Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11

Suddenly, a loud piercing noise filled the serene beach atmosphere. Looking up, I saw a black crow perched on a treetop branch incessantly screeching at a hawk resting on a lower branch. The hawk’s response was quite remarkable. Instead of screeching back in like fashion or flying away, the hawk remained resolute in its position, seemingly unnerved by the constant verbal harassment. Wow! What a beautiful picture image of how we are to position ourselves in Christ Jesus against the enemy’s relentless intimidation and lies.

Immediately, this scene reminded me of an incident that took place years ago before I began the Camarillo Healing Rooms in 2006. One day after I finished praying and worshipping at our church with three Christian ladies whom I had met for the very first time, one lady approached me and quietly asked if she could share something. Because of her kind tone and my desire to be polite, I responded affirmatively. She then proceeded to describe matter-of-factly what she had just seen and heard taking place in the spiritual realm.

Perhaps, you are like me, or at least how I was up until that point in time, unaware of this unique God-given spiritual gift called the gift of discernment, which allowed her to actually see and hear things in the spirit realm that most of us don’t ordinarily see or hear. Because she didn’t know me, she took a risk in sharing with me what she saw play out like a movie in front of her eyes. However, without her taking this risk, I would have remained oblivious to the enemy’s schemes and to the primary battle occurring in my life. You see, up until then, I viewed the battle to regain my health as primarily a physical battle and not a spiritual one.

What I am going to share next may seem too unbelievable for some of you. However, just as she took a risk to share with me, I am going to do the same in sharing with you. What did she see? She stated that the moment I walked through the doors of the church, she saw thousands of demons following me and speaking into my ears. 

If she had stopped there, I might not have believed her. But, when she began repeating the exact phrases and words that I had been thinking repeatedly for quite some time, words that she heard the demons speaking into my ears, I understood like never before that the source of many of my thoughts that I was thinking concerning my health were not originating from me. Instead, much of my dark negative thinking about my health and my life was actually coming from the kingdom of darkness, from the demonic realm.

Ugh! No one wants to even think that this is a possibility. I understand. But, I am sharing it, because I believe it will be a great help for many of you, just as it was for me, in gaining victory – victory not only over sickness and disease, but over all types and manner of sin, broken relationships, and all sorts of evil. Besides, what I am sharing is biblically sound. In fact God’s Word actually states, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood[contending only with physical opponents], but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

Are you boldly standing in your position in Christ, in the victory He has already won for you, unnerved by enemy’s verbal harassment against your mind?

Back to the crow and the hawk. After coming home from the beach, I was curious why the crow behaved in this seemingly obnoxious behavior of screeching relentlessly at the hawk, a bird who had a much greater capability of winning a fight if a battle ensued because of the hawk’s inherent size, speed, strength, and weaponry  which included long piercing talons that could instantly kill a  crow. As I read related articles on the internet, I understood that this crow was not only trying to scare its potential predator, the hawk, away but probably trying to draw other nearby crows unto the scene to assist him. If other crows joined together in this bullying type of behavior – the screeching, “dive bombing” and other tactics – it was called “mobbing.” 

Is this analogy beginning to speak to you like it did to me about the enemy’s schemes? A couple days later during my devotional reading out of the Passion Translation, I felt the Holy Spirit putting an exclamation point behind this crow and hawk parable as I read the following: “Jesus said to him, ‘What is your name?’ “Mob,” he answered. They call me Mob because there are thousands of us in his body!” Mark 5:9  How did the “mob,” the thousands of demons, attack me? By incessantly speaking lies, words that contradicted God’s Word and will, into my ears. Unknowingly, by coming into agreement with these lies first in my thoughts and then with my mouth, I was actually coming into agreement with satan – with his words and plans for my life, literally authorizing him to do what I did not want done. 

How about you? How are you confronting the scare tactics, the fear-provoking lies of the enemy? Are you following God’s exhortation and putting on the whole armor of God? Are you boldly standing in your position in Christ, in the victory He has already won for you, unnerved by enemy’s verbal harassment against your mind? If not, take some time this week to worship, pray, and read God’s Word.

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Standing in Christ,

Sue Burdullis

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