5 Keys to Walking in Your True Identity

Walking in your true identity in Christ is one of the greatest challenges you will ever face.  As you follow these 5 simple but vital Scriptural keys given in this teaching, you will be able to walk through life victoriously, living inside of Christ’s love, peace and joy – inside your true identity in Him – no matter what you are facing. If you are facing a lot of negative thoughts, news, or reports, this teaching is for you!


SPEAKER  – Sue Burdullis, Director of Camarillo Healing Rooms  

Out of a burning passion to see God’s healing power and limitless love made known, Sue Burdullis began the Camarillo Healing Rooms in 2006.  Since then, she has imparted her love for Jesus and God’s Word through prayer and Biblical teaching.


Embrace Your God Given Identity Series

Session #1 You are Made in God’s Image

Session #2 See Yourself as God Sees You

Session #3 Unleash Your Resurrected Identity


Session # 4 PDF Notes 



Teaching Notes

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