Jesus Is Willing To Heal You

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning healing is “Is Jesus willing to heal me?”  Jesus’ answer to the leper is His answer to you today, “I am willing!” “Be healed.”  In this teaching have your faith strengthened in Jesus’ willingness to heal you restored no matter how impossible your situation looks.


Video Transcript

00:00 good evening did everyone come with a
00:04 expectation that's what is needed in the
00:08 body of Christ we have to come expecting
00:11 and God wants all of us to rise up and
00:16 find out even more who we are and where
00:19 we fit in word long he's doing something
00:21 new in the body of Christ he's waking us
00:23 up so we're walking by the power of his
00:27 might King can I just mention something
00:29 to you I guess could you come over here
00:33 I guess we're supposed to be in front of
00:34 the camera I just want to preface the
00:38 beginning by Psalm 19:14 it says may the
00:42 words of my mouth and the meditation of
00:44 my heart be pleasing unto Him because
00:47 before we do anything even in the
00:49 morning before we do anything when we
00:52 fully arise even if we're half asleep we
00:55 need to set apart everything for him and
00:58 we're gonna be talking about God's will
01:00 tonight and some of the scriptures were
01:02 gonna be reading it's about the leper
01:05 who went the extra mile and he says if
01:08 it's your will heal me so let's talk
01:11 about that and that same question we're
01:14 gonna be talking about tonight because
01:15 it's something that goes on in all of
01:17 our lives is it your will is it your
01:20 will so it doesn't always have to just
01:22 be for healing because we're always
01:24 asking is he your will is it your will
01:26 so we need to step and go one step
01:29 beyond what he said in that scripture so
01:32 can I just mention something to you okay
01:35 so I saw your hands highlighted can I
01:37 just anoint your hands I don't know if
01:39 you've been asking for more healing in
01:41 your hands but I feel like God's gonna
01:43 show you something he's opening up your
01:45 eyes you're gonna see more in the spirit
01:47 realm you're gonna pull things down for
01:49 people and you're gonna take people
01:50 higher that's what you always do you're
01:52 a protector you you pull people to the
01:55 place where they belong or where they
01:57 fit in so you're gonna be rescuing more
01:59 people I see you going on some trips
02:01 there's gonna be some places you're
02:03 gonna go there's gonna be some new doors
02:05 opening up but right now
02:06 you've been in transition there's been a
02:08 lot of things shaking and rolling and
02:10 altering them and being Justin so you're
02:13 in a new alignment with God so I feel
02:16 like he wants you to pursue him even
02:18 more to go the extra mile because every
02:21 time you've done that you've done that
02:22 before every time you've done that he
02:24 has given you something he has blessed
02:25 you more than you can imagine so your
02:28 scripture is Ephesians 3:20 do you know
02:30 that one it says that he can do
02:33 exceedingly abundantly more than we can
02:35 ask or think according to the power that
02:38 works within us so I ask that you would
02:41 speak that into you and decree and
02:43 declare because you have authority to
02:45 decree and declare things you have
02:47 authority with your words you know you
02:49 can change you can shift the atmosphere
02:52 I bet you can walk into an area and you
02:54 can feel and sense there's a heaviness
02:56 whatever God wants to show you more and
02:58 also Luke 10:19 do you know that
03:00 scripture right he's given us authority
03:02 to tread upon scorpions and sore
03:04 serpents and all the power of the enemy
03:07 and nothing by any means will harm us
03:09 so he's waking up some of you inside
03:12 some of the areas that need to be
03:14 awakened and to step into what what's
03:17 been called into you so if you can start
03:20 contending and decree nande running
03:23 after the father he wants to have some
03:25 of more that a long time he wants to
03:27 take you under his arm and reveal some
03:30 new things that you're gonna tell people
03:32 because you're gonna flow more in the
03:33 prophetic you're gonna see more in the
03:35 spirit realm but you have to go after
03:36 him it's like he's dangling over your
03:38 head and a lot of people think well it
03:40 just automatically drops no we have to
03:42 contend for everything so if we
03:44 diligently seek Him we'll find him if we
03:47 draw not near unto him he'll draw near
03:50 unto us so give me five okay say I'm
03:53 gonna go get the father okay okay so the
04:00 time and frame of things were in in this
04:04 era this time is going after the father
04:07 even more he's been showing me that I
04:10 need to diligently seek Him in new ways
04:12 because sometimes we get lazy sometimes
04:15 we sit there
04:16 and we don't go after what is ours so
04:20 the leper in and we're going to read
04:21 that in the scripture if you wanted to
04:23 turn to Matthew Matthew 8 1 through 4 it
04:33 appears three times and each one is a
04:37 little bit different so I would
04:39 encourage you to write it down and look
04:42 and see how they're a little different
04:43 and the last one
04:45 Luke has something there that maybe you
04:48 haven't noticed for a while or maybe you
04:51 haven't noticed at all so the first one
04:54 Matthew 8 1 through 4 the next one is
04:58 mark 1 40 through 45 and Luke 5 12
05:05 through 16 I apologize I don't make up
05:09 flyers and sheets and all this stuff
05:12 because I never know how this is gonna
05:14 play out whatever is happening now is
05:16 nothing not something I plan for so it's
05:19 good that sounds good that's good
05:30 so is that Matthew you're okay why don't
05:33 you stand up why don't you read it for
05:36 us
05:37 okay turn it on uh-huh
05:44 listen to what you're reading okay
05:46 because words mean a lot to you listen
05:48 to what yes eight one through four okay
05:52 it says Jesus Hills a man with leprosy
05:54 when Jesus came down from the
05:57 mountainside large crowds followed him a
05:59 man with leprosy came came and now
06:03 before him and said lord if you were
06:06 willing you can make me clean Jesus
06:10 reached out his hand and touched the man
06:12 I am willing he said be clean
06:15 immediately he was cleansed of his
06:18 leprosy then jesus said to him see that
06:21 you don't tell anybody tell anyone but
06:25 go show yourself to the priest and offer
06:27 the gift of Moses commanded as a
06:29 testimony to him okay so what do you
06:33 notice in in those four verses anything
06:35 jump out at you feeling okay so the man
06:39 wasn't sure exactly if he was entitled
06:41 to it right right he says if you are
06:45 what willing okay have we said that in
06:49 our own walks do we have family members
06:51 friends that have said that is it your
06:54 will father to be healed we hear that
06:56 all the time and some people have told
06:59 me God my my cousin died I guess it
07:01 wasn't God's will to heal him have you
07:04 heard that I have that's right from the
07:06 pit of hell because by the blood of the
07:11 Lamb in the word of our testimony right
07:13 it's a promise we can take to the bank
07:16 okay so the leper wasn't sure if he was
07:22 gonna get healed right did you come for
07:27 a healing tonight okay so are you sure
07:30 that you're gonna get healed has to be a
07:34 mindset that's why I said did you come
07:37 expecting tonight because I've seen I've
07:39 gone to two different ministries I've
07:44 gone to Benny Hinn and I looked at the
07:47 people that left the building that did
07:50 not get healed they were upset they're
07:53 upset but maybe they didn't go with an
07:55 expected
07:56 God is willing God is willing so we have
08:00 to have that mindset that he wants to
08:03 heal us he will heal us sometimes it's
08:06 different about 12 years ago I was
08:09 diagnosed with cancer and I was
08:12 convinced that God was out to get me I
08:16 was convinced that he was teaching me a
08:19 lesson so for me it's been a journey
08:23 it's been a journey
08:25 so I won from that place asking God if
08:29 it's your will father heal me
08:32 he brought me through a different back
08:35 door and that became one of the best
08:37 times in my life because I really learn
08:40 who I was in Christ and what was
08:43 entitled to me I've gone from that place
08:45 not knowing and I've gone to a place
08:48 where I've gotten many places I've seen
08:50 thousands of people get healed thousands
08:53 not because I have any capabilities but
08:59 I know what the word says and we have to
09:01 contend for your contender
09:03 you've always been you never give up
09:05 you're strong by the power of his might
09:08 and you're also good in spiritual
09:10 warfare you may have not stepped into it
09:12 but you'd like protecting people you
09:14 like standing in the gap you don't like
09:16 people that have been taken advantage or
09:18 ripped off so God is calling you to do
09:20 more in spiritual warfare especially for
09:23 children that have been abused and hurt
09:25 and ripped off and stolen from all these
09:28 things are waiting for you but we need
09:29 to grab though when we get a prophetic
09:31 word we need to grab it and that's a
09:34 seed that gets planted and we take that
09:38 and water it with the word we speak it
09:41 into ourselves and then we take the ball
09:43 and run there's a little more to the
09:46 prophetic that people don't quite
09:48 understand because I've talked to a lot
09:49 of people that have said well I've
09:52 gotten all these prophetic words and I
09:54 guess God hasn't done it yet but he's
09:57 also waiting for us we have a
09:58 responsibility there's things that we
10:01 have to do we have to help God ignite it
10:04 activate it step into it believe for it
10:07 and I
10:08 learn years ago when God would give me a
10:12 word or a picture for me
10:13 you know people run to people all the
10:15 time but ask the Holy Spirit he'll give
10:18 us pictures he'll give us words you get
10:20 pictures don't you yeah God's gonna give
10:23 you some new pictures if you want him
10:25 because he's always saying do you want
10:27 it instead of asking him are you willing
10:30 he's saying to us are we willing it's
10:33 completely different we know that that
10:37 by Jesus stripes we are healed and we're
10:40 supposed to step into that healing it's
10:42 waiting for us it's waiting for us for
10:45 me I went to every healing room
10:47 imaginable getting prayer I fought I
10:51 contended for three and a half years
10:53 when I was diagnosed I disappeared out
10:55 of the medical system and I was
10:58 convinced God was gonna heal me after I
11:00 finally got up and realized while God
11:02 wasn't out to get me he's gonna have to
11:04 take care of it and I dealt with fear
11:06 and anxiety and concerns like a lot of
11:09 people would and then the journey the
11:12 pilgrimage that I went on I went from
11:15 place to place trying everything
11:17 imaginable and then finally he told me
11:20 go get surgery and I'm thinking what I
11:23 knew that I knew I was supposed to get
11:25 surgery but but but but but he's a
11:27 doctor
11:29 but but they're gonna cut me up they're
11:32 gonna do this they're gonna do that so I
11:35 listened and it was one of the best
11:38 times in my life about four years later
11:42 the cancer was coming back so of course
11:46 the doctors said well I think we need to
11:48 do a little radiation well I knew in my
11:51 spirit that if I had radiation it would
11:54 kill me I just knew it I don't know how
11:55 I knew so I decided to leave the system
11:59 again and kaisers pretty persistent to
12:03 get people to do what they suggest and I
12:05 can understand so I found out about a
12:09 clinic from a various friends in Mexico
12:14 and it's it's a religious group that was
12:18 given a formula to help people with
12:20 cancer
12:21 I started that treatment almost six
12:24 years ago and the cancer is stopped it
12:27 hasn't come back because God led me in
12:30 that direction so we don't know how he's
12:31 gonna do it we have to be open for his
12:35 leading so once again when we say them
12:38 are you willing to heal me he says to us
12:42 are you willing to be led by the spirit
12:44 and do what he does and directs us and
12:47 how he has a step into what's next I
12:49 didn't know I thought for me I thought
12:52 it was a lightning bolt let me tell you
12:54 another story since I have a little more
12:55 time than I thought
12:56 let me tell my wife just got cancer so
12:58 she's been doing dealing with that for
13:00 the last year so when that happened it
13:03 was pretty tough because I'm thinking
13:05 man how many people have both their
13:07 parents you know I felt sorry for my
13:08 kids how many people have both their
13:11 parents that have had cancer so that
13:13 that was hard for me to accept and my
13:15 kids have gone through it exceptionally
13:17 well okay my wife has had four surgeries
13:21 after the first one in about a half hour
13:25 into the surgery we get a phone call
13:27 from the doctor who kind of stopped
13:30 things and he says it's gone into your
13:33 wife's lymph nodes okay so when we saw
13:37 the phone call come in we were thinking
13:39 that cannot be good so whether it being
13:42 in her lymph nodes they removed it and
13:45 of course right away they said chemo
13:47 that's it's a natural so my wife says I
13:52 don't want chemo so she prayed about
13:54 chemo 99% of people that have it in
13:58 their lymph nodes that have it in their
14:01 body have and they found out another
14:04 tumor she had a second tumor inside
14:06 which was large okay so 99% of the
14:10 people or more get surgery and have
14:12 chemo
14:13 maybe radiation okay my wife prayed once
14:17 again look how God leads us and directs
14:19 it my wife prayed she was researching
14:21 online she found out about a test called
14:25 Eon code test that nobody knows about
14:29 very few people know about so
14:33 she went to her oncologist and says I
14:35 heard about a test called Eon Co test
14:37 that will tell you if chemo is gonna
14:40 help or not
14:41 and she had three different oncologists
14:44 she didn't like one one one was fearful
14:46 he says if you don't do what I say
14:48 you're gonna die period okay so we
14:51 didn't stick with that guy
14:53 so each uncle each oncologist each
14:59 opportunity brought us to that place
15:02 where we had a trust in God because my
15:05 wife knew it would be terrible okay so
15:09 finally Kaiser which they did not want
15:12 to do in the beginning allowed the test
15:14 to take place because it's $2,100 and
15:17 most HMOs don't want to spend the money
15:19 so they allowed it to take place and she
15:23 went with her gut feeling God allowed
15:25 this test to come her way for her to
15:28 find out about nobody heard about it the
15:31 doctors know about it but they don't
15:32 recommend it they don't suggest it they
15:35 don't want to spend the money so they
15:37 finally agreed she had the test and it
15:40 proved she did not need chemo it would
15:43 be no benefit to her whatsoever so my
15:48 son is a doctor who was pushing my wife
15:51 to have chemo because that's what
15:52 they're taught he's a surgeon they they
15:56 he pushed her and also he has friends at
16:00 Stanford University that are oncologist
16:04 that were pushing her and telling her
16:06 well you gotta have chemo there's
16:08 special little hats on so you don't lose
16:10 your hair they had it all worked out my
16:13 son knew terrible side effects terrible
16:15 side effects so my wife was pushing by
16:19 by my son to do this okay he says well
16:22 let me check into the young coat s out
16:25 of the blue Stanford University took my
16:28 wife's case and studied it they kind of
16:31 picked it on on their own I don't know
16:33 how that happened but they checked it
16:36 out and they came to the conclusion that
16:39 chemotherapy would be no value to my
16:42 wife so my son heard that he worked he
16:45 was
16:46 working with Stanford so he was an
16:48 agreement because he was the biggest
16:50 pusher into the chemo because he wants
16:55 his mom around my son hasn't gotten
16:58 married yet but we want some
17:00 grandchildren from him so that my wife
17:03 and son of reminisce for years about the
17:05 babies that are coming so God took it in
17:09 a direction that we had no idea my wife
17:13 won through the surgery she's
17:14 cancer-free now and God has blessed her
17:18 she just had her fourth surgery about
17:21 two weeks ago so she came through she
17:23 has one more but it's all looking great
17:27 and it was not the way we thought God is
17:32 faithful he healed her even though it
17:35 was kind of an ouch
17:36 for me especially hearing about her
17:39 lymph nodes it was in two lymph nodes
17:41 all the doctor says if it's in the lymph
17:43 nodes we won't do that onco tests
17:45 definitely not my wife says I'm gonna
17:48 call the onco people in Assen she called
17:51 there because she wouldn't take no for
17:53 an answer and they told her even if it's
17:57 in to lymph nodes we can do the tests
17:59 and the the people at Kaiser says no you
18:02 can't you can't impossible they won't
18:05 allow it they were wrong God brought my
18:08 wife down this pathway he brought me
18:11 down this pathway and he brought healing
18:13 to both of us for the glory of God we
18:17 don't know how he's gonna do it but once
18:19 again the leper had that kind of a
18:22 sensation sensation that if he pursued
18:26 Jesus something good was gonna happen
18:28 just like the lady with the issue of
18:31 blood she just knew if I put my hands on
18:34 his garment something was gonna happen
18:37 we need to contend we need to fight and
18:40 and for me when I was diagnosed I need I
18:44 knew I had a partnership with God I knew
18:46 I couldn't leave it only in the doctors
18:49 hands I knew I needed the word I needed
18:52 what
18:52 whatever I needed more than just waiting
18:56 for someone to do all the work because
18:58 God's waiting for all of us the
19:00 partnership with him we all have things
19:02 to do things to accomplish but we need
19:05 to step into things that God calls us
19:07 yeah okay would you like to read the
19:10 next scripture and let's see if it's any
19:12 different that's in mark 140 through 45
19:18 sorry I'm picking on you you're the
19:21 first one here so I'm picking on you I'm
19:22 sorry
19:37 a man with leprosy came to him and
19:39 begged him on his knees if you were
19:42 willing you can make me clean
19:44 Jesus was indict indignant he reached
19:50 out his hand and touched the man I am
19:53 willing he said be clean immediately the
19:57 leprosy left him and he was cleansed
20:01 Jesus sent him away at once with a
20:04 strong warning see that you don't tell
20:07 this to anyone
20:08 but go show yourself to the priest and
20:11 offer the sacrifices that Moses
20:13 commanded for the cleansing as a
20:15 testimony to him
20:17 so a stern warning by that didn't say
20:22 that in in Matthews version okay a stern
20:26 warning to go to the priest do what
20:29 Moses commanded them to do make an
20:32 offering okay so it's important that
20:34 Jesus followed what he was used to
20:37 following and and just stepping into
20:42 what we were supposed to step into okay
20:44 the third translation and Luke talks
20:47 about it would would you mind reading
20:49 that one okay you'll remember this night
20:52 so do you know where that one is one
20:57 note 5:12 and 2:16 5 12 through 16 while
21:05 Jesus was in one of the town's a man
21:08 came along who was covered with leprosy
21:10 when he saw Jesus he fell on his face to
21:14 the ground and begged him lord if you
21:16 are willing you can make me clean
21:20 Jesus reached out his hand and touched
21:22 the man I am willing he said be clean
21:25 and immediately the leprosy left him
21:27 then Jesus ordered him don't tell anyone
21:31 but go show yourself to the priest and
21:34 offer the sacrifices that Moses
21:36 commanded for the cleansing as a
21:38 testimony to him okay here that has a
21:42 testimony okay that's the only one that
21:46 talks about a Testim
21:48 okay so the testimony was - who - the
21:52 priest right they saw that a miracle
21:55 took place Jesus told the man don't tell
21:58 anyone but go to the priest and and let
22:03 them see the testimony let them see the
22:05 miracle think about that think about
22:08 that so here people were saying well how
22:12 did Jesus do these things and and there
22:15 was a testimony right there it's all
22:18 about the testimony right about the
22:21 blood of the Lamb and the word of her
22:22 testimony
22:23 so when you I don't know what you came
22:25 in for tonight but when your testimony
22:28 is complete you're the type that would
22:30 run up and down you would you would
22:33 scream and I because you're very
22:34 passionate
22:35 you're gonna tell people the testimony
22:37 of what God did in your life because
22:39 there's a new door opening you it's like
22:41 a new beginning for you you've been
22:42 waiting you've had all the stuff barage
22:45 you all the stuff that that's kind of
22:47 piled on you there's been all sorts of
22:50 things that have taken you out of who
22:53 you are and God is closing new doors and
22:55 he's opening better doors so a lot of
22:59 lot of good things coming for you you
23:01 need it you've been waiting you've said
23:03 one way or another one is it gonna
23:05 happen one is it my turn I can do this
23:08 anymore
23:09 so you're gonna come off that that
23:11 stagnation that merrygoround that you've
23:13 been on and God's gonna do a new work
23:16 he's gonna show you some new things
23:18 because you're very intuitive whether
23:20 you know it or not and you're gonna see
23:22 you're gonna feel you're gonna pick
23:23 things up you're gonna do new things and
23:25 you're gonna plant seeds for the kingdom
23:27 of God and that's what we're all
23:29 supposed to do plant seeds for the
23:32 kingdom of God I didn't know I was gonna
23:33 say any of this tonight by the way Plan
23:36 C I didn't know you were gonna be here
23:37 tonight and that funny how God plans at
23:40 all yeah we're just willing right so so
23:44 I I came here and just say I'm willing I
23:46 didn't really prepare much cuz I usually
23:48 prepare and then it goes in a whole
23:50 different direction I mean isn't that
23:52 being led by the spirit you you're led
23:54 by the spirit you know
23:56 well you're learning how but you are
24:00 whoa
24:01 being in it totally sensitive to what
24:04 God wants that's what he wants in this
24:06 day and age rather than run away from
24:09 the coronavirus we should run into him
24:12 because he's our protection you know I
24:15 was supposed I was supposed to go to
24:16 Milan Italy this coming Monday so the
24:19 cases there are very bad
24:21 there's last I heard closest 2,000
24:24 people that are infected and there's
24:26 been 30 people that have died so my
24:29 friend who is a pastor she has places we
24:32 were going to go and we were gonna go to
24:34 Israel but they're not allowing people
24:36 from Italy into Israel any longer
24:38 they've cut the border off because of
24:39 what's going on in Milan so people are
24:44 going nuts there because they're going
24:45 to the supermarkets they're buying all
24:47 the food because they're expecting a
24:50 total epidemic that take place in Italy
24:53 so fear is gripping people and maybe
24:57 that leper had a little bit of fear if
25:00 you have things on your body you you
25:04 probably or you have things going on
25:06 inside you we have a little bit of fear
25:09 but God is more we walk by faith and not
25:12 by sight it's a spirit realm that we
25:15 have to walk into and so often we walk
25:19 by sight we go with our feelings our gut
25:22 and a lot of times that keeps us from
25:25 walking into our our healing our destiny
25:28 and our purpose cuts he's gonna show you
25:30 your purpose I'm sorry that I'm not
25:32 picking on you per se so I want to give
25:35 you a few more scriptures about well
25:38 okay we know God's will right anyone
25:41 know the Lord's Prayer what does it say
25:43 there what would you like to read that
25:47 6:9 Matthew 6:9
25:55 we always talk about our will and some
25:58 people have a strong will right if you
26:01 didn't have a strong will you wouldn't
26:02 be here now because you're a fighter
26:05 because the enemy wants us this
26:08 surrender to him and feel defeated he's
26:12 good at that
26:13 but God says we're more than conquerors
26:15 we go from glory to glory so we can't
26:18 stop we have to keep fighting the good
26:20 fight we have to run the race so it
26:27 talks about thy will be done right
26:32 destined is how you should pray our
26:35 Father in heaven Hallowed be your name
26:50 you're doing great why don't we all do
26:54 it together
26:55 okay hallo be thy name thy kingdom come
27:00 thy will be done on earth as it is in
27:05 heaven give us daily bread and forgive
27:09 us as we forgive those who trespass
27:14 against us lead us not into and the
27:21 kingdom the power and the glory amen so
27:26 it talks about God's will there right
27:28 what does God's will is God's will for
27:31 us to be healed the leper wasn't exactly
27:34 sure he was kind of keeping his fingers
27:36 cause and he says if it's your will
27:40 did Jesus turn anyone down so many times
27:44 he said he healed all of them they were
27:47 waiting for him a little further on he
27:51 had to get off by himself so he can pray
27:54 look shortly after in in in Mathew it
27:58 talks about Jesus being alone with the
28:00 father and what did he say he knew his
28:04 time was coming so Jesus says thy will
28:07 be done so jesus knew walking in God's
28:10 will God's plan God's purpose it's a
28:14 matter of surrendering to what God has
28:17 for us and totally trusting him so
28:19 that's what healing is totally trusting
28:22 God right because we don't know we don't
28:26 know what tomorrow's gonna bring I
28:27 didn't know what was when I got went for
28:30 my diagnosis at the time we had a bed
28:33 and breakfast so I go and I figure
28:35 everything was gonna be fine so when I
28:36 got the news I came back to my wife can
28:40 you imagine walking up to your wife and
28:41 having a room full of guests and I had
28:45 to tell her that not good news but in
28:48 some ways it was good news because God
28:50 brought me through it you know what I
28:53 hate also I hate when people say there's
28:55 good news and there's bad news
28:56 there's only good news because no matter
28:59 what happens to us God
29:01 is taking care of us he's watching over
29:03 us he's bringing us to a place where
29:05 were victorious even if we don't think
29:08 it at the time because the bigger
29:10 picture is that were his children it
29:13 says were overcomers were overcomers
29:15 that children of God are overcomers
29:17 we're over are you an overcomer are you
29:19 gonna have a good testimony when you go
29:21 back to the doctor aren't they gonna
29:23 scratch their head and say what happened
29:25 to it where did it go what about you
29:28 you're ready for that testimony God's
29:32 gonna show you some new things you're
29:34 gonna be doing something with a you
29:36 don't want me telling you to do you're
29:38 gonna do something with a ministry
29:39 because you have a heart to help so
29:41 you're gonna be helping people you're
29:43 gonna be you're like a hands-on person
29:46 and and I just see you doing a lot of
29:48 good to help people especially people
29:50 that have been verbally abused or ripped
29:53 off as stolen from because it doesn't
29:55 feel good so you're gonna do a lot for
29:57 the kingdom of God so sometimes we go
30:00 through challenges it says when we're
30:02 tried will come forth is what gold right
30:06 every trial every challenge has what an
30:09 eternal weight of glory that's in Romans
30:12 5 and while we go through trials it has
30:16 what it has anyone know what has it
30:21 helps us to acquire personality know it
30:25 helps us to be just strong and powerful
30:29 and it leads to hope so we don't always
30:33 understand the trials we don't always
30:34 understand but we know that God is
30:37 holding our hand it's all good right
30:41 it's all good it's all good because God
30:42 is faithful and it says improper as
30:45 anyone know proverbs 3:5 and 6
30:56 isn't that a powerful scripture isn't
30:59 that something we should pray everyday
31:01 proverbs 3:5 and 6 I'm amazed I just got
31:08 back from Mexico and there's
31:10 congregation down there we minister to
31:13 and I mentioned the people Philippians
31:16 4:6 and 7 I mean for a lot of us that's
31:19 a given talks about anxiety and I was
31:23 surprised not throwing stones but no one
31:26 knew that scripture I was amazed because
31:29 I knew there was a lot of people that
31:31 had fears there you know what that
31:33 scripture promises he's gonna guard our
31:38 heart and our minds with his peace that
31:41 passes all understanding don't we all
31:43 need that proverbs 4 6 & 7 we don't want
31:47 to be anxious anymore do we
31:49 it's not a good feeling is it so we can
31:52 stand on that scripture proverbs 4 6 and
31:56 7 and old Philippians yeah and that way
32:00 God's peace will guard our heart and our
32:04 minds and they'll bring us to a whole
32:07 new place it's learning who we are in
32:10 Christ all were entitled to what has God
32:13 got given us what he's gonna do okay so
32:16 I want to give you a couple more
32:17 scriptures I love going to we go to make
32:24 Holly a lot so I love going there
32:26 because people don't have a lot of Hope
32:29 there and they need like a pat on the
32:33 back and when we help them we walk away
32:37 with a bigger smile than they do because
32:39 it makes the difference yeah I love it I
32:41 love it it's a good thing that I take a
32:45 translator with me because I don't get
32:49 along too far without one okay so let's
32:51 look at a few other scriptures who would
32:55 like to read anybody like to read you
33:00 know all this is taking us to a place of
33:03 knowing who we are
33:04 in Christ and also what the kingdom of
33:07 God is all about who knows the scripture
33:10 what is the kingdom of God amen amen
33:17 not enough people know the kingdom of
33:20 God if we're walking in the kingdom of
33:22 God things that bog us down things that
33:25 we get discouraged about are not as
33:28 vital
33:29 they don't trip us up we walk into our
33:32 destiny and our purpose anyone want to
33:35 know what their destiny and their
33:36 purpose is what they've been called to
33:38 what their gifts are we have a little
33:42 opportunity tonight we have a prophecy
33:45 class tonight our room so if you'd like
33:48 to sign up after you get your your
33:50 prayer you can come in there and we can
33:52 pray into your life so that's what we
33:55 need to know who we are in Christ what
33:57 we're entitled to and what he's called
33:59 us to do it's amazing I don't know you
34:03 but I know there's something going on
34:05 with your life so God is leading you I
34:10 hope you don't mind me telling you this
34:11 God is leading you there's a ravine in
34:14 front of you and you know you need to
34:16 get to the other side so there's all
34:18 these things that have hindered you
34:20 things that have not allowed you to get
34:23 to the other side I I see you're a
34:25 bridge builder so you're gonna know how
34:27 to build from here to there
34:29 and open up new doors because you're
34:32 good at opening things and God's gonna
34:34 call you to connect things because you
34:36 like to connect you like to connect with
34:38 people so you're gonna bridge things
34:41 together you're a forerunner God's gonna
34:43 give you more downloads how to put
34:45 pieces of the puzzle together and set
34:47 you're almost like a Moses where you
34:49 take people out of darkness and bring
34:51 them into light and you take them out of
34:54 darkness and you give them hope you
34:56 encourage them and and you're very aware
34:58 of what you're doing you're very
35:00 discerning and you have a you have a lot
35:02 of wisdom and discernment that you're
35:05 gonna take people from one place you're
35:06 like a people mover you're gonna move
35:09 her from one place and take them over
35:11 here
35:12 and and you're like counting them you're
35:14 saying well there's 99 where did the one
35:17 go so you're gonna be doing more of that
35:19 so God's gonna bring more people your
35:21 way that you're gonna be helping and
35:23 giving direction to because you're good
35:25 at giving people direction and and and I
35:29 and I feel like he's gonna start showing
35:31 your gifts in people so you're gonna
35:33 have a sensing like wow do you ever
35:35 think about being a teacher do you ever
35:36 think about this so so there's gonna be
35:39 whole new turning over the soil for you
35:42 yeah because all the doors that have
35:45 closed there's going to be these new
35:46 doors opening and and I feel like he's
35:48 telling you don't look behind you
35:50 anymore okay all the challenges all the
35:53 people all the labeling that people have
35:55 judged you have brought you to where you
35:57 are now not to look behind but to go
36:01 forward so he's been preparing you the
36:03 last year and a half to step in till
36:06 where he's gonna launch you so there's
36:07 gonna be a new launching you're in the
36:10 works you're in the process whether you
36:12 know it or not there's gonna be more
36:14 things taken away from you more things
36:17 that he's gonna get back to you but it
36:19 has to be in his time and you've lost a
36:21 lot of things things have been stolen
36:24 people have said things done things but
36:26 it's all coming in his alignment it's
36:28 all coming it's all good thank you
36:30 Father thank you Father
36:32 so let me just read a few more
36:33 scriptures our time is almost up who
36:38 would like to read John 7:17 I'd like to
36:42 have anticipate would you like to read
36:45 that yeah John 7:17 everyone's writing
36:52 these down right because we're gonna
36:54 have a test in about an hour
36:55 right right Richard you got all of them
37:00 down right huh even the one I said it
37:04 was something else in those Philippians
37:10 that I even I make mistakes in
37:15 supplication and Thanksgiving amen
37:24 one of the most important words in that
37:27 scripture is Thanksgiving so even now we
37:31 should be thanking him that's what faith
37:34 is calling things into existence that
37:36 has hasn't happened yet Thanksgiving
37:39 Thanksgiving you're both grateful people
37:42 you've gone through a lot you have a lot
37:45 to be grateful for you know God has
37:47 protected you before things could have
37:49 happened to you do you know that right
37:51 he's helped you so many times okay so we
37:54 have 717 John 7:17 If any man will do
37:58 his will he shall know of the doctrine
38:01 whether it be it be of God or whether I
38:04 speak of myself okay what does that say
38:07 if we do God's will
38:15 the fruit that comes out of it we'll
38:18 know it's God's fruit because maybe when
38:22 you go home read the rest of it it talks
38:24 about the enemy there so we know the
38:26 enemy's fruit right but God's fruit
38:30 brings fruit it brings accomplishment it
38:34 just brings a blessing and that's what
38:36 he wants us to step into by doing his is
38:38 his will so I just want to leave with
38:41 you what God's will is in the Bible 1st
38:43 5th says that's the law in hands by oh
38:46 I'm tired so who would like to read that
38:52 5 16 through 18 okay rejoice evermore
39:03 great without ceasing in everything give
39:06 thanks for this is the will of God in
39:09 Christ Jesus concerning you okay so here
39:12 what that said rejoice always pray
39:15 without ceasing and be grateful for all
39:17 things that is the will of God so a lot
39:22 of times we
39:23 as what is the will of God the leper
39:26 asked Jesus is it your will because he
39:29 is God
39:30 was at his will to heal him yes so right
39:34 there look at that scripture later and
39:36 to speak that into yourself rejoice
39:39 always be grateful for all things right
39:43 Hank and pray yet first Thessalonians 5
39:46 16 through 18 that is the will of God
39:53 it's not always easy to be grateful for
39:56 all things but that's what God wants us
40:01 to do any questions you have any
40:04 questions ask the boss thy will be done
40:09 anyone read the Lord's Prayer very often
40:13 everything we need is in that prayer
40:15 Jesus says pray this way one last thing
40:18 to think about when Jesus was here do
40:21 you know he activated his disciples to
40:24 lay hands on the sick and they will
40:26 recover because at that time Jesus was
40:28 still alive when he was healing people
40:30 it wasn't by the stripes on his back he
40:34 was activating people he gave them
40:37 authority to tread upon scorpions and
40:39 serpents and all the power of the enemy
40:41 so Jesus activated his disciples to
40:44 raise the dead that cleanse the leopard
40:46 the heel to sit right so he activated
40:48 them and he's activating us today all we
40:52 have to do is step out faith believing
40:55 risk stick your neck out it can be Allah
40:59 I remember the times I've had hundreds
41:01 of people waiting in line and in Peru
41:03 all these people needed prayer and I'm
41:06 thinking oh my god I don't even speak
41:08 Spanish so my translator was busy over
41:10 here so I would ask him was tanida Lord
41:14 and Superboy you have pain in your body
41:16 that's all I can muster up so then I I
41:19 said donde donde so they put their hand
41:21 here so I'm thinking oh my god you
41:23 better come Holy Spirit so I would put
41:25 my hand here and then there's it no mas
41:28 a mas so if we're willing if we stick
41:32 our neck out if we stand on God's Word
41:34 if we expect
41:36 he shows up thank you because God says
41:41 lay hands on the sick this is a
41:43 commandment to all of us lay hands on
41:45 the sick and they will what recover it's
41:48 a guarantee it's a promise so raise your
41:53 hand and let's ask God to acknowledge
41:56 that because the library
41:59 he spoke forth his desire right it means
42:03 something when we decree and declare we
42:06 says I need healing it means something
42:09 when we say that so father as my
42:12 brothers and sisters are laying their
42:13 hands up father I just pray that you'd
42:16 bring them to the next level I pray
42:18 father that they will have a new
42:20 confidence a new boldness to go out and
42:23 do what Jesus did father jesus healed
42:26 everyone that came his way everyone
42:29 everyone
42:30 so as we step out we do the stuff as
42:33 Jeffrey Barse says as we do it we decree
42:37 and declare that we've been chosen and
42:40 ordained in Christ to bear fruit so
42:43 thank you for blessing us thank you for
42:45 blessing all my brothers and sisters
42:46 that came in tonight for healing we
42:49 thank you that you're a faithful God and
42:51 thank you for what you're going to do
42:53 the rest of the evening in Jesus name
42:54 and then


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