Jesus, The Song of All Songs

In Session 2 of “Choices Determine Destiny” Sue Burdullis teaches that the Psalms are songs, that all point to the “Song of All Songs” – the “Song of the Lamb.” (Rev. 5:9-13 & Rev. 15:3)  When Jesus at the Last Supper said,  “This cup is the new covenant in blood”  (I Corinthians 11:25), Jesus gave us a new lens, the lens of the New Covenant, in which the entire Bible, including the Psalms, are now to be viewed.  Discover through this teaching how your heart and life can be radically transformed, by putting on the new lens purchased by Jesus’ blood.   Moreover, you will see Jesus like never before through the Psalms.


Video Transcript

00:00 heads and pray father I ask that you
00:03 would give us the spirit of wisdom and
00:06 revelation in the knowledge of your son
00:10 Jesus Christ the knowledge of him being
00:14 the Lamb of God who has redeemed us back
00:17 to you by his own precious blood we
00:22 declare tonight revelations 5:12
00:25 that worthy is a Lamb who was slain to
00:29 receive power and riches and wisdom and
00:32 strength and honor and glory and
00:35 blessing open the eyes of our
00:39 understanding to see Jesus the Lamb of
00:42 God like never before so that we can see
00:47 him in the scriptures and see Jesus in
00:50 the Psalms tonight's teaching is called
00:55 Jesus the song of all songs it's the
00:59 introduction to the Psalms there's a
01:03 song in heaven being sung right now and
01:06 it will be sung throughout all eternity
01:10 it is the song of all songs it's the
01:15 song of the Lamb who is slain on our
01:17 behalf to redeem us back to God by his
01:21 own precious blood the Psalms are songs
01:27 and they all point to the song of all
01:32 songs the song of the Lamb as declared
01:36 in revelations 5 and revelations 15 so
01:41 as we begin our 2019 teaching series on
01:44 the psalm we must keep in mind the song
01:47 of all songs the song of the Lamb how do
01:52 we do this we do this by viewing the
01:55 Psalms through the lands of the blood of
01:58 Jesus Christ Jesus is victorious work on
02:01 the cross for us at the Last Supper
02:05 Jesus he gave us the new lens as he
02:11 lifted up the Passover
02:13 cop and he proclaimed in first
02:16 Corinthians 11 26 he said this cop is
02:21 the cup of the New Covenant in my blood
02:25 Jesus redeemed us back to God John 3:16
02:31 for God so loved the world that He gave
02:34 His only begotten Son that whosoever
02:38 believes in Him should not perish but
02:42 have everlasting life in Sol 1/6 the end
02:47 part it says but the way of the ungodly
02:50 Shall Perish so if you don't want to go
02:54 the way of the ungodly and perish you'll
02:57 need to believe in Jesus Christ and
02:59 receive him into your heart so that you
03:01 can have everlasting life if you believe
03:05 in Jesus Christ and have already
03:08 received him into your heart you'll be
03:11 able to overcome Satan and his demonic
03:14 kingdom of darkness the source that is
03:17 behind all evil in this world by his
03:21 blood
03:21 revelations 12:11 says and they overcame
03:25 him by the blood of the Lamb and the
03:28 word of their testimony and they did not
03:32 love their lives on to death you
03:35 overcome every giant every obstacle that
03:38 obstructs you from coming in and
03:41 experienced the fullness of your
03:43 salvation in Jesus Christ your promised
03:48 land by three things by the blood of the
03:50 Lamb by the word of your testimony that
03:54 comes in agreement with what the blood
03:57 of Jesus Christ has done for you and the
04:00 third thing not loving your lives on to
04:03 death not loving and holding on to your
04:07 fleshly thinking and feeling that
04:09 contradicts what the blood of Jesus
04:12 Christ has done for you
04:14 without the lens of what Jesus is blood
04:18 has already accomplished for you you'll
04:23 be viewing your own life the life of
04:26 those
04:27 around you your circumstances and the
04:30 world God himself
04:32 his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
04:34 as revealed by the Scriptures and by the
04:37 Psalms from a distorted point of view a
04:39 view that does not come in agreement
04:41 with what the blood of Jesus has done
04:44 for you Romans 1:16 through 17 states
04:49 I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
04:52 for it is the power of God unto
04:55 salvation for everyone who believes to
04:58 the Jews first and also to the Greeks
05:01 for in it the righteousness of God is
05:04 revealed from faith to faith the just
05:08 shall live by faith I am not ashamed of
05:14 wearing these new lens purchased by the
05:17 blood of Jesus Christ for it is the
05:21 power of God onto my salvation
05:24 this new lens is the lens of the New
05:28 Covenant the gospel of Jesus Christ the
05:32 Psalms similar to the rest of the Bible
05:35 from the book of Genesis through
05:38 revelation points to Jesus the one who
05:42 has redeemed us back to God by his blood
05:46 Colossians 1:13 through 14 says he has
05:51 delivered us from the power of darkness
05:54 and translated us into the kingdom of
05:59 the son of his love in whom we have
06:02 redemption through his blood and then I
06:05 love Ephesians 1:7 because it adds this
06:08 little phrase at the end it says in him
06:11 we have redemption through his blood the
06:13 forgiveness of sins according to the
06:17 riches of His grace according to his the
06:22 riches of His grace his unmerited favour
06:25 as a believer in Jesus Christ she have
06:28 unmerited favour you have been redeemed
06:31 from the power of darkness and conveyed
06:34 into the kingdom of his everlasting love
06:38 because of God's ever lost
06:40 love God said to Joshua as he did to us
06:44 he says be strong and courageous do not
06:48 fear and do not be disguised discouraged
06:52 we must honor the Lamb of God by not
06:57 coming into agreement with the spirit of
07:00 fear and discouragement and loving it
07:02 our own fleshly thinking and feeling
07:05 more than our Saviour Jesus Christ
07:09 your blood has accomplished two new
07:12 realities in your life it is
07:15 accomplished you becoming righteous and
07:18 you becoming a child of God the moment
07:21 that you invited Jesus Christ into your
07:24 heart to dwell a miracle took place you
07:28 became a new creation in Christ Jesus
07:31 second Corinthians 5:17 therefore if
07:36 anyone is in Christ he is a new creation
07:39 the old things have passed away behold
07:44 all things have become new what are the
07:49 old things that have passed away it's
07:51 your old identity your old Darkin nature
07:57 it's your old spirit man where Satan he
08:01 ruled and reigned over your heart you
08:05 have been delivered from past tense this
08:08 power of darkness how did you get into
08:12 the kingdom of darkness it was by no
08:14 choice of your own you were born into
08:17 this kingdom because of the first Adam
08:21 the other fall you were born with a sin
08:26 nature Romans 5:19 says first by one
08:31 man's disobedience that's Adam you were
08:35 made a sinner
08:36 that's an identity statement you are
08:40 made a sinner through the act of one man
08:43 Adam the title of this series is choices
08:48 determine destiny so the best choice
08:52 that you and I could ever
08:54 in our life is inviting Jesus Christ
08:57 into our heart to dwell amen and at the
09:03 end of the service if you haven't
09:05 invited Jesus Christ into your heart to
09:07 dwell give you an opportunity to do so
09:11 but when you have chosen Jesus Christ to
09:14 come into your heart and dwell you went
09:18 through a spiritual rebirth you are born
09:20 again according to John three five
09:24 through seven and according to second
09:26 Corinthians 5:17 you became a new
09:29 creation now listen to what Romans 5:19
09:32 says the last part so also by one man's
09:36 obedience that's Jesus Christ many will
09:40 be made righteous that's once again is
09:44 an identity statement you were made
09:48 righteous through the obedience of Jesus
09:51 Christ not through your own obedience
09:56 hallelujah second Corinthians 5:21 four
10:00 verses later after 5:17 it explains to
10:04 us the core new creation reality it says
10:10 this in 2nd Corinthians 5:21 for he made
10:14 him that's Jesus who knew no sin to be
10:18 sin for us that we would become the
10:22 righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
10:26 your new identity in Jesus Christ is
10:29 that you are the righteousness of God in
10:33 Christ Jesus the real you is your spirit
10:37 man the real you is righteous and this
10:41 was made possible hallelujah not through
10:45 your own good works but through the work
10:47 of Jesus Christ his perfect obedience so
10:51 what does righteousness means it means
10:56 that your spirit man was made holy as he
11:02 is holy your spirit man is one
11:07 hundred percent holy you see when you
11:13 invited Jesus Christ into your heart the
11:17 fullness of the Godhead came into your
11:19 heart the father and the Son and the
11:22 Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will not
11:26 dwell in a temple that is unholy that is
11:32 why you are holy as he is holy another
11:37 word that might be easier for you to
11:39 understand and to remember when you
11:41 think about righteousness is this word
11:43 justified you break it apart just as if
11:50 I'd never sinned justified just as if
11:56 I'd never sinned this means that your
12:00 sins have been completely blotted out
12:03 from God's record so when God looks at
12:06 you he sees no sin on you he sees his
12:12 son Jesus Christ he sees you through the
12:15 lens of His Son Jesus Christ who has
12:18 made you holy as he is holy Romans 5:9
12:23 says much more than having now been
12:26 justified by his blood we shall be saved
12:29 from wrath through him so every day you
12:33 get up in the morning what do you need
12:35 to do put on the rose-colored glasses
12:39 and as you wear these new lenses
12:42 purchase by Jesus's blood you will be
12:46 able to view God and you will be able to
12:50 view yourself from the proper
12:54 perspective from the truth of what the
12:56 blood of Jesus Christ has done for you
12:58 so now when you look at God through the
13:02 lens of the blood of Jesus Christ you
13:05 can see that God is no longer condemning
13:08 you but rather God has justified you and
13:13 then when you look at yourself you're
13:17 able to see oh man I am
13:21 longer a sinner oh I am righteous I am
13:26 justified amen
13:30 the second reality of being a new
13:34 creation in Christ Jesus is that you
13:37 have been restored back to God by the
13:41 blood of Jesus Christ you have been
13:45 adopted by him you become his child
13:48 romans i revelations 5 9 says you have
13:53 redeemed us to God by your blood
13:57 therefore because God has redeemed you
14:02 back to him because of the precious
14:05 blood of His Son Jesus Christ you are
14:08 now part of God's family
14:10 once again you are his child he has
14:14 restored you back to the time before
14:18 Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden Eden
14:21 Galatians 4 7 says therefore you are no
14:26 longer a slave but a son and if a son
14:32 then an heir of God through Christ Jesus
14:37 you're no longer a slave to sin you're
14:40 no longer a slave to the law you're no
14:43 longer a slave to the kingdom of
14:45 darkness and Satan you are the son of
14:50 the Most High God and Romans 8:17 says
14:55 and if children then heirs of God and
14:59 joint heirs with Jesus Christ
15:02 you're a joint heir with Jesus Christ
15:06 everything that belongs to God
15:10 belongs to you because you're a joint
15:13 heir with his son Jesus Christ that's
15:16 huge and besides that you also inherit
15:22 his own divine nature in the prodigal
15:26 son story which I called the loving
15:30 Heavenly Father story God says to you
15:34 tonight as he
15:35 did to the elder son he says all I have
15:40 is yours
15:42 that's from Luke 15 31 you need to hear
15:46 that because see the elder son was
15:48 trying to work for his inheritance you
15:53 don't need to work for what already
15:56 belongs to you the elder son did not
15:59 realize that everything that belonged to
16:02 his father belonged to him so he wasn't
16:04 enjoying what God what his father had
16:08 already given to him how can you walk in
16:12 these two new creation realities your
16:17 righteousness and knowing that you are a
16:20 child of God it's a principle called
16:24 beholding and becoming if you take a
16:27 look at this picture that I showed you
16:29 last week of that little girl looking
16:32 into the mirror and looking at the line
16:34 of the tribe of Judah you will see she
16:38 looks into the mirror and she says oh
16:40 I'm just like my father I'm just like
16:45 Jesus
16:46 second Corinthians 3:18 but we all with
16:50 unveiled faces beholding as in a mirror
16:54 the glory of the Lord are being
16:56 transformed into that same image from
17:00 glory to glory every day the Lord wants
17:06 you to behold the lamb of God John the
17:12 Baptist before Jesus began his ministry
17:15 in John 1:29 says this behold the lamb
17:20 of God who takes away the sins of the
17:23 world and guess what in heaven is
17:26 happening revelations 5:6 behold in the
17:32 midst of the throne stood a lamb as
17:34 though it had been slain forever and
17:39 ever will be holding the Lamb of God and
17:44 as we behold him
17:48 he wants us to understand that we are
17:52 like him that we are righteous that we
17:55 are truly his children second
17:59 Corinthians 5:17 God says to us behold
18:04 all things have become new first john
18:10 3:1 says behold what manner of love the
18:14 father has bestowed on us that we should
18:18 become children of God when you look we
18:25 talked about this last week into the
18:28 mirror of God's Word and you behold the
18:32 lamb of God you have a choice whether
18:36 you're gonna believe what he says
18:39 through the Word of God or you're gonna
18:43 go ahead and believe what your feelings
18:46 and your emotions are telling you at any
18:50 certain time which are always subject to
18:52 change right this is never subject to
18:57 change God wants you to behold and he
19:01 wants you to become like him amen one of
19:07 the best things you can do in the
19:08 morning is look at yourself in the
19:10 mirror the mirror of the Word of God and
19:13 say I am the righteousness of God in
19:16 Christ Jesus I am his child and I am
19:21 loved by him amen so in this teaching
19:29 series on choices determined destiny
19:31 you'll be discovering many many more
19:35 things that you could behold about who
19:37 God is and who you are in the psalms and
19:40 every time you behold something new that
19:44 kind of like you can't wrap your mind
19:46 around it you'll need to make a choice
19:48 will you believe the truth or you're
19:50 gonna go by what you thought in the past
19:54 that is kind of distorted from the truth
19:57 you have a choice
19:59 now in the Bible we I'm going to tell
20:03 you two stories and two different groups
20:07 of people decided differently of what
20:10 they were going to believe as they
20:12 looked at Jesus after Jesus's
20:15 resurrection there's two men and they're
20:17 walking on the road to Maison Emmaus and
20:20 they are discouraged they thought that
20:24 Jesus Christ was going to redeem the
20:29 people of Israel and now he's been
20:32 crucified and he's been put into a grave
20:35 and oh man they are really brokenhearted
20:41 now they had heard the story about some
20:44 woman who said the tomb is empty two
20:48 angels appeared to us and they said that
20:51 he's no longer here he's too man
20:55 they couldn't wrap their mind around
20:57 such thought that was just an idle tale
21:00 that was just make-believe something too
21:02 good to be true of course those women
21:04 were making up stories who can believe a
21:07 story like that right so Jesus comes
21:16 walking with them says to them why are
21:20 you discouraged and sad and Jesus says
21:24 and they describe everything that's
21:26 going on into their hearts don't you
21:28 know don't you know Jesus don't you know
21:30 don't you know Jesus they don't know
21:33 it's Jesus though Jesus says o foolish
21:36 ones and slow to believe in all that the
21:39 prophets have spoken and beginning at
21:42 Moses and all the prophets he expounded
21:44 to them in all the Scriptures the things
21:47 concerning himself Luke 24 27 oh man
21:53 what Jesus had just told them about
21:55 himself in the scriptures it started to
21:57 stir their heart and they said oh Jesus
22:00 just come and abide with us come and
22:02 have a meal with us it's really late you
22:04 know you just come and sit with us for a
22:08 while they didn't know it was Jesus
22:11 Jesus starts sitting with him and
22:13 breaking bread their eyes are opened and
22:17 they see Jesus I mean immediately he
22:22 vanishes now via just walked seven miles
22:27 from me maius and they're so excited all
22:30 that discouragement all the sadness had
22:33 left him because they saw Jesus that
22:35 they run back from Emmaus to Jerusalem
22:40 to tell the disciples so they're in the
22:41 midst of telling the disciples about
22:43 Jesus and Jesus appears and Jesus says
22:49 to all of the disciples Luke 22:44
22:53 through 45 these are the words which I
22:58 spoke to you while still with you that
23:00 all things must be fulfilled which are
23:04 written in the law of Moses and the
23:06 prophets and the Psalms concerning me
23:10 and he opened their understanding that
23:13 they might comprehend the scriptures
23:16 basically Jesus was saying hey the whole
23:19 Bible it's about me the whole Bible
23:24 points to me so when we're reading the
23:29 Psalms we really need to consider this
23:32 we need to look that in the Psalms they
23:37 are pointing us to Jesus Christ just
23:41 like he told these disciples now there's
23:44 another story I'm going to tell you here
23:47 the two men on the road to Emmaus they
23:49 believed now I'm going to tell you
23:51 another story where Jesus they hear
23:53 Jesus they see Jesus and they don't
23:55 believe this story happens among Jewish
23:59 leaders and their followers John 5 jesus
24:03 healed a man who was lame for
24:08 thirty-eight years
24:10 jesus said to this man arise take up
24:14 your bed and walk and immediately the
24:18 man was made well took up his bed and
24:20 walked when the Jewish leaders found out
24:24 they began to persecute Jesus
24:26 and wanted to kill him the audacity of
24:31 Jesus wanting to heal a man that's been
24:35 lame for 38 years on a Sabbath is he out
24:41 of his mind
24:43 what kind of physician would want to
24:46 heal somebody that's been laying for 38
24:49 years come on
24:53 Jesus as they he gets questioned he
24:57 starts to answer the Jewish leaders in
25:00 the wall there in front of the followers
25:02 he answers them and basically he tells
25:07 them that he is God can you imagine what
25:15 the Jewish leaders thought and felt they
25:17 just wanted to kill them all the more
25:20 and God through Jesus his son says this
25:26 he says you have been diligently
25:29 studying and applying the Scriptures but
25:35 you do not understand that they're about
25:39 me they point to me they testify of me
25:44 look at John 5 36 he says the very works
25:47 that I do bear witness of me that the
25:49 father has sent me verse 37 and the
25:53 father himself who sent me has testified
25:55 of me John 5:39 you study the Scriptures
25:59 diligently because you think that in
26:02 them that you have eternal life these
26:06 are the very scriptures that testify
26:08 about me John 5:40 but you are not
26:14 willing to come to me that you may have
26:16 life even though Jesus the awaited
26:20 Messiah was standing right in front of
26:22 them they did not see Jesus Matthew 13
26:28 14 through 16 tells us and in them the
26:32 prophecy of Isaiah is thus fulfilled
26:35 which says hearing you will hear and
26:38 shall not understand
26:40 and seeing you will see and not perceive
26:47 so as you join us in this 2019 teaching
26:51 series on the psalms and begin to
26:53 meditate on jesus what he's telling us
26:58 in the scriptures through the psalms
27:01 will you believe him will you see him
27:05 will you see that the scriptures in the
27:07 psalms are pointing to Jesus you don't
27:11 have to try to force and try to make
27:13 this happen it'll start to happen for
27:15 you just like it has to me as I have
27:17 started to meditate on Psalm 1 what I'm
27:19 telling you today are things that come
27:22 from meditation and I have seen Jesus I
27:25 wasn't trying to look really hard he
27:28 just starts emerging from the page
27:31 because as she begin to talk with Jesus
27:33 and walk with Jesus and tell him abide
27:36 with me stay a while break bread with me
27:41 Lord and managed like the two men on the
27:44 road to Emmaus he opens up your eyes and
27:47 you see him and then your heart starts
27:49 to be filled with joy and skipping you
27:52 see Jesus there in your mist in your
27:57 life talking and walking with you so the
28:05 ancient rabbis and many people today
28:08 they don't see Jesus so when you study
28:13 the Psalms I want you to pray Ephesians
28:16 1:17 through 18 that the god of our Lord
28:20 Jesus Christ the father of glory would
28:23 give you wisdom and revelation of the
28:25 knowledge of Jesus Christ that he would
28:28 open up the eyes of your understanding
28:30 so that they would be enlighten and that
28:33 you would know Jesus God's salvation
28:39 story about Jesus is throughout the
28:42 Psalms the Apostle Paul summarizes the
28:46 principle beliefs about our salvation
28:48 that were fulfilled by Jesus according
28:51 to the scriptures
28:53 the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians 15:3
28:57 through 8 basically said says Jesus died
29:01 for our sins he was buried and he rose
29:06 again and then he was seen by many many
29:10 people throughout the Psalms we see key
29:15 elements of salvation story it begins in
29:18 the Garden of Eden were Adams choice to
29:21 sin set in motion God's redemptive plan
29:26 for mankind through His Son Jesus Christ
29:29 the Lamb of God the Scarlet thread is
29:34 seen from the beginning of the first
29:38 book in the Bible Genesis all the way to
29:41 the last book revelation and it is seen
29:45 from the very first chapter in Psalm the
29:48 Scarlet thread of Jesus all the way to
29:50 the last chapter in the Psalms and then
29:55 this is what excited me just a few days
29:59 ago as I started to look and I started
30:02 to see this word salvation in the Psalms
30:06 and I started to look it up one night
30:09 and I looked up so laughter so laughter
30:12 so laughter so laughter so there's so
30:15 many somes I finally I had such a long
30:18 list for you guys I have not included
30:20 that in your list because there's so
30:22 many that have this word salvation and
30:26 the salvation in Hebrew is Yeshua and
30:33 you know what that means in English
30:37 Jesus so throughout the Psalms Jesus's
30:42 name is mentioned in Hebrew and you see
30:48 it translated as salvation sometimes you
30:51 see this word translated the salvation
30:54 translated with varying meanings of
30:57 different types of salvation that God
31:00 provides for us it's very similar to the
31:03 word Sozo that we see in the New
31:05 Testament in
31:07 so though in Greek means healed hold
31:10 delivered and that's the same with this
31:15 word salvation in Hebrew Yeshua because
31:21 Jesus through the power of his blood can
31:26 save you from everything and anything in
31:30 your life that's why it takes on such
31:32 buried me buried meanings
31:35 there's no one word in the English
31:39 language that encompasses the fullness
31:41 of salvation for that Greek word Sozo
31:44 and I'm sure it's the same for that
31:47 Hebrew word salvation Yeshua now Yeshua
31:53 is exactly what you see in the Psalms is
31:57 what appears in Matthew 1:21 and she
32:01 will bring forth a son and you shall
32:04 call his name Jesus Yeshua Yahweh the
32:11 Lord is our salvation for he will save
32:15 his people from their sins
32:17 Luke 229 230 Lord now you are letting
32:23 your servant depart in peace according
32:26 to your word for my eyes have seen your
32:31 salvation my eyes have seen Yeshua my
32:37 eyes have seen Jesus Philippians 2:9 211
32:51 God has highly exalted Jesus and given
32:55 him a name which is above every name
32:59 that at the name of Jesus every knee
33:03 should bow in heaven and on earth and
33:07 under the earth and they shall confess
33:11 that Jesus Christ is Lord sickness
33:17 us bow it's named to the name of our
33:20 Lord Jesus Christ poverty
33:22 I declare poverty must bow its name to
33:26 the name of our Lord Jesus Christ broken
33:28 relationships must bow their knee to the
33:32 name of our Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua the
33:36 name that is above every name must bow
33:41 its knee to the name of our Lord Jesus
33:44 Christ you and I need to bow ornate
33:48 knees before our Lord Jesus Christ and
33:51 allow everything else in her life to bow
33:54 accordingly
33:57 now I'm going to talk to you about the
34:00 shaping of our hearts through the Psalms
34:03 when the psalms originated among the
34:07 israelites their lives centered around
34:09 god
34:10 they responded to god in good times with
34:14 thanksgiving and praises and in times of
34:17 need in crisis they cried out to God for
34:20 help there are two types of Psalms
34:26 basically two types there's the songs of
34:30 Thanksgiving and praise and the songs of
34:33 laments when people cry out for help now
34:39 unlike most songs that are first written
34:43 and then sung these Psalms were sung for
34:48 a long period of time by many many many
34:52 many many many many people and many many
34:54 services before they are ever written
34:57 down so the person that sang the song
35:01 originally is not the person who ended
35:03 up writing it down when the Psalms began
35:07 the act of praying and singing was
35:10 united together and in the Psalms we'll
35:15 see
35:15 that meaning of Prayer the mingling of
35:19 poetry and the mingling of song and it's
35:24 because of this that we find out that
35:27 the Psalms
35:29 Hach hearts and transform our hearts and
35:32 minds it touched and transformed hearts
35:36 and minds of people long time ago
35:38 throughout the ages and continued to
35:42 touch the hearts and the minds of people
35:44 today despite the fact that now these
35:49 Psalms they might be very difficult for
35:52 us to understand because we don't have
35:55 maybe that historical understanding or
35:57 that language that they use in the
35:59 Psalms may be difficult but because the
36:05 Psalms are songs and they're poetry they
36:12 will touch your heart very very deeply
36:15 and because they are inspired by God
36:19 Himself they will allow you to express
36:24 your emotions your feelings in your
36:28 thinking before God they allow you to
36:32 express emotions that arise from core
36:36 issues that we all confront in their
36:38 life but then the Psalms will help you
36:41 to align your emotions and thoughts with
36:45 the emotions of thoughts of God Himself
36:50 God's command to Joshua Joshua 1:9 was a
36:54 call to have his emotions just like it's
36:57 a call to have your emotions brought
37:00 under the lordship of Jesus Christ and
37:04 they are inspired by Jesus Christ let's
37:08 look at four words from Joshua 1:9 and
37:11 see a sampling of what the psalm says
37:13 Joshua 1:9 it says have I not commanded
37:17 you be strong and of good courage do not
37:20 be afraid nor be dismayed for the Lord
37:23 your God is with you wherever you go so
37:27 you take a look at strength and there's
37:30 many Solms on strength this is just a
37:32 sample in psalm 28:7 the Lord is my
37:35 strength and my shield my heart trusted
37:38 in him and I am helped therefore my
37:41 heart greatly rejoices and
37:43 it's my song I will praise him courage
37:47 what does the Psalm say about courage
37:49 this is a sampling Psalm 3124 be of good
37:54 courage be courageous and he will
37:57 strengthen your heart all you who hope
38:00 in the Lord what do the Psalms say about
38:03 fear here's a sampling Psalm 27:1 the
38:07 Lord is my light and my salvation whom
38:10 shall I fear the Lord is the strength of
38:14 my life of whom shall I be afraid what
38:18 did the psalm say about discouraging
38:20 discouragement once again this is a
38:22 sampling psalm 42:5 why are you down
38:25 cast o my soul and why are you
38:28 disquieted within me hope in God for I
38:31 shall yet praise him for he is the help
38:34 of my countenance
38:37 although the Psalms are truly sung
38:42 prayers to God
38:44 as people are processing their lives
38:47 with God we also must remember that they
38:50 are inspired by the Holy Spirit just
38:52 like all Scripture
38:54 therefore the Psalms could be entitled
38:57 God's prayer manual but because they all
38:59 point to Jesus we could call them
39:02 Jesus's songbook in early church as they
39:07 gather together for their church
39:09 services in the home what do you think
39:12 they did they ate a meal they broke
39:16 bread together and they sang they would
39:20 stand up in the middle of the meal and
39:22 one person would sing that another
39:25 person would sing and another person was
39:28 saying that's how church was not like
39:32 today James 5:13 says is anyone cheerful
39:36 let him sing songs
39:40 Colossians 3:16 let the word of Christ
39:44 dwell in you richly in all wisdom
39:46 teaching and admonishing one another in
39:49 Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
39:52 singing and making melody in your heart
39:55 to the Lord
39:57 singing with grace in their hearts to
39:59 the Lord Ephesians 5:18 through 19 but
40:03 be filled with the spirit speaking to
40:05 one another in Psalms and hymns and
40:08 spiritual songs singing and making
40:10 melody in your heart to the Lord so we
40:13 know that the early church and
40:15 throughout the ages people sang and
40:17 prayed the Psalms but how about Jesus
40:21 did you know that Jesus quoted the
40:23 Psalms more than any other book that he
40:26 quoted in the Bible
40:28 perhaps he quoted the Psalms because
40:31 people knew them so well and he knew he
40:33 needed to touch the people's hearts and
40:35 to give new revelation about the New
40:39 Covenant that he was beginning as Jesus
40:44 spoke about the Psalms he brought new
40:47 meaning and he also showed how the souls
40:50 were being fulfilled through him here's
40:54 two example Psalm 110 11 you see this
41:02 appear in Psalm 110 11 in mark 12 36 and
41:05 37 then jesus answered and said while he
41:08 taught in the temple how is it that
41:10 scribes say that the Christ is the son
41:13 of David
41:14 for David himself said by the Holy
41:17 Spirit the Lord said to my lord sit at
41:21 my right hand till I make your enemies
41:23 your footstool
41:24 therefore David himself calls him Lord
41:27 how is he then his son in this Jesus is
41:33 proving that he is a messiah he's not
41:37 only David's son but he's David's Lord
41:40 and even after I say this
41:42 it might sound pretty confusing to you
41:44 it appears in most of the Gospels but
41:49 the Jewish leaders understood what he
41:51 was saying but they could not believe it
41:56 then on the night that Jesus which
41:59 betrayed he quoted from psalm 41:9 he
42:04 said instruct in psalm 41:9 it says even
42:08 my own familiar friend in
42:10 whom I trusted who ate my bread has
42:13 lifted up his heel against me and this
42:17 appears in John 13 18 through 19 Jesus
42:21 says I do not speak concerning all of
42:24 you I know whom I have chosen but that
42:29 the scripture may be fulfilled he who
42:32 eats bread with me has lifted up his
42:34 heel against me now I tell you before it
42:38 comes that when it does come to passion
42:40 you may believe that I am P so Jesus he
42:47 went and spoke the Psalms but did he
42:49 sing the Psalms okay in Matthew 26:30 we
42:55 see and when they had sung a hymn they
42:58 went to out to the Mount of Olives and
43:03 when they sang a hymn so at the Last
43:08 Supper the first day of the Passover
43:13 before Jesus goes to Gethsemane and
43:15 Golgotha he's sitting with his disciples
43:19 and he sings with them what does he sing
43:23 he sings
43:25 what the Jews sang on the first day of
43:27 the past over the Halal Psalm 113 -
43:32 psalm 118 so let's take a look at what
43:36 are some of the things that could have
43:39 been sung when Jesus knew that he was
43:43 going to go and be crucified psalm 118 6
43:47 the Lord is on my side I will not fear
43:50 what can man do to me
43:52 psalm 118 23 the stone which the
43:57 builders rejected has become the chief
44:00 Cornerstone this was the Lord's doing it
44:05 is marvelous in our eyes Psalm 116 five
44:09 precious in the sight of the Lord is the
44:12 death of his Saints the song of the lamb
44:17 is another song that Jesus could be seen
44:20 the song of the land is Yeshua's
44:23 victories
44:24 the victory song of Jesus that is being
44:27 sung in heaven for all eternity this
44:30 song is not only about Jesus but it's
44:33 about our loving Heavenly Father I think
44:37 that Jesus is singing this song
44:42 revelations 15 three talks about the
44:46 song of all songs they sing the song of
44:50 Moses the servant of God and the song of
44:53 the lamb saying great and marvelous are
44:56 your works Lord God Almighty just and
45:01 true are your ways o king of saints who
45:04 shall not fear you O Lord and glorify
45:07 your name for you alone are holy for all
45:12 the nations shall come and worship
45:15 before you for your judgments have been
45:20 manifested and when you look up the song
45:23 of all songs the song of the Lamb many
45:27 things that are said in the song of
45:30 songs the song of the Lamb come from the
45:32 Psalms so my question to you for the
45:38 week is what song will you choose to
45:42 sing will you choose to sing a new song
45:47 not the song of your circumstances but
45:50 rather was you sing a song that comes in
45:53 agreement with what the blood of Jesus
45:56 Christ has done for you will you choose
45:59 to sing the song of all songs the song
46:03 that all the Psalms point to when you
46:08 sing songs that are in cordons with what
46:11 the blood of Jesus Christ has done for
46:13 you it says in psalm 22:3 that god
46:19 himself is enthroned in your praises
46:23 god's presence comes and when his
46:27 presence comes he comes to redeem
46:30 he comes to save you and I so be strong
46:34 and courageous do not fear or be afraid
46:39 for the Lord your God has come to save
46:43 you
46:44 amen so father we thank you for the
46:48 tonight's teaching and we pray that your
46:50 word that has gone forth would richly
46:54 dwell in our hearts through faith in
46:58 Jesus's name Amen thank you for coming


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