Operation Identity

Discover the importance and power of knowing, believing, and operating in your God-given identity and God-given rights, as one who is “in Christ”.

In this teaching you will learn:

  • The hidden beauty of what it means for you to be “born again”
  • Your purpose and destiny revealed by your new identity “in Christ,” as unveiled by God’s Word and by the Spirit
  • How you can operate victoriously in this life
  • The joy of dwelling securely and living confidently from the superior reality of being “in Christ”

Teacher: Maryann Rogue, CHR Team Intercessor

For over 20 years she has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taught on a believer’s identity in Christ, beginning in the juvenile hall facility and then in the county men and women adult systems at Todd Road Jail and the Main Jail in Ventura, CA. Through the power of the Holy Spirit she witnessed many captives set free and lives transformed as she preached and taught. Her heart burns with passion for Jesus Christ and seeing people set free in every aspect of their lives. 

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Teaching Notes

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