38 off but all-inclusive means that you pay
31:41 one price and then you get your
31:43 accommodation some people love this all
31:46 the drinks that they could have all the
31:48 foods you can have and many many
31:50 activities you pay one price and then
31:53 you get to go to the resort to get to go
31:55 on the cruise and enjoy all the benefits
31:58 in my gym class you know people that I
32:01 don't even know they'll come up and like
32:03 this last Monday last week on Friday a
32:07 lady came up to me this class coming in
32:09 and I often say hi to her and she was so
32:12 excited because she was going and it
32:15 sounded like one on one of these
32:17 all-inclusive vacations I thought what
32:21 would happen if we got excited every day
32:25 of our life because we have an
32:27 all-inclusive salvation package it is
32:31 better than any vacation we could ever
32:34 go on but we have not linked up to it we
32:40 have not understood how to enter in to
32:44 it we think we have to pay something
32:48 like we would for an all-inclusive
32:50 resort or an all-inclusive cruise I know
32:54 that's what I was trying to do when I
32:55 was trying to get my healing I was
32:58 trying to earn my right to be healed now
33:04 this word salvation that appears
33:07 throughout the Old Testament the Hebrew
33:10 word is actually yes
33:12 schewe and Yeshua is Jesus's Hebrew name
33:18 so salvation is Jesus in Jesus is
33:25 everything that you need for your
33:29 salvation Jesus is the gift of God and
33:36 in Jesus there's forgiveness and healing
33:40 and redemption and renewal and victory
33:44 and deliverance everything that you need
33:46 in Jesus Christ if you take a look at
33:53 point number D the core benefits of your
33:55 salvation it's Psalm 103 three through
33:58 five let's all declare that together the
34:01 verses they're these are the core
34:03 benefits of your salvation who forgives
34:06 all your iniquities who heals all your
34:09 diseases who redeems your life from
34:12 destruction who crowns you with
34:14 loving-kindness and tender mercies who
34:17 satisfies your mouth with good things so
34:20 that your youth is renewed like the
34:23 Eagles those are the core benefits
34:26 unfortunately very few people and you
34:29 read through those than you going I
34:31 don't know if I really may be one of
34:33 these I've experienced some at the time
34:35 or part of the time and maybe two of
34:37 these God wants us to experience all of
34:40 them all the time why is so very few
34:46 people experiencing these benefits it's
34:49 because they're often not preached or
34:52 taught and therefore very few people
34:56 know their rights or their privileges we
34:59 know Romans 10:17 says so then faith
35:01 comes from hearing and hearing from the
35:03 Word of God and now take a look at this
35:07 we all know Romans 10:17 but this really
35:10 shocked me Romans 10 16 years ago when I
35:14 read it it says this but they have not
35:18 all obeyed the gospel for Isaiah said
35:22 Lord who has believed our report
35:26 if they have been taught not all have
35:31 obeyed the gospel believing is an act of
35:36 obedience of the Gospel message this
35:41 phrase who has believed our report is
35:45 the exact they're quoting from Isaiah 53
35:48 which is a prophetic declaration of
35:51 everything that Jesus would do for you
35:54 and I on the cross and it begins who has
35:57 believed its report believing God's
36:02 report is an act of obedience if we
36:07 don't believe we will not receive in
36:15 Romans 1:16 it says I'm not ashamed of
36:19 the gospel of Christ where is the power
36:21 of God to salvation for everyone who
36:25 believes everyone who believes that we
36:29 got to what believe once you make the
36:35 initial twice to believe in Jesus Christ
36:38 in the gospel of Christ you're born
36:40 again but you don't stop there the word
36:44 believe in Romans 1:16 is a present
36:47 participle that expresses the idea of a
36:52 continuous and repeated action if you
36:55 want to experience the power of God for
37:00 your salvation you need to continue to
37:04 believe in an ongoing way for all the
37:08 benefits on a daily sometimes
37:12 moment-by-moment basis Colossians 1:23
37:16 speaks of this if indeed you continue in
37:20 the faith grounded and steadfast and are
37:23 not moved away from the gospel the hope
37:26 of the gospel there's many things that
37:28 want to move us away from the hope of
37:30 the gospel it takes energy it takes the
37:36 power of God to keep on believing
37:40 everyone god does not pick and choose
37:43 who will receive the benefits of his
37:46 salvation rather we are the ones that
37:49 choose whether we will believe his
37:51 report or not I want to speak on grace
37:59 and faith we receive I said the gift of
38:05 God by faith but it's through grace if
38:13 he's just 2:8 says for by grace you have
38:16 been saved through faith not of yourself
38:18 it is the gift of God so we need both
38:23 faith and grace in order to receive the
38:29 gift of God we talked about this before
38:33 but grace is the acronym gods G God our
38:40 riches those are all his benefits that
38:44 were spoken of in Psalm 103 that you
38:46 declared at Christ's expense so all of
38:51 God's riches were paid for you the
38:54 all-inclusive benefit package has been
38:56 paid for you by Jesus Christ with his
39:00 precious blood it was a perfect and
39:03 complete sacrifice you don't need to add
39:06 to it in any way for anything that you
39:09 every need in this entire life there's
39:15 three stages of your salvation that I
39:18 mentioned there we won't go into them in
39:20 detail but when Paul is talking about
39:23 the gospel of Christ being the power of
39:25 God for your salvation he's talking
39:27 about the past present and future tense
39:29 realities you were saved you are being
39:32 insane and you will be saved we talked
39:35 in Psalm 1 the past tense reality which
39:39 is your justification your righteousness
39:42 you can go to 2nd Corinthians 5:17 and
39:45 21 for that but if you don't understand
39:48 that you're righteous it's going to be
39:49 hard to receive in a present
39:53 tense reality on an ongoing basis all
39:57 the benefits that are mentioned in Psalm
39:59 103 your present tense salvation is
40:03 sanctification you receive and you're
40:12 able to walk in God's salvation because
40:15 of the fullness of the Godhead dwelling
40:18 in you through the Holy Spirit so there
40:21 are some verses there 1st Corinthians
40:22 6:17 1st Corinthians 3:16 Romans 8:11
40:28 Romans 8:11 if you're sick in your body
40:31 is so key but the spirit of him who
40:34 raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you
40:36 he who raised Christ from the dead will
40:39 give life to your mortal body to his
40:42 spirit who dwells within you the life of
40:46 God is dwelling in us and he can bring
40:50 life resurrection life to every portion
40:53 of our being we could experience the
40:56 greatness of our God the greatness of
41:00 his power every day and every part of
41:03 our being and every situation and we
41:06 choose to walk by faith in His grace and
41:09 not by sight and we can release this
41:12 power wherever we go oh I'm gonna end it
41:19 there because I really want to end with
41:24 communion tonight so before we end what
41:28 I'm gonna do on Roman numeral six bless
41:31 the Lord we'll continue on with that
41:33 that's one of the keys we already talked
41:35 about it a little bit and then we talked
41:39 about you're not forgetting any of his
41:41 benefits but what I want to end with is
41:43 Roman numeral seven the great exchange
41:45 of the Cross can you bring communion up
41:50 so when the Lord says forget not all his
41:54 benefits
41:55 he's echoing the cry of Jesus's heart at
41:58 the Last Supper when he said remember do
42:02 this in remembrance of me so when the
42:05 when we think about
42:07 forgetting not all his benefits let's
42:09 hear Jesus as he's sitting down at the
42:12 Last Supper and saying to each one of us
42:15 do this remembrance of me
42:17 do what don't forget me don't forget
42:21 what I did for you so what we're gonna
42:24 do right now is I'm gonna have everybody
42:28 come forward and you can receive the
42:32 great exchange of the Cross and if
42:35 you're on line what you can do is you
42:36 can actually go to our resources and
42:39 click on prayers and then it's called
42:41 the great exchange of the cross so
42:42 everyone come forward and Sylvia would
42:48 you mind just handing these out what
42:51 you're gonna do right now Sylvia gives
42:54 you the paper you're gonna look over all
42:56 the benefits there's eight listed here
42:59 they're taken from a book called bought
43:03 with the blood by Joseph Prince and the
43:06 first benefit is talking about the
43:08 forgiveness of our sin the second one
43:11 healing third one removing the curse
43:14 fourth one talking about receiving
43:17 abundance and giving him our poverty but
43:20 each one of these benefits what I've
43:22 done is I made a statement about what
43:25 Jesus has done for you and then right
43:28 under the benefit I put down in exchange
43:31 so let's take a look just at Roman
43:34 numeral one will do a Roman numeral one
43:36 all together and then at home or during
43:40 the week as we go through the next six
43:42 weeks I want you to not lose this paper
43:45 you can always get it online and
43:47 download it or send it to a friend it's
43:49 under resources under prayer but let's
43:52 just take a look at number one okay so
43:55 at the top of the page I said engage in
43:59 the exchange of the Cross the simplest
44:01 way to receive all that Jesus Christ has
44:04 done for you on the cross is by engaging
44:06 your mouth and heart in the great
44:09 exchange giving him your weakness and
44:12 lack and taking his gift of salvation
44:15 this is his gift of salvation he says do
44:19 this in remembrance of me
44:21 communion after you do this thank God
44:24 for His salvation gift his benefits
44:27 Romans 10:10 says this for with a heart
44:31 one with the leaves and with the mouth
44:32 confession is made unto salvation so
44:36 let's all recite just number one all
44:38 three points out loud so you can
44:40 understand but when you get to the
44:42 exchange and you're doing this at home
44:43 be real with God and actually see
44:46 yourself giving to the Lord your problem
44:49 whether it's your sin your sickness your
44:52 poverty what your lack you know your
44:55 despair your discouragement see yourself
44:57 giving it to him Jesus is a real person
45:00 he's the interfere in our midst he's not
45:02 just a figment of people's imagination
45:04 he's a real person so see yourself
45:06 handing over the problem to him but then
45:09 see yourself taking the benefit that he
45:13 has given to you and then you get a
45:15 start walking it you know when God gives
45:18 you a gift when you're giving a gift I
45:21 have a choice that when I receive a gift
45:25 whether I just throw it away give it to
45:29 Goodwill or some other kind of place
45:30 like that give it away to a friend put
45:33 it in my closet or actually use the gift
45:37 okay so how can you use the gift confess
45:42 it with your mouth believe it in your
45:44 heart and walk in the freedom of it this
45:46 week so let's do number one only let's
45:50 say it all out loud together before we
45:51 take communion
45:52 Jesus was punished and made sin with
45:55 your sinfulness so that you could be
45:57 forgiven and made righteous and then
46:00 you'll see all the Bible references you
46:01 can look up on each one of these
46:03 exchanges that I've written exchange
46:07 give Jesus your sins and take his
46:10 forgiveness and righteousness that he is
46:13 offering you so take a moment and give
46:16 Jesus now your sins and then take his
46:19 forgiveness and you'll probably want to
46:24 take longer for this at home you want to
46:26 be real with God and connect with him
46:28 but we're going to actually say all this
46:30 together right now thank you Jesus
46:34 for forgiving my sins and making me
46:39 righteous okay
46:41 so father we just thank you that on the
46:43 night that you were betrayed you took
46:46 the bread and the cup into your holy
46:48 hands and you said to your disciples as
46:51 you say to us tonight you said take eat
46:57 this is my body given for you do this in
47:03 remembrance of me
47:05 so take and eat what he's given to you
47:08 tonight and then on the same night that
47:19 Jesus was betrayed he took the cup into
47:21 his hands and he said this is the cup of
47:24 my new covenant the new covenant in my
47:28 blood
47:29 do this in remembrance of me don't
47:34 forget me remember me
47:37 so take and drink of your forgiveness
47:48 so thank you for joining us online and
47:52 thank you for coming before we end I
47:54 want Alex if you could come up here and
47:57 he's going to give he gave all of his
47:59 full testimony last week but many of you
48:01 weren't here I like him too he's going
48:03 to give you a shortened version of his
48:06 testimony that you can access


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