Psalm 1:1 Blessed (blessednesses) is the man…

Romans 4:6  David also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes righteousness apart from works…

“Blessed Beyond Belief” is a sign sitting above our dining room table. Psalm 1 begins with this same power packed idea contained in different words – “Blessed is the man…” Being fruitful, prospering in whatever you do, and having eternal life are some of the “blessednesses” that are enumerated in Psalm 1.  When you meditate on the blessings in this Psalm and recognize that they belong to you as a believer in Jesus Christ, you will be able to enter into “Blessed Beyond Belief” lifestyle.

As a Christian you are no longer under the Law of the Old Covenant with the blessings being contingent upon how well you are able to perform the listed “do’s and don’ts,” as you might initially think after you read Psalm 1. Rather, you are in the New Covenant of God’s grace that operates by faith in Jesus Christ and by which you can read Psalm 1, as well as all Scripture.

This Psalm 1 “blessed man” is Jesus Christ.  He is the only One who has ever been able to perfectly fulfill the character description of this “blessed man” as depicted in this psalm. By taking your place in Jesus Christ, you become like the “blessed man” and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live like He lived – denying ungodliness, rejecting the sinner’s path, and prospering in everything you do.

Through the “blessednesses” that are yours in Jesus Christ, God says to you, “All I am and all I have is yours.”  Yes, as a believer in Christ, you are “Blessed Beyond Belief”.

Throughout Jesus’ life, He embodied the blessing of God. Wherever He went the blessings of God, beyond what anyone could think or imagine broke out like a heavy rain shower upon the dry cracked earth turning everything green.  Healings, signs, wonders, and miracles poured forth from heaven through His life, touching the young and the old, the sick and the dead, and everyone under the curse who chose to come to Him during their time of need.  Indeed, Jesus was blessed beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations and He shared unreservedly the blessings of God.

You enter into the life of Jesus Christ, the “Blessed Beyond Belief” lifestyle, through His righteousness as Psalm 1:6 declares – “For the Lord knows the way of the righteous.” This verse prophetically looked forward to Jesus Christ becoming our righteousness through the great exchange of the cross – our sin for His righteousness. (2 Cor. 5:21) The apostle Paul echoed this prophetic word of Psalm 1 as he described  the “blessedness” of the man to whom God imputes righteousness apart from works…” Romans 4:6-8

This glorious truth of justification by faith in Jesus Christ that appears throughout Paul’s writings is directly linked to this word “blessedness”  – just think “Blessed Beyond Belief” – just like it is in Psalm 1.  How fitting it is for Psalm 1, which introduces all the rest of the Psalms, God’s “Book of Praises,” to begin with God’s blessings being restored to mankind, to you and I, through His Son Jesus Christ.  For all our prayers and all our praises are to be founded In this eternal reality of Jesus Christ redeeming us through His precious blood back to God’s original design, back to being “Blessed Beyond Belief”. Through the “blessednesses” that are yours in Jesus Christ, God says to you, “All I am and all I have is yours.”  Yes, as a believer in Christ, you are “Blessed Beyond Belief”.

Discover how you can live like the “blessed man” Jesus Christ in “Choosing the Blessing of God” in our series “Choices Determine Destiny, Psalm 1” series.


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