The Choice Between Two Ways – Psalm 1, Session 8

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Date: 3/27/2019


In Session 8 of “Choices Determine Destiny,” Sue Burdullis states that too often a person does not understand the gravity of their decisions.  Once you grasp the two fundamental choices that are behind every decision you make, your resolve to follow God’s way will be strengthened like never before.  But, this alone is not enough.  You must embrace God’s exhortation in Psalm 1:2 to prayerfully meditate on God’s Word day and night, so that you not only know His voice – His instructions – that will cause you to prosper in all your ways but that you will be empowered by His Word and His Spirit to follow all that He has spoken, just like Jesus did when He was on this earth.  Join us in this most enlightening study of “The Choice Between Two Ways” as seen in the garden of Eden; the two tree-crosses in the garden of Calvary; and the two positions in Psalm 1 – going God’s way or going the way of the ungodly.



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