I am the LORD, your Holy One… Who makes a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters. Isaiah 43:15-16

God is our Way Maker! I will never forget how God clearly became Camarillo Healing Room’s Way Maker in 2020. Shortly, after being notified that we would not be able to minister at our normal location due to Covid-19, Ken and I began praying that God would make a way forward for our ministry. From this prayer session we clearly understood that God wanted us to minister online, but we did not know how or where to begin.

But, God is our Way Maker! Two days later the directors of the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms, Jill and Dennis Ricci, called us and shared how they were ministering online via Zoom, stating they would be willing to teach and train us. They gave us permission to copy whatever they had already created and done for their online ministry. (Thanks Jill and Dennis! You two are amazing people!) Within a week on March 31st, Camarillo Healng Rooms began ministering online, having multiple online ministry rooms opened for prayer, prophecy, and inner healing. The behind the scenes logistics for this have been huge, but God has been our Way Maker every step of the way.

As a result, many of our CHR prayer guests have been able to experience God as their Way Maker, during this challenging season. (Visit our testimony page.) To date for 2020 we have had over 976 ministry sessions with 377 of these being first time prayer guests. Our online ministry has opened doors for us to minister to people throughout the United States and the world, including Canada, Australia, Kenya, England, and Malaysia. It has been such a great privilege and honor to partner with you in prayer.

A huge thanks to every person who has served on the Camarillo Healing Rooms’ team this year! Because of your “yes” to serve King Jesus in this ministry, many people’s lives and circumstances have been transformed by God’s grace and lovingkindness. Thanks to Wes and Lynn Gorospe, who have worshipped and interceded behind the scenes and on Facebook Live during our online ministry time, as well as those who have joined us in this fashion! Thanks to Lynn Mays, CHR Sozo Ministry leader, for having your team join us online to provide inner healing for our guests. Thanks to all the behind the scenes intercessors! And, thanks to all of you who have donated to Camarillo Healing Rooms to make all this possible!

Jesus is your Way Maker! He desires to manifest Himself to you as the “Way Maker….even when you don’t see it… or feel it…”  

I believe, God wants you to know today that He is your Way Maker. In fact, He has already made a way for you in the midst of your impossible looking situation, just as He did for the Israelites when they were hemmed in by the Egyptian army on their backside and the Red Sea  on their front side. Long before your impossible situation arose, or that of America or your nation, God wants you to know He has not changed. He still is The Way Maker. (Heb. 13:8; Is. 43:18-19)

He made a way for Camarillo Healing Rooms and He will make a way for you! A few weeks before the COVID “lockdowns” began, during my prayer time with my husband on March 6, I wrote in my prayer journal “Song – You are the Way Maker…”Not remembering that I had done this, as I reflected on what God did for the Camarillo Healing Rooms in 2020  and what He wanted me to communicate to each one of you today, I heard Him say “Way Maker.” I stood in awe how God had Ken and I singing the song “You are the Way Maker” directly before we needed Him to manifest Himself to us in this way.

Yes, Jesus is your Way Maker! And, He desires to manifest Himself to you as your “Way Maker….even when you don’t see it… or feel it…” God has given Jesus Christ, the One Who is “The Way” back to Father God, to you. (Jn. 14:6) Whatever you or those you are standing with are facing, begin to sing to God “You are the Way Maker…” As the enemy tells you “there is no way,” sing a little louder, a little stronger. Sing the song above all songs, the name above all names; sing Jesus Christ is Lord! (Phil. 2:9-11) He will make a way “in the sea and a path through the mighty waters.”  (Is. 43:18-19)


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