Courageous Living

In Session 1 of “Choices Determine Destiny”, Sue Burdullis teaches how Joshua exemplified Courageous Living, as he chose to walk fully in all that God commanded him to do despite tremendous challenges. God had given him a job assignment way beyond his natural abilities, strength, and power. Therefore, a blue-print was given by God in Joshua 1 of how to successfully bring God’s Word to fruition in his life and for all the Israelites.  As you embrace God’s instructions in Joshua 1 – as revealed also in Psalm 1 and  highlighted in this lesson – you will be able to walk with great strength and courage into the fullness of your Promised Land.


Video Transcript

00:00 let's all bow our heads for prayer
00:03 father I thank you
00:05 I pray according to your word in
00:08 Ephesians 3 that you would grant us
00:11 according to the riches of your glory to
00:15 be strengthened with might through your
00:18 spirit in the inner man so that Jesus
00:22 Christ the word of God would richly
00:26 dwell in us through faith and that we'd
00:29 be rooted and grounded in love so that
00:32 we would be filled to overflowing with
00:35 your love for us your strength your
00:38 courage and all of who you are we thank
00:43 you for opening our hearts to hear what
00:46 you are saying to us through our first
00:48 session together on choices determine
00:51 destiny I want to welcome everybody here
00:54 tonight the title of this series is
00:58 courageous living it comes from John one
01:02 where God directly speaks to us be
01:05 strong and courageous these words be
01:10 strong and courageous are interwoven
01:12 into God's job description for Joshua's
01:16 next assignment in life Joshua is given
01:20 a mission a job assignment that is way
01:23 beyond his natural abilities his
01:26 strength courage and power to
01:29 successfully perform it as Joshua's
01:32 listening to all that he's being called
01:36 to do God says this to him have I not
01:40 commanded you be strong and courageous
01:45 do not be afraid do not be discouraged
01:50 for the Lord your God is with you
01:53 wherever you go at this point in time
01:57 Joshua's no longer young Joshua was
02:01 about 70 to 80 years old when God
02:04 commissioned him to lead several million
02:07 Israelites into the Promised Land now
02:11 you can imagine the
02:12 myriad of thoughts now that are
02:14 bombarding Joshua's mind yes he had seen
02:19 many miraculous signs and wonders as he
02:22 came out of Egypt and he saw many
02:25 miraculous signs and wonders during the
02:27 40 years of wandering in the wilderness
02:30 he was Moses assistant so what kind of
02:34 things did he have special access to
02:37 being Moses assistants what did he see
02:40 in here as Moses assistant but despite
02:44 all that Moses his admired leader has
02:52 just passed away Moses did not get to go
02:56 into the Promised Land and Joshua's
03:01 entire generation they didn't make it
03:04 into the Promised Land we're talking
03:05 about several million people so you can
03:08 imagine what Josh was thinking at this
03:10 point in time when he gets this command
03:12 from the Lord in Deuteronomy 31 verse 23
03:17 the Lord gave this command to Joshua son
03:20 of nun be strong and courageous for you
03:26 will bring the Israelites into the land
03:28 that I promised them on oath and I
03:30 myself will be with you Joshua 1/2 arise
03:36 go over this Jordan you and all this
03:39 people to the land which I am giving to
03:41 them the children of Israel now as you
03:46 stand on the brink of entering your
03:48 promised land God is speaking directly
03:52 to you these exact same words be strong
03:56 and be courageous your promised land
04:00 encompasses not only your big job
04:03 assignment your highest calling that God
04:06 has called you to in this life but also
04:09 your promised land is all the promises
04:12 that are in the Word of God for your
04:15 everyday living as believers in the New
04:18 Covenant you need to know that Jesus
04:21 Christ is your promised land and in
04:25 Jesus all of God's promises or yes any
04:29 meant God is so adamant that you just
04:34 like Joshua would understand this
04:36 admonition to be strong and courageous
04:38 that he repeated its instructions three
04:42 times in the same conversation and in a
04:45 very short period of time and on the
04:49 third time God preface 'as these
04:52 instructions to be strong and courageous
04:54 with these words have I not commanded
04:58 you God
05:02 is emphatic ly declaring that his words
05:05 are not a suggestion to be ignored but
05:09 rather a command to be obeyed if you
05:13 want to prosper and be successful
05:15 in all that God calls you to do this
05:19 command to be strong and courageous it's
05:22 a call to faith faith in God Almighty in
05:27 a moment we're gonna all recite together
05:29 Joshua 1:9 out loud together but before
05:34 we do this let us understand God's heart
05:37 towards us as he tells us and he
05:41 commands us to be strong and courageous
05:43 first let's talk about God's love see
05:48 this command to be strong and courageous
05:50 as coming directly from God's heart of
05:54 overwhelming love for us and all that
05:58 concerns us and all that he calls us to
06:01 do God desires you to experience the
06:06 fullness of his love in the way of his
06:10 blessings being established in your life
06:13 his promise is being fulfilled and his
06:16 son Jesus Christ being glorified in you
06:20 and through you both in this age and in
06:24 the age to come
06:25 everything that God says and everything
06:29 that God does comes from love God is
06:33 love first John 4:8 second
06:38 as we recite this be strong and
06:40 courageous from Joshua 1:9 I want you to
06:43 think about God's grace what is God's
06:46 grace in this instance it's God's own
06:49 strength and courage flowing from God's
06:53 throne of crack grace right into your
06:57 heart so that you can actually walk in
07:00 strength and courage for everything that
07:03 you face in this life the moment you
07:07 come in agreement in your heart with
07:09 that little yes that's the moment that
07:12 gray starts flowing into your heart from
07:14 God to accomplish what He has called you
07:17 to do Ephesians 2:8 says this for by
07:20 grace you have been saved through faith
07:22 and not of yourself it is the gift of
07:25 God not as a result of works lest anyone
07:29 should boast grace is God's gift to you
07:34 grace is Jesus Christ himself I love one
07:40 told me a long time ago
07:41 the acronym for grace grac II God's
07:45 riches at Christ's expense this means in
07:50 Jesus Christ you have all the strength
07:52 all the courage that you need and
07:55 everything else that you need for God's
07:58 given assignment in your life you access
08:02 grace by faith in Christ Jesus alone
08:06 another scripture that talks about God's
08:09 grace and I just absolutely love this
08:12 one especially at my age and I know
08:14 there's some older here is Joshua 14
08:17 levin caleb says this i'm as strong this
08:22 day as on the day that moses sent me
08:26 just as my strength was then so is my
08:30 strength now for war both for coming out
08:34 and going in Caleb's decoration clearly
08:39 shows us that he was operating by god's
08:42 strength and not his own
08:44 because caleb he was 40 years old when
08:48 he went in to spy out the promised
08:51 flan but now he's 85 years old and he
08:55 say just as my strength was then when I
08:58 was 40 years old so is my strength right
09:01 now when I'm 85
09:02 how many 85 years old people do you know
09:06 whose strength is just the same as in
09:10 when they were 40 and I'm talking about
09:12 also physical strength because he's
09:14 gonna go in to the land that the Lord
09:17 has given to him he says in Joshua 14 12
09:21 give me this mountain I'm gonna take
09:24 this mountain Lord that you have given
09:26 to me and you know what this mountain
09:28 was it was a range a mountain 3,000 feet
09:31 in elevation and at that top of the
09:34 mountain was a strong fortified city he
09:37 brought and in Hebron were the
09:40 descendants of anak these were men that
09:43 were giant inside and they were the ones
09:46 that caused all the Israelite leaders
09:48 they attend other spies to be so
09:51 frightened that they caused a lot of
09:54 discouragement and fear to enter into
09:56 the camp of Israel causing them not to
09:58 enter the Promised Land
09:59 so at 85 years of age what is Caleb
10:02 saying he's saying I'm gonna take down
10:04 those giants and everyone was fearful
10:06 about not just one I'm gonna take them
10:08 all down because I have the strength of
10:10 the Lord awesome
10:12 that's God's grace for you and I to have
10:14 that strength another Bible verse that
10:17 speaks of God's grace is Psalm 18 32 it
10:22 is God who arms me with strength and
10:25 makes my way perfect for you have arm me
10:28 with strength for battle
10:31 you have subdued under me those who rose
10:34 up against me
10:36 as you learn to pray and sing the Psalms
10:40 just as the psalmist did in our 2019
10:44 teaching series you will be able to come
10:47 alongside the psalmist and you will be
10:50 able to sing and pray psalms that will
10:53 bring strength and encouragement and
10:56 great courage to your own heart and
10:58 chase away fear and discouragement that
11:02 used to exist there amen
11:04 Isaiah 40 29 and 31 he gives power to
11:09 the weak and to those who have no might
11:12 he increases strength but those who wait
11:15 upon the Lord he shall renew their
11:19 strength
11:19 if you feel too weak right now for what
11:24 God is calling you to do this day this
11:27 oncoming week this oncoming year then
11:31 it's time for you and I to come to God
11:34 for the great exchange of the Cross we
11:37 take our weakness we hand it to Jesus
11:41 Christ and then we receive his strength
11:44 and his courage to face whatever he is
11:48 calling us to face in this life so that
11:51 we can be successful in it that we won't
11:54 tremble in fear we won't tremble with
11:57 discouragement now the third thing I
12:00 want you to understand regarding God's
12:02 heart towards us through this command to
12:05 be strong and courageous is that God is
12:08 with you wherever you go under the new
12:13 covenant of God's grace God Almighty is
12:16 not only with you the God Almighty is in
12:20 you you have the same power in you that
12:24 raised Jesus Christ from the dead he's
12:28 living inside of you this power is in
12:31 you for a purpose to accomplish all that
12:35 you cannot do in your own strength your
12:38 own ability your own power your own
12:41 courage Colossians 1:15 it says that
12:46 Jesus is the image of the invisible God
12:50 first John 4:17 this is going to like
12:54 really be mind-blowing to you guys as he
12:59 is that's Jesus Christ so are we in this
13:03 world as Jesus is in his resurrected
13:06 state physically mentally emotionally so
13:10 are you in this world so here's a mirror
13:18 the Word of God is like a mirror to us
13:22 as we look into the mirror we can see oh
13:25 my I am made in the image and I am made
13:31 in the likeness of God Himself who is
13:36 the Word of God when you look into the
13:39 mirror of God's Word
13:41 oh wow I have his strength I am strong I
13:46 am courageous amen Ephesians 6 where it
13:52 talks about the full armor of God Paul
13:55 exhorts us to walk in the strength and
13:57 courage of Jesus Christ he begins with
14:01 this in Ephesians 6 finally my brethren
14:04 be strong in the Lord and in the power
14:07 of his might as Paul describes each
14:12 piece of the armor we gain a clear
14:15 understanding that it is Jesus Christ
14:18 himself that we are clothing ourselves
14:20 with and at the end of Ephesians 6 Paul
14:24 exhorts us to pray with all kinds of
14:26 prayers and petitions for all the saints
14:29 right Ephesians 6 19 through 20 Paul
14:37 asked this he says pray for me
14:39 the utterance may be given to me that I
14:42 might open my mouth boldly that's
14:45 courageously to make known the mystery
14:48 of the gospel for which I am an
14:50 ambassador in Chains that in it I may
14:53 speak boldly as I ought to speak as you
14:59 put on the full armor of God you are
15:01 clothing yourself with Jesus Christ
15:05 himself because right after when Paul
15:09 says you know finally be strong in the
15:12 Lord he says put on the full armor of
15:14 God if you want to be strong in the Lord
15:16 what do you need to do put on the full
15:18 armor of God each piece of the armor of
15:21 God is Christ Jesus himself
15:24 Joel 3:10 let the weak say I am strong
15:31 New Covenant believer one of the best
15:33 ways you can begin to act upon this
15:36 command to be strong and courageous is
15:39 to declare your true identity in Jesus
15:43 Christ you look into the mirror and
15:47 let's all declare this I am strong I am
15:52 courageous I can do all that God has
15:57 called me to do okay if you look over
16:03 here this is a picture that I have in my
16:08 living room I love this picture it's a
16:13 little girl with curly long hair looking
16:16 into the mirror and she sees Jesus the
16:20 lion from the tribe of Judah and under
16:23 my picture in my living room I says this
16:27 is my identity and I put a Bible verse
16:29 there that by His stripes I am healed I
16:32 identify with who I am in Jesus Christ
16:37 who are you in Jesus Christ what word of
16:41 God are you taking ownership up and
16:44 declaring this is Who I am
16:46 amen with these three things in mind now
16:53 God's love God's grace and God's
16:57 presence that's Jesus he's with you
16:59 wherever you go let us all stand up and
17:02 declare out loud Joshua 1:9 which is on
17:06 your handout have I not commanded you be
17:13 strong and courageous do not be afraid
17:17 do not be discouraged for the Lord your
17:21 God will be with you wherever you go go
17:25 ahead and be seated this week declare
17:28 that over yourself here God speaking to
17:31 you out of his love and His grace and
17:33 His mercy to you in the situation's you
17:36 face now in addition to God directly
17:41 telling Joshua three times in one
17:43 conversation to be
17:45 and courageous he also tells people
17:47 around him God tells Moses God speaks to
17:53 others to tell Joshua that he needs to
17:56 be strong and courageous so in
18:00 Deuteronomy 138 and Deuteronomy 328 we
18:04 see God telling Moses strengthen and
18:08 encourage Joshua so what does Moses do
18:13 in Deuteronomy 31 7 and Deuteronomy 31
18:16 23 we see Moses in a public assembly and
18:21 then in a private ceremony saying these
18:24 words to Joshua be strong and courageous
18:29 then we see people that are underneath
18:32 Joshua they hear these words from God to
18:37 be strong and courageous and so now
18:40 they're speaking them back to Joshua
18:42 just as we obeyed Moses and all the
18:44 things so we will obey you only be
18:47 strong and courageous
18:49 that's Joshua 1 17 and 18 why do we need
18:54 to speak these words to ourselves and to
18:58 those around us be strong and courageous
19:00 it's because God's word contains power
19:05 and when we speak God's word out of our
19:09 mouth it releases the power for that
19:13 word to be performed in our lives and in
19:18 the lives of those who we speak it over
19:20 okay
19:21 God's Word is powerful first
19:26 Thessalonians 5:11 says therefore
19:29 encourage one another and build one
19:33 another up the best way we can encourage
19:36 one another and build one another up is
19:38 by speaking the Word of God over people
19:42 and if they are in a situation where
19:45 they're feeling fearful and discouraged
19:47 speak Joshua 1 over them be strong and
19:51 courageous God knows that Joshua's
19:56 natural propensity
19:58 like ours is quite the opposite of this
20:01 command to be strong and courageous
20:04 especially when one of these four things
20:07 transpire and you're very familiar with
20:10 them when we have seen with our own eyes
20:14 the size of the Giants the size of the
20:17 problems the size of the obstacles the
20:20 size of the difficulties it's hard to be
20:23 strong and courageous isn't it or when
20:26 we have heard with our own ears the
20:29 voice of the Giants the voice of the
20:31 Giants telling us there is no way that
20:34 you're going to overcome this there is
20:37 no way that you are going to win there's
20:39 no chance that you're going to enter
20:41 into the promises of God into your
20:43 promised land war it's hard to be strong
20:48 and courageous when we have just heard
20:50 the negative hopeless reports Psalm 1:1
20:54 calls us the ungodly counsel coming from
20:59 those who are close to us like our
21:00 family and friends or those at a
21:03 distance like social media news media
21:08 television radios and what about our
21:12 leaders it's hard to be strong and
21:14 courageous when we have leaders overs or
21:17 experts in a field that we're depending
21:19 upon for their knowledge and they give
21:23 us a bad report it's hard to be strong
21:25 and courageous isn't that therefore
21:30 because God knows our natural propensity
21:34 is quite the opposite of this command to
21:36 be strong and courageous
21:38 God gives us two additional commands
21:41 right after he says be strong be
21:45 courageous then what does he say
21:47 do not fear do not be discouraged why
21:57 why because fear and discouragement are
22:01 two of Satan's greatest weapons to get
22:06 us from believing God's Word and obeying
22:09 God's Word
22:12 to be strong and courageous as a call to
22:14 faith in God and his word
22:17 fear and discouragement are Satan's
22:20 tools to have faith in Him and his words
22:24 in numbers 13 and 14 we are given an
22:29 account of what happened when these two
22:32 satanic weapons of fear and
22:34 discouragement entered into the hearts
22:36 of the Israelites as they stood on the
22:40 brink of entering their promised land
22:42 ten of the twelve leaders who went in to
22:46 spy out the promised em came back with a
22:49 bad report an evil report why because
22:55 these top 10 Israelite leaders partnered
23:00 in their hearts with the spirit of fear
23:04 and discouragement and as they spoke out
23:08 of their darkened perception from their
23:11 hearts about the promised land this
23:14 spirit of fear and discouragement spread
23:18 like a wildfire causing several million
23:23 Israelites to come under its Dominion
23:25 the begat bad report how did it begin
23:28 with one little spark right numbers 13
23:33 26 through 28 they brought word to them
23:37 and to all the congregation
23:39 it truly flows with milk and honey and
23:41 this is its fruit that sounds good
23:43 doesn't it good report from these top
23:45 ten but then they magnify the bad report
23:51 they amplified and magnified in the
23:54 spirit of fear and discouragement starts
23:56 oozing out of their mouths and bringing
23:59 destruction to the hearts and the lives
24:02 of those who hear they say this
24:05 nevertheless the people who dwell in the
24:08 land are strong the cities are fortified
24:12 and very large
24:14 moreover we saw the descendants of anak
24:18 there remember those are the Giants
24:20 numbers 13 31 what was their conclusion
24:25 then
24:26 we are not able to go up against the
24:30 people for they're stronger than we and
24:34 they gave the children of Israel a bad
24:37 report of the land which they had spied
24:40 out deuteronomy 128 says this this is
24:47 the Israelites response to the bad
24:49 report where can we go
24:51 our brothers made our hearts melt in
24:57 fear have your heart ever melted in fear
25:02 at a bad report they say the people are
25:06 stronger and taller than we are the
25:09 cities are large with walls up to the
25:11 sky because the Israelites could not get
25:17 these fear filled discouraging words
25:19 from these leaders out of their minds or
25:23 their mouths several million people fail
25:26 to enter into the Promised Land the bad
25:30 report sparked a picturesque video
25:34 within the imagination of their own
25:36 minds where they saw themselves
25:41 grasshoppers hopping around on the
25:43 ground and the Giants picking them up
25:45 and popping them into their mouths like
25:46 a midday snack as they watched the video
25:50 over and over and over and over and over
25:52 again in the theatre of their mind they
25:55 began to weep and cry soon the scenes of
26:00 the video of their imagination worsened
26:02 the Giants no longer wanted to eat
26:05 grasshoppers
26:06 they lost their appetite for him
26:09 therefore they decided to get do away
26:13 with the Israelites in another fashion
26:15 they took their giant swords from their
26:18 sheaths and they started to slaughter
26:20 the men and the women and the children
26:22 until blood covered the ground
26:24 everywhere
26:26 numbers 14 three records us why is the
26:29 Lord brought us to this land fall by the
26:31 sword that our wives and our children
26:33 should become victims as these videos
26:37 played
26:39 their imaginations they became outraged
26:41 at their leaders Moses and Aaron
26:44 they seriously questioned the sanity of
26:47 their leaders for bringing them out of
26:49 Egypt Egyptian bondage only to suffer at
26:52 the hands of these ruthless Giants
26:54 numbers 14 - and all the children of
26:59 Israel complained against Moses and
27:02 Aaron and the whole congregation said to
27:04 them if only we had died in the land of
27:08 Egypt or if only we had died in the
27:11 wilderness they began to spread rumors
27:15 among themselves saying that surely it
27:19 would be better that they could just
27:21 return to Egypt where they could engage
27:22 himself once again in their daily
27:26 predictable routines of slavery rather
27:29 than facing the unknown dangers of a God
27:32 was getting them into in the promised
27:34 land they discussed this so often to
27:39 themselves and among themselves along
27:41 with other darkened imaginations from
27:44 their hearts that they actually believed
27:47 what they were saying numbers 14 3 to 4
27:52 records it would it not be better for us
27:55 to return to Egypt so they said to one
27:58 another let us select a leader and
28:00 return to Egypt now I took a little bit
28:03 of liberty with numbers 13 and 14 not
28:06 much though you read it you think about
28:10 what they thought about it's recorded
28:13 there so I'm asking you tonight is there
28:19 an area of your life where you have
28:21 allowed yourself to watch in the theater
28:23 of your own mind movies that contradict
28:27 the Word of God who he is and who he has
28:31 created you to be in his son Jesus
28:35 Christ what has sparked these darken
28:39 imagination and thoughts of yours are
28:42 you willing to resist them through God's
28:46 strength and courage he gives to you are
28:49 you willing to resist them with the Word
28:52 of God
28:53 what is the Word of God that you're
28:55 standing upon to resist them now for
29:00 those of us living in California this
29:02 past year 2018 we understand how fast
29:07 and how furious wildfires can spread
29:10 through an area causing mass destruction
29:13 and great loss of lives can'twe God
29:17 likens our tongues in James 3:2 the
29:21 kindling for hell's fire to spread James
29:25 three five through six see how great a
29:28 forest a little fire Kindles and the
29:31 tongue is a fire a world of iniquity
29:37 the tongue is so set among our members
29:40 that it defiles the whole body and sets
29:44 on fire
29:46 the course of nature and is set on fire
29:50 by hell every day hell's fire is
29:56 destroying lives all around us as people
30:00 are telling ungodly stories that do not
30:04 factor in who God is
30:07 they don't factor in God's
30:09 loving-kindness his tender mercies his
30:13 grace his power and him being fully
30:17 available to us through faith and His
30:21 Son Jesus Christ and unfortunately many
30:25 people's hearts are dry brittle ground
30:30 from lack of being watered by God's Word
30:33 so when fear filled discouraging words
30:37 are spoken hell's fire causes much
30:41 destruction and loss of lives how can
30:47 you change your life so the Fire doesn't
30:51 destroy you
30:52 water your own heart with God's Word
30:56 by meditating on it day and night
30:59 planting yourselves by the rivers of
31:01 it's living water heed God's
31:04 instructions in
31:06 Psalm 1 verse 2 but his delight is in
31:10 the law of the Lord and in his law he
31:14 meditates day and night he shall be like
31:18 a tree planted by the rivers of water
31:22 Joshua 1:8 this book of the law shall
31:26 not depart from your mouth but you shall
31:29 meditate on it day and night
31:32 Joshu inque lub - of the twelve spies
31:37 said to spy out the promised land they
31:40 try to quench hell's wild fire from
31:44 spreading rapidly among those they loved
31:47 and destroying them they courageously
31:51 stood up in the midst of this outrageous
31:55 assembly of crying and weeping and
31:58 complaining and they gave the report of
32:02 the Lord the good report about the
32:06 promised land number thirteen thirty
32:09 then caleb quieted the people before
32:13 Moses and he said let us go up at once
32:18 and take possession of it for we are
32:21 well able to overcome numbers 14 7
32:27 through 9 and they Caleb and Joshua
32:30 spoke to all the congregation of the
32:33 children of Israel saying the land we
32:37 pass through to spy out it's an
32:39 exceedingly good land only do not rebel
32:45 against the Lord nor fear the people of
32:49 the land for they are our bread you
32:53 thought that they that they were gonna
32:54 eat you like grasshoppers no you're
32:58 gonna eat them their protection has
33:00 departed from them and the Lord is with
33:03 us do not fear them Joshua and Caleb
33:09 they were not denying the reality that
33:12 Giants are the obstacles that they would
33:13 face in the Promised Land but rather
33:16 they were keeping their eyes fixed on
33:19 who God
33:20 was that he was bigger and greater than
33:22 any giant and any problem and any
33:25 obstacle that they would ever face and
33:28 then they kept the eyes and their ears
33:31 and their hearts fixed on the Word of
33:35 God spoken to them that surely they
33:37 would be able to go into the promised
33:39 land and possess it how did the
33:44 Israelites respond to Joshua and Caleb
33:46 spli for them not to be afraid or to
33:50 rebel against God but rather to go up at
33:53 once and take possession of the promised
33:55 land numbers 1410 records a response and
34:00 all the congregation said to them
34:04 that's Joshua and Caleb stoned them
34:10 choices determined destiny your choice
34:15 determines your destiny proverbs 18:21
34:22 death and life are in the power of the
34:25 tongue
34:26 and those who love it will eat its food
34:29 so let's take a look at what happened to
34:33 this man that brought the evil report
34:36 numbers 14 37 those very men who brought
34:40 the evil report about the land died by
34:45 the plague before the Lord what happened
34:49 to all of those of Caleb's generation
34:51 who believe the bad report they died
34:55 they were unable to enter in to the
34:58 promised land
35:01 Joshua 5/6 says the Israelites had moved
35:04 about in the wilderness 40 years until
35:07 all the men who are military age when
35:09 they had left Egypt had died since they
35:12 had not obeyed the Lord what happened to
35:16 Joshua and Caleb they were the only two
35:19 men of their entire generation of
35:21 several million that were able to enter
35:24 in through the promises that God gave
35:26 them Joshua and Caleb
35:29 they remained alive to get into the
35:32 Promised Land as number of sport
35:33 18:38 records Dharana me 136 I just
35:37 loved this it says except Caleb he shall
35:40 see it he shall see the promised land
35:42 and to him and his children and giving
35:45 the land on which he walked because he
35:47 was wholly followed the Lord what does
35:51 it say about Joshua
35:53 Deuteronomy 138 Joshua who stands before
35:56 you he shall go in there he shouldn't go
35:59 into the promised land and in the next
36:01 section on section D you'll see all else
36:03 all the other things the blessings that
36:06 happened to Joshua for his obedience so
36:10 whose report do you believe will Yuri
36:14 believe the report that comes into
36:17 agreement with what Jesus Christ has
36:19 provided for you through his death his
36:22 resurrection and his ascension he bought
36:27 your victory with his blood will you
36:30 believe it are you gonna believe in an
36:32 ungodly report are you gonna believe
36:35 ungodly counsel as Psalm 1:1 says Isaiah
36:40 53 is a prophetic description of what
36:43 Jesus Christ would one day do for us on
36:46 the cross and in that prophetic
36:50 description verse 1 says this who has
36:56 believed our report when you believe the
37:01 report of the Lord Psalm 1:1 says
37:03 blessed are you blessed is the man who
37:08 does not walk in the counsel of the
37:11 ungodly Joshua and Caleb exemplify
37:17 courageous living they did not go with
37:20 the flow of the majority but rather they
37:23 held on to God's Word in the midst of
37:25 fierce opposition and in doing so they
37:28 fulfilled all that God called them to do
37:31 so I asked myself this question this
37:33 last week how was it that Josh was able
37:37 to fulfill this command to be strong and
37:40 courageous and not only bringing himself
37:41 in but several million Israelites of
37:44 that next generation into the Promised
37:46 Land
37:47 and to possess it and to fulfill all
37:49 that God had called him to do we aren't
37:52 told I read and read but there is some
37:55 hint of it Exodus 33 10 through 11 and
37:59 all the people saw the pillar of cloud
38:01 standing at the Tabernacle door so the
38:04 Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a
38:06 man speaks to his friend and he would
38:08 return to the camp but his servant
38:12 Joshua the son of nun a young man did
38:16 not depart from the tabernacle Joshua
38:20 valued the presence of God more than
38:24 anything else in his life and then we
38:28 understand that the from the fruit of
38:30 Joshua's lie that Joshua obeyed God's
38:34 command to keep God's Word in his mouth
38:37 to meditate upon it day and night and to
38:41 do all that was written according to
38:45 what God had written in his word that
38:50 was Joshua 1:8 also we understand how
38:56 Joshua led the Israelites into
38:58 possessing their promised land that
39:01 Joshua he truly believed God's Word at
39:06 the end of Joshua 1:9 where God says the
39:10 Lord your God will be with you wherever
39:14 you go he took that seriously that God
39:17 was with him
39:18 that God would defeat the enemy that God
39:23 was giving him strength and courage that
39:26 God was giving him the strategy he
39:28 needed to defeat his enemy and you need
39:32 to remember that God is not only with
39:34 you as a new covenant believer but God
39:37 is in you and he's giving you all the
39:40 strength all the power all the courage
39:42 everything you need to enter into your
39:44 promised land what was the outcome of
39:47 Joshua's faithful meditation obedience
39:50 to God's command
39:52 Joshua became psalm 1:3 he became like a
39:58 tree
40:00 by the rivers of water that brings forth
40:03 fruit in its season his leaf does not
40:06 wither and in all that he does he shall
40:10 prosper Joshua was blessed he bore an
40:15 abundance of fruit God chose him to lead
40:19 the Israelite nation into the Promised
40:22 Land and then these promises were
40:26 fulfilled through Joshua's leadership
40:29 Joshua 1:3 every place that the sole of
40:33 your foot will tread upon I have given
40:35 to you Joshua 1:5 a no man shall be able
40:40 to stand before you all the days of your
40:43 life
40:44 Joshua 1:5 be as I was with Moses so I
40:50 will be with you Joshua 1:5 see I will
40:55 not leave you nor forsake you not one
41:00 word which the Lord has spoken to Joshua
41:03 concerning Israel's possession of the
41:06 promised land failed because Joshua
41:10 chose to believe and to obey God's Word
41:15 despite the overwhelming Giants and
41:18 despite the obstacles Joshua 21:43
41:23 through forty five so the Lord gave to
41:26 Israel all the land of which he has
41:29 sworn to give to their fathers and they
41:31 took possession of it and dwelt in it
41:34 the Lord gave them rest all around
41:37 according to all that he has sworn to
41:40 their fathers and not a man of all their
41:44 enemies stood against them the Lord
41:47 delivered all their enemies into their
41:50 hands not a word not one word
41:56 failed of any good thing which the Lord
42:01 has spoken to the house of Israel all
42:05 came to pass
42:08 I want that to be what it's declared
42:11 over my own life how about you live
42:15 courageously as you stand at the brink
42:19 of your promised land believe the report
42:23 of the Lord the good news of the gospel
42:26 of Jesus Christ
42:28 arise and cross over from living in the
42:31 wilderness of unbelief into living into
42:35 the promises of God live courageously
42:41 father we thank you for tonight
42:44 father we thank you for your word that
42:46 has come to us powerfully through Joshua
42:49 one Psalm one and father we thank you
42:53 that you are strengthening and
42:55 encouraging us right here right now and
42:59 father I thank you that you are bringing
43:01 people out of the wilderness of unbelief
43:05 that you are bringing them out of a
43:07 place of fear and discouragement and
43:10 into a place father of strength of
43:15 courage and into believing and obeying
43:18 your word father we exalt you and in our
43:22 lives we say be glorified in us and
43:25 through us not only in this age but the
43:28 age to come we praise you and we bless
43:31 you and we declare that we are ones that
43:34 desire to live courageously before you
43:38 in Jesus's name Amen


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