Living in the Power of God’s Love

Discover what the abounding, everlasting faithful love of God towards you looks like and learn how to have your heart stay connected to these Truths. Shifting your focus from what your unredeemed soul – mind, will, and emotions are saying – to what God has said and is saying concerning His love for you will enable you live in the power of the gospel, to live in all that God has provided through Jesus’ sacrificial work of the cross.


Video Transcript

00:00 welcome ru zealously desiring to live in
00:04 the power of the gospel all that God's
00:08 grace has provided for you through Jesus
00:11 Christ's work on the cross the
00:13 forgiveness of all your sins the healing
00:16 of all your diseases the redemption of
00:18 your life from destruction and every
00:21 other form of salvation for everything
00:23 you'll ever need in this life if so I'm
00:26 really glad that you can join us for our
00:28 Psalm 103 series entitled living in the
00:33 power of the gospel this is our second
00:36 session session 2 entitled living in the
00:38 power of God's love and it's the Holy
00:41 Spirit the one who inspired King David
00:45 to sing about God's everlasting faithful
00:48 love throughout Psalm 103 and he desires
00:53 for you to know and to believe the love
00:55 of God and to abide eternally in the
00:58 reality of God's love for you why would
01:01 he want that so that you can live in the
01:06 power of his love so that your life can
01:09 be transformed into the living image of
01:14 Jesus Christ who is the representation
01:17 of God who is love tonight we're gonna
01:23 take a look at God's Hesed love in Psalm
01:26 103 we will begin by looking at four
01:30 different divisions in Psalm 103
01:34 we'll begin our first division is Psalm
01:38 103 verses 1 through 2 which is
01:41 basically an exhortation of King David
01:43 where he is exhorting his own soul to
01:47 bless the Lord now many of you know this
01:50 but King David is known as a man after
01:54 God's own heart and he was zealous to
01:57 experience all that God's grace had
02:01 provided for him in his lifetime and he
02:05 knew he wanted to experience this
02:07 because he knew of how much God loved
02:10 him and he wanted all that the
02:13 grace provided that was available to him
02:16 through God's love
02:17 therefore as he's standing in the midst
02:20 of this assembly worship time he begins
02:24 by singing over his own soul awakening
02:28 it to the reality of who God is and what
02:31 God has done so let us all declare Psalm
02:35 103 verses 1 through 2 together bless
02:39 the Lord O my soul and all that is
02:42 within me bless His Holy Name
02:46 bless the Lord O my soul and forget
02:50 none of his benefits we're gonna take a
02:54 look now at some of the key words in
02:56 this first division okay we're gonna
02:59 look at the word soul bless and the Lord
03:02 let's first take a look at the word soul
03:06 we don't know exactly when King David
03:10 wrote and sang the song but every one of
03:14 us can relate to moments of days or
03:18 weeks or months where our soul that's
03:22 our mind our will and our emotions is
03:25 blinded to God's presence and his power
03:31 before you became a born-again believer
03:34 your soul was used to ruling over your
03:37 life with all of its discouragements its
03:40 fears its doubts sorrows its pains
03:43 sparked by your own dark and sin nature
03:47 and Hyden by other negative influence
03:50 influences in the fallen world around
03:53 you now I have this red vase with a
03:57 candle in it and this represents your
04:03 life your spirit man on the inside of
04:05 you once you be invited Jesus Christ
04:08 into your heart so after you receive
04:11 Jesus Christ into your heart your spirit
04:14 man which is the real you went through a
04:17 radical rebirth becoming the dwelling
04:21 place for the Spirit of the Living God
04:25 the Father
04:27 the Son and the Holy Spirit are now
04:30 living inside of you yes God is dwelling
04:35 on the inside of you but your five
04:38 natural senses often aren't aware of
04:42 this living reality that is within you
04:46 because they're used to ruling over your
04:49 life now these red glasses that I have
04:55 here they represents the new lens in
04:58 which you're to view your life they are
05:01 to remind you of what the blood of Jesus
05:04 Christ has done for you through the work
05:08 of the cross daily your mind your mind
05:15 needs to be renewed to the reality of
05:18 the new you so that you can walk in the
05:21 reality of who you are in Christ and
05:24 walk by the leadership of the Spirit of
05:28 God the Holy Spirit who is living inside
05:31 of you so that your flesh or unredeemed
05:35 soul will not rule over you over who you
05:40 are in Christ and over the Spirit of the
05:43 Living God inside of you you're reborn
05:46 spirit has become one spirit with God
05:50 according to 1st Corinthians 6:17 your
05:56 spirit man is to have dominion over your
06:01 soul your spirit is to be dominant in
06:03 your decision-making and in your thought
06:07 processes but in reality does this
06:11 always happen
06:12 no because before you were born again it
06:17 was like you were living in the land of
06:19 Egypt
06:20 your soul was dominant in your
06:22 decision-making and so even though you
06:25 have left the land of Egypt like the
06:26 Israelites you feel it's hard for you
06:30 get to get Egypt out of your mind
06:33 so you allow it at times to rule over
06:36 you rather than the spirit of the Living
06:38 God the one the same
06:40 power that raised Jesus Christ is living
06:43 within you so that you can be empowered
06:47 to rule over all the darkened evil stuff
06:52 that used to rule over you but you have
06:54 to tap into the power of God into the
06:58 power of the gospel into the power of
07:01 God's love for you so in Psalm 103 1
07:06 through 2 King David is voicing this as
07:09 he's living under the Old Covenant
07:11 how much more for us who have the Spirit
07:15 of God within us right now I wanted to
07:20 share with you a story that might be
07:23 hard for you to wrap your minds around
07:25 it happened to me it as a born-again
07:30 believer I was really sick at that time
07:33 it's over you know but you're 2,000 and
07:38 I'm walking into this church now at that
07:41 point in time I was sick I had a lot of
07:43 dark and thoughts but Barty me and I
07:46 believe that all those thoughts were
07:49 originating from soup who soo was and
07:54 that night before I haven't dreamed that
07:57 where I told you guys about before that
08:00 I saw Jehoshaphat written on a
08:02 blackboard and he went out and said the
08:04 worshippers on the front line of the
08:06 battle and they won the battle by
08:08 worshiping God
08:09 well they had just started worship in
08:10 church here and during the middle of the
08:13 day and so there's all these ladies up
08:15 on stage and I'm not one that gets up on
08:18 stage and sings but I was determined I
08:21 was gonna do this I was gonna worship
08:23 God so I came and I sang really softly
08:26 on the mic afterwards one of the ladies
08:30 shared with me the story and she shared
08:34 something that it was hard for me to
08:36 wrap my mind around but I got really
08:38 excited afterwards because I thought
08:42 that the battle I was in with my
08:44 sickness was just in the physical realm
08:47 and I thought all these thoughts that I
08:50 was thinking was just sue but she said
08:52 to me
08:53 she had a vision an open vision like
08:57 you're seeing a movie being played out
08:58 in front of you so as I walked into the
09:01 church she's seen thousands of demons
09:03 surrounding me yakking into my ears and
09:07 guess what she would even tell me a lot
09:11 of the things that the demons were
09:12 saying that I actually heard inside of
09:16 sue do you understand this if you
09:21 understand the only reason I'm sharing
09:23 this story is because I believe there's
09:25 some of you that are needing to be
09:28 empowered with the reality of the
09:30 spiritual realm and how the demonic
09:33 realm can actually speak thoughts into
09:35 your mind that you own now if you start
09:37 to verbalize them over and over and over
09:40 again yes they become your own but
09:44 that's how when you speak them out of
09:46 your mouth that the enemy has authority
09:48 over you so when King David says bless
09:51 the Lord O my soul and all that is
09:53 within me bless your holy name we don't
09:55 know what's going on in his life do we
09:59 but he's trying to get his soul under
10:03 the Dominion of the lordship of Jesus
10:06 Christ and each one of us need to do
10:09 that we need to come in agreement with
10:11 who God is and not in agreement with the
10:14 demonic realm that wants to control us
10:17 okay so let's go on to the word bless in
10:22 Psalm 103 verses 1 and 2 the second word
10:26 we take a look at is bless it comes from
10:29 the Hebrew word Barak which can be
10:32 translated to pronounce blessings to
10:35 give praise to give thanks so when you
10:38 think of the word blessed think of two
10:40 other words praise thanks we're to give
10:45 God blessing or to give them praise
10:47 we're to give him thanks now this word
10:50 praise we all kind of have heard more
10:54 than we've heard this word bless right
10:59 so when Psalm 103 when it was translated
11:03 Barack in the New King James that says
11:05 bless the Lord many of the other
11:08 translations don't translate it like
11:10 that they translated praise the Lord and
11:13 all that is within me praise the Lord
11:17 but something that transformed my life
11:20 and I didn't realize that that was one
11:22 of the definitions of Barack is in Psalm
11:25 103 when I was reading it and everything
11:28 was is crystal clear as it could be of
11:31 what Jesus did for us on the cross I
11:33 wrote these words I don't know if I
11:36 heard them or where I got them but
11:38 they're in my Bible I wrote it means to
11:42 thankfully come in agreement with God's
11:47 Word you and I are - thankfully come an
11:52 agreement with what Psalm 103 is
11:56 declaring of what Jesus Christ has done
11:58 for us on the cross
12:01 work thankfully to come an agreement
12:04 with all of God's word for us and then
12:07 we're to resist the demonic thoughts
12:11 that are trying to rage war over our
12:14 soul and take dominion over our lives
12:16 amen okay the third word I want to cover
12:21 is a word Lord it actually occurs 11
12:25 times in Psalm 103 and in Hebrew it's
12:30 Yahweh why H wh
12:35 I'm not going to go into the fullness of
12:37 its meaning right now but I want to tell
12:39 you that in the New Testament it's
12:41 mentioned 100 times this word Lord Jesus
12:47 is called Lord so now when you read
12:51 Psalm 103 you can actually read Jesus's
12:55 name throughout Psalm 103 I just love
12:58 that you and I need to be passionate
13:03 about blessing the Lord what does that
13:06 mean thankfully coming in agreement with
13:09 him confessing with our mouth that
13:12 Jesus is Lord of our salvation our
13:16 all-inclusive salvation that we
13:18 discussed last week Romans 10:9 says
13:21 this if you confess with your mouth the
13:25 Lord Jesus and believe in your heart
13:28 that God has raised him from the dead
13:31 what you will be saved so what does it
13:35 mean to call Jesus Lord this is really
13:39 really good just think it means when you
13:42 say Jesus is Lord
13:44 it means I'm allowing him to have
13:46 dominion or rulership over me now when
13:51 it comes to some bad habits that we all
13:53 seem to have in one way or the other we
13:57 need to have those things come under the
14:01 rulership or the Dominion the lordship
14:04 of God himself and we can do that
14:08 because we have the power of God living
14:11 in us so we can say lord I believe what
14:16 you're telling me help me
14:18 I want to obey what you're telling me
14:21 help me he will strengthen you he will
14:25 help you but we need to call upon his
14:28 name
14:28 so that the lord of our salvation can
14:30 come and help us in whatever need we
14:33 have the second division of Psalm 103
14:41 that we're going to look at now is
14:42 verses three to five and we covered that
14:44 a little bit last week Psalm 103 is the
14:48 apex of the Lord's Hassen his
14:51 loving-kindness for the individual and
14:54 it's shown through the cross I had
15:00 mentioned this earlier but by when I
15:03 read Psalm 103 and I came across where
15:08 it says who forgives your sins who heals
15:14 all your diseases it was like some
15:19 people were telling me when I would go
15:21 to the altar sometimes God would heal me
15:24 and sometimes he
15:25 doesn't heal people and I'm reading and
15:28 I'm going some of these things I was
15:30 reading was too good to be true but this
15:32 was so clear so crystal clear who heals
15:36 all your diseases I wasn't in need of
15:39 healing and I'm going this is who my
15:44 lord is who redeems your life from the
15:48 pit of destruction are fewer in a pit
15:51 and you feel like any area of your life
15:54 is being too destroyed it says he the
15:58 Lord is the one who will redeem your
16:02 life from destruction
16:04 so after David commands his soul to
16:07 bless the Lord he shifts his focus from
16:12 telling himself what it needs to get in
16:16 linemen with who God is he shifts his
16:19 focus to the everlasting faithful love
16:23 of God which in Hebrew is the word Hesed
16:27 verses three through five the Lord's
16:31 hasit is revealed to the individual in
16:34 verses 6 through 19 the Lord's hasit is
16:38 faithful love is shown towards the
16:40 Israelites as a nation and then in
16:43 verses 20 through 22 all of God's
16:47 creation is shown the Hesed love of God
16:51 and they're beckoned to then bless the
16:54 Lord along with King David as King David
17:00 takes command over his own soul and
17:03 begins to bless the Lord we are given
17:07 divine insight of what to do when soul
17:12 issues begin to bind our view of God's
17:16 love for us King David he United his
17:22 heart with God's heart in verses three
17:28 through five and what I believe to be
17:30 the song of all songs the song of the
17:35 Lamb
17:36 this is
17:39 what Jesus the Lamb of God did for you
17:43 and I in verses three through five
17:46 through the work of the cross and it is
17:49 to be the pinnacle the high point of all
17:53 of our praise to God because without
17:57 Christ there would be no salvation
18:01 now remember King David is speaking to
18:04 his own soul as he declares six core
18:08 realities about the grace of God these
18:12 realities make up what we now understand
18:15 to be and we talked about last week as
18:18 the gospel of the grace of God which is
18:22 the core message of the Cross which is
18:26 according to Romans 1:16 and 17 the
18:30 power of God for your salvation because
18:34 King David is speaking to his own soul
18:37 he uses the personal pronouns you and
18:41 you are so when you start declaring this
18:45 over your own life you will want to
18:48 address yourself likewise as you get
18:53 these core gospel benefits into your
18:56 conversation with God you will actually
18:59 begin to tap in to the power of God and
19:04 the power of his love for your life for
19:08 your salvation and you'll be able to
19:10 live in the reality of God's love for
19:14 you more and more and more so it's not
19:19 just every once in a while but it
19:21 becomes I have it just like driving a
19:23 car where you at first you know I had a
19:25 stick shift car you know and I was so
19:27 afraid to go up hills and San Francisco
19:29 and and you know different cities that
19:33 have these you know just real steep
19:35 hills with this stick shift carcass I
19:37 was afraid of rolling backwards but
19:39 after you start actually practicing
19:41 something over and over and you start
19:43 saying these six core benefits of the
19:46 cross over and over in your heart it
19:49 just becomes automatic
19:52 you begin to live in God's love for you
19:55 so in a moment we're going to actually
19:57 declare these six core benefits by
20:00 reading out loud each one of these
20:03 according to that sentence where I kind
20:05 of personalize it for you okay so let's
20:09 begin and we're going to begin with sit
20:11 forgiveness and we're just gonna insert
20:12 forgiveness in there and then the line
20:15 after forgiveness so why don't you all
20:17 stand up get the blood circulating in
20:20 your body and voted to declare these and
20:23 say them with passion you know bless the
20:28 Lord O my soul and don't forget this
20:31 benefit of his forgiveness as Jesus has
20:36 forgiven you of all your iniquities past
20:40 present and future bless the Lord O my
20:43 soul and don't forget this benefit of
20:47 his healing Jesus has healed you of all
20:52 your diseases remember you're talking to
20:55 yourself that's why you're saying you
20:57 it's like you're looking yourself in the
20:59 mirror and you're going yeah it's you
21:02 okay
21:03 redemption bless the Lord O my soul and
21:05 don't forget this benefit of redemption
21:08 as Jesus has redeemed your life from
21:11 destruction bless the Lord O my soul and
21:15 don't forget this benefit of the crown
21:19 Jesus has crowned you with
21:21 loving-kindness and tender mercies bless
21:25 the Lord O my soul and don't forget this
21:28 benefit of his satisfaction
21:31 Jesus has satisfied your mouth with good
21:35 things and some versions actually say
21:38 life instead of mouth so you can put
21:41 that in there bless the Lord O my soul
21:44 and don't forget this benefit of his
21:47 renewal Jesus has renewed your youth
21:50 life the Eagles sit down now if your
21:54 soul is warring wait a minute that's not
21:57 how it's like in my life then your
22:00 spirit man is gonna need to speak some
22:03 things to your soul
22:04 so it starts ruling and reigning
22:05 over your mind your will and your
22:08 emotions Romans 12:1 through 2 tells us
22:10 don't be conformed to this world don't
22:13 be conformed to what your soul is
22:14 telling you but be transformed by the
22:17 renewing of your mind according to the
22:19 Word of God how often are you to
22:21 proclaim the good news of his salvation
22:25 for you Psalm 96 3 says this proclaim
22:30 the good news of his salvation 1 time of
22:36 year know from day today today don't
22:42 forget his benefits daily do that this
22:49 week
22:50 the third division of Psalm 103 is
22:52 verses 6 through 19 this is the Lord's
22:55 hasit is loving-kindness for the
22:58 community you can see in that this
23:01 section is very short because I start
23:03 really talking about it more Roman
23:05 numeral 2 on your handout we'll get to
23:07 that in a minute but King David he
23:12 spills over from addressing his own soul
23:15 to bless the Lord to addressing the
23:18 entire congregation highlighting aspects
23:22 of God's grace that they had all
23:24 witnessed throughout their history you
23:28 can see this transition from his change
23:32 of personal pronouns he changed from
23:35 speaking to his own soul you you're me
23:39 my to the pronouns of our us we and them
23:45 in this section he recounts who God is
23:48 and what God has done in the redemptive
23:51 history of Israel the fourth division or
23:54 final division of Psalm 103 is verses 20
23:58 through 22 this is you the universal
24:02 exhortation to respond to God's Hesed to
24:06 his faithful love David's soul it may
24:10 have been faltering in response to God
24:12 at the beginning of this Psalm but as he
24:15 recalled all the benefits of God's grace
24:18 in his own personal life and in the
24:20 history of Israel their redemptive
24:24 history what happens David soul begins
24:28 to soar at such Heights that he starts
24:32 to beckon all of God's creation join me
24:35 and blessing the Lord he preaches to
24:40 God's angels all the hosts of heaven all
24:44 the works of God's hand to join him in
24:47 this ever-increasing crescendo of praise
24:52 wow he must have been full have you ever
24:55 done that we could get to that point
24:59 filling ourselves with God so fully that
25:02 we're calling everything around us to
25:05 bless the Lord you laugh because it
25:07 seems this picture seems like so
25:10 ridiculous but it's so ridiculously
25:14 great and awesome and the Lord's
25:17 probably looking going that's my son
25:19 that's my son he is after my heart amen
25:31 when David ends a song he speaks again
25:36 to his own soul don't forget now he
25:39 doesn't say that but he says bless the
25:41 Lord O my soul he ends the psalm the
25:46 same way he begins he is once again
25:49 telling his soul from this day to the
25:53 next day to the next day you will
25:55 worship God in a worthy fashion because
26:01 his life is faithful his love is from
26:06 everlasting to everlasting his love is
26:10 abounding his love knows no end it's
26:14 limitless and his love is for me and
26:18 it's for you okay Roman numeral 2 what
26:24 is hesed hesed we're going to talk about
26:27 this word hasit God's everlasting love
26:30 as you can see by
26:32 103 God's love had so impacted David
26:37 that it really became the theme song for
26:40 his life as well as the overarching
26:42 theme of Psalm 103 and it's silenced any
26:48 negative soul melodies that we're trying
26:51 to sing a song over his own life
26:54 yes David had soul issues as we clearly
26:58 see in the songs that he sung repeatedly
27:01 his soul wanted to play first ring in
27:04 his life just like they do for you and I
27:08 but david touched them with songs like
27:11 Psalm 103 and words about who God is and
27:14 what God has done as King David did this
27:17 over and over and over again in his life
27:21 singing about God's limitless love guess
27:25 what happened to his fears and his
27:26 doubts as anxiety as his pains and
27:29 sorrows and his discouragements they
27:32 disappeared right and his enemies were
27:35 subdued by the Lord the Lord of his
27:38 salvation as a Christian whose élysée
27:41 desires to live in the power of the
27:44 gospel all that God has made available
27:47 for you through the finished work of the
27:49 cross it is imperative that you stay
27:53 connected to God's hasent the power of
27:57 God's love internalizing his love deep
28:01 within your own heart what does this
28:03 mean it means that you don't allow
28:05 anything to stand in your way of abiding
28:09 in a continual flow of God's love for
28:13 you as discussed in the psalm and
28:15 discussed throughout the Bible for it's
28:18 through the power of God's love that you
28:21 will conquer all things the Apostle Paul
28:26 was fully persuaded that nothing would
28:29 separate him from God's love and we know
28:32 that Paul just like King David he went
28:36 through a lot of opposition and
28:39 difficulties so if they could do it how
28:44 about you
28:46 how about me Romans 8:35 through 39 who
28:52 or what shall separate you from the love
28:57 of Christ shall tribulation or distress
29:01 or persecution or famine or weakness or
29:04 nakedness or peril or sword what's
29:07 standing in your way of you receiving
29:09 God's love in any area of your life
29:12 today God says to you yet in all these
29:16 things we are more than conquerors
29:20 through Jesus Christ who loved us I am
29:26 persuaded that then he goes on to this
29:28 long list so I'm gonna sum up this list
29:30 as nothing shall be able to separate us
29:34 from the love of God which is in Christ
29:37 Jesus our Lord the entirety of Psalm 103
29:42 reflects the greatness of God's
29:46 steadfast love as King David calls
29:50 himself to bless the Lord and begins to
29:52 sing about all that God is love has done
29:56 for him and for the Israelite his soul
29:58 unites to the truth of God's love and
30:02 you can feel and see and hear his
30:06 heartfelt praise
30:07 there's no hypocrisy in his heart in
30:10 Psalm 103 he has united his heart
30:14 falling with God's heart and God says
30:18 yes David you're a man after my heart
30:21 and that should be what we want God to
30:24 say about our heart you yes you are
30:29 after God's heart you're a man you're a
30:33 woman after God's own heart that's why
30:36 you are here
30:39 God's love is the foundation for all of
30:43 our praises to God without an
30:46 understanding of the Hebrew word hasit
30:48 God's faithful covenant love which
30:51 always demands an expression you cannot
30:55 fully understand Psalm 103 nor can you
31:00 understand the gospel of Christ nor can
31:04 you understand God himself
31:06 King David uses the word house it four
31:09 times in the psalm and expands upon it
31:12 throughout the psalm to describe who God
31:15 is and how God relates to him as an
31:18 individual to the nation of Israel and
31:21 to all of God's creation you see this in
31:25 verses 4 8 11 and 17 and they're listed
31:29 there on your handout because there is
31:32 not one English word that comes close to
31:35 describing hesed is often translated in
31:38 many different ways loving kindness
31:41 mercy grace gracious love faithful love
31:45 unfailing love steadfast love loyal love
31:48 and rich love the essence of Hesed is
31:55 God faithful love in action God's
32:02 faithfulness to his covenant to his
32:05 people into his promises is seen
32:07 throughout scripture but it's epitomized
32:10 through the offering of Jesus Christ His
32:13 only Son for the salvation of you and I
32:16 for mankind on the cross we are able to
32:21 see that hasit is not just a word it is
32:26 a person it is Jesus Christ it is God
32:30 himself Roman numeral 3 crowned with
32:35 Hesed Psalm 103 verse 4 who redeems your
32:42 life from destruction so he takes you
32:45 from the pit and then he crown
32:50 Jew with his loving-kindness and tender
32:53 mercies that's past tense he has already
32:58 done that for your justification but
33:02 it's an ongoing present tense for your
33:05 sanctification wherever you need
33:07 Redemption from the pit he's there to
33:11 lift you out of the pit and to show his
33:15 loving-kindness and his tender mercies
33:17 the crowning thoughts that you should
33:21 always have is I know his love will not
33:25 fail me in this circumstance I'm crowned
33:28 with his loving-kindness and tender
33:30 mercies the devil he would say that the
33:37 crowning word of your life is your
33:39 mistakes and sins and mistreatment of
33:42 others but don't buy into those lies
33:46 rather get your heart connected to the
33:49 power of the gospel the power of God's
33:52 love for you let's all declare this
33:56 together the crowning word over my life
34:00 is his loving-kindness and tender
34:03 mercies every thought I think and word I
34:08 speak will come an agreement with God's
34:11 hazard his steadfast love for me do you
34:15 know that this is the helmet of your
34:16 salvation his crowning words for your
34:20 life his loving-kindness and tender
34:22 mercies and it was given to you because
34:26 it was bought with Jesus's precious
34:29 blood and it can never be taken away
34:31 from you believing and knowing that he
34:34 has crowned you with this Hesed allows
34:37 you to rule and reign with great
34:41 confidence as a king and a priest to God
34:45 forever and ever
34:47 revelations 1:6 surround is another word
34:50 for crown as Jesus's beloved bride as a
34:53 child of God you are surrounded by his
34:58 love he has placed you into the kingdom
35:03 the son of his love a verse that kind of
35:07 complements verse four Psalm 103 is
35:10 Colossians 1:13 through 14 he delivered
35:14 you from the pit the power of darkness
35:16 and conveyed you into the kingdom of the
35:19 son of this love Roman numeral 4 verse 8
35:23 the Lord is merciful and gracious slow
35:26 to anger and abounding in mercy about
35:29 him and hesed now you see he there they
35:33 used mercy in the New King James Version
35:35 version 4 hesed now King David he's
35:40 actually quoting from exodus 34:6
35:45 through 7 and it says and the Lord
35:48 passed before Moses and he proclaimed
35:52 his own name before Moses and said the
35:54 Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious
35:58 long-suffering and abounding in goodness
36:03 Hesed and truth you know when this the
36:09 Lord proclaimed himself like this it's
36:11 just like amazing because the Israelites
36:16 had just went ahead and made and
36:20 worshipped the golden calf and Moses in
36:27 Exodus 33 13 he actually says something
36:30 very similar is verse 7 in Psalm 103
36:34 Moses said show me now your ways that I
36:37 may know you and then I might find grace
36:40 in your sight listen to Psalm 103 verse
36:44 7 King David said he made his ways known
36:47 to Moses and his acts to the children of
36:51 Israel so in verse 8 when King David is
36:57 declaring who God is that he is the one
37:01 who is hasit abounding in hessin we know
37:06 that he's thinking because verse 7 talks
37:09 about this incident where they had just
37:13 worshipped the golden calf
37:15 so we have to ask herself what was gods
37:19 away what was God's response when the
37:23 Israelites sinned against God and failed
37:26 miserably after all of God's miraculous
37:28 signs and wonders performed on their
37:31 behalf to deliver them out of the
37:33 bondage of Egypt what was God's response
37:37 when the Israelites blatantly sinned
37:41 against God's commandment that they had
37:44 just promised to uphold he didn't get
37:48 angry but his anger did not last instead
37:52 of punishing the Israelites according to
37:55 their sin God demonstrates his hesed his
38:00 covenant love towards them and he
38:03 declares his name to them now Psalm 103
38:07 verse 10 you kind of have to see this in
38:10 context it actually says this and this
38:13 is how God deals with you he has not
38:17 dealt with us according to our sins nor
38:20 punished us according to our iniquities
38:23 he did not obliterate the Israelites
38:28 from Planet Earth this is what he says
38:33 to Moses this is who I am this is my way
38:37 of dealing with my beloved children the
38:41 Israelites this is my way of dealing
38:44 with you and I the Lord is merciful and
38:48 gracious slow to anger and abounding in
38:53 mercy God chose to forgive the
38:58 Israelites and God chooses over and over
39:03 and over and over again to forgive you
39:07 and I God's name hasit love it has not
39:14 changed from the Old Testament to the
39:18 New Testament to today
39:22 God's name is always the same and what
39:27 is it it's faithful love in action acid
39:32 the core reality of who God is is why
39:37 hasset and it's perfectly demonstrated
39:41 in jesus's life and what he endured
39:44 through the cross so that you and i
39:47 could come into a living knowledge of
39:49 God's love for us
39:51 John 3:16 you know it well what is it
39:54 God so loved the world that He gave His
39:59 only begotten Son
40:02 the Apostle John alludes to the Hebrew
40:05 words hasit and Emmett in exodus 34:6
40:09 as I showed you there on your handout
40:13 okay so when there's a Bible called the
40:18 Greek Septuagint Bible and it takes the
40:20 Hebrew and translates it all into Greek
40:24 and so we see exodus 34:6
40:29 showing up in John 1:14 and the word
40:34 that's Jesus he became flesh right and
40:39 then it says he's full of what grace
40:42 Hesed and truth Emmet so this theme is
40:49 from the old to the new today he's still
40:51 full of grace and truth
40:53 showing grace upon grace Jesus Christ is
40:58 the embodiment of Hesed he's full of
41:02 half that he's full of grace he's
41:05 abounding in grace
41:10 I want to share a testimony with you I
41:14 know we're running a little light but
41:18 it's about a me on that I bet four years
41:22 after we started the healing rooms in
41:24 2006 I met him at the International
41:26 House of Prayer and he was a young man
41:29 in his 20 and he was basically diagnosed
41:33 that he was going to die if this cancer
41:36 was not seen to in his body he had a
41:40 growth it was a testicular cancer and he
41:43 growed from point nine centimeters to
41:45 four point nine centimeters in seven
41:48 days they'd had surgically removed it
41:51 but it had already spread to his lungs
41:55 and to his lymph nodes and throughout
41:58 his body so he decided to make the
42:02 decision to go to Kansas City to their
42:05 prayer house and to fast and pray and to
42:11 ask God to heal him when he went to the
42:16 House of Prayer somebody says do you
42:19 just want to be healed or do you want to
42:22 know the healer and he thought I want to
42:26 know the healer so as he started to read
42:29 the Bible he came across this God of
42:33 love this God of compassion and he says
42:38 I want to know you like that and so
42:42 after the week of fasting and prayer he
42:45 went back to the doctor and they wanted
42:48 to put the port in his chest to begin
42:51 the chemotherapy and they he said I need
42:56 to have you take the you know whatever
42:59 it is to show that it's still there I
43:03 said why did you ask to do that and he
43:06 says because I had looked into the eyes
43:08 of the car
43:10 who loves me he said the pain in his
43:18 body had not changed but it had worsened
43:22 but he had looked into the eyes of God
43:26 and loved him so they went ahead and we
43:31 did the test and they found no cancer in
43:36 his body the symptoms were there but no
43:43 cancer in his body what happened
43:49 the Lord had crowned him with
43:54 loving-kindness and compassion he was
43:56 taken from the pit of destruction and
44:00 raised up to the kingdom of God's love
44:05 so that he could experience the love of
44:09 God and that is what God has for each
44:12 one of us he wants us to live in the
44:15 reality of his life and I challenge you
44:19 this week to look into the eyes of God's
44:24 lives and to know and believe and abide
44:29 in his love for you
44:34 Psalm 103 11 through 12 Roman numeral
44:38 five for as high as the heavens are
44:42 above the earth so great is his mercy
44:46 his hasit his love towards those who
44:50 fear him as far as the east is from the
44:54 west so far has he removed our
44:58 transgressions from us God's hasit his
45:03 love is unfathomable it feels all the
45:08 possible space from heaven to earth from
45:12 east to west it will always surpass your
45:16 ways and your thoughts God's ways and
45:20 thoughts emanate from NASA from the core
45:25 reality of who he is so when God says in
45:29 Isaiah 55 9 forth the heavens are higher
45:34 than the earth so are my ways higher
45:37 than your ways he's talking about you
45:41 will never ever ever ever understand the
45:46 fullness of my Hesed for all eternity we
45:50 are going to be discovering different
45:52 realms of God's Hesed for us Roman
45:57 numeral six Psalm 103 17 but the mercy
46:02 hasit of the Lord is from everlasting to
46:06 everlasting on those who fear Him God's
46:12 love will never end
46:15 there's a song called one thing remains
46:19 by the Jesus culture and this echoes the
46:22 truth of Hasek of Psalm 103 in
46:27 modern-day language and it personalizes
46:30 it and it says your love never fails and
46:35 never gives up and never runs out on me
46:39 amen thanks for joining us tonight and
46:42 tomorrow next week Tuesday we're going
46:45 to talk about the power God's
46:49 forgiveness I hope to see you invite a
46:52 friend


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