God’s Prescription for Joy

Are you in pursuit of true happiness and genuine joy? In this teaching, God’s Prescription for Joy,” you will understand how to enter into the joy of the Lord by following God’s 7 step action plan revealed in Psalm 100.  Discover how repentance, making a quality decision to change your thoughts and resultant emotions to come into alignment with God’s thoughts and emotions are crucial for you to enter into the fullness of God’s joy.


Video Transcript

00:00 welcome to our third session of Psalm
00:03 100 our serious on it entitled keys to
00:08 joy filled living my name is Sue
00:11 Burdullis and I'm the director of the
00:13 Camarillo Healing Rooms tonight I have a
00:16 question for you and that question is
00:19 are you in pursuit of true happiness
00:23 or to put it another way are you
00:26 desiring genuine joy in your life if so
00:31 I want you to know that God the one who
00:35 has made you the one who has designed
00:37 you has put this desire in your heart to
00:41 seek genuine happiness to seek genuine
00:45 joy in Psalm 100 God has given or has
00:49 invited us to enter into a lifestyle way
00:53 of living where you can experience true
00:56 happiness and genuine joy now and for
00:59 all eternity so open your heart tonight
01:03 and listen to God what God would like to
01:06 say to you through tonight's teaching
01:09 entitled God's prescription for joy let
01:13 us pray
01:14 father I pray that you would feel each
01:17 one of us every person that would be
01:20 listening to this message with your joy
01:24 open the eyes of our heart and help us
01:28 to see you you said in your word that in
01:31 your presence is the fullness of joy and
01:35 at your right hand are pleasures
01:37 forevermore so father I pray that each
01:42 person would experience the fullness of
01:46 your joy and the pleasures forevermore
01:50 teach us your ways Lord through Psalm
01:53 100 about entering in to your presence
01:57 in Jesus's name yeah so Roman numeral 1
02:03 living in the joy of Jesus like I said
02:08 Psalm 16:11 says in your presence is
02:12 fullness of joy
02:13 at your right hand are pleasures forever
02:17 more how can you live in the reality of
02:21 God's presence in the fullness of his
02:25 joy is it possible is it really possible
02:30 to live in the reality of the fullness
02:34 of your salvation in Jesus Christ the
02:37 good news of great joy when the facts of
02:40 your world might seem quite contrary to
02:45 it at the present time is it possible to
02:48 live in the reality of the promises of
02:50 God's Word which belong to you as a
02:53 believer in Jesus Christ because of the
02:56 victory that Jesus Christ has already
02:59 won for you is it possible to live in
03:03 God's kingdom where his righteousness
03:06 peace and joy rule and reign while you
03:10 are here on planet earth according to
03:14 God's Word it's not only possible but it
03:17 is the desire of God's heart for you and
03:21 for me and Psalm 100 God beckons you to
03:25 enter into the superior reality of his
03:29 kingdom his presence when the unseen
03:33 realm of his where the unseen realm of
03:36 his supreme dominion exists and where
03:41 all things are possible
03:43 because your heavenly father sent His
03:46 Son Jesus Christ into this world to die
03:48 for your sins and to give you his
03:50 righteousness his own right standing
03:53 with God you are able to come boldly
03:56 into God's presence by one and only one
04:00 way and that's through the blood of
04:03 Jesus Christ this is the new and living
04:06 way that God has provided for you and I
04:09 to enter into God's presence Hebrews
04:11 10:19 through 23 says this therefore
04:15 brethren having boldness to enter the
04:18 holiest by the blood of Jesus by a new
04:21 and living way which he consecrated for
04:23 us through the veil that is his flesh
04:27 and having a high priest over the house
04:30 of God let us draw near with a true
04:33 heart in full assurance of faith let us
04:38 hold fast the confession of our faith
04:41 without wavering for he who promised is
04:44 that faithful meditating on this truth
04:49 and this truth alone about being able to
04:53 enter into God's presence into the
04:57 holiest of Holies where God dwells is
05:02 enough for us to begin to shout and sing
05:06 gladly zubur utley to our Lord and our
05:12 Savior Jesus has made a way for us to
05:16 enter in to God's kingdom where we have
05:20 been adopted into gods family and have
05:23 become a child of the Most High God
05:27 Roman numeral to repent and see Jesus in
05:32 order to be able to inner Foley and
05:35 wholeheartedly into God's presence his
05:38 kingdom in every aspect of your life not
05:41 just some areas you must choose to
05:44 repent when Jesus came into this world
05:47 he brought the reality of heaven with
05:50 him and he said repent for the kingdom
05:54 of God is at hand God's kingdom was
05:59 clearly revealed in Jesus's life during
06:03 his ministry signs wonders healings that
06:06 a miracles abounded any one that came to
06:10 him needing forgiveness was fully
06:13 forgiven lives were radically redeemed
06:17 and transformed and even the dead were
06:20 raised to life as a result people began
06:24 to think and to feel differently joy
06:29 when Jesus walked on this earth in his
06:33 presence joy flowed like a river
06:39 overtaking people sorrow overtaking
06:42 people sign overtaking the disgruntled
06:47 Ness that they felt the moment you
06:52 receive Jesus Christ into your heart
06:54 your spirit man was made into the image
06:58 and likeness of God himself your
07:01 repentance from sin and your faith in
07:05 God brought a radical transformation of
07:09 your spirit man we've covered this many
07:11 times in Psalm 1 and our Psalm 103
07:14 sessions you became justified just as if
07:18 you had never sinned sanctification
07:21 though that's bringing your own soul and
07:25 body into the Dominion and the the
07:28 Dominion of the Lord and under his
07:31 leadership occurs through ongoing
07:34 repentance this process of
07:38 sanctification will actually occur
07:40 throughout your life as you choose to
07:45 repent and to come an agreement with our
07:49 Lord and Savior repentance goes far
07:53 beyond just feeling sorrow and regret
07:57 for your sin for what you have or you
08:01 have not done or said it involves a
08:04 quality decision where you actually
08:07 change your thoughts which result in
08:12 changed emotions so that what you are
08:16 thinking and what you are feeling is
08:19 coming in alignment with Jesus's
08:22 thoughts and his emotions as revealed by
08:26 the Word of God Jesus said repent for
08:30 the kingdom of heaven is at hand
08:34 that were repent in Greek comes from
08:37 Metin own a meta know iya and it
08:40 actually means to change one's mind
08:44 repentance calls you to cross over from
08:49 your way of thinking into God's way of
08:54 thinking it called repentance calls you
08:57 to go from ungodly thoughts and ungodly
09:02 emotions into God's way of thinking in
09:07 God's Way of feelings as believers in
09:12 Christ repentance calls you to cross
09:16 over from the law into grace and that is
09:23 Grace is His Son Jesus Christ John 1:17
09:29 says for the law was given through Moses
09:32 but grace and truth came through Jesus
09:35 Christ now this is a very important
09:38 point for our lives when Jesus came on
09:43 the earth the Pharisees Sadducees and
09:46 religious leaders they failed to repent
09:53 they fail to change their way of
09:56 thinking jesus said repent the kingdom
09:59 of God is at hand that when it's said
10:03 talks about the kingdom of God it's
10:05 talking about the presence of God the
10:08 presence of God was revealed in jesus's
10:12 life but those who were caught up in
10:15 religious thinking could not see Jesus
10:20 they could not see the kingdom of God
10:23 because they didn't have a heart of
10:27 repentance so we want to think about
10:30 that for our own lives we have to have a
10:33 heart of repentance always willing to
10:36 come up to God's high ways his standard
10:42 the Bible some people say there's no
10:45 miracles for today but God's Word
10:49 clearly shows us that healings and
10:52 miracles are for us today what do we
10:55 need to do we need to repent we don't
10:58 need a stand stay in the north
11:01 way what people think is normal we need
11:04 to cross over come up into God's Way of
11:09 thinking when you change your limited
11:12 perspective your own reasoning and
11:15 natural sense senses into God's
11:18 perspective it's revealed by His Word
11:20 and by a spirit you'll be able to
11:23 encounter Jesus you'll be able to
11:26 encounter God's presence you'll be able
11:28 to encounter God's kingdom
11:30 in new and refreshing ways you'll be
11:33 able to abide actually abide in your
11:38 home in Jesus Christ in the heavenly
11:42 places and you'll be able to live your
11:44 life truly from heaven to earth now I'm
11:49 gonna tell you a testimony that I heard
11:50 quite some time ago by a man named Kevin
11:54 Dedmon I wanted clarity on his testimony
11:57 so I was like weird you know can I find
12:00 that clarity and I actually heard it
12:04 when I was up in Bethel California I
12:07 mean bill Johnson's church and I thought
12:10 whoa this is like way out there and I'm
12:14 presenting it to you because it talks
12:16 about a man that actually lived in the
12:21 reality of heaven the atmosphere of joy
12:24 and therefore because he saw the reality
12:29 of a joyous King he was able to bring a
12:33 miracle into someone's life through joy
12:38 being released so you can find this I
12:42 actually was able to find it in his book
12:44 unlocking heaven and that's in Chapter
12:47 five by Kevin Dedmon okay so at a
12:50 healing conference there was this lady
12:52 who was 40 years old sitting way back in
12:55 the church and he saw her come in and
12:57 having a lot of trouble coming in on a
12:59 walker he actually thought that she was
13:02 in her fifties someone after the service
13:06 says can you go back there and pray for
13:08 her he said if she wants healing she
13:11 needs to come forward
13:15 she finally made her way forward with
13:18 her husband propping her and helping her
13:21 to stand she could barely stand he kept
13:23 on having to help her stand up and then
13:27 he asked the question what do you have
13:30 need of she says I need a new kidney but
13:37 it's not possible he says what my
13:43 relatives who go to such-and-such Church
13:47 told me because I put my name on the
13:50 kidney transplant list that I have been
13:54 now disqualified for God hearing and
13:58 answering my prayers her relatives
14:02 actually told her that God would not
14:05 hear her prayers because she chose to
14:09 believe in man rather than God my
14:14 question to you tonight is if you were
14:17 faced with this situation what would you
14:23 think would your mind say the same thing
14:28 as her relatives or would you know God
14:32 the way Jesus knew God the way Kevin
14:36 Dedmon knew God and how he thought about
14:41 this lady and her circumstances think
14:44 about your own life where you have owned
14:46 have disqualified yourself from
14:49 receiving a healing or a miracle or a
14:52 need being met by God and you've
14:54 disqualified yourself because you have
14:59 failed to repent and to see God as God
15:03 the God who loves you the God who cares
15:07 for you the God who is your heavenly
15:10 Father and who would do anything for you
15:14 so this is what Kevin said when he heard
15:19 this lady say I can't receive a miracle
15:23 you know and there she is Stan
15:26 in front of him barely able to stand he
15:30 says no way your safe is standing right
15:34 here right now that's how I feel about
15:39 people coming into our Healing Rooms
15:42 their faith brought him into the healing
15:46 room their faith is standing in front of
15:48 you in fact I see the father smiling
15:53 over you right now he is so pleased with
15:59 you no more than that he's dancing
16:04 around you as he's smiling even more
16:09 than that he's smiling he's dancing I'm
16:12 seeing him laughing over you he is so
16:16 happy with you and he began to laugh and
16:22 laugh and laugh at what he had
16:25 envisioned I like this word envisioned
16:31 because it didn't say that he had a
16:34 vision now if he was caught up in a
16:37 heavenly vision it would be easy to
16:40 cooperate with heaven but what I
16:42 understood from his story as he
16:47 envisioned the Jesus he had always
16:51 envisioned in his own personal quiet
16:54 time a god that was happy with him that
16:59 sang songs and danced over him a God
17:02 that laughed with him a god that was
17:05 joyful as Kevin began to laugh he put
17:11 his hand on her head and she began to
17:15 laugh they both laughed hysterically for
17:19 about three minutes who's to say if they
17:22 began in the flesh ha ha ha ha and then
17:26 they began ended up in the spirit
17:29 poverty 1722 says this a joyful heart is
17:34 good medicine how good is the matter
17:40 of the lore the joy of the Lord the joy
17:45 of the Lord was God's prescription for
17:50 this lady whose kidneys
17:53 had been shutting down and who had been
17:55 bedridden for about three months and
17:59 having her family wait on her because
18:01 she couldn't wait on herself and that's
18:03 why she put her name on the transplant
18:05 list because she couldn't live like that
18:08 any longer out of her desperation she
18:12 was doing all she knew to do to be made
18:16 well instead of this lady going ahead
18:24 and going like this guy's crazy he
18:31 didn't hear my story he's laughing no
18:39 she joined in the laughter Psalm two
18:43 four seven says that God sits in heaven
18:47 and he laughs at the plans of the enemy
18:53 as Kevin and this lady laughed she began
18:57 to say I'm on fire she held her kidneys
19:03 and she told her husband so he began to
19:10 fan her off as she cried how and then
19:14 she placed to her feet husband start
19:21 spamming off her feet and before you
19:25 know it this lady that could barely
19:27 stand started doing I believe it was
19:30 like a karate kick or something like
19:32 that and started running around the
19:34 sanctuary saying the next week she goes
19:46 to the kidney transplant center
19:49 and they go we don't know what happened
19:52 you have a brand new kidney is that
20:02 something to shout about to sing about
20:05 to dance about
20:09 that's what Psalm 100 is talking about
20:13 encountering the Lord and out of
20:17 encountering him you begin to sing and
20:21 dance and shout but sometimes you don't
20:28 see the earthly circumstances changing
20:34 and God calls you to sing and shout and
20:37 dance for joy and then in his presence
20:41 he goes ahead and defeats your enemy for
20:47 you he is a god have my father and I'm
20:53 really excited this next season that
20:55 we're going into it for the Camarillo
20:57 Healing Rooms Wes and Lynn are raising
21:01 up a worship and intercessory team teens
21:05 on Tuesday but I know it's going to be
21:07 developing into a god house for us
21:11 because it's in this atmosphere of
21:14 worship in this Psalm 100 eggs uber n't
21:20 scene that God loves to come and dwell
21:27 with his presence
21:33 Roman numeral three seven keys to joy
21:37 filled living Psalm 100 is God's seven
21:43 step action plan for joy filled living
21:45 it's his prescription for our life this
21:50 action plan will help you to live the
21:52 life that God has intended for you to
21:55 live a life full of joy the Psalm 100
22:01 actions or for you if you desire to
22:05 enter into God's presence and then to
22:09 abide there inside of Jesus Christ to
22:13 dwell there and to make it your home we
22:17 mentioned Psalm 16:11 at the at the
22:20 beginning in your presence is the
22:26 fullness of joy and at your right hand
22:28 are pleasures forevermore in God's
22:34 presence is fullness of joy at God's
22:47 right hand
22:49 who's that God's right hand Jesus Christ
22:51 and you are in Jesus are equal pleasures
22:56 forevermore people are seeking pleasures
23:00 and happiness all over the place and
23:04 they're not finding that and you have
23:08 been called by God to release his
23:14 kingdom like Jesus did when he was on
23:17 this earth so that other people just
23:21 like this lady can truly experience who
23:24 God is but for them to experience who
23:29 God is you need to know who God is so
23:37 when a situation happens like it did for
23:40 Kevin Dedmon you can laugh
23:43 at the lies of the enemy and release
23:47 God's presence King David he had a
23:51 passion for God's presence his kingdom
23:55 his passion began when he was a small
23:59 boy out with the Sheep worshiping God
24:03 and his passion never changed it became
24:07 King and finally died his passion was
24:13 shown instead of doing what Saul did
24:17 when he was King his passion was shown
24:21 by desiring the Ark of the Covenant
24:25 where God's presence dwelt to be brought
24:29 into Jerusalem where he lived and then
24:34 he knew the desires of God's heart to
24:39 receive worship so he arranged for the
24:43 priests to actually start worshiping the
24:48 Lord it says that he in his lifetime was
24:51 like six thousand trained musicians and
24:55 singers trained to worship the Lord and
25:01 during King David's reign many mighty
25:05 things happen enemies could not defeat
25:10 them because the presence of the Lord
25:14 was dwelling in their mist Psalm 100
25:22 Sheldon serving the Lord with gladness
25:26 coming before his presence was singing
25:30 it was normal for the people to
25:34 participate in this in Jerusalem normal
25:41 normal I want that to be my norm I want
25:45 that to be your norm I want it to be our
25:47 norm the new norm for camarillo Healing
25:51 Rooms
25:53 let us stand up and declare Psalm 100
25:57 out loud you can see the action words
25:59 there that are shaded you can see the
26:02 underlined words there that talk about
26:04 you accompanying your actions with joy
26:07 and then you can see on that graph the
26:11 last column who are directing at all to
26:14 the king of all Kings Jesus our Lord God
26:19 our Heavenly Father so let us begin make
26:23 a joyful shout to the Lord all you lands
26:25 serve the Lord with gladness come before
26:29 his presence with joyful scene know that
26:34 the Lord he is God it is he who made us
26:37 and not we ourselves we are his people
26:41 and the Sheep of his pasture enter into
26:44 his gates with Thanksgiving and into his
26:47 courts with praise be thankful to him
26:51 and bless His name for the Lord is good
26:55 his mercy is everlasting his truth to
27:00 all generations you can be seated Roman
27:06 numeral for Jesus he delights in knowing
27:12 God
27:13 that's your foundational key first from
27:17 for Psalm 100 is for you to know God and
27:20 out of your knowing comes joy and comes
27:25 joy filled actions because you know your
27:32 heavenly father
27:33 you know Jesus and what he has done for
27:38 you to know we talked about last week
27:41 hebrews yaaaaah it's like a husband
27:44 knows a wife God knew Jesus intimately
27:54 and Jesus knew God Jesus said in Matthew
28:01 11 26 all things
28:06 I've been committed to me by my father
28:09 no one knows the son except the father
28:15 and no one knows the Father except the
28:19 Son and to those who whom the son
28:23 chooses to reveal him all things that
28:28 existed in heaven and on earth were
28:30 entrusted to Jesus because of the
28:34 relationship of the father with his son
28:38 Jesus Christ God trusted his son with
28:43 everything that belong to him all the
28:49 heavenly resources including all the
28:53 angels and heavenly hosts was at Jesus's
28:56 disposal to meet every need that Jesus
29:00 encountered as a result we see the
29:05 healings the miracles the ones that are
29:09 recorded and in thousands and hundreds
29:12 of thousands probably that were not
29:14 recorded
29:16 Jesus beliefs the good news of great joy
29:19 wherever he went
29:22 in John 17 7 in Jesus's prayer to his
29:27 Heavenly Father before he goes to the
29:30 cross he says this now they have known
29:34 all that all things which you have given
29:38 me are from you do you notice that he
29:43 says you know the source I made them all
29:47 know the source of everything I've done
29:49 it's your father see Jesus came for one
29:54 real primary purpose he came to save you
29:58 but he came to save you so that you
30:00 could get back into one with the Father
30:05 into a heavenly relationship in a
30:08 father-daughter father-son relationship
30:14 when you looked at all look at all the
30:16 supernatural things Jesus the compass
30:19 in his life you're gonna appreciate when
30:22 he said in John 5:30 I can of myself do
30:29 nothing I do not seek my own will but
30:34 the will of the Father who sent me as I
30:39 say these words that Jesus spoke I want
30:42 you to think about your own life I can
30:48 do nothing you and I can do nothing of
30:51 value that we'll ever have eternal value
30:55 without our Father and the Holy Spirit
31:01 and Jesus intervention in our life our
31:06 desires needs to be in everything to do
31:09 his will number D Jesus delighted and
31:16 knowing that his father was with him
31:19 notice that in the next verses that I
31:21 read and that without his father that he
31:25 could do nothing Jesus delighted in
31:30 being totally dependent on his father
31:36 Jesus delighted himself in knowing God
31:40 knowing what his father was saying and
31:43 knowing what his father was doing and
31:46 then saying it and doing it you can read
31:51 that in John 5:19 most assuredly I say
31:55 to you the son can do nothing of himself
31:58 but what he sees the father doing for
32:02 whatever he does the son also does in
32:06 like manner
32:07 John 8:28 through 29 I can do nothing of
32:12 myself but as my father taught me I
32:16 speak these things and I love this and
32:20 he who sent me is with me right now
32:25 your father and Jesus and the Holy
32:33 Spirit is with ya
32:36 we should never forget that once again
32:39 that's something to shout about the
32:42 knowing took on such depth that the
32:45 father and the son were one one in
32:49 thought one an attitude one in word and
32:52 deed they knew each other
32:55 there was one nasaw
32:58 1030 says I and my father are one John
33:03 17:21 Jesus prayed this for you that
33:08 they all may be one as you Father are in
33:10 me and I in you that they also may be
33:13 one in us that the world may believe
33:16 that you sent me Jesus died on the cross
33:20 as your substitute and was raised and
33:23 seated at the right hand of God so you
33:26 could be saved and the purpose of your
33:32 salvation is to have ever lasting life
33:37 Jesus defines everlasting life in John
33:42 17:3 and he says this this is eternal
33:47 life that they may know you the only
33:51 true God and Jesus Christ whom you have
33:56 sent the salvation your purpose of
34:00 salvation is so that you would know God
34:05 and become one with God if you received
34:11 salvation the forgiveness of all your
34:13 sins and even other aspects of your
34:16 salvation but don't value your
34:21 relationship with God do you don't value
34:24 knowing God then you're missing out on
34:27 the real purpose of your salvation too
34:31 many people are struggling in life
34:33 living a life without genuine joy
34:36 because they are not developing
34:38 a relationship with God they aren't
34:42 getting to know God and you can read
34:45 that in the next scripture I included
34:48 their second Peter one two three four
34:52 Roman numeral five knowing God Psalm 100
34:57 ways God calls you in Psalm 100 to know
35:01 God to know truths about who God is and
35:03 what is character or nature is life this
35:07 involves not just knowing truths with
35:09 our mind but knowing them deep down in
35:13 our heart so that we could become one
35:16 with the truth one with the Word of God
35:20 one with our Father this means we're one
35:24 in our attitude one in our thoughts one
35:28 in our emotions everything about us
35:32 being United with God in order for you
35:38 to truly need God no God you need the
35:42 assistance of the Holy Spirit and we are
35:44 given a beautiful prayer in Ephesians
35:46 1:17 through 21 about receiving wisdom
35:53 and revelation and the knowledge of God
35:56 it takes God to know God so we actually
36:00 have to pray for God to open up our
36:04 hearts of understanding so we can know
36:08 him as he truly is so we can get rid of
36:11 a lot of that religious thinking like
36:14 the Pharisees and Sadducees had so that
36:17 when Jesus was showing up in the
36:19 situation and right in front of him and
36:21 his presence was being known they didn't
36:24 recognize him we need to understand
36:30 God's ways in Psalm 100 Psalm 100
36:36 invites us to know God and to know his
36:39 ways Exodus 33 13 says this Moses was
36:44 praying now therefore I pray if I found
36:47 grace in your shopsite show me now your
36:51 way
36:52 that I might know you and that I might
36:57 find grace in your sight psalm 103 verse
37:01 7 the psalm we had just finished it
37:05 talks about the same thing in a
37:06 different way it says that he made his
37:11 ways known to Moses and his acts to the
37:15 children of Israel the ways that we are
37:22 called to know God in Psalm 100 is
37:25 through seven actions that are filled
37:28 with joy when we follow God's ways we
37:34 end up knowing him growing closer to him
37:37 it's like my husband and I we've been
37:40 married you know 37 years and I'm still
37:44 there's things I getting to know about
37:46 him and now we were talking about an
37:49 infinite God and we were actually going
37:51 to get to know God more and more just
37:54 not here on this earth that we're going
37:56 to spend all eternity understanding
37:58 different facets of him when you start
38:00 opening your Bible and you're reading
38:01 and you go oh wow I've never seen God
38:04 that way I've never seen Jesus that way
38:06 you know oh I wish I would have known
38:08 this before you know that's gonna be
38:12 throughout her life knowing God in His
38:15 ways Moses because he knew the ways of
38:19 God he actually had these face-to-face
38:22 encounters with God the Israelites
38:27 afraid of God they had a met arm's
38:33 length and so they didn't have that same
38:37 closeness in their relationship they
38:41 knew more about God than truly knowing
38:45 God Jesus knew God has father and we are
38:51 called to know our Father God and His
38:54 Son Jesus
38:57 in this ministry of healing that you are
39:01 involved with knowing God what he's
39:05 saying in doing is crucial and it's
39:10 crucial to understand that because we
39:14 need to know his ways I mean would you
39:18 have thought about laughing when someone
39:24 tells you that they need a kidney
39:26 transplant and they can't receive one
39:29 the same man Kevin Dedmon he was in
39:32 another meeting and I don't remember all
39:36 the details but it he actually the
39:39 person had a part of a finger that was
39:41 missing and he just grabbed the guy's
39:44 hand and started laughed and started
39:47 ministering to some other people and lo
39:51 and behold the finger grill through the
39:54 joy of the Lord you know now you think
40:00 well that's way out there well how about
40:01 during jesus's lifetime where the lady
40:04 grabs the hem of His garment and gets
40:07 healing and then we have after that a
40:13 bunch of other people doing the same
40:15 thing and you know what they receive
40:17 healing the same way by grabbing his
40:19 garment it's in the Bible so anyway know
40:25 God's ways maybe he's calling you to
40:28 release laughter because we're the joy
40:32 of the Lord is the enemy hates to stand
40:35 you can't stand in God's presence the
40:38 joy the Lord brings God's presence Roman
40:42 numeral six knowing God means you need
40:47 to know the word and the more you get to
40:50 know the word you get to know God and
40:52 the more joy enters in your life that's
40:55 my story I don't know about you guys I
40:59 went to in Los Angeles this church and I
41:04 was desperately needing healing during
41:06 that time was when it's really really
41:08 sick and they had this prophet
41:10 see you know that was going to go
41:11 between the brakes and stuff and I get
41:14 this prophecy I should have dug it out
41:16 for you guys it just came to my mind but
41:18 it was like you're gonna know the word
41:21 of the Lord and you're just gonna become
41:22 so so happy you're just gonna be filled
41:24 with joy and I'm thinking like you know
41:29 what I mean but that's what's happened
41:32 and I'm gonna tell you if you get to
41:36 know the word of the Lord you will
41:39 become happy
41:41 you will experience pleasures
41:44 forevermore you will experience the
41:48 fullness of his joy it's a joy that the
41:52 world cannot give to you the world's joy
41:57 now has been skewed and it's temporal
42:00 now you can have Joy's in the world yeah
42:04 beautiful sunsets and different things
42:06 that the Lord has given us but they're
42:08 all to plate to the one who is the
42:12 source just like Jesus pointed to the
42:14 source hey all these things they came
42:17 for my father who loves you anyway
42:22 George Mueller Roe numeral six George
42:26 Amelia was a Christian evangelist and
42:28 oversaw an orphanage in England in the
42:31 early 1800s
42:34 he actually had about 30 children in his
42:37 own home orphans and then it like became
42:41 so many he purchased other homes and
42:44 then it was like you know in these five
42:46 homes like an army are 1700 children you
42:49 know and over his lifetime he and his
42:52 wife ministered to about 10,000 orphans
42:56 and then after his first wife dies and
42:59 he's in his 70s he goes he banja lysing
43:02 the world in the 1800s for 17 years talk
43:08 about receiving a renewed strength
43:13 [Laughter]
43:16 anyway I love what he said and I wanted
43:19 to thin your hand out also because I
43:21 want you to go ahead and really chew on
43:24 what he said I saw more clearly than
43:27 ever before that the first and great
43:29 primary business to which I ought to
43:33 attend every day was to have my soul
43:37 happy in the Lord the first thing to be
43:41 concerned about was not how much I might
43:43 serve the Lord but how I might or how I
43:48 might glorify him but how I might get my
43:52 soul into a happy state and how my inner
43:57 man may be nourished I saw that the most
44:01 important thing I had to do was to give
44:04 myself to the reading of the Word of God
44:07 and to the meditation on it now Psalm 1
44:12 was our first song that we studied in
44:15 this series called courageous living and
44:18 in Psalm 1 it says but his delight is in
44:21 the law of the Lord and in his law he
44:24 meditates day and night and I love the
44:29 song that west grouse be actually sang
44:32 and when I play it it's like so it's oh
44:36 so happy happy happy
44:38 well happy happy happy is the
44:41 translation for blessed so as my husband
44:45 and I were reading on Sunday the poems
44:48 about Psalm 142 Psalm 150 together there
44:52 was all this happiness I go that has to
44:54 be that word blessed and it was I looked
44:57 it up same word happy happy happy
45:01 God's happy he's the blessed man and in
45:05 him we got to be happy and then I like
45:08 what's his song goes on in his is he
45:11 finds joy to it you could sing it better
45:13 than a joy as he studies all the
45:15 promises that he finds in God's Word and
45:18 you will find joy as she study God's
45:21 promises in his word and then Psalm 103
45:26 the second Psalm we studied talked about
45:29 knowing God who he is God who forgives
45:34 all your sin
45:37 the God who heals all your diseases the
45:42 God who redeems your life from
45:43 destruction the God is satisfies and
45:48 crowns your life with loving-kindness
45:50 and compassion the one who feels your
45:53 mouth with good things so that your
45:56 youth is renewed like an eagle when you
46:01 know who God is you will experience the
46:07 fullness of joy and pleasures
46:10 forevermore amen
46:12 thank you for coming tonight have a
46:15 great great evening
46:17 father I thank you and I praise you for
46:20 your goodness for your joy for the
46:25 pleasures that are in you and father I
46:29 pray right now father for breakthrough
46:33 into our hearts and into our minds and
46:36 into our thoughts and emotions
46:39 breakthrough with heavenly joy Lord the
46:42 joy of the Lord in Jesus's name Amen


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