Activating People in the Prophetic Ministry

Richard leads a prophetic ministry called  “A Future in Hope.”  If you desire to become active in the prophetic ministry, this session is for you.


Video Transcript

00:00 you know that song
00:09 so if I would title this evening I would
00:14 call it prophetic versus pathetic hear
00:19 the words so which one do you want you
00:23 want the real McCoy is it any wonder
00:27 come on over here the water is fine over
00:30 here Holy Spirit we give you this time
00:34 it's it's all about pleasing you we lift
00:37 up this evening to you and let us bring
00:39 glory and honor to Jesus Christ we
00:42 surrender to you and it's all about you
00:45 it's all about you it's no longer I who
00:46 live its Christ who lives in me so we
00:49 just want to please you we want to lift
00:50 you up on high so one day every knee
00:53 will Bend in every tongue confess that
00:55 Jesus Christ is Lord father we've
00:58 believing in our lifetime that we're
01:00 going to see that because all the things
01:02 are ripe all things are being prepared
01:05 and then the last days you're gonna pour
01:07 out your spirit right anyone believe
01:09 we're in the last days anyone believe
01:12 that God's gonna use us in a powerful
01:14 way that's what the word says read in
01:16 acts read a Joel we're ready to be part
01:20 of God's army so how do we get to that
01:22 place where a part of God's army we can
01:25 speak into people's life but we have to
01:28 be aware that we can speak life and
01:30 death into people because there's power
01:32 in our tongue right so I'm gonna give
01:35 you some highlights some things that
01:37 I've learned over the years some things
01:39 that have I experienced and I'm gonna
01:41 give you the icing on the cake when they
01:45 give you scriptures that I have spoken
01:47 into myself that have worked have
01:50 totally changed my life and has allowed
01:53 me to flow more in the prophetic who
01:57 wants that everyone have a pen paper
02:02 okay so I'm gonna give you some ideas
02:05 and suggestions what I've learned and
02:07 the ball will be in your court if you
02:10 put the paper on the shelf somewhere if
02:12 you don't
02:13 activated if you don't flow in it if you
02:16 don't do it things won't change because
02:19 the Bible says we're all supposed to
02:20 what prophesied that's what it says
02:23 right
02:24 anyone ever read that before we're all
02:27 supposed to prophesy why why exactly so
02:34 as you look at your sheets the first one
02:39 this one okay we have one other one I'll
02:45 give you two so it talks about why we
02:56 prophesy who would like to read it it's
02:59 somewhere there who is a good detective
03:01 who can find out real quick what does it
03:05 say why not you're from New York so
03:11 that's good
03:36 say that again hey men do a hurry
04:04 amen they're in the group why is that
04:07 important to exhort lift up to
04:13 encouraged to equip the Saints that's
04:16 what is gonna be more obvious in the
04:19 last days to equip the Saints that's
04:21 what that's what this church is all
04:23 about equipping the Saints so they'll be
04:26 busy what out doing the father's
04:28 business isn't that what Jesus said I
04:31 have to be busy about the father's
04:33 business every word I speak every
04:36 thought he did was in connection he only
04:39 did what he saw the father doing he only
04:41 spoke what he heard the father saying
04:43 and that's how the prophetic word we get
04:45 in tune and we get in touch with what
04:48 the Holy Spirit is talking to us so it's
04:51 a very sensitive line and and before we
04:54 get started let's really think about it
04:57 close your eyes a minute and think about
05:00 why do you want to learn the prophetic
05:03 it's a very important question because
05:05 God showed me a long time ago that our
05:09 heart has to be right because a lot of
05:13 churches will not allow the prophetic in
05:16 their churches I hear this throughout
05:18 Latin America they won't allow it
05:21 because it's been falsely wrongly used
05:24 people have have said wrong things and
05:27 it's devastated people I've been
05:29 devastated people have given me
05:31 prophetic words with timeframes and it
05:34 blew blew me away because I was holding
05:37 on to that so we have something that
05:40 were responsible for when we speak into
05:42 somebody's life we want to definitely
05:45 know it's from the Holy Spirit because
05:48 we can hurt people we
05:49 crippled people what what the word I got
05:53 mentioned two words one word that I got
05:56 was a time frame and they said by the
05:58 end of the year such-and-such was going
06:01 to happen
06:01 well I held on to that and and it didn't
06:05 happen and I was devastated so that's
06:08 how the pathetic came into being as far
06:10 as my wife and I are concerned because
06:13 we we like throwing that word out how
06:15 was the meeting was a pathetic or
06:17 prophetic so I I have a lot of questions
06:21 myself but I'll tell you how it can work
06:24 for the for the good I was diagnosed
06:28 with cancer twelve years ago so at that
06:31 time we had a bed and breakfast one of
06:33 our customers one of our guests came in
06:36 and she had a prophetic word for me she
06:39 didn't know I was sick everything she
06:42 told me I grabbed and I held on to she
06:45 gave me scriptures that that would would
06:48 say that I would not die but live to
06:50 tell the works of the Lord so what she
06:52 told me was breathing life into me and I
06:56 held on to it with every ounce because I
06:58 didn't know if I was gonna live or die
07:00 so I held on to it and that's what a
07:03 prophetic word is all about we hold on
07:05 to it because we're believing if it is
07:07 from God he tells us what our potential
07:11 is he tells us what's gonna happen down
07:14 the road if we believe it with all our
07:16 heart so that's why
07:17 let's search our own hearts and be
07:19 always aware of what we're all about so
07:23 there's a scripture in Psalms 139 23 and
07:27 24 it says test my heart search my heart
07:31 see if there's any hurtful ways in me
07:34 lead me on your path of everlasting
07:38 level path so we have to really know
07:43 what the prophetic is all about so we're
07:46 not gonna have to go through all these
07:48 sheets because I want to spend some time
07:50 activating us and stepping some more and
07:52 practice and and I just want to give a
07:56 few more guidelines what I've
07:57 experienced and some scriptures that I
08:00 would encourage you to pray into
08:02 yourself if you
08:03 feel like God's calling you to to do
08:05 more prophetic utterances because it
08:08 there there is a responsibility there is
08:11 a price to pay
08:12 there is something that that we have to
08:14 be aware of so if we look at first
08:17 samuel 3:9 who would like to read that
08:21 just so you know what I'm saying is true
08:23 first samuel three nine that's the story
08:26 about Eli remember the the priest
08:29 so anyone remember that story so here
08:34 Eli gets the little kid samuel running
08:38 to him and and say yes yes yes you're
08:41 calling me you're calling me and Eli
08:43 said I didn't call you so Eli says go
08:46 back to your bed I don't know how old
08:48 samuel was I don't think he was very old
08:50 probably a teenager or whatever so then
08:53 that happened again and then it happened
08:55 again
08:56 so it took Eli a while to get it so he
08:59 said God is calling you he is the one
09:02 that's calling you he is the one that's
09:05 calling your name out so it says first
09:09 samuel three nine speak O Lord for thy
09:12 servant hears so that's one scripture
09:15 we're gonna start off with tonight so I
09:18 gave you one thirty nine Psalm 23 and 24
09:22 that's kind of prepping your heart make
09:24 sure you want to do it for the right
09:26 reasons
09:27 okay one thirty-nine 23 and 24 I gave
09:30 that to you First Samuel 39 anyone knows
09:33 what three what First Samuel 3:19 says
09:38 says may none of my words fall down to
09:41 the ground why is that important if we
09:45 have a sincere heart where we don't want
09:48 to hurt anyone we want to do it for the
09:51 right reasons because it's no longer I
09:53 who live it's Christ who lives in me
09:54 it's it's all about serving God and and
09:58 that's what Jesus is always telling us
10:00 because he came to what serve man he
10:04 came to serve and that was his whole
10:07 idea to serve and to lift up his father
10:10 in heaven so as we serve as we give
10:13 prophetic words is with that intention
10:15 in mind now we
10:17 to be very careful because there's a
10:18 fine line of pride and ego very fine
10:22 line because a lot of times people are
10:25 recognized for gifts that God has given
10:27 them and it could really devastate
10:30 things it can blow people away and can
10:32 put them in a realm that is not where
10:36 they should be so we have to be very
10:38 discerning the the reason I'm saying
10:41 these things cuz because I've I've been
10:44 down this path for a long time for about
10:46 15 years so I learned some things over
10:50 the years I've made lots of mistakes and
10:52 and one of the the biggest things that
10:56 came my way I was at the Ventura Healing
11:00 Room I think it was about 13 years ago
11:02 and I heard God say that this is one of
11:05 the first times I heard him say
11:07 something audibly and it pierced my
11:09 heart and he says would you go to the
11:11 healing room and and then he it was a
11:16 pause if I was in there so he was trying
11:21 to get my intention why I was doing
11:24 things so it's it's so vital even coming
11:27 to the healing room why do we come here
11:29 has to be with the right motives the
11:32 right intentions so we have to really
11:36 decide if we want to flow more in the
11:38 prophetic because God wants it he wants
11:41 us to step out a good example I was on
11:43 the airline not too long ago and in God
11:46 stirred up in me about this flight
11:49 stewardess and I'm thinking I don't want
11:50 to say anything I you know this happens
11:54 to me all the time I don't want to do it
11:56 I don't want to do it I don't want to do
11:57 it so finally I became obedient you know
12:01 it's sometimes they have to get hit on
12:03 the head so I walked by her and I figure
12:05 if I walked by real fast I can get out
12:07 the door and I don't have to look back
12:09 and see if I'm right or wrong or good or
12:11 bad or whatever so I said to her you're
12:14 in transition and you have a connection
12:18 with Texas and I see three children
12:20 around you and a blew her away and I had
12:24 a feeling she wanted to run after me and
12:26 I and I just kind of I just kind of walk
12:29 real fast
12:30 and she kind of said well how did you
12:32 know or that's right that's going on and
12:34 all that so I don't know exactly what
12:37 was accomplished but I I feel like the
12:39 biggest part there was reminding her
12:41 she's in transition and that God is
12:44 holding on to her hand and and I I knew
12:47 she was a Christian but sometimes we
12:49 need that word of encouragement we need
12:52 that that lifting up we need that hand
12:54 extended forward because we go through
12:56 stuff and in people that that are in
12:59 front of people people that are more
13:02 obvious go through even more stuff and I
13:05 can vouch for that
13:07 so I was obedient and that's part of the
13:12 prophetic obedience is better than what
13:14 okay so God has shown me that for years
13:18 and and I remember one time I walked in
13:21 front of a post-office and there was a
13:23 man sitting there and I knew God wanted
13:26 me to talk to him and I kept walking and
13:28 I want to talk to him I don't wanna talk
13:29 no I don't wanna talk so then you know I
13:31 get about twenty feet down and okay you
13:34 know like one of those kids so then I
13:36 walk back it so blessed me because no
13:39 one's ever prayed for him and he started
13:41 crying so I was so blessed because I was
13:44 obedient so I just want to encourage all
13:47 of us to be with that intention in mind
13:50 that were o being being obedient and
13:53 we're being totally led by the spirit
13:54 has to be led by the spirit just like
13:56 tonight I didn't want to make any plans
13:59 to speak up I didn't know what I was
14:01 gonna say this is the way God works with
14:02 me and this is how the prophetic works
14:05 it sits on the spot it sits suddenly
14:07 it's it's something you can't really
14:09 prepare for it's being led by the spirit
14:12 and the Bible is really clear that we
14:14 have to be led by the Spirit we have to
14:16 be so I'm learning and when I do sermons
14:21 I I do some planning but I just know
14:23 that he's gonna change it so I'm ready
14:27 I'm ready whatever he wants because he
14:30 knows the ins and outs and the ups and
14:32 down he knows my heart I've prayed
14:34 certain things into my life into my
14:37 heart for years years years and and I
14:41 just want to please him so I just
14:43 one encourage you think about the
14:46 intention why you want to step into it
14:48 and who wants another scripture okay
14:52 okay I'll give you a heavy-duty one then
14:55 I'm gonna save the the power house for
14:58 the end for the last okay so we're gonna
15:00 go to about 6:30 and I want to start
15:03 activating and pushing some of us in
15:05 there prophetic who wants to get
15:07 prophetic word tonight anybody okay
15:11 okay okay so it's it's it's easier than
15:16 you think okay because we have to come
15:18 to the end of ourselves okay so I gave
15:20 you a couple scriptures for Samuel three
15:23 and three nineteen which which is the
15:25 foundation okay so who knows first Peter
15:30 4:11 anybody some people don't even know
15:34 this scripture is in there first Peter
15:38 4:11 he who speaks let him speak as if
15:41 it's the utterances of God and he who
15:44 serves let him serve with a strength
15:46 that God supplies isn't that a
15:49 powerhouse don't we all need that first
15:52 Peter 4:11
15:55 these are scriptures that have trickled
15:58 down to me and the the powerhouse which
16:01 will be the last one is something that I
16:04 spoken to myself anywhere from six to
16:07 eight months every day 10 20 times a day
16:11 and then the word became that in my life
16:14 so I'm giving you these scriptures not
16:17 to let it go in one ear and out the
16:19 other but you're supposed to activate on
16:22 the Word of God if you speak the word
16:25 into yourself what will happen it will
16:27 happen right because his word will not
16:30 what return what right it will
16:33 accomplish what it was set to right and
16:35 God watches over his word to what
16:38 perform it right so we have to really
16:42 stand on what God says what he wants so
16:46 who likes at first Peter 4:11 okay why
16:50 do you like it
16:54 yeah so isn't that a promise
16:57 aren't all his promises yes and amen so
17:01 when we we approach the prophetic we
17:04 approach it with these are your promises
17:06 father I want this so I learned early
17:10 years and years and years ago to pound
17:13 on that door of heaven it says we can go
17:15 to the throne of grace what boldly right
17:18 and I'd learned to do that years ago I
17:20 learned to keep asking keep seeking keep
17:22 knocking I would do crazy things like
17:25 wake up two in the morning every night
17:27 for years I'd set my alarm clock and I
17:30 would speak life in words into myself I
17:33 would ask the Holy Spirit Who am I what
17:36 am I supposed to do what am I supposed
17:38 to accomplish so keep in mind it's
17:40 wonderful getting prophetic words from
17:43 people but it's to bring us to a place
17:45 where we hear right right from the Holy
17:48 Spirit directly so I started asking him
17:50 and he would give me words he would give
17:53 me I'm a fire hose and I just shared
17:57 this one some of them are personal so I
17:58 want sharing with him but this one he
18:00 says I was a fire hose and and I'm
18:03 thinking what does that mean so you can
18:05 imagine what a fire hose is you know it
18:07 goes all around like this so then he
18:09 gave me another picture with a little
18:10 valve on it so I learned to control it
18:14 her or he was controlling it through me
18:17 okay so I would encourage you let's talk
18:20 to him ask him ask him every day Who am
18:23 I where do I fit in where do I belong
18:26 let's not run to prophets and people as
18:29 much there's a place in that but there's
18:33 a place to hear directly from the Holy
18:35 Spirit that's what the Bible says that's
18:37 what Jesus said right that's what he did
18:41 and that's what we're supposed to do
18:42 hearing right from the source right from
18:45 the source I I heard I just recently got
18:48 back from Italy so while I was there he
18:50 said I was a lifeguard and and I'm
18:53 thinking what does that mean
18:54 so I always ask him these questions what
18:57 does that mean well what about this what
18:59 about that and then I'll also mention
19:01 about journaling so he told me I'm a
19:04 lifeguard to save people
19:07 that are drowning so he doesn't talk
19:09 about he always tells me things in the
19:11 spirit realm they're drowning in the
19:13 spirit realm because it's very dark
19:17 it's very negative in Europe and he
19:21 showed me a lot of things regarding
19:23 Italy he gave me some scriptures for
19:25 Italy so it was a wonderful time
19:28 wonderful time but I heard directly from
19:30 him so who likes the journal here
19:34 anybody could we all start journaling if
19:38 you don't why you want to hear the Holy
19:42 Spirit better so I'll give you a
19:45 homework assignment this is something
19:48 I've been doing I looked in some of my
19:50 own old journals I looked at one
19:54 yesterday from 10 years ago and the
19:56 reason I'm tying that in I'm gonna tie
19:58 in a scripture with that anybody want a
20:01 scripture tied in with that but over the
20:04 years I've journal Dan journal than
20:05 journal so the way I work it
20:08 I'll ask him a question and then I write
20:12 down the first response the first answer
20:14 I get so you can say well how do I know
20:17 that's not me if you do that enough
20:21 you'll know who's talking to you you'll
20:24 know that you know the same thing with a
20:27 prophetic you'll know that you know you
20:31 also have to know when to cut it off
20:32 when he stops talking and you're not to
20:36 add on to it cuz that could blow blow
20:38 people away
20:39 I remember once God told me that there
20:42 was somebody that that they were seated
20:43 with him in heavenly places Ephesians
20:45 2:6
20:46 and then I added on to it I can remember
20:49 so distinctly oh you're gonna have a
20:51 visitation up to heaven and blah blah
20:54 blah blah blah blah and and I learn
20:56 after a while to when to stop so a lot
20:59 of times if I speak into somebody's llao
21:01 life I'll just say I'm done because I
21:05 don't want to add any of me into it and
21:08 I learn to to stop doing that because I
21:11 did it for a long time I've had my ups
21:13 and downs I've said things to people
21:16 that have been very difficult and
21:20 not judging there or anything but I
21:21 didn't want to do it for example
21:24 somebody I saw a picture of
21:26 get-out-of-jail-free card in monopoly so
21:30 I I felt like I was supposed to tell
21:31 them that and I kept thinking I don't
21:33 want to do that I don't want to say that
21:35 they're gonna think I'm nuts
21:36 a lot of times I'll say that they're
21:38 gonna think I'm crazy so I ended up
21:40 giving in and I said that and she says I
21:44 used to keep that card on me all the
21:46 time it reminded her about the freedom
21:49 God was giving her so she went back and
21:52 says I gotta get that again so we don't
21:55 know the bigger picture we don't know
21:58 what God wants to do through us we don't
22:01 know what that stewardess did with those
22:04 three little sentences that I gave her I
22:08 don't know I don't know but at times I
22:11 I've walked down Ventura the streets
22:14 there and I remember one man I said your
22:17 wife is coming back to you and he
22:18 started crying he was he was elated I
22:21 just I just stepped out and it's not
22:24 easy for any of us it's not easy for any
22:27 of us because none of us want to make
22:29 mistakes none of us want to say the
22:32 wrong things okay so getting back to
22:34 journaling I make sure we're all gonna
22:37 get on that frequency so looking back in
22:40 my journal from 2009 ten years ago one
22:45 scripture that I stood on and this is
22:47 the icing on a cake
22:48 it's props this is an easy one to
22:53 remember
22:54 one verse twenty-three so you can just
22:56 remember one two three anyone know what
22:59 that means what that says very good
23:07 yeah see you did your homework so my my
23:13 translation says if I submit to him if I
23:17 turned him for reproof he'll pour out
23:19 his Spirit upon me and make his words
23:21 known to me so that's what I would say
23:24 to him every day for anywhere from six
23:26 to eight months time and time and time
23:29 again I kept saying father I have to
23:31 have this I'm gonna keep pounding until
23:34 that happens because I felt that
23:36 inclination that I had a flow in that
23:38 and then one day it happened boom you
23:43 can say what happened all of a sudden my
23:45 hand started writing I'm not saying this
23:47 is gonna happen for everyone but this is
23:49 what happened to me I can only tell you
23:51 what what has happened to me and that's
23:54 what I'm sharing with you and you can
23:57 you could talk to 20 other people and
23:59 they're all gonna have their own ideas
24:00 all I'm thinking but my hand started
24:02 writing because it says he'll pour out
24:05 his Spirit upon me and make his words
24:06 known to me I started writing I got
24:09 these downloads before I knew it I had
24:11 two hundred pages of notes and all
24:15 during the time I was doing this it
24:17 didn't happen in one day it was over a
24:18 period of I think it was two weeks I
24:21 kept saying is this you father I don't
24:24 know I don't know I don't know I don't
24:26 know cuz I always question things and I
24:29 think that's good that we question
24:30 things so I started writing write in
24:33 writing so then I tried to change the
24:35 words I think I'm gonna put this word in
24:37 here it it's almost like my hand had to
24:40 write what was being dictated to so for
24:44 me that's how that just was the icing on
24:47 the cake that was the one scripture that
24:49 totally changed my life before the other
24:52 ones came along
24:53 so those three okay so we've covered
24:57 that and we're gonna activate you and in
24:59 a minute but I just want to go over
25:01 briefly responding to personal prophecy
25:06 do you know there's a responsibility God
25:09 has a responsibility and we have a
25:11 responsibility a lot of people they say
25:15 the prophetic words they've received
25:18 have fallen down to the ground
25:20 they haven't happened I have a friend
25:22 who has gotten prophetic words from
25:24 hundreds of prophets and these are
25:27 well-known prophets and she's still
25:29 waiting for most of them to happen and
25:32 I'm not saying these prophets are right
25:34 or wrong good or bad but there was
25:36 something she didn't do
25:38 she had to work along with God if
25:41 somebody has told something and you're
25:43 waiting for God to knock on the door and
25:45 provide you a teacher this or this of
25:48 this you have to step out faith
25:50 believing that it's a word from God when
25:54 I got that word that I was not going to
25:56 die
25:56 I held on to that and I did something
25:59 with that I spoke that scripture that
26:01 that lady gave me in Psalms and in
26:04 Samuel into my life because she didn't
26:08 know anything but all of a sudden she
26:10 gave me something some hope
26:12 encouragement some faith was rising up
26:15 in me that I maybe didn't have before so
26:17 I grabbed on to it same thing with a
26:19 prophetic word so I encourage you as
26:21 this she will tell you this is a
26:23 wonderful sheet no one's ever seen this
26:26 it's wonderful you have to read through
26:27 it so it talks about recording a
26:31 prophetic word so then you can speak it
26:34 into yourself especially if you get
26:36 scriptures it also talks about sitting
26:39 down with someone you honor respect a
26:41 pastor somebody in ministry that you can
26:44 discuss it with there's something called
26:47 a press portray that that I have some
26:50 dear friends that are part of that and
26:52 this goes way back where they go to
26:54 different churches usually two or three
26:56 prophets will get together and they'll
26:59 give prophetic words but they encouraged
27:01 that person to meet with their pastor
27:04 afterward to see how this can all be
27:06 tied together so that's their
27:09 responsibility that's our responsibility
27:12 so pressed for treat it's in in Timothy
27:17 I think it's Timothy 4 somewhere around
27:22 the 1st Timothy
27:23 so there's a responsibility we have this
27:26 is a wonderful I'm not gonna spend time
27:29 going over everything but there's a
27:31 responsibility there's a job there's
27:33 home
27:34 work things that we have to do and God
27:37 will come alongside he always comes
27:39 alongside he will always help us because
27:42 he wants us to flow in the prophetic
27:44 more than we want to okay so we've
27:48 covered why we want to do it we've
27:51 covered that God will provide he'll give
27:53 us words if our heart is right if we're
27:55 doing it for the right reasons if we
27:57 want to exhort people if we want to
27:59 encourage people if we want to
28:01 strengthen people if we want to help
28:03 equip the body that's what it's all
28:05 about so do we want to have some time
28:08 now flowing okay so that was a good yes
28:14 okay so let's do something this is what
28:19 we're gonna do tonight anyone let ask
28:24 the Holy Spirit what that means PP are
28:28 you like my professional sign huh Wow
28:37 that's good but no I'll change that
28:41 later okay anyone want to guess you
28:45 don't have to guess you don't have to
28:48 guess about anything because God wants
28:50 to tell us so this is what he gave me P
28:53 is what most important is what to pray
28:56 so before we we pray before we do
29:00 anything we pray we pray we pray and
29:02 it's good to pray like first Samuel 3 9
29:05 speak O Lord for thy servant here that's
29:07 a good one to pray first okay unless you
29:09 wanted to do those other two I'll leave
29:11 it up to you so what does the other P
29:13 you think stand for and that's we're
29:15 gonna do huh so when we do something
29:21 over over again we what practice who
29:26 said practice okay so you get the award
29:29 you get the prize practice why do we
29:32 have to practice exactly because none of
29:36 us are knowing what we're doing so many
29:39 times I I've prayed in the people's live
29:42 and I and I would leave and I said I'm
29:43 never gonna go back there I'm never
29:44 gonna do that again never
29:47 I can remember crazy things anyway we
29:49 won't go there and what's the last
29:51 letter mean our that's not Richard what
29:55 receipt that's a good one
29:57 that's a good one well for me it's risk
30:03 that's a big one right who likes to risk
30:06 who likes to stick their neck out you
30:09 like the risk Wow of course well if you
30:26 know the Holy Spirit's giving you the
30:28 words and he's prompting you exactly
30:44 it's it's living and moving and having
30:48 my beam in Jesus so he's alongside he's
30:50 pulling us he's orchestrating everything
30:53 it's no longer I who live so we can look
30:58 at it PPR or any combination of the
31:03 above what's that
31:19 he doesn't make a lot of mistakes so
31:24 let's do a little PPR tonight however
31:27 that means to you we're gonna pray we're
31:31 gonna practice and we're gonna stick our
31:34 necks out right who likes this well
31:36 anyway we're gonna do that so we're
31:41 gonna do this I would like you to sit
31:44 next to somebody you don't know and if
31:48 if you don't jump up soon all a point
31:50 people okay
31:56 yes only two yes all the time
32:15 all the time
32:28 good point right some sometimes we know
32:40 something about somebody it's just for
32:43 us to know how to pray to the ik
32:45 opposite extreme right right because we
32:50 don't want to hear anyone's dirty
32:51 laundry we're gonna do it now so keep in
32:59 mind when we get prophetic words it's
33:01 not the air people's dirty laundry it's
33:03 it's to encourage to strengthen to to
33:07 help somebody on their path because I
33:11 know we've heard how about some prophets
33:13 go somewhere and they tell they the
33:15 pastor this is gonna happen this is
33:16 gonna happen that doesn't work for me
33:20 so we want to encourage people and
33:23 that's what I'm all about lifting people
33:25 up loving people as if Jesus is giving
33:28 them the words okay
33:31 so close your eyes we're gonna pray cuz
33:33 that's what that card says and when we
33:35 all are in agreement that p is for pray
33:38 right yeah okay so the reason we don't
33:42 know the people or hopefully you don't
33:44 know that people are very little about
33:45 them we're gonna ask God to give you a
33:47 picture or word and we're gonna see what
33:50 happens we're having fun right yeah this
33:57 is this is what God loves he loves us be
34:00 spontaneous anyone likes be spontaneous
34:02 Sylvia wants to be more spontaneous
34:05 right Sylvia God wants you out of the
34:08 box he doesn't want you in that box
34:10 anymore anybody want to be more
34:12 spontaneous anyone want to be led by the
34:15 spirit going flowing when when you feel
34:19 you sense that's why I I didn't want to
34:22 be up there I just want to be here I
34:23 like walking around because I've learned
34:25 as much as anyone else when I speak or
34:28 preach I I went to a black chair I just
34:30 got back from Italy's so get this I
34:33 spoke at a black church that speaks
34:36 English and there is
34:39 Italy they don't speak Italian so figure
34:43 that one out I don't know anyway God put
34:46 it together
34:47 yeah and they don't speak Italian so I
34:50 had a translator but it was a translator
34:53 from English into Italian because
34:57 there's a few people that didn't speak
34:59 English like most of the people in that
35:01 church so figure that one out anyway God
35:05 knows huh okay okay so close your eyes
35:17 so father we're coming before you we
35:23 humble ourselves in your presence
35:25 because you'll exalt us we don't want to
35:28 be recognized we don't want to be lifted
35:30 up we don't want to be recognized we
35:32 just want to be busy about the father's
35:34 business so I asked father that we're
35:36 gonna stand on First Samuel 3:9 speak O
35:39 Lord for thy servant hears because you
35:41 want to activate you want us all to flow
35:43 in the prophetic you want us all to give
35:46 words of encouragement and strengthen
35:49 people so father I thank you for what
35:52 you're gonna do I thank you that you're
35:53 a faithful God I thank you that that the
35:55 Holy Spirit is right now here anybody
35:59 can you feel him Wow
36:07 however God lead he's the boss yes okay
36:14 so you're sitting next to someone it
36:17 doesn't matter who goes first whoever
36:20 feels prompted let's just do it so God's
36:24 going to give you a word or a picture or
36:26 a sensing or a feeling for that person
36:29 so let's take a risk let's take a chance
36:32 and let's stick our necks out thank you
36:37 Father thank you feel it inside feel it
36:49 inside it's not in your head feel it
36:53 it's the Holy Spirit in you feel it
36:56 inside feel it inside first picture
37:01 first word don't think about it just let
37:04 it go let it go let it go let it go
37:12 we're gonna use you
37:16 thank you
37:24 I'm gonna borrow you a minute ooh
37:27 there's always spirit okay so this is
37:30 Nicole she's gonna be a guinea pig okay
37:35 so she doesn't know him I assume so
37:39 close your eyes me yes both of you okay
37:42 so sometimes you can receive more if you
37:45 put your hand on their shoulder
37:46 however okay so so she's gonna flow and
37:50 and give him a word or a picture yes
37:56 get going go on don't worry about them
37:59 yeah we're just activating them
38:12 I can give you a hint if you need
38:15 something okay
38:16 he's in a cage close your eyes see him
38:18 in a cage so I asked God what what does
38:40 that mean and what does he want you to
38:42 do
38:59 you just break all the best can I pray
39:13 for you can you stand out that's what
39:17 God's telling you to stand up he's gonna
39:21 put a new craze in worship in you
39:23 there's gonna be something new that he's
39:25 gonna start because you're gonna be
39:26 birthing something there's gonna be
39:28 something new something he's gonna open
39:30 up something he's gonna reveal to you
39:31 because you notice things you pick
39:33 things up you're very observant so he's
39:35 gonna open something I can see there's
39:37 been some doors closed in your life so
39:39 he's gonna open up some new doors he's
39:41 gonna show you something you're gonna
39:42 start seeing more in the spirit realm
39:44 because you see some what but you're
39:46 gonna see even more so he's gonna make
39:48 some things obvious to you he's gonna do
39:50 more with spiritual warfare with you
39:52 because you you have a heart for for
39:55 things done to people it's not fair it's
39:57 not right so he's gonna show you more
40:00 how you're gonna teach people cuz you're
40:02 a natural teacher you're gonna teach
40:04 people how to go under the radar so they
40:06 don't get their heads chopped off
40:08 especially with the Jezebel spirit
40:09 that's a powerful one for you so he's
40:12 gonna show you how to save people and
40:14 rescue people you're a natural rescuer
40:16 so he's gonna teach you how to rescue
40:18 even we'll take a deep breath let it all
40:20 go let all that stuff go all the words
40:23 fought against you some people have
40:24 labeled you and judge you we break up
40:26 those words people haven't understood
40:28 you people that that haven't have said
40:31 well this and there's boy you had some
40:33 people that have said negative words
40:34 curses against your father we break off
40:37 all those curse words all those words
40:39 have tried to limit her and I thank you
40:41 for what you're doing father thank you
40:43 you love this thing I hear you singing
40:44 thank you Father thank you so father I
40:47 thank you for bringing her to all new
40:49 place thank you for I see I see you
40:51 doing a lot of writing so God's gonna
40:53 give you some new downloads or you're
40:56 gonna turn 11 more so something he's
40:58 going to show you something he's going
41:00 to open up something he's gonna have
41:02 you're definitely in transition so
41:04 there's something he's gonna open up
41:06 something he's gonna show you something
41:08 you're gonna step into it's gonna be
41:10 completely different and so you're like
41:11 a submarine
41:12 you know how submarine has a periscope
41:14 that goes up so now you're at that mode
41:17 where you're your periscope is up and
41:20 you want to see what you want to see and
41:22 God wants to show you some new things
41:23 you're gonna write a book someday you
41:26 know that yeah yeah so you're gonna run
41:29 at least and you're gonna be going to
41:31 different countries I see you going to
41:33 Europe I see you go into some countries
41:35 because you're gonna be asked to come
41:37 and help people find themselves because
41:39 you're good at helping people find
41:41 themselves so that's gonna be one of
41:42 your books about people taking the
41:45 obvious and not twisting and not bending
41:48 it like like it gets done in a lot of
41:50 churches and you're gonna rescue people
41:53 so they'll see themselves even clearer
41:55 it's like you're gonna teach people look
41:56 in the mirror and to know who who they
41:58 really are their identity and their
42:00 purpose well your you have some
42:02 wonderful gifts in you you also flown
42:04 the prophetic so father increase the
42:06 prophetic and her even more a father
42:08 take her higher take her high or take
42:10 her high he's also a watchman on the
42:12 wall father you're open up or
42:14 Spiritualized so she's gonna see even
42:16 more in the spirit realm so thank you
42:18 he's been preparing you for the last six
42:20 months there's something that he's gonna
42:22 start he's gonna prep you he's been
42:24 preparing you something he's gonna open
42:26 I sees he's offering you three keys so
42:29 keep your eyes closed can you put your
42:30 hands up so see if you can grab them
42:33 there's three keys because there's three
42:35 things in your life that need to be open
42:37 some things that have been locked some
42:39 things you're not sure about some things
42:41 they're up and up in the air
42:42 so will you you when you go home ask him
42:45 what those three keys will unlock and he
42:47 over the years he's taught you there's a
42:49 sequence
42:50 there's the timing there's a plan you
42:52 just don't open them he'll show you
42:54 which one you open first and which one
42:56 is next and you're you've been waiting
42:58 for some things for a long time there's
42:59 also some families definitely not but he
43:01 he's gonna take care of all these things
43:03 he's gonna bring it to a whole new place
43:05 where you're not looking behind you
43:07 anymore you're not wondering what's
43:09 coming and what's gonna happen that
43:11 he's bring you to a whole new place on
43:13 the place good time for your journal
43:15 journal chess but he knew but he knew
43:20 you were faithful he knew you can handle
43:23 it because you're gonna rescue people I
43:25 can just see you helping women that have
43:28 been hurt and disappointed and rejected
43:30 and beat up and you're gonna rescue them
43:32 it's gone it's like you're gonna put
43:34 them back together it's almost like
43:35 you're a counselor of some sort and
43:37 you're putting them back together and
43:38 you're you're blowing one life into them
43:41 and you're and you're saying to them I
43:43 can't really say come on you're gonna
43:45 make it I'm gonna help you I'm gonna
43:46 help you
43:47 you just get you go the extra mile from
43:49 people give me five how'd you how'd you
44:00 guys do
44:05 okay they did she pull anything off of
44:10 you this guy's good in deliverance - you
44:13 like deliverance he likes ya I'm not
44:21 doing very good
44:29 nothing okay okay put your hand out can
44:34 you put your hand in his house okay
44:36 you're good at connecting with people so
44:39 anytime you pray for someone ask if you
44:40 can just put your hand on your shoulder
44:42 feel that connection okay close your
44:45 eyes close your eyes take a deep breath
44:46 forget about what happened this last
44:47 week forget about all that nonsense the
44:50 enemy is trying to trip you up and try
44:53 not to you see God has a new path for
44:55 you to go on and the enemy's trying to
44:58 trip you up and there's a wall in front
45:00 of you
45:00 so we need to take that wall out let's
45:03 take a wall down can you stand out that
45:05 taykitty there's a wall that's brought
45:07 hesitation limitation hindrance
45:10 yeah pain in your body okay is it hard
45:13 to stand up okay you want to sit down
45:16 okay let me just take that wall down
45:18 okay you're very perceptive you pick
45:20 things up I don't want you to pick
45:22 things up even more for people
45:23 especially children you have a heart for
45:26 children so he's gonna show you some new
45:28 things take a deep breath let it all go
45:30 let it all go just see the wall in front
45:32 of you and just kind of kick it push it
45:35 out of the way because that's what's
45:38 happened some people have come against
45:40 you that they there's been some words
45:42 spoken some things that shouldn't have
45:44 happened
45:44 so father all that old stuff we just
45:46 brush it away father so thank you for
45:50 you can feel the Holy Spirit's right in
45:52 front of you it's right in like your
45:54 chest area see if you can feel it if you
45:56 can it's okay oh there he is there he is
45:58 feel feel feel feel thank you for I
46:01 heard him saying that he has supported
46:02 you when you went through all that stuff
46:04 he supported you he brought you through
46:06 it so he's going to show you where to go
46:08 because you need you need an exit plan
46:10 you need to know exactly where he wants
46:12 to take you
46:14 show you what he wants to give you so
46:16 it's all gonna be good all gonna be good
46:18 let's just walk you a few steps I want
46:21 to walk you out of the stagnation you've
46:23 been in stagnation for a while so father
46:26 as she's walking father we break off the
46:27 stagnation we break off all the
46:30 limitation we break off all that stuff
46:32 father father you've given her strong
46:35 hands to take things back from the enemy
46:38 and father I thank you Father thank you
46:40 for taking a breath holy spirits right
46:42 down yeah there he is there he is area
46:43 just feeling seed you can feel thank you
46:46 father he's gonna support you even more
46:48 and there's a scripture for you Isaiah
46:50 30:21 it says your ears will hear a word
46:53 behind you this is the way walking it
46:55 whenever you turn to the right or to the
46:57 left because sometimes you're harden
46:59 yourself so he's going to show you
47:01 exactly where you want you to go where
47:02 you fit in where you belong and what he
47:05 has all plan and your purpose so I thank
47:08 you Father thank you Father thank you
47:09 bond just feel feel like you're going
47:11 higher feel like all the strings all the
47:14 limitations all the people that have
47:16 tied you up and and it puts you in a box
47:19 father we break off the box that she's
47:21 in and I thank you that she's gonna go
47:24 higher higher higher you're a dreamer
47:25 say you're supposed to go higher so
47:27 father I think your father also activate
47:30 the prophetic and her father father
47:32 helped her out of that box people have
47:34 put her in a box and people have told
47:36 her what to do and how to do it we just
47:37 break all that off and I think you for
47:40 what you're doing thank you for the wait
47:42 thank you for what you're doing thank
47:44 you for what you're doing
47:47 okay you get you can sit down now I just
47:49 wanted 3021 yeah let me just finish up
47:56 here
47:57 anyone want to share anything how about
48:08 you kids okay so did you write them down
48:14 okay and you're gonna run with them so
48:17 what what were those three scriptures I
48:19 gave you actually I gave you more was
48:23 there one in particular that was
48:25 important to you
48:31 that's yours that's your Scripture I was
48:33 gonna tell you that one
48:34 that's your Scripture if you don't do
48:37 the other ones you have to do them
48:38 memorize this speaking into yourself
48:40 speak it 20 times a day and say father I
48:42 have to have this because that'll give
48:44 you the strength the second part of that
48:46 just as important because they'll give
48:48 you the string that God will supply
48:50 because that's gonna turn some things
48:52 wrong he's gonna turn some things around
48:54 in your life it's it's like you're
48:56 looking over over the ridge and you say
48:59 I got to get over there I know that's
49:00 where my promise land is so he's gonna
49:03 turn rock yeah well so he's gonna make a
49:06 way to get over there so all the
49:09 hindrances all this stuff is going to
49:10 come off yeah yeah yeah yeah he loves he
49:22 loves the way you talk
49:28 uh-huh smoking a pipe
49:31 oh that's Sherlock Holmes okay you're
49:47 gonna be going on out of the country do
49:49 you have something planned next year
49:53 yeah but but I see you going to other
49:56 places you're say you're a powerful
49:58 intercessor and I see walking on borders
50:00 and and changing the atmosphere that's
50:03 one of your gifts I don't know if you're
50:04 aware of it you can change the
50:05 atmosphere but because you feel things
50:08 you sense things so you're gonna change
50:10 the atmosphere even more I feel like
50:11 God's gonna have you go to different
50:13 countries different borders and just
50:15 walk because you he's gonna have you do
50:17 Cree and declare that's powerful for you
50:19 to create thing it'll be established
50:21 he's gonna have you do more of that or
50:23 that you're like Jericho you remember
50:26 the store they walked around Jericho and
50:27 then the walls came down because all
50:29 they did is decree and declare and then
50:31 they blew the shofar you're like that
50:33 you're like you're like pulling the wall
50:35 down for Jericho


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