Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

Are you hungry for more of God? Do you want to be able to hear His words of life every day?  You will be surprised how easy it is!  Pastors Michael and Norma Letinsky of Kingdom Partners Ministry will lead you on this exciting adventure of learning to hear God’s voice.  The four keys – stillness, vision, spontaneity, and journaling – they highlight in this session will literally kick-start a whole new journey for you in walking and talking with God


Video Transcript

00:00 grateful tonight to have two guest
00:02 speakers and if you got this handout on
00:05 how to hear God's voice I encourage you
00:09 to pass that out to other people but
00:10 there is a correction on it they have
00:13 not been married 40 years they've been
00:16 married 50 years 49 okay and so that's a
00:24 big move they come from Jewish
00:27 backgrounds as you as as it has been
00:29 noted on that sheet but what I'm really
00:32 excited about tonight is that they come
00:35 with a wealth of experience and what
00:38 when we were praying back there for them
00:42 what we really sense for each one of you
00:45 is that there's going to be an anointing
00:47 that if you have not been hearing God's
00:51 voice you will begin to hear God's voice
00:54 for the first time or if you've already
00:56 been hearing his voice he's gonna kind
01:00 of do a spiritual upgrade as you go
01:03 ahead and just sit under this teaching
01:06 and then especially as you put what they
01:10 are giving you into practice especially
01:13 on a daily basis so I'm going to open
01:14 with a word of Prayer and then we're
01:17 gonna give the full-time to Norma and
01:19 Michael Letinski let's just stand
01:23 father we thank you so much for tonight
01:26 we thank you for Jesus who has made
01:31 everything possible and it Jesus it's
01:34 your voice we want to hear you carry the
01:37 voice of our loving and kind father and
01:40 Holy Spirit we thank you for opening up
01:43 ears to hear tonight we thank you that
01:48 we are your sheep and that we do hear
01:51 your voice this is our declaration over
01:54 our own lives and we thank you for
01:56 Norman Michael lute insky we praise you
01:59 for them and we thank you for a special
02:01 anointing that the words that they bring
02:04 us are the words from your heart father
02:07 to us tonight
02:09 and we thank you that we will now be
02:12 transformed
02:13 formed into your likeness and image and
02:15 walked in a deeper way because of the
02:19 teaching we received this night in
02:21 Jesus's name a minute hello good to see
02:31 you guys thank you for coming and thank
02:35 you for inviting us this is something
02:38 that we love to teach and I want to
02:42 start though by talking a little bit
02:43 about who we are as you heard we've been
02:45 married for a long time we were married
02:48 for seven years before we met the Lord
02:52 we met the Lord really dramatically and
02:58 over 40 years ago and it was by signs
03:01 and wonders and so once we met him we
03:04 knew that he was real and we haven't
03:06 stopped since so we have served the Lord
03:11 in leadership and administered for most
03:13 of our Christian life so maybe a little
03:16 background Norma is certified teacher
03:19 and she has a master's degree and right
03:22 now she's a semi-retired faculty member
03:25 at Moorpark College I have a PhD and I
03:31 spent 22 years on the faculty UCLA
03:34 Medical School teaching and doing
03:37 research so I had I taught medical
03:40 students graduate students I also did
03:44 research I spent my time studying the
03:47 development of the nervous system and my
03:51 career was really moving along well the
03:53 only problem was God had other plans for
03:55 me
03:55 and in fact in 1997 he completely
04:01 changed my life
04:02 because I left my academic career and
04:04 became a full-time pastor that would
04:08 that's exactly what a lot of people said
04:09 Wow
04:10 and my colleagues thought I was crazy
04:13 currently I'm an associate pastor at the
04:17 fountain Foursquare Church in Moorpark
04:19 also in 2003
04:22 Norma and I started our own ministry
04:24 called kingdom partners and
04:27 what we do is we minister with pastors
04:30 and churches in the region leaders in
04:32 the region to help them fulfill the
04:35 Great Commission our passion is to make
04:38 disciples and what we love to do is
04:41 equip the Saints for the worth of
04:43 service and to live out their lives in
04:46 the kingdom so that's our goal we work
04:49 with different churches as I said and we
04:52 teach classes workshops seminars I'm
04:55 also a prophetic life coach so I spend
04:57 one-on-one time with people and we
05:00 really enjoy helping people figure out
05:05 who they are in the kingdom and grow as
05:09 who they are and then live it out
05:10 so Norman to talk a little bit about
05:12 tonight and what's happening also we
05:17 pray and we're part of a family healing
05:20 teams and so we know what you guys are
05:22 all about and it's so important to be
05:25 able to receive input from the Holy
05:27 Spirit and insight when you're praying
05:29 in it so I hope you know hopefully we
05:32 know a lot of you are pretty experienced
05:35 and mature in the Lord but we think
05:37 you're going to get some some good tips
05:40 and some good practice and all this even
05:42 even if you've walked with the Lord
05:43 forever okay so usually we teach this
05:46 class as we've taught how to hear God's
05:49 voice many many times over the last few
05:51 years we usually do it in two hour
05:54 sessions for 10 weeks and now we're
05:57 gonna try to do this in 45 minute
05:59 sessions okay so so for six weeks well
06:02 make Mike anymore we'll see how it goes
06:03 but basically you're going to be getting
06:06 the Reader's Digest version okay and so
06:09 but we're really what we don't like to
06:12 be talking heads to play as as sue
06:14 mentioned we're gonna get you guys
06:15 involved because that's how you learn
06:17 you learn by doing so we're gonna be
06:19 practicing hearing God's voice so I'm
06:21 gonna go real quickly go through the
06:23 goals for this sessions it's on your
06:24 handout the first one is we want to help
06:27 you tune in to the still small voice of
06:29 God and recognizing his thoughts in your
06:31 mind and this really will bring your
06:34 relation
06:34 should put the Lord to a whole new level
06:36 for some of you it's just going to
06:38 reinforce and confirm what you already
06:40 know and what you're already
06:42 experiencing and for others of you it's
06:45 going to give you some new approaches
06:47 and tools for ministry and for your
06:50 personal walk with the Lord can the next
06:52 goal is that you will develop greater
06:55 intimacy and friendship with God that
06:58 really is his goal he wants to be close
07:01 to us and it's not not as hard as you
07:05 think the next goal is that you'll move
07:07 from knowing God intellectually to
07:09 having a real heart knowledge and
07:11 they'll get to know the father's love
07:13 for you that's really significant and
07:16 also that you will learn how to quiet
07:19 your mind so you can be in his presence
07:22 and receive revelation from the Holy
07:24 Spirit and last but not least we want
07:27 you to be able to hear his voice every
07:29 day every day not just in your quiet
07:32 times your devotional times with him but
07:34 on the fly and sure out and about doing
07:37 your life okay and and one thing we'd
07:40 also like you to be able to do is to
07:42 teach these principles that you're gonna
07:45 learn in this class and we want to
07:47 encourage you to come to every session
07:49 because they do build one upon the other
07:51 so if you miss a couple of them you're
07:53 gonna be a little bit lost so try to
07:55 come to every one and then you can teach
07:57 them to others we have taught
07:59 excuse-me taught these principles
08:01 particularly to our younger son and he
08:03 has run with it he has a really nice
08:05 walk with the Lord and he hears from God
08:08 very clearly okay and now Michael
08:11 actually he sat with the Lord today and
08:13 he asked him if he had something that he
08:16 wanted to share with you so he's gonna
08:18 read that yeah this is from my
08:20 journaling and you'll see that we talked
08:24 about journaling a lot as a tool to help
08:27 you hear God's voice so when I was
08:30 praying today I simply asked him what do
08:33 you want to say to the people tonight
08:34 and this is what he gave me he said I
08:38 have seen you you people over the months
08:42 pray for my children in need
08:44 I'm very pleased with your dedication
08:47 and your servant hearts each of you hear
08:50 my voice and minister life from the
08:53 words from my words to you however I
08:57 desire to take you higher and deeper
09:00 I want to deepen our relationship I want
09:04 to expand the intimacy of your
09:06 relationship with me I want to enhance
09:09 your confidence and hearing me so that
09:13 you don't doubt me so you don't doubt my
09:16 input as you pray my desire for you
09:20 there too for these several weeks is to
09:23 take you to a higher level of hearing so
09:26 that you know me more than ever before
09:29 my voice will become a comfort and a
09:32 strength to you in all you do in all
09:36 your ministry I want you to know and
09:40 experience my love for you as I work in
09:44 and through you that's what he does when
09:50 we speak with him when we spend time
09:52 with him hear his voice he's always
09:54 encouraging even when he's telling you
09:56 something you shouldn't be doing he
09:58 doesn't no way that you can't wait to
10:00 make it right because he's so loving and
10:02 that's what you're going to see over
10:04 these weeks is how much he loves you now
10:07 we I think all know that God can
10:10 communicate in many different ways okay
10:14 here's the key verse this is John 10:27
10:17 and I'm sure that you all know this
10:20 verse my sheep hear my voice and I know
10:24 them and they follow me
10:28 my sheep hear my voice what that means
10:32 is if you're a sheep you hear his voice
10:35 you've already heard it at least once if
10:37 you're saved because you couldn't be
10:39 drawn into the kingdom without hearing
10:41 his voice so I want to ask you how many
10:45 ways can you think of that he
10:47 communicates with us what do you think
10:49 how does he communicate speak up any
10:55 thoughts
10:55 yeah the thoughts in your mind how else
10:59 what ladder through the Word of God
11:03 absolutely right yes through nature
11:07 through dreams through circumstances
11:12 correct anything else there's something
11:16 else
11:17 what through other people absolutely
11:21 pardon through feelings absolutely you
11:24 want to pay attention to that one
11:26 how about through visions images in your
11:29 mind sometimes it's like a panoramic
11:32 view sometimes it's very subtle
11:35 yeah dreams we heard that anybody else
11:39 yes through pain mm-hmm here's all of
11:45 your senses all five of them right so
11:49 what this means we need to simply start
11:52 paying attention yes
11:54 through fire yes that's how I got saved
11:59 it's through fire so norm is gonna talk
12:04 a little bit more about kind of the keys
12:07 to hearing God's voice because that's
12:10 really where we're going tonight
12:19 tonight's session actually we're gonna
12:21 be talking about two-way journaling
12:23 which is something that you can do do
12:25 your devotional times of being alone
12:27 with the Lord and in future sessions
12:30 we're going to be talking about how you
12:32 get your God's voice in ministry
12:34 situations and just in in your day to
12:37 day life in the places where you live
12:39 and work but I hope you all you all have
12:41 a pan and something to write on
12:42 okay I don't know if you if anybody
12:45 doesn't have one you're gonna be just
12:46 sitting there twiddling your thumbs at
12:47 the end of the session but anyway
12:49 hopefully we'll have enough to go around
12:50 okay
12:51 we're gonna talk about the four keys to
12:53 hearing God's voice and this all comes
12:56 to from a man named Mark burglar have
12:59 any of you heard of him before okay good
13:02 because when we were first exposed to
13:03 him we had no idea who this
13:05 I was all right and he is the president
13:08 the founder and the president of it's
13:10 called communion with God Ministries CW
13:13 TV ministries org we gave you the
13:15 website and I would really encourage you
13:17 to check it out because he's got a lot
13:19 of really good and a lot of free
13:21 information on his website anyway let me
13:25 just give you a low background when I
13:27 Mike and I you know we're we have a lot
13:30 of education and we like to write excuse
13:34 me
13:34 so I journaling kinda came easy to us so
13:38 we would have our quiet times then we
13:39 would write but the thing was it would
13:41 be like 95 percent me and maybe five
13:45 percent Holy Spirit okay now with do a
13:48 journaling what we want it to be is more
13:50 like 90 percent him and ten percent us
13:54 okay so it's really designed to to get
13:57 you know his input and you writing it
14:00 down so you have a record of it okay I'm
14:03 going to tell you a little bit about how
14:05 we came to to know this to learn this
14:08 method it's about I would say it was
14:10 probably bout 15 years ago a friend of
14:12 ours gave us a set of tapes of his
14:15 probably audio tapes back in those days
14:17 and we were we went to a conference in
14:19 San Diego and we listened to them on the
14:21 way down and we thought wow you know
14:23 this is it the irony is Mike was a
14:26 pastor at the pastor in charge of
14:30 spiritual growth and a church in Simi
14:32 Valley at that time and he taught
14:34 classes on how to hear God's voice so we
14:37 sort of thought we had a handle on it
14:38 but then after listening to these tapes
14:41 we thought wow this is really
14:43 interesting and so he had what he called
14:45 the four keys to hearing God's voice and
14:47 so when we got to the hotel room I was I
14:50 had my Bible and I thought well I'm
14:51 gonna check check this out and see if it
14:53 really works and so I was reading in
14:56 that time I like to read straight
14:58 through the Bible I was reading in the
14:59 book of Deuteronomy and it's not the
15:03 most thrilling you know chapters in the
15:05 Bible and now it happened to be in a
15:07 section that was about the ceremonial
15:09 sacrificial law okay
15:12 so I'll read this to you
15:13 and then I said ok god I would like you
15:15 to speak to me about this chapter and
15:17 then I just followed his approach and I
15:19 just sat down and wrote and then I went
15:21 back and read it and I was blown away it
15:24 was there was so much insight that I had
15:27 gotten from the Holy Spirit stuff that I
15:29 had never thought of before I knew I had
15:31 never read it it was straight from God
15:33 anyway wow there's really something to
15:34 this I was impressed so we started using
15:37 this approach this 2-way journaling like
15:40 about 15 years ago we have filled up
15:42 dozens of journals haven't we and you
15:46 know we haven't that's that's journal
15:48 number 36 but he writes big ok so I
15:51 don't have that many journals and anyway
15:54 so that's what we've been doing and
15:56 we've been teaching other people how to
15:57 do it and it can be really an amazing
16:01 amazing simple simple process
16:03 so mark Berkeley was pretty much unknown
16:06 when we first heard about him and now he
16:08 I think he has a at least a nationwide
16:10 and possibly a worldwide reputation he
16:13 has been on the sit roth it's
16:15 supernatural TV show he's been on he's
16:19 been featured in charisma magazine so I
16:21 think you know he's he's pretty
16:22 reputable guy and he's also impacted
16:25 thousands of believers including Michael
16:28 and myself now he what we would do if it
16:30 was one of our typical two-hour sessions
16:33 as we would show you his videos but we
16:36 really don't have time for that so his
16:38 first video is like a whole hour on how
16:40 he learned to hear the voice of God and
16:42 it's really very funny he's got a cute
16:45 sense of humor so I'm gonna give you
16:46 that the really abbreviated version
16:48 basically he was a Pentecostal pastor he
16:53 spoke in tongues he you know he was a
16:56 Bible School graduate and all this
16:58 business and he realized that he didn't
17:01 hit know how to hear God's voice and he
17:03 was really embarrassed about it because
17:05 he knew that as a pastor he should be
17:06 hearing God's voice so you would ask
17:08 people that seem to be able to hear
17:11 God's voice how they did it and the
17:13 answers they gave him were just like
17:14 really vague and not helpful and so he
17:18 had a frustration he says well I'm just
17:21 gonna devote a whole year of my
17:23 I still learning how to hear God's voice
17:24 and that's what he did and so he read
17:28 the Bible from cover to cover and you
17:30 read every book he could find on it and
17:32 that still didn't quite get him where he
17:35 wanted to go he thought he was going to
17:37 hear the audible voice of God in fact
17:40 you could hear it now you're the where
17:43 does that an airplane or thunder but
17:45 anyway we'll take it as a sign from God
17:47 and so he he ends up pretty much giving
17:51 nowhere until he out of out of
17:54 desperation he signs up to go to a
17:56 Catholic retreat that was run by a
17:58 couple of Jesuit priests and he had some
18:01 reservations about Catholic theology but
18:03 he thought well nothing else has worked
18:05 so I'm gonna go so he goes to this
18:07 retreat and this is where he has a
18:08 breakthrough and it's very funny the
18:12 story that he tells us really cute but I
18:14 don't have time to tell you that but he
18:15 he learns the first principles about
18:18 hearing God's voice that it comes to you
18:20 in spontaneous thoughts and it's not the
18:24 audible voice it's not you know thunder
18:26 from heaven and what I would encourage
18:27 you to do is he's got there's quite a
18:29 few of his videos on YouTube so if
18:32 you'll just go to youtube and look for
18:33 marker Clure and he's got one called our
18:36 message in eight minutes so you have no
18:38 excuse for not listening to his message
18:41 in eight minutes he gives you a quick
18:43 summary of the whole of that okay now
18:45 I'm going to teach you the four keys to
18:47 hearing God's voice okay the very first
18:50 one oh I have to give you the key
18:51 scripture too this is the one that
18:53 really impacted him and we really don't
18:56 have time to go into you know all of the
18:58 details about why this was so important
19:00 to him but it's Habakkuk 2 verses 1 and
19:04 2 I will stand my watch and set myself
19:07 on the rampart and watch to see what he
19:10 will say to me and so all of the 4 keys
19:13 are there Habakkuk is quieting himself
19:17 down he's standing he's setting himself
19:19 in a position to receive when you're on
19:22 the ramparts you're looking you're
19:24 looking for the enemy so he's you know
19:27 using vision and he's watching to see
19:30 what God will say
19:32 to him so he's using all of his senses
19:34 he's using his spiritual eyes and his
19:38 spiritual ears so that's that that
19:40 that's a key verse for mark Gertler and
19:43 a key verse for us as well
19:45 so here are the four keys the first one
19:48 is you have to quiet yourself down and
19:52 just to say it in one word its stillness
19:55 and there are hand motions that go with
19:57 this and this'll help you to remember it
19:59 so it's just stillness quiet yourself
20:02 down this is harder than it sounds
20:07 isn't it because our brains are always
20:09 full of thoughts and we learn a very
20:13 noisy culture and there's a lot of
20:15 distraction and there's a lot of
20:17 everything going on around us and we
20:19 have we have busy lives most of us and
20:22 so it's a common problem and it's
20:24 difficult sometimes to block out the
20:27 intrusive thoughts and distractions and
20:29 we don't really have time to talk about
20:31 it much tonight but we're gonna really
20:33 deal with it next week how to learn how
20:35 to quiet your mind
20:36 okay so first key is stillness the
20:40 second key is to look for vision and
20:43 here's your vision we're gonna be
20:46 looking to Jesus we're gonna be
20:48 expecting him to speak to him now we can
20:51 do this to speak to you you can do this
20:53 different ways you can imagine Jesus
20:56 right there with you sometimes I see him
20:58 right there in the bedroom with me he's
21:00 wearing jeans and a play and a flannel
21:02 shirt
21:02 you know he's usually not decked out in
21:04 his white robes I just like to be really
21:06 kind of relaxed and cozy with him and
21:09 he's okay with that
21:10 um you can imagine him on the screen of
21:13 your mind you know just close your eyes
21:16 and see if you can visualize your living
21:18 room okay if you can do that you can
21:21 visualize Jesus it's not that difficult
21:23 okay you everybody can do this and some
21:26 people are more gifted envision a
21:29 spiritual vision than others and if your
21:31 this is really foreign to you we're
21:33 going to talk about it for one of our
21:34 sessions if this is if you're not one of
21:38 those people that sees it in the spirit
21:40 real easily that's okay just focus your
21:42 thoughts on Jesus just focus your my
21:45 Jesus okay so and then what you want to
21:48 do is you want to ask him a question
21:49 because we're gonna have a dialogue
21:51 we're not just sit there and say talk to
21:54 me we're gonna ask him a question so
21:56 like my guest what was the question you
21:58 asked what do you want to say to the
22:03 piece of the group tonight okay so that
22:05 was that that was like the prompt and
22:07 then and then they had a conversation
22:08 okay so you're gonna then you ask them a
22:11 question because you want to have a
22:12 conversation and then the third step is
22:15 that you want it to tune to the flow of
22:18 spontaneous thoughts or pictures that
22:21 are going to come into your mind so this
22:23 is spontaneity spontaneity so it is
22:27 stillness vision spontaneity and so what
22:33 you will find is ideas will light upon
22:35 your mind effortlessly the first time I
22:39 heard God speak to me I so wanted him to
22:41 speak to me and we've been believers for
22:44 a few weeks the gal that led us to the
22:46 Lord would always say Oh God so told me
22:48 this and God told me that I mean how
22:51 come God I'm not telling me anything you
22:52 know and I one day I was just we were
22:55 very church phobic we you know coming
22:57 from a Jewish background we didn't
22:59 really want to go to church that was
23:01 pretty low in our priority list and so
23:03 all of a sudden I got this thought in my
23:05 mind very it was kind of crystal clear
23:08 it was it's time for you to go to church
23:10 and I knew that wasn't me thinking that
23:14 was not my thought but I knew that that
23:16 was God and so that was my first time
23:17 that I know that I heard God's voice and
23:19 so it will just come to you effortlessly
23:22 I wasn't trying to make it happen it
23:24 just popped in so it could be full
23:26 sentences
23:27 it could be pictures in your mind it
23:30 could be actually you could see a video
23:31 play in your mind
23:33 it could just be thought impressions or
23:35 or like you know face images in your
23:38 mind it can come in all different ways
23:40 but what you have to do is you have to
23:42 tune in
23:43 without striving that's
23:45 II if you go I need to hear from you God
23:49 you know I can hear anything you just
23:51 have to be really relaxed and that's how
23:53 it will just kind of flow in because
23:55 remember Jesus said living waters will
23:58 flow from your innermost being it's the
24:01 voice of the Holy Spirit within you he's
24:03 in you we just have to just tune into
24:06 the flow and so you want to tap into it
24:09 I'm gonna tap into what God has already
24:10 given you so that spontaneity and then
24:14 the last step is you just want to write
24:16 it out without judging you just write in
24:19 childlike faith and next week we're
24:23 going to get into in depth how you
24:26 discern and test is this really God is
24:28 this really is this the enemy is this my
24:31 flesh is the pizza I had for dinner you
24:34 know we're going to get into discernment
24:36 later on but we're gonna just trust that
24:38 God's gonna speak to us and we're gonna
24:40 be able to discern his voice because my
24:43 sheep hear my voice that's what you
24:45 promised desperate okay now what's
24:47 important is that you were just going to
24:49 keep writing without worrying about
24:52 spelling or your handwriting or grammar
24:55 or anything like that you're just right
24:57 and what you don't do is stop and go hmm
25:00 I wonder if that's God because you're
25:03 gonna stop the flow you just right okay
25:07 don't go back and read what you've
25:08 written until you're all done alright so
25:11 you just write and childlike faith no
25:13 time to go laugh okay so let's let's go
25:16 over the the four steps and I want you
25:19 to do this with me if I'm going to
25:20 embarrass myself doing this I want you
25:22 to embarrass yourself - okay so we'll be
25:24 embarrass together all right the first
25:26 one of her step is stillness and say it
25:29 with me to stillness vision and look to
25:34 Jesus spontaneity and writing okay one
25:39 more time still this vision spontaneity
25:46 is that simple okay now we're gonna do
25:50 it yep
25:52 I noticed some of you are her break when
25:56 you got to writing you went right to
25:58 left rather than left to right yes so
26:04 we're gonna we're actually gonna do it
26:05 right now and the first thing you need
26:09 to do is get some paper and a pen
26:11 something you can write with everybody
26:14 have that and then at the top of that
26:17 page I want you to write the question
26:20 Lord what do you want to say to me about
26:24 our relationship
26:27 Lord what do you want to say to me about
26:29 our relationship so that's the question
26:34 that you're gonna ask him at the end but
26:38 what we're gonna do first is I'm gonna
26:39 we're going to use the four keys and so
26:43 we want you to be actually put them into
26:46 practice and I cannot stress enough that
26:50 you want to just write do not try to
26:54 figure out judge it or anything just
26:57 write what you get and the thing that's
27:00 amazing is you will get things from God
27:02 so I'm gonna paint a little picture for
27:05 you to kind of put you in the right
27:06 frame of mind and the quiet your mind a
27:08 little bit and then when I finish the
27:11 picture you're going to pause for a
27:14 second ask the Lord that question in
27:17 your mind and then write what he says to
27:21 you some of you may not get words but
27:24 you might get pictures or you might get
27:26 a video play in your mind and that's
27:28 perfectly fine but some of you that are
27:30 more gifted in that way and so what you
27:32 want to do just let it play out and then
27:35 you write it down write down what you
27:36 saw okay
27:38 yeah and it's really important not to
27:41 compare yourself to somebody else
27:42 because some people are very visual some
27:44 people are not I'm a scientist by
27:46 training I am less visual than normal
27:49 but I do hear from God also quantity
27:54 does not mean anything okay Mike and I
27:56 will be
27:57 and he'll get like five pages and
27:59 they'll get a paragraph it'll say the
28:03 same thing about that thing I'm just
28:04 more and the interesting thing is - God
28:08 will speak to you in your own style you
28:12 know just like different authors look at
28:13 the four Gospels they all have different
28:14 styles different people so you know just
28:17 it's gonna be God speaking to you
28:20 through you the best right so it's gonna
28:23 sound just like you're thinking it's
28:25 just it's gods all right so what I want
28:27 you to do is close your eyes and just
28:30 focus on what I'm gonna share you want
28:33 to use your sanctified imagination to
28:37 visualize and sense what I'm saying so
28:40 just close your eyes and imagine you're
28:44 at of your favorite beach it's a warm
28:47 and sunny day and you and Jesus are
28:50 sitting on beach chairs looking out at
28:52 the ocean the sunlight is sparkling on
28:55 the water and several birds are flying
28:58 overhead and out in the ocean there are
29:01 some surfers on their boards waiting for
29:03 a good wave to ride you can smell that
29:07 special Beach aroma and you can hear the
29:10 pounding of the waves and you're feeling
29:14 so relaxed and so happy and at peace
29:17 being there with Jesus and sensing his
29:21 love for you so now you turn to Jesus
29:25 and you just ask him that question and
29:29 then start to write and we'll give you
29:30 about five minutes to write yeah the
29:34 question again is Lord what do you want
29:37 to say to me about our relationship all
29:42 right what I want you to do now is
29:46 quickly read through what you wrote and
29:49 then I want you to share it with
29:51 somebody else so break into pairs and
29:54 share this the Collegium were believers
29:59 were a family it's okay
30:04 if you didn't write anything to share
30:07 what your experience was okay yeah it's
30:11 alright you're just learning go ahead
30:20 and read what you wrote to the other
30:21 person or share it your and then and
30:24 have the other person say tell you
30:27 whether they think it sounds like God
32:13 one more minute
32:46 all right let's come back together for a
32:48 second all right how many of you felt
33:01 that you heard something from God just
33:04 raise your hand raise it high how many
33:08 people here felt they heard something
33:10 from God look at how men look around
33:13 look at how many people said that all
33:16 right some of you may weren't sure if
33:21 that was really God there he may be and
33:23 maybe some of you actually didn't write
33:25 anything I guarantee you that by the
33:29 time we are done you will be hearing
33:31 from God we have been doing this for
33:34 years and we have seen success with
33:37 everybody everybody is hearing from God
33:41 by the end and what we're gonna do is to
33:44 keep encouraging you and giving you more
33:46 and more information about how to
33:48 facilitate hearing the Lord's voice so
33:54 is there anybody here we would like to
33:56 share what they heard anybody brave
34:00 enough to come up and share what you
34:03 wrote come on up let us take 20 minutes
34:10 we're fine good I love our relationship
34:23 Jack you have grown so much I want you
34:26 to be a leader and draw many people to
34:28 me don't worry Jack I will give you the
34:31 words in the time when I want to use you
34:33 always depend on me for I am your
34:36 strength and I will always be with you
34:38 for I have brought you through your
34:40 trial for a purpose do you think that
34:43 was God that good that's wonderful is
34:46 great anybody else want
34:51 you're welcome welcome to you I'll do
34:53 that I just wrote some words when strong
35:03 is love knowing him his power his love
35:09 that keeps alive that he is my father in
35:13 heaven in Jesus Christ and the Holy
35:17 Spirit believing that he's the word the
35:20 power of his love for us to keep going
35:25 in this time of life gives us the
35:31 strength and for the strength no no it
35:39 gives us a strength for for I put flying
35:44 like the wind to take us for for
35:50 wherever he for for whatever he wants us
35:55 in our lives to be in the reason why I
35:58 wrote those things because I'm learning
36:01 to have a relationship with the father
36:03 in heaven that I never had before that
36:08 is absolutely wonderful what you were
36:11 hearing was truth he was sharing with
36:14 you who he is
36:15 and his truth that was wonderful that's
36:17 exactly what we want is just to write
36:20 what we hear because what he will do is
36:24 reveal to you how he sees you and the
36:28 thing that's amazing is he sees you much
36:30 better than you see you he's much kinder
36:34 he's more gentle
36:35 he's more loving and we just have to
36:38 trust that what you're writing
36:40 you can't sometimes it's hard to believe
36:43 it's so good but that's the Lord because
36:46 you're his children he loves you he
36:50 wants you to be in this intimate type of
36:53 relationship you want to share
37:09 you know Virginia that I love you so
37:11 very much I want you to trust me I've
37:15 seen the curses in your family in your
37:17 bloodline and those curses are broken
37:19 I'm going to deliver you I have changed
37:23 your name trust me with these difficult
37:25 tasks that I've placed in your hands you
37:28 have already I've already given you the
37:29 victory and I want you to remember that
37:31 I love you and you are an important
37:34 warrior on my team does that sound like
37:37 God yeah thank you
37:39 you notice that was very personal
37:40 speaking in the first person I love you
37:43 I have been this I have been that
37:45 because God is speaking to you directly
37:48 yes often when I journal the Lord always
37:51 says Michael my son and that's a very
37:55 significant thing for me because of my
37:57 family upbringing he knows exactly what
38:00 we need to hear like he said Virginia
38:03 took it you know he knows us so
38:06 intimately and that's what you're gonna
38:08 find out as you practice this as you do
38:11 the to a journal and you're gonna have
38:13 some really wonderful dialogues with God
38:16 and he's gonna tell you some amazing
38:19 things all right so you heard earlier
38:22 both of us are teachers so here's your
38:26 homework you know you couldn't get away
38:28 without having some homework we want you
38:31 to do this during the week take carve
38:34 out the time to sit with the Lord and to
38:39 journal so what you need to use a
38:42 different scenario you don't have the
38:44 one that I gave you can visualize
38:46 yourself in your favorite place if you
38:49 like to be in nature visualize yourself
38:51 in nature if you like to sit on the
38:53 couch of a cup of coffee I often sit in
38:56 a chair I have my chair and my coffee
38:59 and does visualize I'm having coffee
39:01 with Jesus and then we talk so I want
39:05 you to do this during the week as I'd
39:07 love to see you do it every day but do
39:10 it as often as you can
39:12 all right and remember to write with
39:15 childlike faith don't judge just right
39:19 because what you're gonna end up getting
39:21 is this permanent record in your journal
39:24 of God's love letter to you
39:26 and that's the goal also you want to ask
39:30 them a question so don't ask a bunch of
39:32 really difficult questions just ask
39:33 here's the question every day Lord what
39:36 do you want to say to me today that's
39:39 the easiest and it always works because
39:41 he always have something to say to say
39:43 that's right yeah okay so we bless you
39:46 and we pray that you will have a
39:49 fantastic time of listening to his voice
39:52 and remember the four keys okay use all
39:55 four keys stillness
39:57 listen spontaneity and writing and have
40:00 a great time have a great week we'll see
40:02 you next week that's awesome huh very
40:10 very simple but it's the very basics of
40:15 walking with the Lord hearing his voice
40:19 so I just bless you with that homework
40:22 assignment and I know you're gonna hear
40:24 God's voice this week and I'm excited
40:26 for each one of you growing deeper in
40:30 your relationship with the Lord your
40:33 Savior and he has things to say one of
40:35 the most common questions when people
40:38 come into our Healing Rooms this last 13
40:41 years is I want to hear something from
40:45 God and now you can hear everyday what
40:49 God says to you and I just love what you
40:52 shared about it being something
40:54 encouraging for each one of us so I
40:58 welcome you back next week


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