Keys to Meditating on the Word of God

Do you want to prosper in all your ways? Psalm 1 declares this is possible through Jesus Christ, the Blessed Man. But, how can you enter into a lifestyle where you can experience the life of Christ and bear eternal fruit? Psalm 1 clearly tells us that it is through meditating on God’s Word. In Sue’s testimony, you will learn how meditating on God’s Word became one of the most essential keys she discovered to knowing God and bringing her from a state of darkness and feelings of hopelessness to where she is at today. In this session she describes five essential keys she has discovered for meditating on God’s Word that has transformed her life. These keys along along with practical steps for meditating on God’s Word, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, will give you a greater desire to meditate on God’s Word, until it becomes your greatest delight



Video Transcript

00:00 I want to welcome everybody to our fifth
00:02 session on choices determine destiny
00:06 it's our study of Psalm 1 and for those
00:09 that don't know me my name is Sue Burdullis
00:11 and I'm the director of the
00:13 Camarillo Healing Rooms unlike most of
00:16 the other sessions that we have done so
00:18 far I am gonna begin this session with
00:21 my own personal testimony of how God has
00:24 dramatically impacted my life through
00:27 the meditation of the Word of God and
00:30 then after that we're going to go
00:32 through some keys to meditating on the
00:34 Word of God as God has shown me through
00:38 just my own personal journey with him so
00:42 let's pray father I pray that you would
00:45 ignite a passion in our heart for the
00:49 word of God like never before cause the
00:53 very spirit in life of your son Jesus
00:55 Christ who is the word of God to
00:59 penetrate and utterly destroy the
01:02 deepest darkest pits of despair and
01:05 hopelessness father we thank you for
01:09 your word of psalm 119 130 that says
01:13 that the entrance of your word brings
01:15 light we welcome your light into our
01:20 lives tonight to enter in and do what
01:23 only they can do to bring the
01:25 resurrection life of Jesus Christ to
01:28 every place in our body our soul in our
01:31 spirit and our circumstances that
01:35 carries the fragrance of darkness or
01:37 death strengthen us according to your
01:40 word revive us according to your word
01:43 heal us according to your word restore
01:47 broken relationships according to your
01:50 word help us Lord to inhale your word to
01:54 eat your word to meditate on your word
01:57 and to become one with your word one
02:01 with you in Jesus's name Amen
02:05 Psalm one verse two exhorts us to
02:08 meditate and delight ourselves in God's
02:12 Word
02:13 Psalm 1 - this is my own paraphrase of
02:17 it as I personalized it my greatest joy
02:20 is Jesus Christ the word of God and in
02:25 his words I meditate day and night so I
02:30 want to let you know that meditating on
02:32 God's Word is one of the best things I
02:35 have ever ever learned to do in my
02:38 entire life I'm sure that there's some
02:41 of you who might feel the same way that
02:43 I do but those who do not I hope that
02:46 after this teaching and as you begin to
02:48 practice it you'll one day be able to
02:50 say the same thing that this is the
02:52 greatest thing if you've ever learned to
02:55 do in your life I don't think I really
02:58 realized the dramatic impact that the
03:01 Word of God had on my life until I was
03:05 talking with my husband in a normal
03:07 conversation and I was telling him about
03:09 somebody in my life that I felt was the
03:12 most transformed person I had personally
03:15 ever known and then he looks at me I - I
03:21 and he says sue you are the most
03:25 transformed person I know that statement
03:31 came from meditating on the Word of God
03:34 and if there's anyone that's going to
03:37 tell you the truth about your life it's
03:38 gonna be your spouse so you know what
03:41 the Word of God has done for my life
03:43 although I had gone to church weekly
03:45 growing up and continue to do so up
03:48 until this day I received Jesus Christ
03:52 into my life during my junior high
03:54 school years and I went to many Bible
03:57 studies and went to many Christian
04:00 activities it wasn't until I actually
04:04 started meditating on the Word of God
04:06 like Psalm 1 2 says day and night and it
04:09 came in a time of great despair in a
04:12 crisis in my life that everything began
04:17 to change for me the pages on the Bible
04:22 went from being just mere words to study
04:26 it became my lifeline it imparted the
04:30 very life of Jesus Christ and to me I
04:33 was very hopeless at that time in my
04:36 life and hope was restored like I never
04:40 felt hope before I never knew that I
04:44 could experience Jesus Christ like I was
04:48 experiencing him despite all those years
04:51 that I called myself a Christian at that
04:55 point in my life where I started
04:57 meditating on the Word of God I was
05:00 physically very very ill I went to many
05:03 doctors spent a lot of time energy
05:07 finances trying to get well and at that
05:10 lasted many years the symptoms were very
05:14 real but there was no definite diagnosis
05:17 given to me I thought if I just knew the
05:21 source of the problems the diagnosis
05:23 surely I was going to be able to
05:25 overcome it but I did not realize that
05:29 the battle that I was in was not just
05:32 physical battle it was a spiritual
05:35 battle and I did not know that I had
05:39 played right into the enemy's hand his
05:43 plan for my life by voicing his words
05:46 over and over again about how hopeless
05:50 and how fearful the situation was and as
05:57 I was walking with my husband this last
05:59 week I thought it was just kept to
06:01 myself that I thought I was going to die
06:03 but he told me he does know sue you
06:05 voice that to me so if I voice that to
06:08 him I know I voiced it out there in the
06:10 spirit realm the symptoms accompanied by
06:15 fear and anxiety had so consumed my
06:18 thought life that I believed like I said
06:21 I was going to die can you imagine the
06:23 atmosphere is creating in my own home
06:26 for my own spouse and for my children to
06:29 live in I was in a dark hopeless pit
06:33 where I saw no way out because no matter
06:37 what I tried I couldn't get
06:40 although I intellectually knew the
06:43 scripture even the ones about Jesus
06:45 healing people I did not truly know how
06:49 to stand on the promises of the word of
06:52 God by faith for my life and for the
06:54 Giants that I was facing in this life
06:57 and when I went to people that I thought
07:00 were strong in their faith I realized
07:02 they did not know how to stand on the
07:04 Word of God for me or to instruct me of
07:07 how to stand for myself upon the Word of
07:10 God to face the spiritual battle I was
07:13 in the things that I heard in my heart
07:18 from these people that I thought could
07:21 help me Christian people was I heard
07:25 that sometimes God wants to heal and
07:27 sometimes he doesn't you never know if
07:30 it's his will for you to die that was
07:33 not good news for me I don't believe
07:36 that that is the good news of the gospel
07:38 of Jesus Christ were to share with
07:40 people that are in need and it surely
07:43 wasn't what I wanted to hear or what I
07:45 needed to hear when I needed God's
07:49 intervention the most I truly truly did
07:53 not know who God was I did not know what
07:58 he was willing to do for me and I did
08:02 not know what he had already done for me
08:04 I really didn't know what he had
08:10 purchased for me through the 39 stripes
08:13 that he bore through his sufferings on
08:17 the cross and do his descent into hell
08:22 to pay the punishment for my sin nor did
08:27 I understand the victory that Jesus
08:29 Christ had purchased for me when he was
08:32 resurrected and seated at the right hand
08:34 of the Father when the Bible says in
08:38 first Peter 2:24 that by the stripes of
08:41 Jesus you were healed that was the
08:44 victory he had purchased for me he put
08:47 it into past tense because it had
08:50 already been accomplished but I did
08:53 not realize it I did not know how to
08:56 stand on the Word of God I believed that
09:01 if I could just figure out where and
09:05 when and how I messed up and I could
09:08 correct it or perhaps if I would just do
09:10 everything just right from that point
09:12 forward that somehow God would relent
09:15 and he would heal me but most people
09:21 that would look at my life would say man
09:23 she is so good what is she trying to get
09:26 right when I told my Hut yours later
09:29 that knew me very well when I told him
09:32 you know I just needed to get myself
09:35 fried and get my act together he just
09:38 laughed at me he goes if you're not good
09:40 enough who would be good enough but we
09:44 know that it's not about being good
09:47 enough I had played into the enemy's
09:51 hand because he the enemy what he will
09:53 always try to get you to do is to focus
09:55 inwardly to get conscious of your sin
09:59 and when you start looking at what sin
10:02 you have done to deserve whatever
10:05 circumstance you are under he will
10:08 always point out one more thing to you
10:12 that is in your life and then you start
10:15 condemning yourself for that sin and
10:17 therefore you don't have faith for God
10:19 to heal you or to help you overcome your
10:23 circumstance not only did I not realize
10:30 who Jesus Christ was and who God was and
10:34 what he had already done for me
10:36 I did not realize who I was in Jesus
10:40 Christ I didn't realize that I had
10:44 already been taken out because out of
10:47 Adam's family of being in Adam where the
10:50 law of sin and death reigned and
10:54 sickness is just slow onset of death so
10:59 I didn't realize that God had Ellery
11:01 takes me out of the kingdom of darkness
11:04 where I was in
11:06 and put me and place me in Jesus Christ
11:11 where the law of the spirit of life in
11:14 Christ Jesus is and where sin and
11:18 sickness and death do not and did not
11:21 have any control or dominion over me and
11:26 laugh I allowed it through the
11:29 confession of my mouth coming into
11:31 agreement with a kingdom of darkness and
11:34 opening the door for Satan to go ahead
11:37 and to rule and to reign the things I've
11:41 been teaching the last several weeks
11:43 through this course there's two core
11:49 realities that I never understood and
11:52 that's why I highlight it so so much to
11:54 you guys when you become a Christian you
11:58 become as righteous and holy as he is
12:02 righteous and holy and you become
12:04 adopted as a child of the Most High God
12:08 becoming the heir of Jesus Christ the co
12:12 heir of Jesus Christ so as Jesus is in
12:17 his resurrected state so are you in this
12:19 world if it can't come on Jesus it can't
12:23 come on you I did not realize who I was
12:27 in Jesus Christ I did not know how to
12:30 enforce who I was in Jesus Christ and
12:34 this is what God told me today as I was
12:36 preparing I'm going oh that's really
12:39 good Lord so when God calls us to
12:44 meditate like Psalm 1 2 says he is
12:49 inviting us to live different from the
12:53 call of the dictate of our circumstance
12:59 he is calling us to live holy as he is
13:03 holy holiness is one of the greatest
13:08 invitations that you'll ever have in
13:12 your life it's not about being perfect
13:14 like I thought I needed to be in order
13:17 to get well
13:19 but it's rather about placing yourself
13:22 in Jesus Christ the one who is holy the
13:27 one who has all the blessings of God and
13:32 you can dwell in Christ in His Holiness
13:36 because the blood of Jesus Christ has
13:39 been purchased for you he purchased this
13:42 place for you to be in Christ in his
13:46 holiness and as he dwell or abide in
13:52 Jesus Christ inside God's Word you are
13:56 separating yourself from everything that
14:01 is unholy every unholy thought every
14:07 unholy feeling every unholy attitude
14:11 every unholy sickness every unholy
14:15 circumstance this is what God is
14:20 inviting you and I into through Psalm
14:22 one two to meditate on his word he is
14:27 inviting you to meditate and to come
14:31 inside of him inside of his holiness in
14:38 his perfection it's a tremendous
14:42 invitation Hosea 4:6 says this my people
14:47 are destroyed for lack of knowledge this
14:53 is primarily the lack of knowledge of
14:56 who Christ is like I just explained that
14:59 I didn't know and who you are in Christ
15:03 Jesus this is what went ahead and took
15:07 Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden
15:10 the most blessed place on earth it took
15:14 him out of their place because they
15:16 really did not understand who God was or
15:18 who they were made in the image and
15:22 likeness of God himself
15:24 in Christ because we've been made
15:26 righteous and holy we have been given
15:31 then access to the gods
15:33 broan of grace anytime we can come
15:37 boldly before God's throne a grace to
15:40 receive the mercy and the help in the
15:44 time of our need we do not have to get
15:47 ourselves cleaned up like I thought in
15:49 order to be heard from him and to
15:53 receive an answer from him it's always
15:58 his will to heal you it's always his
16:01 will to meet your need and when is the
16:04 time second Corinthians 6:2 says now is
16:08 the acceptable time and now is the day
16:12 of your salvation we put it off because
16:15 we have to think we have to do certain
16:17 things in order to achieve or earn the
16:22 brownie points to receive the answer to
16:26 our prayers and basically then we're
16:30 taking the blood of Jesus and we're
16:32 trampling it under our feet because it's
16:34 only through the blood of Jesus that we
16:36 were able to go to his throne of grace
16:37 to receive every need of ours being met
16:40 I didn't know this stuff one of the
16:44 things I did not know is the authority
16:47 that I had in Jesus Christ I was giving
16:54 away my authority to the demonic realm
16:57 every time I chose to confess out of my
17:01 mouth mouth that I was surely gonna die
17:05 that I was gonna never get well I gave
17:10 my authority away I was like signing a
17:13 piece of paper authorizing the enemy yes
17:16 you can do this to me one of my own out
17:25 of my own desperation during that period
17:27 of time now I quit work and I began to
17:35 set aside the whole first part the time
17:38 I woke up to around twelve or one of
17:40 them in the afternoon to read my Bible
17:43 from cover to cover something I had
17:47 ever done in my life although I went to
17:49 church many many years went to many many
17:52 Bible studies and as I did that the
17:56 cloud of hopelessness and condemnation
18:00 just came over me really heavily as I
18:04 started from Genesis and worked my way
18:07 through because in the Old Testament
18:10 there wasn't the light that I needed yet
18:12 but somewhere during that time I don't
18:16 know when it was I don't know if I
18:18 decided like this is so dark I got to
18:20 get into the New Testament I don't know
18:22 what the decision was but one thing I do
18:25 know is that it was like a little
18:27 nightlight got started being turned on
18:30 in my heart and every time I read the
18:33 Word of God and considered what it was
18:36 saying to me personally it was like that
18:39 light got brighter and brighter and
18:42 brighter that's one of the very first
18:46 crucial steps of meditating on the Word
18:48 of God is reading the Word of God and
18:51 considering what does this mean for me
18:54 personally what are you saying to me and
19:00 as I and as I was doing that just from
19:04 you know the morning time to the
19:06 afternoon some of the things that I
19:08 would do is I mean I just did everything
19:10 that I could ever possibly think I mean
19:14 I went ahead and I would I hadn't played
19:18 the piano for years I would sit down and
19:20 plop down on the piano and start playing
19:22 it and put music in front of me and just
19:24 sing you know to my hearts you know just
19:27 out loud I've got flags in my house and
19:31 I got flags back here and I would flag I
19:33 would dance I would you know declare the
19:36 Word of God out loud I was just like one
19:39 crazy woman that was just crazy for God
19:42 to answer me you know and during that
19:46 time I didn't realize that Jesus was
19:53 coming on the scene I really did it he
19:57 was coming on the scene
19:59 and he started opening up the scriptures
20:01 to me and I started to understand them
20:05 like I had never understood them before
20:07 and these feelings inside of me started
20:11 rising up within me I started having
20:13 hope when you're hopeless and you start
20:16 having hope that's really really good
20:19 and I started then having peace joy I'd
20:26 read something I'm going well that's
20:27 really good
20:28 but you aren't supposed to feel like
20:29 that because you're sick no I'm gonna
20:33 feel like this this is what the Word of
20:34 God said I've started believing that I
20:40 was saved I went to my pastor and I said
20:45 and this is after like I received Jesus
20:49 into my heart in junior high so now I'm
20:51 probably and you know you know my late
20:53 40s early 50s and I'm saying to my
20:56 pastor I believe I'm a Christian I got
21:00 saved
21:01 that's how alive the word became for me
21:09 one of the things that I would do during
21:12 that time and we're gonna do I'm gonna
21:14 have you participate with me and it's a
21:16 form of meditation I didn't know all
21:19 these things I was doing with forms of
21:21 meditation I was just doing them I would
21:24 go ahead and I go to this back prayer
21:26 room and I would picture that woman with
21:30 the issue of blood that had an issue of
21:33 blood for 12 years and she got a hold of
21:38 Jesus's garment and life flowed out of
21:41 Jesus into her so I get in my prayer
21:43 time and I put my hands like this and
21:46 I'd say yes Lord and I would read that
21:50 story and I would believe that Jesus's
21:53 life was flowing into me causing all the
21:57 sickness to go what we do in times like
22:01 that envisioning it's just not mere
22:03 imaginations and I think the Lord wanted
22:06 to confirm this to me because when one
22:09 day when I walk through that prayer room
22:11 door after
22:12 I don't know how many dozens of times
22:14 doing this the pastor's wife cami let me
22:20 write up that door we're just crossing
22:22 paths and she says soon she says I see
22:27 you like the woman with the issue of
22:29 blood holding on to Jesus's garment she
22:34 had no idea what I was meditating on day
22:39 in and day out so let's all if you're
22:42 willing to close your eyes and I'm gonna
22:45 walk you through this for whatever
22:47 circumstance that you find yourself in
22:49 right now I want you to close your eyes
22:53 and if you're online you can do this I
22:56 want you to take one of the things that
22:59 is really bothering you
23:01 it could be a physical illness a
23:05 relationship that has God bad or
23:08 anything now I want you to hear Jesus I
23:15 want you to hear him ask you how long
23:19 have you had this condition how long
23:26 have you been in the circumstance with
23:30 no breakthrough for the lady with the
23:33 issue of blood it was 12 years now think
23:38 about this are you suffering from many
23:43 things the lady with the issue of blood
23:47 was suffering from many things from many
23:49 physicians your suffering may be
23:53 internal war it may be external has your
23:59 health or your circumstance just like
24:03 for this lady with the issue of blood
24:04 does it seem to have God and worse now I
24:10 want you to picture Jesus himself in
24:13 your mind's eye he's surrounded by a
24:16 crowd of people now picture this crowd
24:21 as all the voices you are hearing
24:25 of why Jesus will not heal you why Jesus
24:32 will not come and save you why Jesus
24:37 will not break through your circumstance
24:39 for you or your loved ones see yourself
24:45 pushing past every negative voice that
24:50 contradicts God's Word push past every
24:57 negative voice that contradicts his
25:01 great love for you and for those you are
25:04 standing for and tell you're face to
25:07 face with Jesus Christ Jesus Christ has
25:14 never changed he is the same yesterday
25:17 today and forever reach out and touch
25:24 him grab ahold of his garment receive
25:31 his life into your life into your
25:36 circumstance hear Jesus say my child
25:43 your faith has made you well don't argue
25:48 with him about the level of your faith
25:51 take your salvation take your healing
25:55 receive it it is yours as you keep
26:00 holding on to him you need to know he is
26:05 holding on to you go ahead and open your
26:11 eyes you can continue in this this is in
26:14 mark and you can do this at home until
26:17 this becomes more real than anything
26:20 else in your life that you're facing it
26:24 helped me tremendously and I'm sure it
26:25 will help you
26:29 one of the other things I was going to
26:31 share with you that when I was praying
26:34 learning to pray the Word of God and it
26:41 became you know very exciting for me
26:44 that I could take the scripture and just
26:46 apply it you know to my life or to
26:49 anybody's life I remember it's in the
26:51 back prayer room there was a group of
26:53 ladies and we were praying for somebody
26:55 that was in great need
26:58 they weren't present no one was praying
27:01 the Word of God it was something new
27:04 that I had learned and I went ahead and
27:07 opened my Bible to Ephesians 3 and I
27:11 just read it and prayed it over the
27:13 person after we are done the Lord wanted
27:18 to confirm how powerful the Word of God
27:21 was a lady that was in the same room
27:25 that I was in she had an open vision
27:29 like a movie playing out in front of her
27:31 and as soon as I started reading the
27:34 Word of God angels came into the room
27:39 and they had a big grindstone and they
27:43 started to sharpen their sword on the
27:46 grindstone as I read the Word of God
27:49 this is Psalm 103 that the angel he the
27:56 voice of the word of God and they go out
27:59 to perform it she says as soon as I had
28:03 finished reading the Word of God off
28:06 they went
28:07 and we know they went to perform the
28:10 Word of God that convinced me that
28:13 praying the Word of God is so powerful
28:21 another thing that I did during that
28:23 time because I wanted to hold on to the
28:27 Word of God wherever I wind is I started
28:30 to make well put scripture on index
28:33 cards those 3x5 cards that you kept for
28:36 a little of nothing like a dollar or
28:37 something you know at the local you know
28:39 drugstore and I would write scripture
28:42 out
28:43 and then I would carry the scripture
28:45 with me in my purse or in my pockets and
28:50 and I would just write them out and I
28:53 got so many I started categorizing them
28:55 like oh this one looks like faith this
28:57 one looks like love this one looks like
28:59 healing you know and then I put rubber
29:01 bands on all these categories and just
29:04 you know I have I still have these cards
29:06 now I'm even crazier I guess because
29:09 Kathy can she's in my gym class I now
29:12 print out pieces whole everything and
29:15 you know a whole passage of Bible and I
29:18 put it down there on the gym floor and I
29:20 sit there and meditate on it the whole
29:22 time we're sitting there pumping weights
29:25 but I carry these in the grocery store
29:27 in the car went on my walks and the Word
29:32 of God was getting deep deep deep down
29:37 in my heart to the place where those
29:39 ugly thoughts and feelings that were
29:42 once there because of my despair and
29:44 hopelessness because of the sickness and
29:46 the symptoms they didn't have any room
29:48 in my heart anymore because it was
29:50 getting so filled up with the Word of
29:52 God and it wasn't something I
29:54 intentionally like was you know wanting
29:56 to displace it just happened so I
29:58 encourage you guys in that I talked a
30:05 little bit about prayer reading the Word
30:07 of God I it was something that has been
30:13 just so transformational in my life see
30:15 when I was really sick and I was coming
30:18 to God in my time of need I would tell
30:21 him about my problem over and over and
30:24 over again and say how you know it's
30:27 almost like begging him to do the same
30:29 thing and you really it you kind of run
30:31 out of words after a while and then when
30:35 I found out that you can take this Bible
30:37 and you can open it up and you can
30:41 actually turn the Bible verses in here
30:46 to eye prayer it's like the whole world
30:51 changes so my conversation with God went
30:54 from like
30:56 do talking all about her problem and
30:58 problems too Lord this is so good this
31:04 is my conversational piece I didn't know
31:07 that you said that by the stripes of
31:09 Jesus who I was healed when did that
31:11 happen you know I'm starting to question
31:13 him about that that became so
31:18 transformational I decided that whatever
31:22 this Bible said because see I was in a
31:26 desperate situation I tried everything
31:28 the way I used to do Christianity so I
31:31 knew something had a change in my life
31:33 so I decided whatever tells me to
31:36 believe I'm gonna believe it whatever it
31:40 tells me to obey I'm gonna obey it
31:42 now we know we can't take this perfectly
31:45 so of course it was like lord I I
31:47 believe it but help Lord I choose to
31:53 obey this but help and who's the helper
31:57 the Holy Spirit he loves to help us
32:01 believe and obey the Bible so I
32:03 encourage you if you haven't learned how
32:05 to prayer read the Bible I'll personally
32:07 show you I have a whole session that I
32:10 do on that I know when I would pray in
32:13 when I pray in the prayer rooms at night
32:15 pray read the Word of God over people
32:17 that people that have never heard it
32:18 they go you can't do that you can't put
32:21 my name in there and Betty she's sitting
32:28 here we're during this time she gave me
32:30 a book and it's called personalized
32:34 promises that's a man James riddle and
32:39 he took the Bible from Genesis to
32:42 Revelation and made it into declarations
32:44 personalized in it
32:46 oh my that was the thrill of my life I
32:49 had never seen anybody do that in my
32:52 life before and I'm thinking oh you know
32:56 before people told me well during this
32:57 time that I if I had a Rhema word a word
33:00 from God then I knew that I could be
33:03 healed and how you didn't even know what
33:05 Rhema word was I came from a Catholic
33:07 background so I didn't understand
33:09 and so I'm going what's a Rhema word I
33:12 had to look that up in the dictionary
33:13 but when this personalized promis Bible
33:17 oh every promise of God is for me all
33:22 the promises are yes and amen
33:24 I can put my name into every promise of
33:27 the Bible you know why God wrote this
33:30 Bible for me he wrote it for me and to
33:34 me it's his love letter to me oh wow
33:37 well that really changed my life I
33:39 started writing then I don't even look I
33:42 used to always look at James riddle what
33:44 he had to say I do it myself I write my
33:47 own name into these and paraphrase it
33:50 till it starts drawing my own heart you
33:54 know that's how they have all these
33:55 translations of the Bible right so what
34:02 else okay why don't we get into the
34:09 introduction to the keys to meditating
34:12 on God's Word which is your handout
34:15 right now I'm gonna go through the
34:17 introduction which a lot of it I've just
34:19 shared the keys to meditating on God's
34:23 Word and then the practical points I've
34:26 already went over so you can just read
34:28 through them they're very
34:29 self-explanatory of how you can meditate
34:31 on God's Word at a practical level but
34:34 these keys that I have for meditating on
34:37 God's heart God's Word came from my own
34:40 personal walk with the Lord
34:43 so in someone god gives us one of the
34:48 most important keys to living a
34:50 successful prosperous life a blessed
34:53 beyond belief life a life that flows
34:56 from our Union and communion with God
34:59 the Father father God Jesus Christ and
35:04 the Holy Spirit the life got always
35:07 intended for mankind
35:09 this key it's described in Psalm 1 verse
35:13 2 but his delight is in the law of the
35:17 Lord and in his law he meditates day and
35:21 night
35:22 who is the Word of God Jesus when you
35:25 look at Jesus's life you will understand
35:29 more fully what the Word of God looks
35:32 like in the context of this world you
35:37 will understand that Jesus is life fully
35:40 embodied the blessing of God as the
35:43 first phrase in Psalm 1:1 States blessed
35:47 is the man wherever Jesus went the
35:50 blessings of God beyond anything you
35:55 could think or imagine broke out healing
35:59 signs wonders miracles pour forth from
36:03 heaven through his life Jesus shared
36:07 unreservedly the blessings of God Jesus
36:13 was able to lead the life God purpose
36:17 for him because he stayed in constant
36:21 communion with God only sane and doing
36:24 what his father said and did you are
36:28 able to do that when you stay in
36:31 communion with God your father and with
36:35 his son Jesus Christ through your time
36:37 meditating on God's Word and abiding
36:40 with him staying close in your
36:43 relationship with the Lord John 14:12
36:47 says most assuredly I say to you he who
36:50 believes in Me the works that I do he
36:52 will do also and greater works than
36:55 these will he do Psalm 1 it presents
37:02 that you have a choice to answer God's
37:05 invitation in Psalm 1 to fellowship with
37:10 him through the Word of God His Son
37:12 Jesus Christ and to enjoy his company
37:15 like Psalm 1 verse 2 says to delight
37:18 yourself the law of the Lord and in his
37:20 law to meditate day and night or you
37:22 have a choice to turn from him and to
37:26 fellowship with the world and to enjoy
37:29 its company that's Psalm 1 verse 1 so
37:34 you can correct that on your sheet
37:35 in the second-choice meditation this is
37:39 how you know it's thinking like what
37:41 could I tell you guys like what is
37:43 meditation so here's what I said
37:46 meditation involves seeing hearing
37:49 thinking knowing believing and speaking
37:52 God's Word as revealed in his son Jesus
37:57 Christ as you treasure the Word of God
37:59 you will discover yourself abiding in
38:04 Christ in the tree of life the
38:08 meditation of God's Word this is what it
38:12 does for me and I'm sure it'll do it for
38:13 you it'll strengthen you help you uphold
38:17 you convict you transform you into the
38:20 likeness and the image of Jesus Christ
38:24 key number one I call it put on the lens
38:28 of God's love if you don't know what
38:29 that is you can listen to the first four
38:31 sessions because I went into that
38:33 extensively but I use these glasses
38:36 they're rose-colored glasses red glasses
38:39 to represent that Jesus is Jesus He shed
38:43 his blood so that you could experience
38:47 the fullness of God's love for you in
38:50 the way of everything the Word of God
38:51 says one of the most crucial steps for
38:55 meditating on the Word of God is putting
38:58 on the lens of God's love for you which
39:03 is the lens of the new coven of God's
39:05 grace that was purchased for you by
39:08 Jesus's precious blood as you put on
39:11 God's love lens it will help you to
39:14 remember that God was willing to give up
39:17 what was most valuable to him his son
39:22 Jesus Christ so he could receive what he
39:27 considered of equal value to him and
39:31 that's you do you believe that John 1723
39:37 believed it
39:40 Jesus wants you to believe that that
39:43 you're as much this value to eat to
39:46 father God as Jesus himself
39:49 he says that the world may know that you
39:52 have sent me and have loved them
39:54 as as you have loved me the cry of God's
40:03 heart was expressed by Jesus as he
40:06 instituted the new covenant the Last
40:09 Supper
40:10 telling us to take and eat of his body
40:14 and to drink of his blood doing it in
40:19 remembrance of him what are you to
40:23 remember you are to remember God's great
40:29 love for you that he laid down his life
40:34 Jesus laid down his life becoming sin
40:39 for you so that you could become the
40:41 righteousness of God by faith every time
40:46 you meditate on God's Word remember
40:51 God's love for you
40:54 look at the Word of God through the lens
40:59 of God's covenant love with you without
41:04 this lens the enemy will distort the
41:09 truth like he did for me the enemy will
41:12 give you a long never-ending list of
41:15 things to do to prove your righteousness
41:18 before God and to prove that you have a
41:21 right to be loved and heard and answered
41:24 by him John 8:31 through 32 jesus said
41:31 if you abide in my word you are my
41:33 disciples indeed and you shall know the
41:35 truth and the truth shall set you free
41:38 key number two get to know Jesus who is
41:44 the word of God
41:46 now you might know this but you might
41:50 not live like this Jesus is not dead he
41:56 is alive Jesus's words
42:02 or filled Jesus's words are filled with
42:07 Jesus oh I did that Jesus is not dead
42:10 he's like Jesus's words are filled with
42:13 a very spirit in life of Jesus himself
42:17 that's John 6:63 revelations 1:18 he
42:22 says I am he who lives and was dead and
42:25 behold I am Alive for evermore here's
42:30 the rain john 6:63 the words that i
42:33 speak to you are spirit and they are
42:35 life you know when Jesus comes he is
42:38 like rain and he turns everything that's
42:42 dry and cracked like it's been here in
42:44 Southern California for years and years
42:46 now he turns him green that's his life
42:52 his Leafs never wither and your Leafs
42:56 are never to wither like Psalm 1 3 says
43:00 Jesus's name is called the Word of God
43:03 if you want to get to know Jesus like
43:06 I'm sure you do you need to get to know
43:09 the Word of God Jesus is the image of
43:15 the invisible God
43:23 Jesus the Word of God it's always meant
43:26 to be fleshed out in your life so His
43:28 grace and truth can be experienced by
43:31 you and those you intercede for always
43:36 accept Jesus as a new word for any area
43:40 of your life take a look at John 1:14
43:45 and the word became flesh and dwelt
43:47 among us then if you fleu be Don further
43:51 the Word of God is full of grace and
43:53 truth now we don't really understand
43:57 this word high-priest because we don't
43:59 really have high priest but the Word of
44:02 God and Hebrews 3:1 and Hebrews 7 23 and
44:06 24 tells us that Jesus is the high
44:09 priest of our confession he's not only
44:12 our Lord and Savior but he's our high
44:14 priest of our confession when you
44:16 declare the word of God the blessing of
44:18 God the Holy Spirit's power is release
44:22 for that word to become the very
44:25 substance of what it is meant to become
44:29 here on this earth when you get to know
44:33 Jesus the Word of God you'll be hearing
44:36 the greatest wisdom the greatest counsel
44:41 the greatest understanding you'll ever
44:44 hear and you'll receive the very power
44:48 the very might for that word to be
44:51 performed I was so thrilled when I you
44:54 know heard this verse in Isaiah 11:2 it
44:58 tells us about the Spirit of the Lord it
45:00 says the Spirit of the Lord shall rest
45:02 upon him that's Jesus
45:05 now where's Jesus he's inside of you
45:08 okay so think about all these qualities
45:13 residing in you the spirit of wisdom the
45:16 spirit of understanding the spirit of
45:19 counsel and might and knowledge and fear
45:22 the Lord where is it in you so we wanted
45:27 to get to know the word that's in us
45:30 because it's going to give us the wisdom
45:31 and understanding counsel knowledge
45:33 might and fear of the Lord that we need
45:35 in any
45:35 circumstance that we face key number
45:38 three see meditation on God's Word as a
45:45 vital aspect of prayer your relationship
45:49 with God so I say listen to the word
45:54 then speak listen again and then speak
45:59 so I want to go through this because so
46:01 often we want to come and just say the
46:04 same thing over and over to God about
46:06 our problem now some people they
46:09 distinguish that meditation is different
46:12 from prayer but I just see it as like
46:14 one total unit I see it as a listening
46:16 unit prayer is a two-way conversation
46:22 you're you're talking with God not just
46:27 to God you want to listen to him and
46:31 then you want to respond back to him
46:34 okay so let's look at listening to God
46:38 there are two gateways to your heart you
46:42 have the ear gate and you have the eye
46:45 gate you want to put the Word of God in
46:49 your ears and who are you gonna hear the
46:51 most yourself and you want to put the
46:54 Word of God before your eyes that's my
46:56 three by five cards always keeping the
46:58 Word of God before my eyes as you put
47:01 these in then you want them to fill up
47:04 your heart you want your heart to go
47:07 deep down into your heart because it
47:09 says either the heart the mouth will
47:11 speak and you want to put the Angels on
47:14 assignment so you want to speak God's
47:17 word out of your mouth and Romans 10:17
47:21 we know that faith comes by hearing and
47:24 hearing by the Word of God Smith
47:27 Wigglesworth one of the greatest healing
47:29 ministers of the 20th century was asked
47:32 what is the secret of his power he
47:34 replied I never go more than 15 minutes
47:38 without reading a verse a scripture and
47:41 I take from the table of the Lord every
47:44 day
47:47 after you listen to God speak to God
47:52 giving voice to the cry of your heart
47:56 what's wrong
47:57 I like the Psalms because in the Psalms
48:02 you can find your voice of how you were
48:06 feeling in any one of these Psalms the
48:09 Holy Spirit inspired these songs he
48:12 doesn't want you to keep all bottled up
48:14 within yourself all your you know
48:16 fleshly feelings and emotions and your
48:20 your fleshly thoughts he wants you to go
48:23 ahead and express them to him in prayer
48:26 but then he doesn't want you to stay
48:30 there
48:31 once you express them to God and prayer
48:33 like King David did here then who God is
48:37 for you and your circumstance and who
48:39 you are in Christ in your circumstance
48:42 and receive His Word so you first listen
48:49 to him then you to his word
48:52 you boys then what's on your heart you
48:55 know this is the problem Lord but then
48:57 hear his answer take and receive his
49:01 answer and then start letting it come
49:05 back out of your mouth speaking the Word
49:08 of God back to him and back to your
49:12 circumstances right it tells us to say
49:16 to this mountain be removed and cast
49:19 into the sea what are you saying you're
49:22 saying the Word of God to the mountain
49:25 you're not talking about the mountain
49:28 one of the biggest things that the Lord
49:30 has shown me the last couple of weeks
49:32 it's been several weeks ago when our
49:34 team met at my house and he showed me
49:38 this very clearly over the dinner table
49:40 as we are discussing film one that many
49:43 of us just like myself I spent years in
49:47 the wilderness in my sickness because I
49:49 didn't know who Christ was who God was
49:52 and who I was in Jesus Christ I didn't
49:55 know my authority and the power that I
49:56 was given I didn't know how to meditate
49:59 on the word I didn't know how
50:01 stand on the Word of God I didn't know
50:03 those things so I was wandering in the
50:05 wilderness just like the Israelites 40
50:07 years you know I was at 40 years but you
50:12 know get the picture you just wander
50:14 around and what are you doing when
50:15 you're wandering around just like they
50:17 were oh the Giants they are so big and I
50:22 just feel like grasshoppers I know that
50:25 that battle we would never win and all
50:28 you were doing was giving voice to the
50:30 anime's of the demonic would actually
50:32 take their words and perform their words
50:34 so they actually died in the wilderness
50:35 I really believe that the Lord was
50:39 showing me we can get out of our
50:40 wilderness when you come into the prayer
50:43 room it's good to give voice to it but
50:46 after you give voice to your problem
50:50 when we pray through the problem take
50:52 the Word of God as your new word for
50:57 your life and then wherever you go start
51:00 proclaiming it and declaring it and
51:03 doing like Joshua 1:8 says when Joshua
51:06 was told to go into the Promised Land in
51:09 Joshua 1:8 he was told this book do not
51:14 let it depart from your now your mouth
51:18 meditate on it day and night for Daniel
51:21 prosper and then you'll have good
51:23 success and whatever you do don't let it
51:28 depart from your mouth don't let the
51:30 enemy's words come out of your mouth on
51:33 a continual basis this is so key to
51:36 meditating on God's Word is keeping
51:38 God's Word in our mouth day and night
51:42 see because the enemy has a plan for our
51:45 life when they were trying to rebuild
51:49 the walls in Jerusalem the enemy 24/7
51:56 kept spouting their mouth off kept
51:59 trying to attack them 24/7
52:01 when Goliath faced David what did he do
52:05 day and night 24/7
52:08 laughs and if you go ahead and receive
52:12 that blablabla into your own heart and
52:15 then speak it out of your mouth diets
52:19 okay I am not making fun of you
52:22 what I am doing is telling you what I
52:25 experienced in the trap
52:27 I got eeeh and you heard my testimony
52:29 and I'm exhorting you by the word of God
52:32 don't get into that same trap amen do
52:37 you guys hear me I mean I'm not trying
52:39 to put you guys down I am trying to help
52:41 pick you up like the Lord picked me up
52:43 out of the pit of despair and
52:45 hopelessness that's why I'm talking to
52:48 you tonight and that's why I put prayer
52:52 and time and energy to release what I'm
52:54 releasing to you guys because I don't
52:56 want you to have to go through what I
52:58 went through hell on earth if you're
53:01 experiencing hell on earth right now you
53:05 need to know that God has put heaven in
53:08 your heart and he wants heaven it's word
53:11 to come out of your mouth
53:16 key number four meditate day and night
53:19 key number five do the Word of God
53:22 Philippians 4:8 through nine finally
53:26 brethren whatever things are true and
53:28 Noble just and pure good and lovely a
53:30 good report do these things meditate on
53:37 these things James 1:22 but be doers of
53:41 the word and not hearers only but he who
53:44 looks into the perfect law of Liberty
53:47 and continues in it and is not a
53:50 forgetful hearer but a doer of the work
53:53 doer of the work speak speak God's Word
53:57 speak his word or of the work don't let
54:00 the word of God depart from your mouth
54:02 do what only say what the father says
54:08 Colossians 3:16 that the word of Christ
54:12 dwell in you richly in all wisdom and
54:14 whatever you do in word or deed do all
54:20 in the name
54:22 Jesus Christ take a look at your words
54:25 and say wouldn't Jesus say this if he's
54:28 not gonna say it I'm not gonna say it
54:32 point key number six
54:35 enjoy meditating on God's Word
54:39 joy is a god-given emotion that
54:43 accompanies the eating and meditating on
54:45 God's Word how many of you enjoy eating
54:49 something that's very tasty this is one
54:53 of the tastiest things that you'll run
54:55 across in your life the Word of God but
54:59 you got to give yourself permission to
55:02 allow your emotions to come in alignment
55:07 with the Word of God when you allow your
55:11 emotions to come in alignment with the
55:13 thoughts that God is giving you the new
55:16 thoughts and the new words you'll have
55:18 joy inexpressible and you will live a
55:22 life full of joy and happiness it says
55:26 blessed is a man oh happy happy happy is
55:28 a man happiness true happiness comes
55:33 from eating inhaling meditating abiding
55:39 in the Word of God the practical steps
55:42 are listed for you in your handout to
55:44 invite you guys to go ahead this week to
55:47 do it to do your little app the
55:50 application assignment and report back
55:53 of how God is beginning to transform
55:56 your life and one day one day maybe
56:00 somebody close to you like happened to
56:03 me with my husband will say you are the
56:07 most transform person that I know of and
56:12 you'll know why
56:14 because it's been you have been
56:16 meditating on the Word of God you have
56:20 become one with the word let's pray
56:25 father I thank you for the word of God
56:27 that went forth and we thank you lord
56:30 according to isaiah 55:11 that your word
56:32 will not return void but Allah
56:35 I'll push what you please it will do
56:39 what you have called it to do so Lord we
56:43 thank you for your word this night we
56:45 give you all the glory and honor and
56:47 praise and we say well oh we love you
56:50 Lord amen


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