An Invitation to Dine with the King

You have received an invitation to a special feast with the King of Kings. Jesus is holding a place for you at “The Father’s Table.” Say “yes” today! Don’t delay! Everything you need and want is there!

In this teaching and interactive class:

  • Experience the life-giving presence of the Lord, as you engage in fellowshipping with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through Communion.
  • Discover the depth of God’s love and grace
  • See Communion through a new unforgettable lens.
  • Hear live testimonies of the transformative power of Communion

Speaker: Lynn Gorospe, Intercessor for Camarillo Healing Rooms and Songs of Scripture, Healing Room Team Member

First and foremost, Lynn is a follower of Jesus and a student of His Holy Word. She loves worshiping the Lord and discovering the depth of His love for His children. As an intercessor, she has experienced God’s love touching broken hearts, setting people free, delivering people from addictions, mending broken relationships, and healing minds and bodies. Her life has been transformed by partnering with Jesus. 



Teaching Notes

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